Pro Kabaddi 2017, Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas highlights: Thalaivas beat Warriors 33-32 in miracle ending courtesy Ajay’s last gasp raid

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New Delhi | Updated: September 24, 2017 10:38:55 PM

Pro Kabaddi 2017 highlights: In the 92nd match of Pro Kabaddi League season 5, the in-form Bengal Warriors is now taking on the out of sorts Tamil Thalaivas.

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In the 92nd match of Pro Kabaddi League season 5, the in-form Bengal Warriors is now taking on the out of sorts Tamil Thalaivas. On one hand, Bengal has been in a stupendous form, winning 4 out of its last 5 matches, Tamil Thalaivas have lost 4 of their last five matches. The Warriors are certain to qualify for the playoffs after 17 games but Tamil Thalaivas have played least number of matches in Zone B (11). They have managed to win just 2 matches in season 5 so far and need an extraordinary performance to qualify from here. The Warriors are one cohesive unit, every single player knows exactly their role in the squad and they carry out their responsibilities with precision and confidence. Only an exceptional performance from defence will be able to keep their raiders away from running a riot in Thalaivas’ court. Confidence is key at this stage of the competition.

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Here are Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas highlights:

09:05 PM: Ajay Thakur slaps the ground as he enters opponets’ half. As Thalaivas look to trap him, he manages to foil their attempt, scampers over half line, earns two miracle points. Thalaiavas beat Warriors 33-32.

09:04 PM: Ajay Thakur on attack. Can he bring back two points, earn last gasp victory?

09:03 PM: Five seconds to go, Tamil Thalaiavas Time Out, score 32-31.

09:02 PM: With 30 seconds to go, Warriors lead 32-31.

09:01 PM: Do-or-die raid for Ajay Thakur, gets one point. Wants extra point for touch also, but fails to get one; score 32-30 for Warriors.

09:00 PM: Bengal warriors Time Out.

08:59 PM: Maninder Singh wins two points of this great raid, catching Thalaivas players napping; score 32-29 with 1.2 minutes to go.

08:58 PM: With just over 2 minutes to go, Warriors lead 30-29

08:57 PM: But Ajay Thakur pulls one point back after successfully touching opponent end returning to his end of court.

08:56 PM: Maninder Singh scores super 10 tonight, ensures Warriors lead stays intact at 29-28.

08:55 PM: In latest raid by Ajay Thakur has just two points tonight but manages to earn one more in his latest raid.

08:54 PM: Now that Warriors has two pint lead, its players would be looking to add to it by keeping the momentum going.

08:51 PM: Under five minutes to go, Warriors lead Thalaivas 28-26. Time Out called.

08:50 PM: Maninder Singh has eight raid points tonight and adds one through his latest raid, score 28-25.

08:49 PM: And worse than that for, thet give up more points to Warriors, lose lead. Now Bengal Warriors lead by 27-24.

08:48 PM: However, these two moves cost Tamil Thalaiavas as of the very next raid, Warriors win two points, take score to 22-24.

08:47 PM: Pradap on raid after time out, fails to win any point, returns back safely. Ditto for C Arun.

08:46 PM: Statistics: Pardeep narwal has 224 points in series. Monu Goyat is number 2 with 144 for Patna Pirates.

08:44 PM: Do-or-die tackle for Warriors end in humiliating fashion. Thier man gets trapped under a number of Thalaivas players. Fortunately, for them, of the very next raid, they (Warriors) manage to trap Ajay; score now reads 20-14 for Thalaivas. Time Out called.

08:42 PM: With 11 minutes to go, Tamil Thalaivas lead Warriors by 23-19.

08:40 PM: Massive, massive play by Thalaivas, manages to trap another Warriors in timely move to take score to 20-19.

08:38 PM: Do-or-die raid for Thalaivas, but this time the player Lee fails to evade, getting trapped, gives off two points; score 20-17 fpr Thalaivas.

08:36 PM: Warriors ask for review as one Thalaivas player was out of bounds. But review called unsuccessful. Thalaivas earn two points; score 20-17.

08:34 PM: Thalaivas left with just three men in defence, as Lee comes on raid. However, he is definitely in a bad patch. Gets trapped.

08:32 PM: Ajay Thakur on do-or-die raid for Thalaivas, but fails as four Warriors smother him successfully.

08:31 PM: The second half starts with a bang, Warriors earn one point quickly

08:30 PM: Match restarts.

08:23 PM: At halftime, Thalaivas lead Warriors 18-15. This is due to one point won in last gasp raid by Warriors to close the gap a little.

08:22 PM: This is not turning out a good game for Jang Kun Lee, the player is giving up easy points. In this raid, he gets muscled out of bounds by a superb powerplay by Thalaivas.

08:20 PM: Another great raid by Thalaivas, earns a point after Warriors failed to trap their man.

08:18 PM: Super tackle fails spectacularly for Warriors, its player gets trapped after stumbling on mat; score reads 16-13 for Thalaivas.

08:17 PM: K Prapanjan gets one point with foot over black line, score reads 13-14 for Thalaivas

08:16 PM: However, of the very next attack, warriors strike back with super raid, take score to 12-14.

08:15 PM: Thalaivas have built up lead to 14-9 with just five minutes to go.

08:14 PM: Lee for Warriors gives up another point in foolhardy attempt to get one point, gets easily trapped.

08:13 PM: Amazing play by Thalaivas, trap their man in spectacular fashion. In the next raid by Ajay, the iconic player earns another point, build up lead to 10-8

08:12 PM: However, Thalaivas manage to score one point, take lead 8-7

08:11 PM: Massive gain by Bengal Warriors, with just three men left in game, manage to trap Thailaiva raider; score 7-7

08:10 PM: Sujeet on raid for Warriors, but Thalaivas deny him even one point

08:09 PM: Deepak narwal on raid for Warriors, fails to score any points

08:08 PM: Supre tackle on for Thalaivas, Ranjan fails to get any points

08:06 PM: Do-or-die raid for Thalaivas, earn two big points; score 7-5

08:03 PM: Both the team score equal 2-2

08:02 PM: M Thivakaran earns a point for Tamil Thalaivas, score 1-1

08:01 PM: Bengal Warriors starts the match with gaining one point in its kitty.

08:00 PM: Tamil Thalaivas win the toss

07:59 PM: We will now have the toss in few minutes.

07:57 PM: Players out to the court.

07:55 PM: Both Bengal Warriors and Tamil Thalaivas are all set to take on each other in today’s match which is about to start shortly.

07:50 PM: Here is the line up of Bengal Warriors for tonight’s match against Tamil Thalaivas:

07:45 PM: Tamil Thalaivas have so far won just two matches out of 11 matches played in this season.

07:35 PM: Bengal Warriors will come out on the mat with full confidence after their yesterday’s win over the Bengaluru Bulls.

07:25 PM: The second match of Saturday was between Dabang Delhi and Puneri Paltan, in which the unthinkable had happened. Running far behind the Delhi in the first half of the natch, Pune managed to claw themselves back into the second half. Thrill a moment match ended in Pune’s win; score 34-29.

07:10 PM: In the first match of Saturday between Bengaluru Bulls and Bengal Warriors, the enthralling encounter ended in Warriors win; score settled at 33-29.

Here is Bengal Warriors’ squad for Pro Kabaddi League 2017:

Jang Kun Lee, Ravindra Ramesh Kumavat, Sandeep Malik, Ameares Mondal, Ran Singh, PO Surjeet Singh, Youngchang Ko, Bhupender Singh, Shrikant Tewthia, Virendra Singh, Maninder Singh, Deepak Narwal, Rahul Kumar, Shashank Wankhede, Vinod Kumar, Vikash, Kuldeep, Anil Kumar

Here is Tamil Thalaivas’ squad for Pro Kabaddi League 2017:

Ajay Thakur, Bhavani Rajput, Prathap, Rajesh, Anil Kumar, Amit Hooda, Mugilan, Donggeon Lee , Waleed Al Hasani, Chansik Park, Anil Kumar, C. Arun, Sanket Chavan, T. Prabhakaran, M. Thivakaran, Sombir, Vijay Kumar, Vijin Thangadurai, Muruthu M, Vineet Sharma, K. Prapanjan, Sujit Maharana, Darshan J., Sarang Arun Deshmukh, Ananthkumar

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