Pro Kabaddi 2017 LIVE Score, Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas Live updates: Despite Ajay Thakur Super 10, Thalaivas lose match 34-30 to Warriors

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Pro Kabaddi 2017 Live Score: In match number 123 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5, the Bengal Warriors will take the mat against the Tamil Thalaivas at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex.

Pro Kabaddi 2017 Live Score: Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas

Pro Kabaddi 2017 Live Score: In match number 123 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5, the Bengal Warriors will take the mat against the Tamil Thalaivas at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in the city of Pune. Bengal have already qualified for the playoffs while the Thalaivas are out of this year’s competition. Bengal Warriors will be led by Surjeet, who primarily plays as a cover defender and will be the main force marshalling the troops on the mat. Surjeet will be supported by his long-time friend Ran Singh, who will man the corner position on the mat and Srikanth Tewthia who will be a key inclusion in the other corner. The raid department is spearheaded by the comeback man Maninder Singh, who has been absolutely exceptional on the mat. Thalaivas, on the other hand, have been a one-man army with Ajay Thakur doing everything himself. The man from Himachal has the second most raiding points this season but might complete his double century tonight. Their own defence will be manned by Amit Hooda who has been off-colour for the majority of the matches alongside C Arun.

Here are Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas Live score updates:

10:19 pm: Moment of the Match goes to Bhupinder Singh.

10:18 pm: The Do or Die of the match K Prapanjan,

10:17 pm: Player of the match is awarded to Bengal Warriors captain Surjeet Singh.

10:16 pm: Maninder Singh is adjudged to Warriors Raider of the match.

10:11 pm: Last raid of match by Ajay Thakur, Warriors give him 1 touch point. Score 34-30

10:10 pm: Maninder Singh wastes time on raid.

10:09 pm: Ajay Thakur Super 10, gets 2 points. Score 34-29.

10:09 pm: Maninder on raid with under 1 minute to go. Scores no points.

10:08 pm: Ajay Thakur gets bonus plus 2 points on raid, its a Super Raid, Score 34-27.

10:08 pm: Huge raid by Bhupinder, THALAIVAS ALL OUT, gets 5 points. Score 34-24.

10:07 pm: Vineet gets 1 raid point.

10:07 pm: Maninder on raid with Super Tackle on, no point scored. Rann Singh gets penalised for instructing raider

10:06 pm: Bhupinder on attack, wastes time, comes back. Strictly is followed by Thakur, this time he is hugged into a hand still by Surjeet. Score 29-23.

10:05 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid gets a bonus point, Score 28-23.

10:04 pm: Do or Die raid for Warriors in form of Bhupinder, claims touch point and gets it. Score 28-22.

10:03 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, goes back without any points.

10:02 pm: Warriors just wasting time, running down the clock. Score 27-22 with 4 minutes to go

10:01 pm: Do or Die raid for Warriors, is muscled out by Amit Hooda of Thalaivas.

9:58 pm: In next raid was Thalaivas player trapped or not? Review asked for. Was is a Super Raid worth 3 point or was is just 2? Prapanjan makes telling raid, gets just 2 points. Score 26-21, Super 10 for Prapanjan.

9:57 pm: Maninder on attack with 3 rival players left. Comes back safely.

9:56 pm: Thalaivas player just not aggressive enough, comes back without any.

9:56 pm: Maninder scores another touch point. Score 26-19.

9:55 pm: Now Prapanjan on raid, he must go for big points but fails to get  even 1.

9:53 pm: AJAY THAKUR TRAPPER OR IS HE NOT? he is trapped. Bengal Warriors get point. Score 24-19. Thalavias ask for REVIEW. IS HE OUT? Nope his hand is just touching the line. Review unsuccessful. Ajay out. Score 25-19.

9:52 pm: Another big raid by Maninder, gets 1 touch point, Score 24-19

9:52 pm: Warriors trap another player, takes score to 23-19.

9:51 pm: With 10 minutes to go, Warriors lead 22-19

9:49 pm: Thalaivas have scores 5 points in last minsutes, Warriors only 2.

9:48 pm: Prapanjan on Do or Die raid, forces mistake by Warrior defender, drags him over half line. Score 21-19

9:48 pm: Vineet on his 9th raid, scores no point. Meanwhile, Maninder on his 16 th raid. Scores no point.

9:47 pm: Vinod on Do or Die raid for Warriors. Tries too hard, is trapped in corner by Amit Hooda with ankle hold. Score 21-18.

9:46 pm: Prapanjan on raid, he has 4 points from 5 raids

9:46 pm: Ajay on raid, incredible play by Vinod Kumar, forces Thakur to stumble, allows Warriors to trap him. Score 21-17

9:46 pm:  Now Maninder on raid, gets no points.

9:45 pm:Ajay Thakur gets a valuable point on raid, Score 20-17

9:43 pm: Deepak Narwal on Do or Die raid, does it easily. Score 20-16.

9:43 pm: Prapanjan on Do or Die raid. He has to score.  Gets 2 point. Score 19-16

9:43 pm: Deepak Narwal looks to increase Warriors lead, fails to do so.

9:42 pm: Bonus point on with Thalaivas player on raid, gets none.

9:42 pm: Vinod on raid, but he is not really looking for any points.

9:41 pm: Prapanjan on raid, comes back without any points.

9:40 pm: Maninder resumes second half, gets 1 point and scores SUPER 10. This is his eight of the season. Score 19-14.

9:34 pm: At half time, Warriors lead 18-14.

9:33 pm: Ajay Thakur on last raid of half, he makes big mistake , is trapped by Surjeet. Score 18-14.

9:33 pm: Maninder on raid now, he has 9 raid points. WILL HE SCORE SUPER 10 BEFORE HALF?? NO.

9:32 pm: Prapanjan pulls back a point for Thalaivas and on next raid by Warriors they trap the player. Score 17-14

9:31 pm: Next raid by Ajay Thakur, he i lone Thalaivas player on mat but this time he is trapped. THALAIVAS ALL OUT; Score 16-12

9:30 pm: However Maninder on next raid, pulls back a points. Score 13-11

9:30 pm: Ajay Thakur makes huge raid, evades block, scores 2 points. Score 12-11.

9:29 pm: Maninder on attack with just 2 Thalaivas players left, easily avoids block by Vineet. Score 12-9

9:28 pm: Huge mistake by Thalaivas, look to block Maninder but he is too near the half way mark, gets hand over line. Score 11-8

9:28 pm: Ajay Thakur gets bonus point, Score 9-8

9:28 pm: Vinod Kumar on Do or Die raid, with a magical back flick avoids getting trapped, gets point. Score 9-7 for Thalaivas

9:27 pm: Prapanjan on Do or Die raid, gets touch point. Score 8-7

9:26 pm: Maninder on yet another raid, with 4 Thalaivas player on mat, goes back without any

9:26 pm; Vineet on raid for Thalaivas, Can he get a point or better still 2?? NOPE.

9:25 pm: Another Warriors raid, plays safe, no points scored.

9:25 pm: Maninder gets 2 points for Warriors on next raid. Score 8-6

9:24 pm: Ajay Thakur back on raid, is muscled over the sidelines. loses points. Score 6-6

9:23 pm: More good news for Thalaivas as they trap Warriors raider, now lead by 6-5

9:22 pm: Pranpanjan deceives Warriors with deft turn, scores 1 point. Score 5-5

9:22 pm: Maninder on raid for Warriors, he has 3 points till now; Scores no point.

9:21 pm: Big mistake by Ajay Thakur on raid, allows himself to be surrounded; Score 5-4 for Warriors

9:21 pm: Maninder on raid, is tackled on ankles but drags the Thalaivas player over the half line.

9:20 pm: Vineet makes raid, scores no point; but his team lead 4-3

9:19 pm: Thalaivas player trapped but of the very next raid by Warriors their raider is trapped by Thalaivas. Score 3-3

9:18 pm: Vinod on raid for Warriors, doesn’t get adventerous. Score

9:17 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, no points scored.

9:17pm: Thalaivas goes to 1 up with a successful raid. Score 2-1

9:16 pm: Maninder on Do or Die raid , has 3 SUper 10, opens his scoring as Thalaivas player fails to ankle hold.

9:15 pm: Vineet Kumar on raid for Thalavias, no points scored.

9:15 pm: Deepak Narwal on raid, earns no points.

9:14 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, he is 185 raid points this season, gets touch point. Score 1-0

9:14 pm: Maninder on raid for Warriors, goes back without scoring.

9:13 pm: First raid by Prapanjan, no points.

9:09 pm: The teams have entered the arena. Ajay Thakur is on 185 points this season and might complete his double century tonight. He will be the second player to do so after Pardeep Narwal.

7:08 pm: Hello and welcome to Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas live updates. Bengal have already qualified for the playoffs while the Thalaivas are out of this year’s competition.

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