India vs South Africa, Ind vs SA 2nd T20 Highlights: JP Duminy’s army beat Virat Kohli & Co by 6 wickets

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New Delhi | Updated: February 22, 2018 12:57:06 AM

India vs South Africa Cricket Score 2nd T20I: JP Duminy won the toss and chose to bowl first. South Africa came into the 2nd T20 with no changes in the squad while Kohli's army had rested Jasprit Bumar with Shardul Yadav replacing him.

India vs South Africa 2nd T20I Highlights: Virat Kohli eye to create history.

India vs South Africa 2nd T20I Highlights: JP Duminy need 189 runs to win and level the series. JP Duminy won the toss and chose to bowl first. South Africa on one hand had no changes in the squad while on the other hand, Kohli’s army had rested Jasprit Bumar with Shardul Yadav replacing him. Yadav made the debut for India in the T20. The Proteas were in fifth gear from the first ball, with Junior Dala sending Rohit Sharma cheaply to the pavillion. He was quickly followed by Shikhar Dhawan and Kohli who could not make any impact as well. Although Suresh Raina tried to stable the innings he also could not do much. The Virat Kohli-led India will hope to repeat the performance but with middle-order batsmen also playing their part this time. In the last match, Manish Pandey, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Hardik Pandya failed to provide the expected final flourish. Pandey struggled to increase the run rate, scoring 29 not out in 27 deliveries. It will be interesting to see whether the Karnataka right-hander gets another chance. Bolstered by the terrific spell by Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who was adjudged the Man of the Match, India will hope to create havoc once again to seal the issue.

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Here are all the India vs South Africa 2nd T20I Cricket Score and Updates:

00:51 am: Unadkat to Duminy, SIX runs, full toss swatted over square leg. Duminy steps out and suddenly realises he’s running at one that could catch him flush in the mid-riff. But he shows incredibly fast hands to get under this and send it sailing.

00:50 am: Unadkat to Behardien, 1 run, offcutter, short and wide outside off. Slashed to third man off the thick outside edge.

00:45 am: Thakur to Duminy, 1 run, short ball on middle stump, pulled hard and straight to Pandya who slips in the deep but manages to get his body behind this.

00:43 am: Everyone was singing praises about India wrist spinners and their confidence of tossing the ball up so often. But looking at Chahal today, it’s proved that no-one is really immune to pressure.

00:40 am: A wicket right now would mess up SA’s DLS par score surely? Imagine if Chahal had held on to that catch. Just not his day in any sense!” — They’d still be ahead comfortably, but point taken.

00:34 am: 

00:30 am:

00:28 am: South Africa require another 52 runs with 7 wickets and 35 balls remaining.

00:26 am: Unadkat to Duminy, 1 run, offcutter, back of a length and cutting into the batsman who dabs it pitch side on the leg side. Some confusion as they call through for the run and Unadkat’s athletic pick up and throw at the striker’s end is lacking direction.

00:25 am: Klassen is definitely a keeper…. pun intended.

00:24 am: Unadkat to Klaasen, OUTUnadkat and his offcutter! They combine to bring India the wicket. That’s the end of Klaasen. Back of a length ball angled in at middle stump, and straightening after pitching. Klaasen swings with the angle and is through it early. Gets a feather through to the keeper. The crowd is silent as Unadkat screeches ‘come on!’ twice before the umpire lifts the finger.

00:21 am: Chahal to Duminy, SIX runs, now the captain cashes in. No better man to try and get your form back at this moment. Tosses it up at off stump and Duminy shuffles to get in line before unleashing a slog sweep.

00:20 am: The Indian bowlers look shell-shocked against Klassen. What a knock its been so far. Dala and Klassen so far find of the tour for SA

00:15 am: Seems like the rain’s bringing down form upon the African batsmen! First in the fourth ODI and now tonight!

00:13 am: Pandya to Klaasen, 1 run, back of a length outside off, makes room and drives on the up to mid-off.

00:10 am: 

00:08 am: Chahal to Klaasen, SIX runs, oh yesssssssss. Sensational from Klaasen. Walks into the leg side, makes a lot of room as he follows him with a loopy full one and then he caresses it over the extra cover boundary.

00:02: Thakur to Duminy, no run, back of a length on middle and off, Duminy is through his flick again, playing with a cross bat. Off the pad towards the keeper.

11:59 pm: Now that they are ahead of the DLS target, it has stopped raining.

11:53 pm: Chahal to Klaasen, SIX runs, that’s six, and SA should creep ahead of the score now. Some flight around off, Klaasen gets underneath the length and smashes the ball over long-on.

11:50 pm: Chahal may not come into play for a while because of this now

11:47 pm: Target 61 after this over. Pandya has the ball. Still a drizzle – neither heavier nor lighter.

11:45 pm: Still coming down – a steady drizzle.

11:40 pm: Thakur to Hendricks, OUT, taken at deep square leg! What a play that was from Thakur. A slower ball around off and middle, Hendricks is through his shot too early, the ball takes the leading edge and travels all the way to deep square leg. Pandya takes the catch and runs off the field. We have a game now, and India are well ahead.

11:37 pm: The DLS target is 42 at the end of this over.

11:35 pm: Unadkat to Smuts, OUT, a slower ball does Smuts in, again! He was struggling right through his innings, another slower delivery from Unadkat. It pitches, comes on much slower because of the pace taken off from the ball. Smuts tries to bail out of the stroke but the ball still has an unhindered path to the leading edge of the bat, hits the edge and balloons to cover

11:30 pm: SA need to be 39 for 0 after 5 overs, on DLS. That would increase if wicket(s) fall.

11:25 pm: Is Bhuvi getting the shape that Morris was getting or have the wet conditions dented the swing a bit?” The latter

11:02 pm: Paterson to Dhoni, SIX runs, six over extra cover! He has walloped this short ball! It’s an attempted legcutter and he gets his hands through this to send it over the boundary. Flat.

10:59 pm: Morris to Dhoni, SIX runs, dropped at deep midwicket. It’s a short ball and he gets under this with the attempted pull. Dala runs to his right from deep midwicket and has it covered. But the ball slips through between his reverse cup and body.

10:57 pm: Morris to Dhoni, FOUR runs, bisects deep midwicket and deep square. Dhoni decides to get inside the line rather than make room. Morris misses the yorker and Dhoni whips this on the full.

10:53 pm: Dala to Pandey, FOUR runs, Manish Pandey, murderer of spinners, inventor of wacky hooks. Gets inside the line of this, expecting a bouncer. He’s given one. And it’s slow. Moves all his weight into the off side and swivels as he lifts this over short fine.

10:51 pm: Dala to Pandey, FOUR runs, shot! Stunning placement from Pandey. This length ball is climbing up outside off. He appears to have made too much room, but somehow he gets his hands under this and slices it over point. Sweeper dives to his left but that has skid across the turf after landing.

10:45 pm: Morris to Pandey, SIX runs, cooooool from Pandey, like a veteran tennis ball cricketer in a corporate league. Length ball outside off, settles behind this without having to move too much and swings a clean swing across the line. It’s 15 yards into the crowd at midwicket.

10:35 pm: Pandey….. Unorthodox but effective.

10:28 pm: That was a crucial wicket with a drizzle in the air. Raina should have reviewed that. Looks like it was sliding past off stump.

10:26 pm: Phehlukwayo to Raina, OUTswipes across the line and misses. Looks like a legcutter. It’s a full ball on off stump, he walks across and swings to try and find the square leg boundary. There’s a hint of this possibly sliding across and missing off, but it’s not conclusive. Raina is convinced he’s out, no review.

10:20 pm: Uh oh. Light drizzle now.

10:18 pm: Pandey tries to go hard at the ball and loses his shape more often than he should be doing. Time for the coach to correct this.

10:12 pm: Paterson to Pandey, 1 run, a full delivery outside off, drilled to mid-off. No run there. The fielder picks up, and hurls a throw at the bowler’s end. Misses. Out with a direct hit. Pandey even gave up.

10: 10 pm: It’s now Raina’s high time to prove his credentials for No.4 in ODIs. If he can prove that he can bat for 20 overs and that’s good enough for India in ODIs

10:07 pm: I was hoping for Kohli to fail today. Its okay. He has played tremendously throughout. Let him rest, if the team management is not giving him one. Also, more importantly to see what others can do when the “Top 3” fail.

10:02 pm: Dala to Kohli, OUT, gloved and gone! KOHLI FAILS! It’s a snorter of a delivery, back of a length, some extra bounce and climb as the ball moves away too ever so slightly. That’s all you need for a man in form (not too much movement to beat the bat). It bounces, takes the glove and carries low to Klaasen. It’s another jaffa. Two of them today for two wickets.

9:57 pm: Despite a comeback after long, Raina would not be under pressure. because even if he fails to make an impact this series, he still has an IPL following soon to showcase his talent and come under the selectors’ radar again.

9:55 pm: Duminy to Dhawan, OUT, aargh, it’s worked. A low full toss around middle and off, Dhawan comes down, meets the ball before it pitches, looks to hit the ball through mid-on, but gets it too straight. The bat handle may have turned in his hands, the full toss may have taken him by surprise. One way or another, Dhawan has picked out mid-on!

9:49 pm: Paterson to Raina, FOUR runs, flies away for four. It’s not a bad delivery at all, good length just outside off. Raina backed away, opened his stance and cut that away through backward point with ease. That’s a manufactured boundary.

9:47 pm: SA need to capitalise on this start. It’s not a 180-200 evening.

9:44 pm: FINALLY some swing on this tour!! And as expected, the openers are completely clueless against it. Looking forward to what Bhuvi does to this inexperienced lineup with the ball moving like this.

9:42 pm: With the number of decisions being overturned due to reviews, it is quite concerning as to how much have natural umpiring abilities deteriorated. Or was it always like this, and a lot of the decisions in the past were actually wrong. Something to think about. Meanwhile, Suresh Raina features as number 3. I wonder if this is what the management is thinking as the plan for the World Cup- Raina at 3 with Kohli playing the role of number 4.

9:39 pm: Dala to Sharma, OUT, 139 kph, plumb in front this time! No review from Rohit and that’s SA’s first. This has been some start from the hosts. They have been bowling it full, enticing some swing, and the conditions haven’t let them down. Pitched full outside off, it seams back in prodigiously to hit Rohit in front of middle and leg. A golden duck for Rohit. Not much he could do with that delivery. Has to accept the luck of the draw.

9:35 pm: Morris to Dhawan, no run, absolutely dead in front? Yes, says the umpire. But Dhawan reviews right away. Did he get some bat on that? It’s a ball that swings in, around middle and leg, the ball swings back quite a bit, takes the inside edge and then onto the pad. So a big inside edge, a decision overturned first ball. The benefits of reviews in T20Is. Good news for SA is that there is swing early.

9:32 pm: Absolutely dead in front? Yes, says the umpire. But Dhawan reviews right away. Did he get some bat on that?

9:27 pm: Bilateral T20s don’t make sense with no world cup around. India should have rested key players, its been a looonggg series.

9:24 pm: PITCH REPORT: This pitch looks a little worse for wear. With the overcast conditions it will swing around, but I suppose the spinners will get some purchase too as we saw in the womens’ game. It should hold up for twenty overs though. There is some grass cover, and it is fairly hard so the ball should come onto the bat. We should see some purchase with the new ball, but it’ll flatten out as the day goes on

9:09 pm: It’s not the greatest day, weather wise, in Centurion, symbolic of the state of South African cricket currently in limited-overs cricket. They have been hamstrung by a spate of injuries to their best players, and against a clinical, disciplined India team, they haven’t had a chance.

9:01 pm: JP Duminy has won the toss yet again and chose to field first.

Here are the India vs South Africa 2nd T20I squads:

India squad: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli(c), Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jaydev Unadkat, Shardul Thakur, Yuzvendra Chahal

South Africa squad: JJ Smuts, Reeza Hendricks, Jean-Paul Duminy(c), David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Heinrich Klaasen(w), Andile Phehlukwayo, Chris Morris, Dane Paterson, Junior Dala, Tabraiz Shamsi

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