Live Cricket Score, India vs West Indies, 1st T20 Updates: In big heartbreak, India score 244/4 lose by 1 run to Windies

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India vs West Indies, Live Score: The Charles and Lewis, the West Indies openers, attacked the Indian bowlers from the word go and smashed the bowlers to all parts of the ground. From Mohammad Shami, Bumrah, Ashwin to Jadeja, all the bowlers were blasted out of the park. MS Dhoni must be ruing the fact he chose to bowl after winning toss. The pitch is perfect for batting!

live cricket score, India vs West Indies, India vs West Indies live, India vs West Indies T20 Live, India vs WI Live score, Live India vs West IndiesInd vs WI Live Score: Lokesh Rahul, right, plays a shot as West Indies’ Andre Fletcher watches the ball during the first Twenty20 international cricket match (AP)

India vs West Indies, Live Score: At Fort Lauderdale, US, the Indian captain MS Dhoni has begun well by winning the toss and asking his counterpart to bat first. Since neither for the two teams is familiar with the pitch and the conditions, the Indian thinktank has opted for the safer option. This is the first T20 International between India and the West Indies and is being played in Florida and started at 7:30 pm IST. The match is being played in the only cricket stadium in the US called the Central Broward Regional Park.

While the rivalry and the match will be as thrilling as any contest between both these teams, the idea to play cricket in the US and not the West Indies is to grab the attention of the Indian and the West Indies public there and more than that even the locals there and thereby expand the reach of the game in a market that has the potential of exceeding even the England and Australian ones too. However, this is early days yet, and nothing can be said with certainty. Many other veterans over the years have come to the US to play cricket, but it has not enthused the market yet. This is also India’s maiden international game in the US. The two Twenty20 matches will be held on consecutive days. India is coming off a winning streak in Tests, played in the Caribbean,where the Virat Kohli captained side registered its triumph in the four-match series – it was the third successive triumph there. Team India won 2-0. However, in the shorter format, the iconic MS Dhoni will lead the side.

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* At the end of the match, Darren Bravo says idea was to make sure the first ball does not go to boundary and the rest was to keep it steady. Says chose a slow ball as he knew anything else would be sent to the boundary. He added, “We love India and we love to play against them!”

* West Indies mind games worked! Time-wasting tactics wins it for the Windies

* Unfortunately, this was the highest ever chase set-up for India. And in fact, this huge target has never been chased before in a Twenty20 international.


*Pollard and Bravo again get into huddle and Braithwaite joins in. Lost of time-wasting! They want to put the Indian batsman off!

* Pollard and Bravo get into a huddle. 6 runs have come from 5 balls! Bravo ready to bowl now; HISTORY BECKONS DHONI

* Dhoni gets a double; need 2 runs from last ball! IS THERE A TWIST IN THE TALE?!

* Dhoni on strike. Need 4 runs to win!

* Another single;

Check out the spectacular video:

* No! Dhoni takes a single; need 5 runs from 3 balls! This is going down to the wire!

* Rahul atkes a single; Dhoni on strike. WILL HE FINISH IT OF IN HIS SIGNATURE STRIKE WITH A 6!

* Rahul Dropped! Darren Bravo bowls and the Indian batsman takes a big heave. It takes the edge of the bat at the bottom, but fielder drops it – HE HAS DROPPED THE MATCH!

* 100 run partnership between Dhoni and Rahul from just 46 balls

India score 223/3 (18.2 Overs) at Run Rate 12.16; Dhoni on 40 off 21 and Rahul 94 off 45!

* 6! The ‘REAL MS DHONI STANDS UP! A straight 6 brings up the 200 for India in 17th over! 46 runs to go from just 22 balls! IT IS A HUMDINGER FOLKS!

India score: 219/3 (17.3 Overs) Run Rate 12.51. HUGE ASK! But Capt Cool and young gun at crease! All the best India!

* At the end of 16 overs, West Indies is in disarray even as India stands supreme at 193/3. 53 runs required off 24 balls. DOABLE? At the moment, yes!

* 50 OFF JUST 23 BALLS! Great partnership between Dhoni and Rahul.

* NO PAIN, NO GAIN! Rahul gets a toe-crusher from Braithwaite. Physio on the ground with magic pain easer. India in great position to win. The boys must keep a cool head on their shoulders. Rush of blood accounted for Kohli, but that should serve as a warning for the batsmen at the crease. Remember, India still need 12 runs per over from here on!

* India score: 192/3 (15.5 Overs) Run Rate 12.12!

* Captain Dhoni playing a slow game, at least by the standards that he is capable of. He has scored just 17 runs off 9 balls and blasted JUST ONE 4!?

* The foundation has been laid and India have plenty of wickets in hand. A steady pressure on Windies will definitely make their bowlers wilt

* After 14 overs, the deficit is reduced as India score 168/3.

* India require almost another 100 runs, 96 to be precise, off just 42 balls!


* The fate of India in this Twenty20 match is in the hands of Rahul. Skipper Dhoni is at the crease too, but it is Rahul who is in form. WILL INDIA MAKE THE WRONG KIND OF HISTORY AND START WITH A LOSS IN ITS FIRST MATCH IN THE US?

* India score: 150/3 (13.0 Overs) Run Rate 11.53; Rahul on 52 and Dhoni on 12

* Rohit Sharma was out for 62 scored off 28 balls with the aid of four 4s and four 6s

* Rohit Sharma OUT! The partnership is over. Pollard accounts for Rohit as he looks to smash another one over the ropes. Charles pouches it on the boundary; India score 137/3

* 50 for Rahul too. The duo have taken India from a precarious position to one where they can think of a victory! Rahul has taken 26 balls to reach this milestone

* Another 6! SIX! Rohit Sharma takes Dwayne Bravo on. SMASHING HIT OVER THE ROPES! Yes, the ball was a full toss, but it needed to be put away and that is exactly what he did!

* 50! Rohit Sharma blasts 6 to bring up his Fifty and that too from just 22 balls!

* Lokesh dropped! Andre Russel the guilty party. Fortune favours the brave! Will Windies regret it?

* 50 run partnership for India comes up in no time at all!

* 6! 6! Rohit in SMASHING mood against Narine!

* India score:  102/2 (8.4 Overs) Run Rate 11.76

* Rohit Sharma is in an even more PUNISHING STATE OF MIND! He has blasted 43 runs off 20 balls with four 4s and two 6s

* Lokesh Rahul is batting like a MAN POSSESSED! He has raced to 36 runs in no time at all. He has slammed as many as five 4s and one 6! He has faced just 16 balls!

* KL Rahul to face Sunil Narine now. India are 67/2; Has this pulled the wind out of Indian sails for good?

* Virat Kohli scored 16 runs very fluently, but got out due to a huge mistake. It was aball that could well have been left alone and got a wide in the bargain! Kohli faced 9 balls and hit three 4s.

* OUT! VIRAT KOHLI IS OUT! The man just lost focus. AMAZING! HOW COULD HE GET OUT TO A BALL LIKE THIS? A wide ball down legside by Bravo and Kohli goes for a heave, misses it completely and it takes the glove on way to an easy catch for the ‘keeper Fletcher! MASSIVE, MASSIVE LOSS FOR INDIA!

* Virat Kohli grabs a few more fours and quick singles to keep the scoreboard ticking over; he is looking confident and very much in touch.

* Virat Kohli walks in; India takes 11 runs off the 4th over bowled by Badree; Kohli grabs a fine four to start his innings with a bang!

* The bouncer is a success as Rahane, still not fully in his senses after the hit to the helmet, looks to blast one over the ropes. However, he comes up short as Dwayne Bravo dives full-length to catch the ball barely inches off the ground! Massive Wicket for Windies!

* West Indies throw everything at the Indian batsmen. They have a big score on their side, but they are not slacking. Russel steams in and sends down a VICIOUS bouncer that hits Ajinkya on helmet. The batsman is affected, but carries on gamely. However, the helmet is a goner! New helmet called in!

* At 14 runs, massive 2nd over for India courtesy Rohit Sharma blasting three fours. India score 19/0.

* 4! 4! Suddenly, Rohit Sharma in his element!

* Both Indian openers are trying to familiarise themselves with the pitch and the Windies bowlers. Runs at a premium. Can’t tarry any further. Both the batsmen have to get a move on or else get out

* No sensational start for Idnia, unlike the West Indies. Score 5/0

* Team India chase starts with openers Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane

* The massive Windies innings was embellished by as many as 21 sixes! India chase 246 at an average of over 12 runs per over! Massive challenge! Is MS Dhoni and team up to it?

* NO! NO hat-trick for Bumrah, but at least he manages to restrict the Windies through his magnificent last over; Windies 245/6 in 20 overs


* OUT, AGAIN! Off the second-last ball Bumrah bowls Simmons! He is on a hat-trick off the last ball!

* OUT! Great ball by Bumrah! Kieron Pollard YORKED! Reduces West Indies to 245/5

* Wicket! Bumrah runs out Brathwaite! Will go a long way in stopping the Windies juggernaut!

* However, he manages to pull it back! The freewheeling Windies slow down. No records coming right now, except for the Windies personal best. Score 235/3

* However, he manages to pull it back! The freewheeling Windies slow down. No records coming right now, except for the Windies personal best. Score 235/3

* The 18th over bowled by Bumrah starts with a no-ball! From resultant free-hit, Carlos Brathwaite, smashes a 4!

* After Ashwin, now it is the turn of Shami to get a good, run-saving, over in. Windies at 215/3.

*  Windies have smashed 205/3 after 16 overs

* OUT! Lewis is finally out. Jadeja gets MASSIVE wicket for India! A slow ball is smashed by Lewis but all he manages to do is sky it and Ashwin rushes under it to complete the catch

* The celebrations were hardly over, when India finally managed another breakthrough by getting rid of Russel; Windies at 204/2. The celebrations may have caused his concentration to break. Jadeja the triumphant bowler!

* Lewis finally banks on his confidence to bring up his first Twenty20 hundred and that too in his second match

* Highest ever Twenty20 score is 260 in a SL vs Kenya match. The highest chase ever is 236 in the WI vs SA with the Windies winning.

* As his 100 nears, Lewis gets more circumspect, is unable to score 3 runs in the 15th over to bring up his 100! Windies 199/1

* Ashwin manages to keep the Windies under control as his next over yields just 8 runs; Lewis can get his ton in next over as he is on 97.

* Lewis is coming close to scoring a century here as Windies race to 181/1 in 13th over

* Finally, Ashwini restores some sanity, bowls an over (12th) that cost him just 4 runs! Shabaash! Windies at 168/1

* Binny unable to stop rampaging Windies batsmen, gives up a whopping 32 runs in the 11th over; Windies at 164/1

* Dhoni calls up Binny. And the bowler is taken to the cleaners with 2 sixes off consecutive balls

* Lewis too delivers a  magical 50 for Windies. No one is missing Chris Gayle today!

* At this rate we could get a score in excess of 250 for Windies! Dhoni looks worried.

* Shami clean bowls Charles, FINALLY! In the 10th over. Full toss that he could not negotiate as it was a yorker. Looked to to have got an inside edge. He winded himself up and threw everything at it, only to come up short. He scored a magnificent 79; West Indies 126/1

* After 8 overs, West Indies openers have slammed the score past the 100 mark, virtually destroying the Indian attack

* Lewis takes on Jadeja, thrashes two sixes! Windies 91/0 after 7 overs

* Fifty for Charles off just 20 balls!

* West Indies are 64/0 after five overs; the highlight of the shots is a massive flat six in the 5th over. It reminded one of a baseball hit. It was tremendous!

* The bowler is still not warmed up; he follows it up with a good length ball outside off that is blasted out of the ground

* The 5th over was really destructive as it started with a 6 that brought up the Windies 50

* The 4th over, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, yielded as many as 13 runs as Charles slammed a couple of boundaries to power the score to 46.

* In the 3rd over bowled by Bumrah, Lewis was unsparing as he whipped the ball tremendously, taking the score to 33.

* The start of the match was not auspicious for India as Mohammed Shami starts with a wide down the leg side; Then the next was powered for a massive 6 and next ball yielded a 4!

* The 2 openers for West Indies are Johnson Charles and Evin Lewis

* West Indies suffered a pre-match setback today when top batsman Chris Gayle got injured and will not play any part in this game

* MS Dhoni wins toss and asks West Indies to bat

* To get the proceedings of officially, the US national anthem was played, followed by the West Indies and then India’s. The crowd sang the Indian national anthem the loudest and with great gusto.

Here is the Team India Playing XI: RG Sharma, L Rahul, V Kohli, A Rahane, MS Dhoni, S Binny, R Ashwin, R Jadeja, M Shami, J Bumrah, B Kumar

Here is the West Indies Playing XI: J Charles, A Fletcher, E Lewis, M Samuels, L Simmons, K Pollard, A Russell, DJ Bravo, C Brathwaite, S Narine, S Badree

Pre-match Build-up

There have already been 5 matches that have been played in the US, although for India, this is the first one. The stadium is filled with Indian supporters, in fact it looks like a sea of blue. People were standing in long queues since 5 am to get the tickets and a chance to see this unique match and be a part of history.

The two-match series is going to be the first of what will develop into an annual event in the USA as part of efforts to reach out to new markets and audiences.

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Even though India won the Test series 2-0, players from the Test squad are coming with hardly any recent match practice because of the rain-affected fourth Test in Port-of-Spain where the last four days didn’t see any play.

This will be a new experience for MS Dhoni in as far as this will be the first time he will be playing with Anil Kumble as the Indian coach. Kumble had this to say about it: “This is the first time that I’ll be working with MS, obviously we have played together over a long period of time and we had a chat yesterday and today as well. I’ve worked with him in the IPL so it’s nice to be a part of the India dressing room again”.

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