Pro Kabaddi 2017, Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Tamil Thalaivas highlights: In miracle turn around, Thalaivas beat Giants 35-34

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New Delhi | Updated: September 27, 2017 10:12:50 AM

Pro Kabaddi 2017 Score: The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2017 is reaching its end as the action heats up.

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Pro Kabaddi 2017 Score: The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2017 is reaching its end as the action heats up. In today’s match Gujarat Fortunegiants lock horns against Tamil Thalaivas. This the second leg of PKL 2017 in Delhi. The Fortunegiants have been playing extraordinarily well. The Fortunegiants are currently placed second in the Zone A tables list with 56 points in 15 games. They have lost three games, drawn three and won the remaining nine. With a win today against Thalaivas, the Gujarat side will overtake Haryana Steelers to sit at the top of the Zone A table. As for Thalaivas who are currently placed at the bottom side of Zone B table but a dramatic last minute against Bengal Warriors on Sunday has buoyed their confidence. The south Indian team will want to continue the winning momentum when they step foot on the mat against Gujarat Fortunegiants. Thalaivas led by star raider Ajay Thakur have won just three matches out 12 matches and have 27 points. However, with their home leg yet to come and other teams in their zone not doing well, they will eye for a comeback with a win against Fortunegiants.

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Here are Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Tamil Thalaivas score updates:

9:14 pm: Ajay Thakur is adjudged the ‘Vivo Player of the Match’.

9:05 pm Ajay Thakurs last gasp raid earns him winning points. He has 14 points for match. giants make cardinal error of looking to trap him on his last raid with just seconds to go. Fail spectacularly allowing Thalaivas to score miracle win.

9:02 pm: Do or die raid for Giants, Sachin trapped by Thalaivas, Score 34-33 with 19 secs to go.

9:01 pm: Yet another massive play by Ajay, earns him a raid touch point plus a super ten for him; Score 34-32 for Giants with just 30 seconds to go

9:00 pm: Giants All out as Ajay Thakur sends their last man home. Earns valuable points. moves Thalaivas score to 31 vs Giants 34

8:59 pM: Finally Thalaivas manages to trap Sachin. Meanwhile, Ajay Thakur manages to earn 1 more point for Thalaivas on raid. Score 34-28

8:57 pm: Review unsuccessful for Thalaivas. 1 point for Thalaivas. Score is 34-25 for Giants

8:57 pm: Thalaivas call for review over disputed touch point.

8:56 PM: Do or Die raid for Giants, Rohit Gulia on raid, has just one point in bag. Return without any point.

8;54 pm: Tamil Thalaivas call time out. Thalaivas coach looks to pass on last minute advice. Will it Work? Let us see.

8:53 pm: Great defending by Giants leads to another foiled attempt by Ajay Thakur.. Score; 34-23 for Giants

8:50 pm: Sachin has 11 points in match, Prapanjan 7 for Giants,while Thalaivas, Thakur has 7.

8:49 pm: Ajay gets 1 and a green card for violating the rule. But however Thalaivas moves 23 vs Giants 32. Just four minutes to go

8:48 pm: Major goof up by Lee, going for the black line, exposed himself to being surrounded by Giants. Gives up point.

8:47 pm: Ajay on raid, has 6 attack points but this time fails to score any point on raid. He really needs to step up for Thalaivas to win this game.

8:45pm: Thalaivas asked for review for men out of bounds. Review unsuccessful. Raider safe, 1 point

8:44 pm: Sukesh finally makes big mistake on raid, get trapped going for black line. Thalaivas earn 1 point. But of the very next raid, Thalaivas player trapped by Giants. Score 31-21. Review called for.

8:43 pm: Sukesh on raid but intent on wasting time rather than scoring points.

8:40 pm: of the very next raid they earned two points.

8;39 pm: Sachin on raid, scores no points. Lee earns 1 cruciual point with foot over black line for Thalaivas.

8:38 pM: This is not just Ajay Thakur’s way, gets trap by Sunil Kumar. Thaliavas leaking points. Very bas attempt at ankle hold fails spectacularly. Giants move to 30 poitns vs Thalaivas 18

8:37 pM: Thalaivas earn 2 points after major blunmder by Giants in attempting ankle hold to thalaivas player. Score 27-18

8:36 pM; Thalaivas so far have won 13 points through raid.

8:36 pm: Thalaivas All OUT! Giants score 3 points. Score 27-15

8:34 pm: Sachin on raid, gets 1 point, makes it 11 for himself.

8:33 pm: Vineet goes against full house Giants, burt goes back empty. Sukesh for Do or Die raid for Giants, but fails spectacularly. Super Tackle by Thalaivas. Earns them crucial 2 points. Score 22-13

8:31 pm: Do or Die raid for Thalaivas, and no luck favours them. Giants smother the raider easily. Just 3 Thalaivas player left on mat.

8:30 pm: Sukesh on raid for Giants, he has 3 points so far, and empty raid. Prapanjan with 5 points on raid for Thalaivas, but manages no point. Sachin on raid for Giants, makes Superb touch. Earns point for team and gets Super 10 for himself in game

8:26 pm: The second half has started, Sachin has 9 points in raids so far

8:21 pm: In  last raid of half, Ajay Thakur makes big goof up, allows Sachin to get touch point. Sachin moves to 9 points in game. Score at half-time 20-13.

8:19 pm;Thalaivas trap rival player to earn point; Score 17-12 for Giants

8:18PM: Sachin get bonus point for Giants. major go for Giants in attempt to grab ankle of Thalaivas players Gives them one point.

8: 17 PM: Ajay on yet another raid, 1 point; Score 16-10 for Giants

8: 16 pm: Sukesh on raid, so far 3 points, but return without point in latest

8:14 pm: In Do or die raid for giants score 2 points

8:13 pm: Ajay with 2 points on raid; massive effort, leads to 1 touch point

8:13 pm: Prapanjan for thalaivas has 4 raid points credit but in his latest attack allows himself to be trapeed easily, score 14-7 for Giants

8:11 pm: Ajay gives up easy points on raid, allows himself to be trapped; giatns lead 13-6

8:09 pm: Super Tackle on for Gujarat. Sukesh on raid and goes back empty

8:08 pm: Gujarat gets 1 point. And an empty raid for Tamil Thalaivas

8:07 PM: Gujarat strike again, Ranjeet get 1 point. Do or die for Ajay Thakur and gets 1 point.

8:06 pm; 2 points for Gujarat, Tamil Thaliavas giving away points

8:04pm: Super Raid for Thalaivas for Tapanam, 3 points

8:03 om; Sukesh Hegde on raid for Gujarat, and 1 touch point . Vineet out

8:02 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, and get 1 point, Sunil out. Tamil  and Gujarat level at 2-2

8:01 pm:Ajay Thakur on raid,  and empty raid for him played safe. In do or die raid Tamil Thalaivas fail successful.

7:59 pm: Forrtune giants in first raid fails to get a point. Amit Hooda with excellent tackle.

7:53 pm: Some moment never dies With five seconds left, Tamil Thalaivas captain got home a fab win!

Ajay Thakur against Bengal Warriors. (Twitter)

7:40 pm: The match is to be played in Delhi’s Thyagraj Sports Complex. 

7:30 pm: The match will be a crucial one for Gujarat as they eye to top the Zone A table.

7:15 pm: After a dramatic last-minute win against Bengal Warriors- courtesy to their star raider and captain Ajay Thakur. After the spectacular win, Ajay said,”I went to raid thinking that I have to get at least 1 point.”

6:55 pm: The PKL 2017 has also seen some really young talents coming straight from the Delhi schools. The KBD Juniors from Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya put on a ‘dabang’ display to win the bragging rights in Delhi! Here are some of the best.

6:45 pm: This is an inter-zonal match of the Delhi second leg. On one side we have first time player Gujarat Fortunegiants who are the high-fliers of Zone A. On the other side it is Tamil Thalaivas who have struggled alot to find that right momentum.

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