PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Score, World Badminton Championships final 2017 Updates: In cliff hanger match, exhausted Sindhu loses 21-19, 22-20,22-20

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New Delhi | Updated: August 27, 2017 11:58:14 PM

PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara final: PV Sindhu's magnificent effort to become India's first ever World Badminton Champion ended in a heart-wrenching defeat against Japan's Nozomi Okuhara in a cliffhanger final.

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PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara final: PV Sindhu’s magnificent effort to become India’s first ever World Badminton Champion ended in a heart-wrenching defeat against Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara in a cliffhanger final. The match, which was the longest match of the tournament, tested the physical and mental strength of both the players. Sindhu lost 19-21 22-20 20-22 after battling hard for one hour and 49 minutes. The bodies of the two players were seen giving way due to exhaustion as the match progressed. However, both Sindhu and Okuhara used every bit of energy left in them to make it an epic contest at the World Badminton Championship.

Here all the updates to PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okahura final 2017:

9.45 pm: Well played @Pvsindhu1! We are proud of your game at the @2017BWC finals. Congratulations.

9.30 pm: BAI announces 10 lakh for Sindhu, 5 lakh for Saina Nehwal: Badminton Association of India Pres Himanta B Sarma.

9:24 PM: Stars from across India were tuned into the high-intensity match.


9:19 PM: In cliff hanger match exhausted Sindhu loses 22-20 in third set.

9:14 PM: Okuhara takes advantage.

9:09 PM: Sindhu inching towards the win.

9:08 PM: The match coming to a close now but the scores are still even. 17 all it is.

9:05 PM: Sindhu seems tired now. Has she given up or is their more in her bag that might stun Okuhara.

9:02 PM: Its a nail biting match or is it only me who is biting my nails. Both the players have showed an excellent form. Score: 15-15.

8:59 PM: Okuhara takes leads but only by a point. Smashes are flying all round the court from both Sindhu and Okuhara court. But Sindhu has no plan to step down so easy. She levels score. 13 all it is

8:55 PM: Sindhu and Okuhara probably are having the match of their life and want to give everything they want. Sindhu leads 13-11.

8:53 PM: Even when I think that it is over Sindhu has finally hit the right note to win the gold medal, Okuhara jumps up into the scene to make her presence felt. Score: 11-10.

8:47 PM: For the first time Sindhu takes the lead in the third set. Will this point be the starting of her journey to the Gold medal?

8:46 PM: In a rally of over 20 shots Sindhu pulls it in her favour. Score level to 7-7-.

8:44 PM: Okuhara leads 7-6.

8:42 PM: But somewhere Sindhu still struggling to execute her smashes and this might prove lethal for her if  she does not find any solution to it.

8:40 PM: As expected the match is nerve wrecking. I might just a  nervous breakdown after seeing the match.  After initial falter Sindhu fightsback. Score: 5-5.

8:37 PM: Okuhara takes lead and is firing smashes to which Sindhu has so far failed to reply. Score: 5-1

8:35 PM: Both Sindhu and Okuhara have started unleashing their hidden smashes and drop shots. But they both know each other quite well so they need to have some new strategy to pull out the last and deciding set.


8:29 PM: ADVANTAGE Sindhu! Can she win the next point?

8:28 PM:  Match is Deuce! If Sindhu has to win the second set she needs to score two points back-to-back.

8:25 PM: A big shout after Sindhu secured her 19th point. A point away from winning the second set.

8:22 PM: This is a close match. Both the players have answers to each other’s offence. Sindhu close to winning the second set. Score: 18-17.

8:19 PM: Tension lurking on Sindhu’s coaches. But Sindhu has no plans to go down so easy.  Score 17-15 in Sindhu’s favour.

8:18 PM: But Sindhu still has alot in her bag. Playing shots all round the court. Okuhara not giving up.  A great rally but Sindhu, at last, takes it all. Score: 16-13.

8:13 PM: Sindhu looks a little tired and that reflects in her shots. Okuhara levels score 13-13.

8:10 PM: WELL DONE SINDHU! A smart play by the Hyderabadi shuttler to bring her tally to 12-9.

8:07 PM: A great rally by the players. Its truly a final not to be missed as both Sindhu and Okuhara gives fan a run for their money. Score:  

8:06 PM: Okuhara making a comeback after initial falters. Sindhu looks a little tired already. India still leads 9-8.

8:00 PM: After a great rally Japan’s Okuhara hit the shuttle to the net. Sindhu on the other hand going strong and looking to win the send set. India lead 9-3.

7:55 PM: Sindhu takes initial second set start. Score: 5-1.

7:53 PM: Sindhu after a close battle loses the first set 21-19.

7:49 PM: Both the players have previously met each other and are using their experience in this final. Okuhara leads 19-18.

7:46 PM:  Okuhara closes to win the first set. Score: 18-15.

7:43 PM: This is proving out to be a close first set but this is what finals are known for.  Score: 14- 14.

7:41 PM: Okuhara giving a fight to the former Olympic silver medallist. Score: 13-11.

7:38 PM: Sindhu takes the initial lead. Score: 13-9.

7:33 PM: Contrary to how Nehwal started Sindhu has opened up the match with offensive shots. Fans getting the Typical Sindhu show.

7:31 PM:  Both the players looks even. Okuhara leads 5 to 4.

7:28 PM: And the showdown begins. Sindhu starts strong but Okuhara seems to give her a run for the money. Score: 3-3.

7:21 PM: Can Sindhu avenge Saina Nehwal after her grand entry?

7:08 PM: Meanwhile, the Chinese duo defeated the Japanese duo in the Women’s doubles

7:05 PM: The match to start soon. STAY TUNED for all the UPDATES.

6:52 PM: Another Twitterati wished PV Sindhu luck.

6:29 PM: The PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okahura final 2017 will began in some time. STAY TUNED

6:06 PM: With wishes pouring from everywhere Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu also joined the long list of fan supporters.

6:02 PM: Meanwhile, Twitterati’s are excited about the final.

5:38 PM: All Indian eyes are on Sindhu as the country stops to watch their badminton star fight for World Championships glory.

5:32 PM: If PV Sindhu wins against Nozomi Okahura today she will become the first Indian women’s player to win the gold at Worlds

5:07 PM: The match between PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okahura will likely start at 6 PM IST.


4:39 PM: Stay Tuned for the updates.

4:36 PM: PV Sindhu is all set to surpass Saina Nehwal who won the silver medal in 2015.  Okahura will look to go for an upset.


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