India vs Australia 2017, 3rd ODI Highlights: Ind beat Aus by five wickets, clinch series 3-0

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Cricket Score, India vs Australia 2017 3rd ODI: The target for Virat Kohli and team is 294 runs. It is the first time when they are chasing in this series.

India beats Australia by five wickets.

India vs Australia Score 3rd ODI: Not many ODI chases have been as clinical and as convincing as that this year. Chasing 294, India got a fine start via fifties from Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma, and that was it really. Australia just did not have the depth or personnel to challenge India’s strong batting thereon. India did stutter, but they now have nine wins on the bounce, consistency that has earned them the tag of the best team in the world in this format. Australia was well short, 350 may have been a par score but as soon as they struggled in the second half of their innings, India took the momentum and confidence of having to chase less into the second innings. No recovery from there. Australia has now lost another game on the road – they have now not won one game in their last 13 away from home.

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Here are India vs Australia Score 3rd ODI updates:

9:39 PM: Hardik Pandya adjudged the Man of the match.

9:21 PM: Although world’s best finisher MS Dhoni was at crease, the match winning single was taken by Manish Pandey.

9:14 PM: India wins the match with five wickets in hand

9:14 PM: India needs 3 runs from 16 balls.

9:12 PM: Richardson to Pandey, FOUR! 

9:05 PM: Cummins to Pandya, OUT, 146 kph, full on leg. Pandya mis-times one. Clears his front leg, intends to go over mid-on but mis-times the ball right to mid-on. Fine knock from Pandya.

9:02 PM: India nears for another win and with this sealing the five-match ODI series.

8:57 PM: Stoinis to Pandya, FOUR, what a shot. A short slow delivery on off, Pandey doesn’t change the way the bat is moving, he just adjusts the bat to ensure the ball hits the bat, so that the ball doesn’t go to third man. Instead, it goes right over the keeper. That is the perfect ramp shot.

8:55 PM: Cummins to Pandey, 1 run, good length outside off, carved away to the sweeper cover for one. Pandey doing his thing.

8:50 PM: Stoinis to Pandey, FOUR!,  after initial success the Aussies are back to the struggling phase.

8:47 PM: India is 250 for 4 wicket after 42 overs.

Hardik Pandya * 59 (57)
Manish Pandey 12 (16)

8:44 PM: India needs 51 runs from 53 balls.

8:39 PM: Coulter-Nile to Pandya, 2 runs, on the pads and whipped away through backward square leg for another couple. Good result.


8:34 PM: Agar to Pandya, SIX!, Pandya shows good footwork and sends the ball in the second tier of Holkar stadium.

8:33 PM: India has hit 20 fours and 7 sixes in 38 overs.

8:30 PM: Coulter-Nile to Manish Pandey, FOUR and FOUR. Coulter-Nile has been an expensive for the Aussies with giving away 54 runs and only one wicket in nine overs.

8:28 PM: A catch drop and that too of Pandya. It might prove to be an expensive drop for the OZ.

8:23 PM: Richardson to Jadhav, OUT, got ‘im. A poor shot. Short and wide outside off, coming back in, that ball is not nearly wide enough to cut, but Jadhav still goes through with the stroke. Gets a thick outside edge which Handsomb takes low in front of him.

8:22 PM: Richardson to Pandya, 1 run, short and wide from Richardson, cut away to backward point. The fielder fumbled and Pandya wanted two, but Jadhav said no. I can think of a few batsmen who would have not been happy with that from Jadhav

8:19 PM: Agar to Kohli, OUT, eeks, he’s picked out long-on has Virat Kohli. Very full from Agar outside off, Kohli sees the length and wants to go over cover, but the bat comes down straight, as opposed to from slightly leg side, which means the ball skews off the inside half and lobs to Finch at long-off. That’s a rare mistake from Kohli, won’t be happy with the dead ball either the towel falls off again. Short and wide outside off, slapped to cover. Another dead ball.

8:16 PM: Agar to Kohli, no run, on the pads, flicked away to midwicket from the crease.

8:13 PM: Richardson to Pandya, 1 run, chopped down to the third man. Pandya wanted two, but Kohli sent him back

8:10 PM: Interesting stats, Virat Kohli is the only batsman to score over 1000 runs in ODI in 2017.

8:00 PM: Stoinis to Kohli, no run, there’s that length again. The short, slow offcutter outside off, Kohli under-edged his stabbed pull to the keeper. Good over from Stoinis.

7:59 PM: Stoinis to Kohli, no run, whipped away to midwicket from the crease. That’s just wrist power, a strong bottom hand.

7:56 PM: Stoinis to Kohli, 1 run, on the pads again, don’t know why they keep bowling there. Driven to mid-on for another easy single.

7:51 PM: India needs 110 runs off 125 balls.

7:49 PM: Stoinis to Kohli, 1 run, slightly full outside off, a thick outside edge to third man for one. So many times we’ve seen that.

7:45 PM: Cummins to Kohli, 1 run, 147 kph, generating impressive pace but the line is wayward. On Kohli’s pads, who gleefully flicks down to fine leg.

7:39 PM: Agar to Pandya, 1 run.

7:36 PM: Cummins to Pandya, no run, full outside off, chipped to the extra cover fielder

7:32 PM: Pandya does what he does best. Sends the ball long for SIX!

7:23 PM: At the end of 23 over India is 145/1. Virat Kohli walks in to continue what Rohit Sharma lefted and that is to take India towards winning the 3rd ODI.

7:19 PM: Coulter-Nile to Sharma, OUT, dug in short on the off stump, Rohit shapes to pull. But he can only splice it off the top of the bat. The ball balloons to deep midwicket, where Hilton Cartwright, subbing for the injured Agar, pouches it. Coulter-Nile breaks the rollicking 139-run stand.

7:14 PM: CCoulter-Nile to Rahane, FOURChipped past the outstretched left hand of Coulter-Nile, then beats mid-off to his right. On a length and outside off, Rahane checks his pinch and hits it past the bowler.

7:10 PM: India dominating the match and the match seems to be over already for the Aussies.

7:06 PM: 19 overs gone and it is 126 for no loss.

7:01 PM: Both Rahane and Sharma score half-centuries. The Indian opening duo looks dangerous.

6:55 PM: Cummins to Sharma, no run, and a dropped catch.

6:53 PM: Cummins to Rahane, 1 run, Rahane uses the pace of Cummins to his advantage and dabs this full one from outside off to third man.

6:44 PM: Agar to Rahane, FOUR, Rahane supporting Rohit well from the other end.

6:40 PM: Richardson to Sharma, 1 run. India is having one of the best starts in the recent times.

6:37 PM: Another six by Rohit Sharma. It’s fireworks for fans.

6:34 PM: Richardson to Sharma, no run, just short of a good length on middle, Rohit stands tall and punches the ball to mid-on

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6:29 PM: Agar to Sharma, no run, straight ball on off Rohit blocks it back to the bowler.

6:28 PM: END OF 10 OVER, INDIA is 68/0 (226 runs required from 40 overs, RR: 6.80, RRR: 5.65)

6:26 PM: After Sharma now its Rahane who has opened up and playing big shots.

6:19 PM: Richardson to Sharma, no run.

6:17 PM: Stoinis to Rahane, no run, slower ball outside off, offcutter sticks in the surface and bounces, Rahane opens the face and quells it to point.

6:14 PM: Richardson to Sharma, FOUR!

6:13 PM: Richardson to Sharma, no run, pitched up and outside off, Rohit unfurls another drive from the top draw but can’t get it past mid-off.

6:12 PM: Richardson to Sharma,FOUR.

6:10 PM: India is 34 for no loss after five overs.

6:09 PM: Coulter-Nile to Rohit, SIX!, This is old Rohit Sharma that we see today. To a bad delivery of Coulter-Nile Sharma punished him well with sending the ball long.

6:06 PM: India has started well with both its openers doing well. Coulter-Nile proving to be expensive for the Aussies who are defending a total of 294 runs.

6:03 PM: Cummins to Sharma, SIX!

6:01 PM: Seven runs from the fourth over. India is 15 for no loss.

Ajinkya Rahane 9 (15)
Rohit Sharma 3 (9)

6:00 PM: Coulter -Nile to Rahane, FOUR! Using the legs Rahane sent the ball over mid-off for the boundary.

5:59 PM: India is 8 for no wicket after 3.2 overs.

5:57 PM: Cummins to Rahane, 1 run. Rahane flicked the ball towards square leg.

5:55 PM: Cummins to Rohit, 1 run.

5:52 PM: Coulter- Nile to Rahane, FOUR! It was a short delivery to Rahane which he superbly pulled towards the fine leg for four.

5:50 PM: Coulter-Nile to Sharma, 1 run of wide ball.

5:46 PM: The first over was productive by Pat Cummins. An inside delivery and Sharma stabs at the ball in the channel and nearly drags it back onto the stumps.

5:40 PM: Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane opens for India.

5:06 PM: Australia – 293/6 (50)

Ashton Agar – 5 (5)

Marcus Stoinis – 25 (28)

5:04 PM: Only 5 runs from the first three balls. Australia moves onto 286/6.

5:01 PM: We are into the final over, can Stoinis take Australia past 300?

4:56 PM: Ashton Agar is the new man in. He got out for a golden duck in the last match.

4:55 PM: OUT! Brilliant work in the deep by Manish Pandey. This has to be the catch of the series so far. That’s second wicket for Bumrah, Australia is struggling.

4:50 PM: Batsmen is finding it hard to score boundaries. Handscomb has scored just 2 runs from 5 balls so far.

4:46 PM: FOUR! That was some power by Marcus Stoinis. He smashed it past the bowler for a boundary.

4:41 PM: Peter Handscomb is the new man in. He gets off the mark with a single.

4:40 PM: BOWLED! Excellent work by Bumrah, gets the length right, Head misses, the stumps are put. Fifth wicket down for Australia.

4:37 PM: A good over by Bhuvi, just 4 runs from it. Bumrah comes back into the attack. He needs to get those Yorkers right.

4:34 PM: Only 23 runs have come in last 5 overs and Australia lost two wickets so India have clearly pulled things back.

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4:32 PM: We are into the final 6 overs. Both Bumrah and Bhuvi have three overs each. It will be an interesting fight.

4:26 PM: Travis Head and Marcus Stoinis are in the middle. Two new batsmen at this stage, advantage – India.

4:23 PM: OUT! Chahal strikes on the very next ball. He gets rid of Maxwell. Great stuff by Indian spinners.

4:22 PM: OUT! Another wicket for Kuldeep Yadav and it is a big one too. This time he gets rid of Steve Smith. He departs for 63.

4:15 PM: Chahal to Smith, no run, quick outside off, turning away

4:13 PM: Bumrah to Maxwell, no run, a low full toss on middle is worked away to midwicket. Good from Bumrah.

4:00 PM: Pandya to Smith, 1 run. A loud call for LBW but it was nowhere near.

3:59 PM: Pandya to Finch, 1 run. It was a slow delivery and an easy flick to slip on.

3:57 PM: Kuldeep to Finch, SIX! Finch is showing no mercy to spin bowlers.

3:55 PM: Kuldeep to Smith, single run, drifting down leg, a tickle on that from Smith to fine leg

3:54 PM: Kuldeep Yadav is back with the ball. It is just strange that India is still going with him despite having a couple of expensive overs.

3:46 PM: If Australia’s goes on with the same pace the projected score is of 326. If the run rate drops to around 5 runs per over they will set a total of 296. Either way, the match can be dubbed as a crazy roller coaster ride, unless of course if the Indian bowlers go full-fledged against Australia.

3:43 PM: Hundred! Aaron Finch brings up his eighth ODI century in style by sending the ball towards the boundary.

3:41 PM: Three runs from Hardik Pandya’s over. Even though Australia has 9 wickets in hand, they playing a steady way.

3:38 PM: The crowd is roaring Indiaaaaa! India! and are acting as a catalyst to the Men in Blue. Well, Boost is the secret to Team India’s energy and today that boost is the Indian fans.

3:35 PM: India’s mystery man does not look so mysterious to the Aaron Finch anymore as the Aussie sailing towards his eighth hundred.

3:32 PM: SIX! but a close one. The ball just cleared long-off. Would have been gobbled up at the Gabba, but not here. The googly outside off, Finch picks the variation, tries to go over cover but gets it straighter. Bumrah at long-off just watches it go over him

3:30 PM: Excellent single from Finch on Yadav’s delivery. Called Smith through right away. A googly outside off, carved towards backward point

3:28 PM: FOUR! Chahal to Finch, he probably anticipated the delivery well. Short outside off, Finch sat back and slapped a pull just wide of midwicket. Good batting

3:26 PM: Smith and Finch are playing a steady inning. Chahal is the man with the ball now.

3:17 PM: India is 137 for 1 after 26 overs.

3:15 PM: Bumrah to Finch, 1 run, that’s a tad short, and straight. Helped along down to fine leg with the angle.

3:14 PM: Jaspreet Bumrah is the man with a mission. He needs to send Aaron Finch back to the pavilion and break the Aussies momentum.

3:06 PM: The way Australia is playing today it seems as if they are eyeing for a big total.

2:58 PM: Four! by Finch on Chahal’s delivery and with this he brings up his fifty.

2:56 PM: Pandya to Finch and only a single. The delivery was on a length and outside off, Finch presses forward, gets on top of the ball, punches to short cover, and tests his calf again.

2:51 PM: India is 95 for one wicket. 

2:48 PM: Pandya to Smith, no run, wide of the crease, slower cutter, starts outside off and swerves in. Smith is too early into a cover drive and ends up squirting it back to the bowler. Pandya is doing a great job.

2:45 PM: Pandya to Finch, 1 run, Pandya ventures wide of the crease and angles it into the hips of Finch, clipped away to deep midwicket.

2:38 PM: Finch has taken his time so far. He has moved to 25 from 39 balls but needs to carry on from here if Australia want to put on a respectable total.

2:32 PM: OUT! Pandya strikes. Gets rid of David Warner for 42. He had no clue how he missed that one. Steve Smith is the new batsman in.

2:28 PM: Meanwhile, it was on this day, 10 years ago, when India won the first T20I World Cup by beating Pakistan in South Africa:

2:26 PM: First six of the match comes from David Warner’s bat. Smashes Chahal over the rope.

2:24 PM: This is Australia’s first 50 plus opening stand in last 7 ODIs. It says a lot about the phase that Australian cricket is going through.

2:21 PM: Hardik Pandya has the ball in his hand. He has been a huge asset in this series so far, picking up wickets at important times.

2:19 PM: Australia – 52/0 (11)

Aaron Finch – 22 (34)

David Warner – 26 (32)

2:15 PM: 50 up for Australia in the 10th over. This is a dream start for the visitors. Chahal comes into the attack.

2:07 PM: Four! Another boundary for David Warner. Poor bowling, on his legs and flicked away. Easy pickings! He is getting a move on.

2:05 PM: At the end of the 8th over, the score is 35/0.

2:02 PM: On his legs, flicked away by Finch for another two runs. What an addition he is turning out to be for this Australian side. Moves on to 14.

1:57 PM: This has been a much better start for Australia. Both these batsmen have played the new ball well.

1:53 PM: FOUR! First boundary for Warner. It was a poor ball on the pads and all he had to do, was guide it towards the fine leg.

1:48 PM: FOUR! Another boundary for Finch, this time from the middle of the bat, gets it past the cover fielder. Can he be the man to revive Australia?

1:47 PM: FOUR! First boundary of the inning. Comes from an outside edge, Finch moves on to 6.

1:44 PM: Australia – 7/0 (3)

Aaron Finch – 2 (6)

David Warner – 3 (12)

1:39 PM: A decent start for Bumrah as well. Just three runs from that over.

1:36 PM: Jasprit Bumrah starts from the other end. He has been in a good form as well.

1:31 PM: First runs on the board. Bhuvi gives one away with wide. Early sign of swing there.

1:28 PM: David Warner and Aaron Finch are out in the middle. This is the best possible opening combination for Australia. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will take the new ball.

1:20 PM: The Indian fast-bowlers will not get much help from the wicket today as they will be bowling in the first half. It will be a new challenge for Bhuvi and Bumrah.

1:07 PM: In case you missed the toss, here is what happened out in the middle:

1:05 PM: Peter Handscomb comes in for Mathew Wade. So, Australia has tried to made their batting stronger.

1:01 PM: The update from the middle is that Steve Smith has won the toss and he has elected to bat first. No changes for India, Aaron Finch comes back for the visitors.

12:55 PM: Sunil Gavaskar says this is a batting beauty and the captain winning the toss, should look to bat first. Remember, it is a must-win game for Australia.

12:50 PM: Good afternoon folks! We are live. The sun is out and we are just 10 minutes away from the toss.

Here are India vs Australia playing XIs:

Australia – Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith(c), Travis Head, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Peter Handscomb(w), Ashton Agar, Pat Cummins, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Kane Richardson.

India – Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli(c), Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal.

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