Pro Kabaddi 2017, Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates highlights: Patna Pirates wins thriller match 36-34; starring role by Pardeep Narwal

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New Delhi | Updated: September 27, 2017 11:00:15 PM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2017 is reaching its end as the action heats up. In today’s match Dabang Delhi locked horns against Patna Pirates.

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Pro Kabaddi 2017: The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2017 is reaching its end as the action heats up. In today’s match Dabang Delhi locked horns against Patna Pirates. This the second leg of PKL 2017 in Delhi. The two time champions, Patna Pirates have been playing extraordinarily well. The Pirates are currently placed at the top in Zone B tables list with 60 points in 17 games. They have lost four games, drawn four and won the remaining nine. As for Dabang Delhi is concerned, they played for pride after a horrific PKL 2017 fifth season. Dabang Delhi in their last match were thrashed by Haryana Steelers. Delhi is currently placed at the bottom side of Zone A table.

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Here are Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates highlights:

10:31 pm: Do or Die ‘Player of the Match’ is Patna Pirates Pardeep Narwal

10:30 pm; The Player of the match is Pirate’s Jaideep.

10: 21 pm: With just 50 seconds to go, Pardeep looks to waste time in raid

10 :20 pm: Meraj pulls one point back off his next raid

10:20 pM: With just 3 Delhi players lef tin play, Pardeep makes spectacular raid, gets 1 points. And more than that off the next raid by AbolFaizal Pirates trap him easily. Score: 36-31` for Pirates

10:17 pm: Can Pardeep Narwal win it for Pirates. He is on his 23rd raid of the match. However, fails to get no points

10:16 pm: Pardeep Narwal has 12 points in game

10:14 pm: Time out

10:13 pm: Massive raid by Delhi, player manages to being trapped, takes lead for first time, wins 1 points. Off the very next raid, Monu Goyal earns a point himself. Score 31-31

10:12 pm: Patna wins 2 crucial points after trapping man easily but are immediately packed back as Delhi bag 2 points; Score 30-30

10:10 pm: Howevewr, Delhi strikes back fiercely, trap Pirate man with Super tackle points. Score 28-28

10:09 pm: At a crucial stage of the match, Delhi player gets trapped easily; Score 26-28 for Patna

10:08 pm: Pardeep on another raid, but fails and Delhi’s successful Super Tackle, earns more point; Score: 27-26 for Patna

10:07 pm: Pardeep on attack with Super Tackle on for Delhi, no points won

10:06 pm: With 10 minutes to go Patna lead 26-24

10:06 pm: But the lead for Delhi was short lived, as Pirates win 2 points.

10:03 pm: Great comeback by Delhi as Meraj win 2 points; Score 24-23
10:03 pm: Narwal pulls another miracle point out of his hat. Earns point but Pirates All out

10:02 pm: Pirates leak more points. Meraj evades ankle hold. Win 1 point. Just Pardepp Narwal left in ring.

10:01 pm; In big worry for Dabang Delhi as Meraj injures ankle. Time out called

10;00 pm:Pirates on Super Tackle with just 3 players on mat. Meraj on raid goes back empty.

9:59 PM: Massicve raid by Meraj, gets 2 point plus gets 2 players out. Score 21-18 for Pirates. Can Delhi pull the match back?

9:58 pm: Yet another raid by Pardeep, earns 1 points and with this he makes Super 10

9:57 pm: AbolFaizal earns 2 raid points.

9:57 pm: Pardeep Narwal on raid, has 8 points and earns some more as Delhi fail with ankle hold attempt. Score 20-14

9:56 pm: In  return raid by Rohit, Delhi earn 1 point. In another raid Pardeep also earned 1 bonus point. Score 19-14.

9:55 pm: Pardeep in first raid after first half, returns safe.

9:51 pm: The second half will start shortly.

9:46 pm: Pardeep Narwal has only 2 points from raid, but this time earns big as Delhi fails to trap him successfully. Pirates lead 18-13

9:46 pm: Pardeep Narwal on raid, goes back without point. Meanwhile, Rohit from Delhi on raid, no points for him

9:45 pm: Monu gets trapped and sent back home. Delhi gets one more point

9:44 pm: Meraj on raid, has 2 points so far., but goes back empty handed

9:43 pm: Patna Pirates All out, Delhi reduce Pirates lead in big way; Score: 16-11 for Pirates

9:41 pm: Massive raid by AbolFaizal.Touches Pardeep Narwal, earns more points for team.

9:40 pm: Pardeep on raid, has 5 raid points so far. Fails to add but returns safely.

9:40 pM: Pirates on Super Tackle and successful. Meraj gets trapped

9:37 pm: Dabang Delhi call for Time out

9:37 pm: Delhi earns more valuable points. Trap another Pirate on raid. Score: 13-6 for Pirates

9:36 pm: Super Tackle on with Meraj on raid. No points

9:35 pm: Rohit Baliyan on attack with just 3 Pirates left in game. Returns without points

9:34 pm: With 10 minutes to go in first half, Pirates lead 13-4

9: 33 pm: In next raid by Pardeep, Delhi get their act together, trap him successfully on raid. Score 13 -3

9:32 pm: Meraj on raid, has 2 points tiull now, fails to earn any points. Pradeep Narwal gets green card for protest

9:31 pm: Pardeep earns another point for Pirates on raid.  Piraes have 7 raids points plus 4 from tackles.

9:30 pm: Aboul Faizal for Delhi exposes himself on raid, gets easily trapped. Score: 12 -1

9:30 pm: Finally Delhi earns some points. Manage to trap Monu Goyal. Score 11-1 for Pirates

9:29 pM: Delhi just failing to make any impact. Another off their raider trapped by Pirattes. Score 11-0 with 14 minutes to go

9:27 pm : Delhi All out. Score 10-0 for Pirates

9:25 pm; Off the very next raid by Pirates Delhi leak more points.

9: 24 pm:Horror start by Delhi, gives another point to Pirates after their man was trapped.

9;24 pm: On his first raid, Pardeep Narwal; announces his presence with massive 4 points as Delhi fails to trap him. This is off the first raid by Pirates. Score 4-0

9:23 pm: After a bit of mix-up, Pardeep Narwal wins toss, chooses court. First raid by Delhi, no point.

9:13 pm: The match is pegged as the ‘Battle of raiders’.

9:06 pm: The players are all ready to play the match.

6:52 PM: This is an inter-zonal match of the Delhi second leg. On one side we have first time player Patna Pirates who are the high-fliers of Zone B. On the other side it is Dabang Delhi who have struggled alot to find that right momentum and are currently playing for their pride.

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