1. India vs Australia 2017 1st ODI Highlights: Virat Kohli & Co win truncated match by 26 runs; MS Dhoni steals show

India vs Australia 2017 1st ODI Highlights: Virat Kohli & Co win truncated match by 26 runs; MS Dhoni steals show

Cricket Score, India vs Australia 2017 1st ODI: Choosing to bat first, India recovered well from the early blows to post a total of 281 runs from their overs. At one stage the team was struggling at 11/3 but Hardik Pandya and MS Dhoni stitched a good partnership in the middle overs to fight back for the hosts.

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India vs Australia 2017 Score 1st ODI: Choosing to bat first, India recovered well from the early blows to post a total of 281 runs from their overs. At one stage the team was struggling at 11/3 but Hardik Pandya and MS Dhoni stitched a good partnership in the middle overs to fight back for the hosts. Bhuvneshwar Kumar too made a useful contribution down the order. It was a disastrous start for the hosts. Ajinkya Rahane got out cheaply followed by Virat Kohli and Manish Pandey. Even though these two teams do not share a history of India and Pakistan, their rivalry has only grown over the years, especially since Virat Kohli and Steve Smith took charge of their respective sides. The Indian cricket team is in top form after demolishing Sri Lanka across all formats. On the other hand, the Australian team had suffered a heartbreaking loss against Bangladesh recently but managed to draw the series. Most players in the visitors’ squad are regular IPL performers and have enough experience of playing in Indian conditions.

Match Update: Hardik Pandya came to India’s rescue after the top ordered surrendered. He stitched a good partnership with Dhoni. The score is 281/7 after 50 overs. After interruption due to rain, revised target for Australia is 164 in 21 overs.

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Here are India vs Australia 1st ODI Cricket Score Updates:

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10: 15 PM: India win by 26 runs and go 1-0 up in the 5-match ODI series.

10: 12 PM: India wins by 27 runs.

10: 09 PM: Dhoni was not sure if the catch was clean. And it was not out.

10: 05 PM: Things are already clear now as match elevates into last over. 34 runs required!

10: 04 PM: 35 runs needed from 8 balls. Faulkner trying his best to charge!

10: 02 PM: OUT! Wicket number 9 goes. Only a miracle can save Aussies now.

10:00 PM: India inching closer to victory as only 12 balls remaining. 39 runs needed.

9: 57 PM: Australia need 41 runs from 16 balls. 2 Wickets in hand.

9: 54 PM: And that’s a straight SIX from Faulkner.

9: 52 PM: OUT! And that’s wicket number 8. Cummins departs on 9 runs. Caught in slips.

9: 50 PM: FOUR runs! Straight hook from Cummins

9: 48 PM: Australia complete 100 runs in 17th over.

9: 46 PM: An exciting over it was. Six runs and a wicket.

9: 43 PM: OUT! 7th wicket down for Australia as MS Dhoni stumps off Wade for 9 runs.

9: 38 PM: That was in the air but Chahal missed it my an inch. Well tried.

9: 35 PM: Australia need 75 runs in 39 balls.

9: 32 PM: That’s a FOUR! Amazing shot! Wade steps out of his crease and hit it right in the gap

9: 28 PM: That’s wicket number 6! Stoinis departs for 3. Aus in trouble now.

9: 27 PM: Maxwell OUT! Trying to hit another one but caught straight by Pandey in long on.

9: 25 PM: That’s a SIX! Maxwell in full throttle. Hitting all around.

9: 23 PM: Chahal to Maxwell, appeal for a catch! And that’s not out.

9: 21 PM: 6 again! Three in a row. Maxell on fire. Good over for Australia.

9: 20 PM: Another one! 2 consecutive sixes here.

9: 19 PM: And that’s a biggie! First six of Aus innings from the bat of Maxwell.

9: 18 PM: FOUR! Comes from the bat of Maxwell, straight into the leg.

9: 15 PM: Well that was quick stumping from MSD. Not out is the decision

9: 13 PM: And that’s a dot ball again! Australia need 119 runs in 72 balls.

9: 10 PM: And that’s 2 consecutive boundaries after quite some time.

9: 06 PM: Warner OUT! Fall of wicket continues for the Aussies as the left-hander departs for 25.

9: 04 PM: Now the run rate has climed up to 9.5 runs/ over.

9: 00 PM: That’s wicket number 3. Indian bowlers on fire, Head departs for 5.

8: 58 PM: Pressure on visitors mounting up as they need 136 of 88 balls.

8: 55 PM: Spin has been introduced in the 6th over. Australia looks on the backfoot now!

8: 52: Whoa! That’s another wicket for India as Smith departs in after scoring 1 run. Pandya opens his account.

8: 51 PM: India goes for a DRS against Smith for an LBW … and that’s NOT OUT!

8: 50 PM: Australia need 148 from 100 balls.

8: 48 PM: Though Warner is trying his best to open his arms, its the two bolwers who have dominating since the start.

8: 46 PM: Steven Smith on field on and Bumrah is on fire!

8: 44 PM: Bowled HIM! Cartwright departs as Bumrah blows his off stump.

8: 43 PM: Due to the rain, balls are coming real quick. Bumrah hitting the right spots.

8: 42 PM: Australia are 13/0 after 3 overs.

8: 41 PM: And thats a FOUR! Warner to Bhuvneshwar in the backward square leg.

8: 39 PM: Indian bowlers have kept the Aussies restricted to singles and doubles.

8: 36 PM: Australia off to a slow start as compared to the kind of target they have to chase.

8: 33 PM: It will surely be a tough one for Aussies as they need to chase at a reqd run rate of above 7.

8: 29 PM: Warner and Cartwright open the innings with Warner on strike. Bhuvneshwar will open the attack for India.

8: 25 PM: The Revised target for Australia is 164 runs in 21 overs. (D/L method).

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8: 20 PM: Stumps have been put up at both the ends but covers are still on the outer ground.

8: 15 PM: Players still waiting for the rain to come down. Half an hour left to have a game.

8: 04 PM: Wake up! Covers are off again and have been placed by the side of the ground. Hopefully, match might resume shortly.

7: 43 PM: This comes as a bad news as now we only have 1 hour left to have a game. No reserve day for this match!

7: 43 PM: Looks like rain has become the real spoiler. Game still to resume, no updates on when the play will start.

7: 35 PM: Slight drizzle continues and the covers have come back on the ground.

7: 32 PM: Players are back to their dressing rooms as drizzle continues.

7: 27 PM: So far the revised target for Australia to chase is 238 runs in 37 over. However, it might change again!

7: 24 PM: Hold on! covers might come on the field again at the drizzle is heavier this time.

7: 12 PM: Umpires have still on signaled to play and their discussion with Indian captain is on.

7: 12 PM: Match begins and players are out on the field now.

7:08 PM: The drizzle just got a little steadier now. The second cover is now on and we may lose a few more overs.

6:59 PM: It is a very light drizzle so the game should start soon. Equally frustrating for us as for you.

6:53 PM: Bad news from the ground. The covers are back on. It means we may have more delay.

6:40 PM: Good News! The match will start in next 20 minutes at 7 pm:

6:37 PM: Match has been reduced to 43 overs. The target will be made official soon.

6:34 PM: Good news! The covers have been taken off. The match will start soon.

6:25 PM: The run chase has been delayed slightly but no overs have been reduced so far. The match will start soon.

6:12 PM: The covers are still on. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

5:59 PM: A light drizzle at the stadium right now but it isn’t that bad. The match will start soon:

5:29 PM: Kuldeep Yadav – 0 (0)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar – 32 (30)

5:24 PM: OUT! Gone, Dhoni departs. David Warner takes the catch. This time the former Indian skipper failed to connect it and went up high. Good catch. Dhoni departs for 79.

5:22 PM: SIX! Dhoni at his best! Dances down the wicket and smashes it over the long off fielder.

5:21 PM: Final over of the inning. Faulkner has the ball, Dhoni on strike. Starts with a boundary. It’s a NO BALL too.

5:20 PM: Not to forget, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has made a very important contribution as well. He is on 28 right now.

5:17 PM: India have done really to get here. At one stage they were struggling to go past 200. This is game on.

5:14 PM: SIX! MS Dhoni gets a move on, smashes it over the cover fielder. It’s 50-run partnership between these two.

5:08 PM: Fifty! for MS Dhoni, 66th of his ODI career and a brilliant one. Scoring wasn’t that easy today but he hung in.

5:04 PM: Bhuvi has raced his way to 22 from 19 balls. What a knock this turning out to be.

5:01 PM: Last 30 balls of the inning. This is going to be an interesting battle between bat and ball.

4:57 PM: FOUR! Bhuvi smashes Cummins for a boundary. These are very useful runs.

4:56 PM: Slowly but steadily, Dhoni has made his way to 47 runs from 70 balls. If he stays in till the last over, that strike rate will go up.

4:52 PM: That’s the end of Zampa’s overs. He gave away 66 runs from his 10 overs. A decent spell despite some serious hitting by Pandya.

4:50 PM: FOUR! Bhuvi joins the party. That was a juicy full toss and all he had to do was put it away.

4:48 PM: MS Dhoni holds the key now. 48 balls are left in this inning and ideally, India would be looking at another 60-65 runs.

4:45 PM: Bhuvneshwar Kumar walks in to bat. He scored a half-century against Sri Lanka and would be high in confidence.

4:43 PM: OUT! Heartbreak for fans. Hardik Pandya departs for 83, Adam Zampa has the last laugh.

4:40 PM: 52 runs have come in the last 5 overs. That is some brilliant cricket.

4:36 PM: SIX! Monstrous hit by Pandya, puts it out of the ground. He moves on to 77. That’s also his highest ODI score.

4:33 PM: FOUR! Slightly short and Pandya smashes it past the mid-wicket fielder. He is on fire.

4:30 PM: Interesting fact: Pandya has a strike rate of 211 after he reaches his 50. So, we might be up for a show today.

4:27 PM: FOUR! Another boundary from Pandya’s bat. He is playing with the Australian bowlers right now.

4:25 PM: Make it three sixes in a row. Hardik Pandya scores fifty in style, smashes 24 runs from Zampa over.

4:22 PM: FOUR! Pandya clears the front foot and smashes it over the top of the fielder. Follows it with a huge six.

4:20 PM: India – 148/5 (36)

Hardik Pandya – 35 (45)

MS Dhoni – 28 (54)

4:10 PM: Stoinis to Dhoni, 1 run, back of a length and outside off, Dhoni uses the pace of Stoinis to his advantage and directs it down to third man.

4:03 PM: Zampa to Pandya, 1 run, tossed-up leg break outside off, Pandya clears his front leg and swishes it down to long-off.

3:59 PM:  Despite the situation India is in, Hardik Pandya has been really positive. He is going after the poor balls. That’s the way to go.

3:50 PM: The scoring rate is on the slower side. This partnership is of 31 runs from 45 balls.

3:43 PM: The partnership between Dhoni and Pandya is of 29 runs from 36 balls.

3:29 PM: 100 is up for India in the 24th over. James Faulkner is back into the attack.

3:19 PM: OUT! Kedar Jadhav is gone for 40. It is just getting worse for India.

3:13 PM: 6 runs per over from here will take India to 260 but even that isn’t going to easy.

3:05 PM: What has happened because of the early blows is that India’s scoring rate has gone down. The batsmen haven’t really got going.

2:58 PM: MS Dhoni is the new man in. He will have to bat till the end.

2:55 PM: OUT! Can’t get worse than this. Rohit Sharma departs for 28, poor shot!

2:50 PM: The partnership between these two is of 53 runs from 62 balls now.

2:40 PM: 50 is up for India and Rohit Sharma is looking in a good touch. He has found an able partner in Kedar Jadhav.

2:34 PM: After initial Coulter-Nile effect, India now recovering and eyeing towards a decent total.

2:29 PM: India is 41 for 3 after 12 overs. Rohit Sharma and Kedar Jadhav at the crease.

2:26 PM: NO BALL! Faulkner to Jadhav, Jadhav races down the track, Faulkner drags his length back and cramps the batsman for room. He might have eked out an inside edge onto the pad. Faulkner’s front foot is on the line.

2:23 PM: This top-order falter from India takes my mind back to the 2012 Chennai ODI between India and Pakistan. The ball darted around in the early exchanges, and India were reduced to 29 for 5 before that man MS Dhoni led a recovery.

2:20 PM: Coulter-Nile to Jadhav, no run, back of a length and outside off, Jadhav stylishly late-cuts to backward point.

2:17 PM: Faulkner to Jadhav, 1 run, an uppish flick from off stump, but placed to the right of mid-on.

2:15 PM:  James Faulkner comes in to attack and Rohit on the first balls the it to the boundary line.

2:10 PM: India will have to bat really from here on to get to a respectable total. Remember, they don’t have Axar Patel in the lower order today.

2:04 PM: Kedar Jadhav is the new man in. He gets off the mark with a four. It has been a fine spell of fast bowling.

2:02 PM: OUT! One more down, Manish Pandey departs for 0 as well. Nathan Coulter Nile is on fire, the third wicket for him.

2:00 PM: OUT! Another massive blow to India, Virat Kohli is out for a duck. The Indian captain departs without disturbing the scoreboard.

1:52 PM: OUT! Big wicket for the Aussies. Pat Cummins gets rid of Ajinkya Rahane.

1:47 PM: NO BALL! From Pat Cummins. That’s a crime in ODIs. It’s a FREE HIT!

1:43 PM: Six runs from that last over by Pat Cummins. The ball is coming onto the bat nicely. We should be up for a high-scoring encounter.

1:41 PM: Meanwhile, Hilton Cartwright is making his debut for the visitors. He was given the ODI cup by none other than Brett Lee.

1:38 PM: A good over by Nathan Coulter Nile. Only 1 run from it. But, no sign of movement yet.

1:34 PM: India – 3/0 (1 over)

Rohit Sharma – 2 (5)

Ajinkya Rahane – 1 (1)

1:32 PM: India is off the mark. The first run comes from Ajinkya Rahane’s bat.

1:31 PM: Pat Cummins will take the new ball for Australia.

1:30 PM: We are live! The players are out in the middle. The Australian team is in a huddle. Rohit Sharma and Ajiknya Rahane will open the batting.

1:24 PM: India is going into the match with two wrist spinners. It is certainly an aggressive approach by Virat Kohli.

1:22 PM: In case you missed the toss, we have you covered:

1:15 PM: So the debate regarding India’s middle order is also settled for now. Manish Pandey will bat at 4 while Kedar Jadhav slots in at number 6.

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1:06 PM: Blow for Australia as well. Aaron Finch is not playing because of an injury.

1:02 PM: Virat Kohli has won the toss and has elected to bat first. An obvious choice on this flat wicket.

12:50 PM: Good afternoon folks! Welcome to Super Sunday. We are just 10 minutes away from the toss at Chennai.

12:40 PM: The Indian cricket team has left for the stadium:

Here are the playing XIs for India vs Australia 1st ODI:

India – Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli(c), Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah.

Australia – David Warner, Hilton Cartwright, Steven Smith(c), Travis Head, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade(w), James Faulkner, Pat Cummins, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Adam Zampa.

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