Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Patna Pirates Highlights: Giants beat Pirates 30-29 as Pardeep Narwal fails to fire

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New Delhi | Updated: September 30, 2017 11:13:34 AM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In the 101st match of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, the Gujarat Fortunegiants clash against the defending champions, Patna Pirates as a part of the Inter-Zone Challenge Week at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: It is the battle between Patna’s attackers and Gujarat’s defenders.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In the 101st match of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, the Gujarat Fortunegiants clash against the defending champions, Patna Pirates as a part of the Inter-Zone Challenge Week at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. Both the teams had close encounters in their last games but ended up on different sides. While the Gujarat Fortunegiants loss their previous match against the Tamil Thalaivas by a slender margin of just one point, Patna Pirates emerged victorious against Dabang Delhi by 36-34. Gujarat has proved to be one of the strongest sides of this season and a win tonight will take them to the top of the table in place of the Haryana Steelers. Their attack is headed by young Sachin who has been the find of this season. Their defence looks strong with the presence of Fazel Atrachali and Abozar Mighani who operate in the corner positions. Pirates, on the other hand, would be dependant on their skipper Pardeep Narwal who has been absolutely rampant on the mat. Giving him the company would be Monu Goyat.

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Here are Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Patna Pirates:

10:28 pm: Chandran Ranjit gets ‘Moment of the Match’for his Super raid.

10:27 pm: The Do or Die player of the match is Rohit Gulia of Gujarat Fortunegiants.

10:25 pm: Thrilling encounters ends in bad way for Pirates.

10:20 pm: Last raid by Giants, players counts down the clock. Time’s Up as Giants beat Pirates 30-29 as Pardeep Narwal fails to fire.

10:18 pm: Giants player on raid and is wasting time. Pardeep Narwal in attack, returns immediately. Invites a return raider, who is wasting time with just 10 seconds to go. Patna Pirates win 1 point, match over. Score 30-29 for Giants.

10:17 pm: Narwal has 4 raid point, claims touch but is contested by Giants. Review called for by Giants. Review unsuccessful. 1 point for Pirates. Score: 30-28.

10:14 pm: With just a minute to go, can Pirates still win? Pardeep Narwal on raid.

10:14 pm: Pirates raider gets a point. But bonus is contested by a review. Will it be 2 points of just 1 for Pirates. Review unsuccessful. Patna get 1 point. Score: 30-27 for Giants

10:12 pm: Super Tackle by Pirates, moves them to 26 vs Giants 30 points. Is this a revival?

10:10 pm: With just 3 minutes to go, 3 Patna Pirates left in play and Pardeep Narwal is still on bench. Much worse news follows; High 5 for Mighani of Giants in the successful trapping of Patna raider.Score: 30-24

10:08 pm: Patna is finally waking up to crisis with a great fight back and it is not just led by Pardeep Narwal. Great Team Effort.

10:06 pm: Pirates now actually fighting back, reel in points quickly, reduce lead to 29-24.

10:03 pm: Monu Goyat gets bonus point on raid but  it is contested by Giants who ask for review. Refree changes decision to successful review. Score stays at 27-19.

10:02 pm: In Do or Die raid Vijay gets bonus point for Pirates. Patna adds 2 points to its tally in next Giants raid, trap their man. Score 27-19.

10:00 pm: Pardeep Narwal touched out by Giants player on raid.

9:59 pm: Super Tackle on for Pirates, Pardeep Narwal still on mat. Can he get back in form on time?

9:57 pm: Ranjit of Giants on raid, a superb dodge and successful attack. Super Raid for Giants. Score 26-14 for Giants.

9:56 pm: Pardeep Narwal on raid, goes back with no point.

9:56 pm: Sachin fails yet again, this is the fifth time he has failed to get any score for Giants. Pardeep Narwal back on mat.

9:55 pm: Pirates struggle continues against Giants defence. Ranjit on raid for Giantsk, earns no point. Score: 23-13 for Giants.

9:54 pm: Do or Die raid for Rohit Gulia, fails to get any point.

9:53 pm: Giants on raid, earns no point and gets backl safe.

9:52 pm: Pardeep Narwal again trapped in opposition half, scores no point.

9:50 pm: Super Tackle on for Giants. Last man standing on raid for Pirates, gets trapped but earns 1 points. Patna Pirates All OUT. Score: 18-12

9:49 pm: Great start for Giants in second half, get point immediately. Score: 14-11.

9:47 pm: Second Half starts with Vinod Kumar’s raid, goes back with no points.

9:41 pm: In last raid of first half, Patna Pirates are on a Do or Die raid, however, their players fails miserably. Half Time score; 13-11 for Giants

9:40 pm: With seconds to go before Half Time, Jaideep earns point for Giants on raid; Score 12-11.

9:39 pm: With 2 minutes to go, Pardeep Narwal on raid and has just 2 points till now. He is not in good form and is trapped by Giants. Score tied now, 11-11.

9:37 pm: Things get even better for Pirates as Giants next raid is thwarted. Score:11-8 for Pirates.

9:36 pm: Jawahar Dagar on raid for Pirates, no points.  Rohit Gulia for Giants has 2 raid ppoints and returns safely. Pardeep Narwal in attack, gets point for team after Giants player fails to hold on to his ankle. Socre: 10-8 for Pirates,

9:35 pm: Massive raid by Giants player, gets team 2 point plus gets 2 opposition players out. Score:8-9 for Pirates

9:34 pm: Sunil Kumar on raid for Giants, goes back with no points. Meanwhile, Monu Got on  Do or Die raid for Pirates. Easily gets point and back home safely. Score 9-6.

9:31 pm: Pardeep Narwal in Do or Die raid. Easy touch point against Mahendra Rajput. Score 8-5 for Patna.

9:31 pm: Monu Goyat with 3 points in attack, returns without points.

9:30 pm: Chandran Ranjit on raid for Fortunegiants, returns without any point

9:29 pm: Mahendra Rajput pulls a point back with fine raid. Score is 7-5 for Patna with 11 minutes to Half Time

9:28 pm: Monu on raid, earns touch point plus bonus. Patna Pirates lead 4-7

9:28 pm: Pardeep Narwal on raid gets trapped in corner. Gives off easy points to Fortunegiants.

9:27 pm: With 13 minutes to go, Pirates lead 5-3; Pardeep Narwal still in shadows

9:26 pm: A series of attacks by both team leads to Patna leading 4-3, with 14 minutes to go.

9:25 pm: Do or Die raid for Fortunegiants; Sachin gets 1 point after successfully avoiding getting trapped.

9:23 pm: Monu Goyat on raid for Pirates, returns safely without point.

9:23 pm: Fortune raiders strike back immedialtely, wins 2 points of their own.

9:22 pm: Patna Pirates score first point as they trap raider. Score: 2-0.

9:22 pm: Sachin for Fortunegiants on raid but fails.

9:20 pm: Pardeep Narwal on raid, also returns without a points. A time out called as mat gets torn

9:20 pm: Fortunegiants get proceedings off with raid; no points ensue

9:13 pm: Teams have entered the stadium. It is a match between two top teams of Zone A and Zone B.

9:08 pm: The match will start shortly. 

6:49 pm: Patna Pirates is working real hard before the match. Maybe this is the secret behind them becoming the two times Pro Kabaddi champions.

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