India 350/7, Live Cricket Scores, India vs England, 1st ODI: Virat Kohli era begins with a record run-chase, India won by 3 wickets

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Live cricket scores, India vs England, 1st ODI: Get all the live updates and scores from the first ODI here.

So far Kohli has been the lone warrior in India's run-chase. (Reuters)So far Kohli has been the lone warrior in India’s run-chase. (Reuters)

What a night for ‘Virat Kohli’s team India’. Shikhar Dhawan failed, KL Rahul went early, Yuvraj Singh threw it away, MS Dhoni departed early and yet India pulled off their highest run-chase against England and second highest in ODI cricket thanks to brilliant centuries by Virat Kohli (122) and Kedar Jadhav (120). Hardik Pandya did the rest and remained not out on 40. He showed that he has the potential to be the finisher that India needs.

England had their name written all over this game and would be very disappointed. It is a huge psychological loss for them. The remaining tour may feel like a long journey for them. They haven’t won anything in India since landing in November.

India has now successfully chased over 350 runs three times, the past two times against Australia. All these three run-chases has come at home soil.

India leads the three-match series 1-0. 

9:32 PM: India: 356/7 (48.1 overs)

Hardik Pandya – 40 (37)

Ravichandran Ashwin – 15 (10)

SIX! Ravichandran Ashwin does it in style, India wins by six wickets.

9:28 PM: India: 350/7 (48)

Run out shout! Third umpire says its Not Out! That was touch and go for Hardik Pandya!

They are doing it the right away, no panic. Dealing in singles right now.

Adil Rashid is back into the attack. He has given away 39 in his 4 overs so far. Last gamble by Morgan.

9:25 PM: India: 339/7 (47 overs)

Hardik Pandya – 31 (34)

Ravichandran Ashwin – 7 (6)

Well timed by Ashwin. He wants two, he gets it!

Wide! Not an easy night for the England bowlers.

17 runs needed in 24 balls.

9:20 PM: India: 334/7 (46 overs)

Better for Hardik Pandya. He has settled now, dealing sensibly, needs to stay there till the end,

21 needed in 27 balls.

Four! Cheeky by Hardik Pandya. India moves closer.

9:16 PM:  India – 325/7 (45 overs)

Hardik Pandya – 24 (27)

Ravichandran Ashwin – 1 (1)

Four! Crow is back on its feet. Beautiful drive by Hardik Pandya.

Ravichandran Ashwin is the next man in. He was in superb touch in Test series but it will be a Test for Hardik Pandya’s temperament.

OUT! Ravindra Jadeja departs. Caught by Adil Rashid. Poor stroke from the left-hander.

33 needed in 36 balls.

9:11 PM: India – 317/6 (44 overs)

Hardik Pandya – 18 (23)

Ravindra Jadeja – 13 (14)

Pandya is getting slightly restless here, Jadeja needs to calm him down. They can do it in singles.

37 needed in 42 balls.

9:06 PM: India: 314/6 (43 overs)

That would have been gone! Pandya was way outside his crease, sent back by Jadeja but Moeen Ali missed the target.

Four! Nicely timed by Jadeja through mid-wicket. He has three triple centuries to his name in domestic cricket.

Ball into the attack. Pandya and Jadeja have been sensible till now. For how long can they pull themselves back from playing a big stroke.

46 needed in 48 balls

9:01 PM: India: 305/6 (42 overs)

Ravindra Jadeja: 7 (7)

Hardik Pandya: 18 (14)

49 runs needed off 51 balls

Pandya might go after the off-spinner, giving England a real chance.

Moeen Ali into the attack. Its a big gamble by Morgan!

Hawk-eye shows it was too high, Jadeja survives. England is out of reviews on, the gamble didn’t work.

England has asked for a review against Ravindra Jadeja, Ben Stokes think that it was hitting the stumps.

8:55 PM: India: 299/6 (41 overs)

Hardik Pandya – 5 (3)

Ravindra Jadeja – 12 (15)

Its down to Ravindra Jadeja and Hardik Pandya to prove their worth as batsmen. Remember, Ravichandran Ashwin can bat too.

Four! Lovely timing by Jadeja, just guides is past the mid on fielder. India – 296/6 (40.2)

Ravindra Jadeja is the next batsman in. He can hit it big too but India needs a strong temperament.

There was no need for that shot. However, it was a superb knock by Jadhav. He must be proud.

8:50 PM: India: 291/6 (39.5)

OUT! Kedar Jadhav finds a fielder in the deep, departs for 120. Match is back in the balance, India still needs 60 to win.

If India wins this one, its going to be a huge morale booster.

8:45 PM: India – 288/5 (39 overs)

Four! Yet another four hit by Jadhav off Ben Stokes’ball. A fine boundary hit towards the fine leg region. A treat to watch as the shot was controlled well with a roll over wrists.

Required run-rate is now less than 6. India’s game to lose. 

Four! Pandya pulls that away. 70 needed from 71 now. 

8:40 PM: India – 277/5 (38 overs)

The warrior is up again and smashes the very next ball for a huge SIX!

Kedar Jadhav is down, he is really struggling with the cramps here.

His mom looks worried.

This can change the game. +

8:38 PM: India – 271/ 5 (37.5 overs)

Kedar kadhav – 108 (70)

Hardik Pandya – 2 (6)

His parents are in the stadium, what a proud moment for them!

SIX! Jadhav continues the carnage. Steps down the wicket and clears the long-off. India – 271/5 (37.3)

Pandya can clear the field but he needs to be sensible here and provide support to Kedar Jadhav.

87 needed from 78 balls. Kedar Jadhav holds the key now.

8:33 PM: India: 264/5 (37 overs)

88 runs still needed, Hardik Pandya is the next batsman.

That’s a bad time to get out, brings England back in to the game.

Ben Stokes gets his second wicket. He has been a crucial player for England.

OUT! Virat Kohli departs. That’s a big wicket for England. India – 263/5

8:28 PM: Indi: 262/4 (36 overs)

There couldn’t have been a better place and day to play this knock than his home ground, Pune.

Four! Century for the local boy Kedar Jadhav.

Four! Flicked away by Virat Kohli, as cool as ever! takes India to 256/4.

Chris Woakes continues.

Kedar Jadhav is having some trouble while running but he stays on the wicket.

8:22 PM: India: 251/4 (35 overs)

Virat Kohli: 117 (102)

Kedar Jadhav: 94 (62)

The momentum has shifted towards India. They just need to bat sensibly here.

106 needed off 96 balls. 

8:16 PM: India: 245/4 (34 overs)

Virat Kohli: 113 (98)

Kedar Jadhav: 93 (60

Four! Kedar Jadhav into the nineties now! Flicks that away for a four.

What a shot! SIX! short-arm jab from Virat Kohli, demoralising for Chris Woakes.

112 runs needed from 100 balls, the current run rate is more than the required run rate now.

8:12 PM: India: 232/4 (33)

In the air! Falls short of the fielder. Jadhav needs to be more careful now. No need to do anything fancy here.

8:09 PM: England needs a wicket here. Morgan had an intense chat with his teammates during the drinks break. It is a psychological defeat for the visiting side.

With Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja still to come, we have a game in our hands but these two need to continue for another 5-6 overs.

What an innings! 27th ODI century for Indian captain. This man doesn’t know what failure is!

He has already equalled Sachin’s record of 17 centuries in run-chase.

The required run rate is under 7 for the first time now. 122 runs needed from 108 balls. 

8:03 PM: India: 224/4 (32 overs)

Virat Kohli: 105 (93)

Kedar Jadhav: 86 (53)

SIX! That’s it! century for Virat Kohli. Another usual day in the par for him. Its been a brilliant knock under pressure so far.

Spinners have gone for plenty here, tough times for Morgan.

Kohli on 98, crowd is getting restless here.

India need 130 from 144 balls. Partnership is now 158 off 117 balls. 

7:57 PM: India: 221/4 (31 overs)

Virat Kohli: 98 (88)

Kedar Jadhav: 85 (52)

SIX! Smashed over covers. Jadhav moves on to 85 (52).

Four! Short delivery by Adil Rashid, pulled away by Kedar Jadhav.

India need 142 runs from 117 balls.

7:55 PM: 208/4 (30 overs)

Easy single, another excellent over for India, 10 runs from it. Kohli and Jadhav are doing it smartly out there.

The partnership is now 142 from 107 balls. Kohli moves on to 94.

200 up for India. Superb batting by these two, they are putting on a real fight here.

7:50 PM: India: 198/4 (29 overs)

Virat Kohli: 89 (82)

Kedar Jadhav: 71 (46)

Four! On the pads, flicked away by Virat Kohli.

This has been an excellent partnership for India so far. They have kept up with the required run-rate.

7:46 PM: India: 188/4 (28 overs)

Kohli asked for a single, Jadhav says no. Indian captain is furious. He needs to calm down here.

FOUR! Short ball, cut and cut hard by Kohli. Crowd is going crazy in Pune.

India still need 168 runs from 136 balls but if Kohli stays there till the end, who knows!

GAME ON in Pune!

7:42 PM: India: 181/4 (27 overs)

Virat Kohli: 77 (64)

Kedar Jadhav: 66/42

Four! Unbelievable stroke by Kedar Jadhav. He is really giving a tough time to the England bowlers.

7:36 PM: India: 173/4 (25.4)

Six! This time Kohli steps down the wickets and hits it over long on.

Four! 100 partnership up between Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav.

Kedar Jadhav has turned the game here. Nobody saw it coming! Morgan is running out of bowling options here.

7:32 PM: India: 158/4 (24 overs)

Virat Kohli: 65 (63)

Kedar Jadhav: 55 (35)

7:26 PMHalf-century for Kedar Jadhav, brings India back in the match, India – 149/4 (22.2)

7:20 PM: Another blistering boundary. This time by captain Virat Kohli.

7:16 PM: Another short-ball by Rashid and Jadhav sat back on his knees and hit that for a four.

India reaches 132/4 after 20 overs. Kohli- 56, Jadhav- 39

7:10 PM: That’s a huge SIX by local boy Kedar Jadhav, who hit the ball against the turn for that six, bowled by Adil Rashid.

India’s score moves to 123/4.

Fifty up for Virat Kohli. Excellent innings under pressure.

7:06 PM: India: 108/4 (17 overs)

Virat Kohli: 47 (42)

Kedar Jadhav: 24 (14)

If these two bat for next 20 overs, we may have witness a close contest in Pune. Remember, India does have a strong lower-order in Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin.

Jadhav is on 22 from 12 balls and has provided a new energy to the crowd. He needs to stay calm and support Kohli.

Four! Pulled away by Kedar Jadhav for another four. India – 102/4

Spin introduced for England, Adil Rashid with the ball in hand.

7:00 PM: India: 94/4 (15 overs)

Four! Consecutive boundaries for Jadhav. He has started off well.

Four! Short out-side off, cut by Kedar Jadhav.

6:52 PM: India: 82/4 (14 overs)

Virat Kohli: 40 (35)

Kedar Jadhav: 5 (4)

Four! Another beautiful cover drive by Virat Kohli.

6:48 PM: India: 74/4 (13 overs)

Virat Kohli: 33 (30)

Kedar Jadhav: 4 (2)

Four! Jadhav pulls it away for another four.

Indian captain  is looking really great here but he needs the support of other players.

Four! Gorgeous stroke by Virat Kohli. Just a defensive push beats the mid-on fielder.

Kedar Jadhav joins Kohli on the wicket. Now its between Virat Kohli and England.

Pin drop silence in the stadium. India – 63/4

OUT! Dhoni pulls it, couldn’t judge the bounce, high in the air and a simple catch for David Willey.

Cut hard! Brilliant save by Roy, saved 3 runs for his side there.

6:37 PM: India: 61/3 (11 overs)

Four! Dhoni starts in style. Cuts that hard for four. Had he come in to bat before Yuvraj Singh?

MS Dhoni is the new man.

What a disappointing end to a promising innings. It was down the leg from Ben Stokes, all Yuvraj had to do was get a bat on it but managed to edge it.

Out! Huge shout from England, Yuvraj Singh walks away, up goes the finger.

6:32 PM: India: 51/2 (10 overs)

Virat Kohli: 26 (22)

Yuvraj Singh: 10 (10)

Fifty up for India with that single.

SIX! Phew, that was close, Once again Kohli slashed hard outside off-stump. Just managed to the beat the fielder at third man.

Virat Kohli has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. He needs to stay there till the end if India wants to win this match.

6:27 PM: India: 43/2 (9 overs)

In the air! Falls short of the third-man fielder. Once again Kohli flashed hard outside off stump, survives.

Played and miss! Kohli chases one way outside off-stump, goes past the edge.

6:22 PM: India: 42/2 (8 overs)

The ball isn’t moving that much, India needs to get closer to the total to give themselves a chance.

Four! Another shot ball, another boundary for India. Pulled away by Yuvraj Singh.

SIX! This time its Yuvraj Singh. Willey bowls it short and Yuvi pulled it over mid-on for a 80m six to open his account.

6:17 PM: India – 32/2 (7 overs)

Virat Kohli – 18 (13)

Yuvraj Singh – 0 (1)

Four! Another lofted stroke from Kohli, this time over mid-on. Superb counter-attacking cricket.

Shot! Four! Brilliant cricket from Kohli, he is looking good. Comes down the wicket and hits it over the cover fielder.

6:14 PM: India 24/2 (6 overs)

Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman. Walks in before MS Dhoni.

6:12 PM: OUT! KL Rahul departs!

Bowled by David Willey! Beautiful delivery, swung in and pierced between bat and pad.

David Willey is having a long chat with his captain Eoin Morgan.

SIX! Kohli comes down the wicket, hits it over long-on for a massive six. Much-needed boundary for India.

Its been a slow start for India so far, pressure building up. Will this lead to some false stroke?

6:05 PM: India: 14/1 (5 overs)

KL Rahul: 8 (17)

Virat Kohli: 1 (3)

Virat Kohli is the new man in, joins his RCB partner KL Rahul. This is an important partnership for India.

6:00 PM: India: 13/1 (4 overs)

Dhawan had it coming, he was finding it hard to pick singles, goes hard for that cut shot and Moeen Ali just managed to hold on to that one.

Out! caught by Moeen Ali, Shikhar Dhawan departs for 1.

Both the openers have started cautiously, exactly opposite to what we saw in the morning when  Jason Roy attacked the bowling from the start.

Dhawan opens his account on the 8th ball, he is been very careful so far.

5:50 PM:India’s reply to England’s total starts in a short while from now. The mountain of 350 needs to be chased at an asking rate of 7.05 an over. The right-left combination of openers Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul needs to give India a solid start.

5:05 PM: England: 350/7 (50 overs)

Joe Root – 78, Jason Roy, 73, Ben Stokes – 62, Hardik Pandya – 46/2

It’s been a disastrous day for team India so far. Nothing has gone in their favour so far, except for the toss. Their main fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah failed to find his length, spinner Ravichandran Ashwin kept bowling on the pads and best fielder Virat Kohli kept mis-fielding. Umesh Yadav was disappoiting too. Even though Ravindra Jadeja and Hardik Pandya tried to pull things back in the middle-overs, Ben Stokes ran a riot towards the end.

On the other hand, it was a collective batting effort from England, Jason Roy started off well, Joe Root picked up from there and Ben Stokes gave it a nice finishing touch. Their bowling attack is slightly inexperienced but when you have 350 on the board, you always have an upper hand in the match.

Having said that, if there is a team in the world that can chase that total dowm, its India. Stage is set for Virat Kohli and co. but it will require a special effort to win the game. Virat Kohli? Yuvraj Singh? MS Dhoni? who can be the man for India.

Here is an interesting trivia for you: 16 of Virat Kohli’s centuries have come in successful run-chases. India needs another one tonight.

5:04 PM: Put into bat, England gets past 350 in 50 overs losing 7 wickets. It will be a stiff task for Virat Kohli and co. to chase down the mammoth total. However, India have previously chased 350+ twice in recent past against Australia.

Final total- 350/7

5:02 PM: Another SIX, this time by David Willey.

5:00 PM: This is England’s highest team total against India. They got past their previous total of 328 against India, which they made in the 2011 World Cup.

4:57 PM: Bowled him!! And Moeen Ali’s off-stump gets shattered by a quality ball bowled by Umesh Yadav!!

England- 338/7 in 49 overs. With one over to go, England surely would be looking to get past the mammoth total of 350.

4:56 PM: Another boundary! This time it’s Chris Woakes.

4:55 PM: England reaches 330/6 in 48 overs. Moeen Ali- 27* & Chris Woakes- 1*

4:50 PM: Finally, Ben Stokes is dismissed off the ball of Jasprit Bumrah caught by Umesh Yadav.

Stokes made 62 off 40 that included 5 huge sixes and 2 fours!!

4:47 PM: England: 317/5 (47 overs)

Ben Stokes: 62 (39)

Joe Root: 19 (11)

MS Dhoni is having a chat with Kohli, is it too late?

Four! This time Moeen Ali makes room for himself and plays it over the point fielder.

SIX! Another huge one from Stokes and, another NO BALL! This time its Umesh Yadav who over-stepped.

300 up for England with that six as well.

4:40 PM: England: 297/5 (46 overs)

Ben Stokes: 52 (35)

Moeen Ali: 10 (8)

That’s the fastest fifty for an English batsman against India.

SIX MORE! Fifty for Ben Stokes from just 33 balls. It’s been a superb innings so far.

In the air! Dropped! Virat Kohli is having a disastrous time in the field. And, its a NO BALL. Another free hit for England.

4:35 PM: 285/5 (45 overs)

Ravichandran Ashwin is having a forgettable match here! 14 from that over.

SIX! another biggie from Ben Stokes. He looks in superb touch

4:31 PM: England: 270/5 (44 overs)

Ben Stokes: 33 (26)

Moeen Ali: 4 (4)

Bumrah is going for [plenty here! Where is that special yorker?

4:30 PM: SIX! Ben Stokes is in no mood to stop as he hits another big one.

4:28 PM: Stokes is in fine nick as he hits a FOUR off Bumrah.

England- 257/5 in 43 overs.

SIX! by Ben Stokes. He picked the length of the ball bowled by Jadhav and hits it between extra-cover and long-off for a six.

Joe Root played a good knock but gave it away at the wrong time. Only time will, how much that will hurt England?

4:21 PM: England: 244/5 (41.4)

OUT! India gets the big fish. Root caught by Hardik Pandya, superb catch.

Root caught by Shikhar Dhawan but that was a free hit so England man survives

NO BALL! Free hit! Bumrah the culprit.

4:16 PM: England: 240/4 (41 overs)

Good over by Kedar Jadhav, he has done a good job for India so far.

4:13 PM: England: 235/4 (40 overs)

Four! Swept away by Root. Ashwin needs to get his line right.

Ashwin into the attack. He’s been expensive so far. Can he do something magical in his last four overs?

4: 10 PM: England: 227/4 (39 overs)

Joe Root: 69 (87)

Ben Stokes: 6 (6)

Joe Root holds the key here! He is well set on 69 and needs to stay there till the end.

4:08 PM: England: 221/4 (38 overs)

Ben Stokes is the new man in!

It was pitched up, Buttler went harder after it but found Shikhar Dhawan at mid-off!

Gone! Pandya gets his second!

4:03 PM: England batsmen are getting restless here, they want to shift gears with less than 13 overs left.

Ouch! Pandya’s bouncer hits Buttler on his neck. The England wicket-keeper looks fine. Extra bounce for Pandya!

Hardik Pandya replaces Ravindra Jadeja, he has been good so far.

4:02 PM: England: 219/3 (37 overs)

Kohli fields that one without any fumble, crowd acknowledges the achievement! Indian captain has had a tough day in the field so far.

SIX! Buttler steps down and hits Yuvraj for a six over his head. England on the move?

4:00 PM: England: 211/3 (36 overs)

Joe Root: 66 (83)

Jos Buttler: 23 (27)

Jadeja finishes his quota of 10 overs, 50/1 in 10 overs.

With 15 overs, remaining England have put themselves in a very strong position. They would be disappointed if they fail to reach 350 here.

3:55 PM: England: 205/3 (35 overs)

Another mis-field from India. This time Kohli lets it slip away.

Yuvraj Singh into the attack, England past 200. 

3:50 PM: England: 199/3 (34 overs)

Drinks break!

Six! slog sweep from Root, Jadeja starting to leak runs here.

3:45 PM: It took Root 71 balls to complete yet another half-century on this tour. He registered a score of fifty plus in all the Test matches.

Fifty for Joe Root! Superb knock for England’s main man, he would like to convert it into three figures.

3:42 PM: England: 184/3 (32 overs)

Six! Jadeja givees it some air, Buttler smashes it over covers for a six! Excellent stroke.

3:37 PM: England: 175/3 (31 overs)

Joe Root: 46 (68)

Jos Buttler: 10 (13)

Ravindra Jadeja has done a wonderful job for India here. He has given away just 26 runs from his 7 overs and picked up the crucial wicket of Jason Roy.

3:25 PM: England: 171/3 (30 overs)

Joe Root: 44 (63)

Jos Buttler: 8 (10)

There is an old saying that you can double your score in the last 20 overs if you have wickets in hand, if that happens we might be up for a fascinating run-chase in Pune.

3:28 PM: Beautifully timed by Buttler for four. Pierced the gap between mid on and deep square leg.

Takes England to 168/2 (28.2)

Jos Buttler is the new man. He is undoubtedly England’s most dynamic batsman and Kohli would like to see him back in the pavillion soon.

3:25 PM: First wicket of the match for Hardik Pandya. He looks delighted.

MS Dhoni was confident about it as soon as he caught that ball. Replay confirms it. India back in the game.

Morgan has edged it, up goes the finger. Huge cheer from the crowd.

England: 157/3

3:20 PM: Huge appeal! Umpire shakes his head.

India has asked for DRS!

3:15 PM: England: 154/2 (26 overs)

Kedar Jadhav into the attack!

The man with the golden arm who picked up some really important wickets against England. Can he break the partnership here?

3:10 PM: England: 150/2 (25 overs)

Joe Root: 25 (22)

Eoin Morgan: 34 (49)

150 is up for England in 25 overs, they are heading for a big total here.

Four! Another short delivery by Hardik Pandya, another boundary for Eoin Morgan.

A rare mis-field by MS Dhoni, gives away one extra run. England is dealing in singles now.

Hardik Pandya is back into the attack, Kohli is trying to finish the overs of his fast-bowlers here.

3: 05 PM: Short, pulled away for four by Joe Root.

England: 132/2 (23 overs)

3:00 PM: England: 126/2 (22 overs)

Joe Root: 25 (39)

Eoin Morgan: 11 (14)

Swept away, six! Tossed up by Ashwin, Morgan hits it in the stands for the first six of the match. Looks like the England captain has found his touch.

Close! inside edge on to the pads. That one swung in!

Jasprit Bumrah into the attack.

2:50 PM: England: 111/2 (20 overs)

Joe Root: 20 (34)

Eoin Morgan: 2 (7)

The match is heading into an important phase. Kohli might turn to Yuvraj Singh or Kedar Jadhav soon for that extra spinning option.

Eoin Morgan is the new man in. England captain needs to score some runs here

2:46 PM: England: 109/2 (19 overs)

Superb bowling by Jadeja. Saw Roy stepping down the wicket and pulled his length back, Dhoni does the rest. Crucial wicket for India.

Dhoni takes the bails off, Jason Roy stumped for 73. England – 108/2

2:45 PM: England: 106/1 (18 overs)

Dropped! A difficult chance, Umesh Yadav tried his best but couldn’t hold on to that.

100 up for England with that single.

Virat Kohli is having a word with MS Dhoni here, good scenes for Indian cricket. Kohli can surely use Dhoni’s expertise here.

2:36 PM: England: 95/1 (16 overs)

Joe Root: 14 (23)

Jason Roy: 65 (55)

Good stuff by England batsmen. They are happy to rotate the strike here.

There are no signs of turn till now. Ball is coming on to the bat nicely. India needs to build pressure by drying runs.

2:33 PM: England: 90/1 (15 overs)

Tidy over by Ravindra Jadeja, just 3 runs from it.

Ravichandran Ashwin into the attack. This could be an important phase in the match. England needs to play him well.

2:27 PM: 82/1 (13 overs)

Kohli would be hoping that his slower bowlers have some impact on the game otherwise Roy may take it away from India too soon.

England has a very strong middle-order with Morgan, Buttler and Stokes to follow.

Cheeky from Joe Root, goes on his knees and plays it past MS Dhoni. Four!

2:25 PM: England: 77/1 (12 overs)

Jason Roy: 58 (42)

Joe Root: 5 (11)

England has got off to a great start here. Indian fast bowlers struggled to find their line and length and failed to take advantage of the conditions.

2:15 PM: Fifty for Jason Roy. Short pitch delivery from Bumrah, Roy pulls that away to complete his half-century.

Trivia: 70% of Bumrah’s deliveries in the first 10 overs are dot balls.

2:05 PM: First bowling change for India. Jasprit Bumrah comes in for Hardik Pandya.

England: 44/1 (7 overs)

2:01 PM: First wicket for India! Superb work by Bumrah on the field. Hales found short of the crease, departs for 9.

Joe Root is the new man in.

Chance for a run-out, Ashwin misses the stumps. Hales was gone if that had the stumps. Nervous start for the England opener.

1:47 PM: England: 24/0 (4 overs)

In the air, drops short of Ashwin! That was close. Hales was in no position to play that pull shot, survives.

1:43 PM: Interesting start to the match, enough to cheer about for the fans already.

Engalnd: 22/0 (3 overs)

Alex Hales: 1 (4)

Jason Roy: 18 (14)

Jason Roy survives, DRS shows that the ball was missing the stumps. England – 22/0 (2.4 overs)

1:41 PM: Gone! Out! Roy departs, trapped by Umesh Yadav in front of the wicket.

He has asked for a review.

Four! short outside off, Roy smashes it over covers.

1:40 PM: England: 15/0 (2 overs)

Alex Hales: 0 (3)

Jason Roy: 13 (9)

A quick start for England. Jason Roy is going hard after the fast bowlers but few shots have gone in the air that should excite the Indian fast bowlers.

There is also a little movement for the fast bowlers. Tricky time for Kohli already, whether to attack or stop the runs. First slip is out already!

Men in Blue look great in the new jersey. This is the first time team has taken the field in their new attire. You can get more information about it here:

BCCI unveils new jersey for team India; to be sported from the England series

1:30 PM: England openers are out in the field, Umesh Yadav with the new ball for India.

Here is the playing XI for both the teams:

India (Playing XI): Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), MS Dhoni(w), Yuvraj Singh, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Jasprit Bumrah, Umesh Yadav

England (Playing XI): Alex Hales, Jason Roy, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Jos Buttler(w), Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, David Willey, Jake Ball

1:05 PM: As expected, Kohli’s decision was based on the due factor. It will be interesting to see how England bowlers cope up with a slipping ball at night.

1:00 PM: Virat Kohli wins his first toss as the captain, elects to bowl first.

Huge cheer in the stadium for India’s new limited overs’ side. Ajinkya Rahane misses the match along with Manish Pandey, Amit Mishra and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

Sam Billings misses out for England despite playing a fantastic knock of 91 in the warm-up games.

12:55 PM: Naseer Hossain is out there with Sunil Gavaskar for the pitch report. Due might play an important role here

12:50 PM: 

Team India’s present squad looks completely different than the one that defeated New Zealand 3-2 in October last year. Rohit Sharma is out with an injury and the fight for the opening slots is an open battle between Shihkar Dhawan, KL Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane. Going by the form, Rahul must make it to the playing XI and team management might be tempted to pair him left-handed Dhawan.

Setting the middle-order will be another challenge for Kohli and Kumble. Dhoni said that he is open to bat anywhere between number 4 to 7 and he might occupy the no.4 position followed by Yuvraj at 5. Kedar Jadhav might be preferred over Manish Pandey in the lower order because of his utility with the ball.

As far as England is considered, the entire focus will be on the ‘returning’ captain Eoin Morgan who had a forgettable 2016 with the bat. He was the charge of the side after missing the Bangladesh tour due security issues. Morgan’s score in the warm-up games read 3 and 0 and he will have to make this series count to keep his place in the side with players like Sam Billings impressing in the recent past.

Spinners, Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid will have a crucial role to play in the series. David Wiley is coming from an impressive Big Bash League and trouble the Indian batsmen with the new ball in the warm up game. He too will have an important role to play.

12:45 PM: Good afternoon folks! After all the hype around MS Dhoni and Virat Kohlui, its finally, time for some real action. Pune is all set, so are we!

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