India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy: Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh fire India to 124-run win in rain-hit match

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New Delhi | Updated: June 4, 2017 11:42:38 PM

India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy: Virat Kohli's team won the match by 124 runs.

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India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy: Virat Kohli’s team won the match by 124 runs. This won’t surprise too many people. India was always the better side on paper and they got a well-deserved victory. Except for the toss, everything went in India’s favour. The openers gave a superb start. Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh picked up from there and added a good partnership in the middle overs before Hardik Pandya gave it the finishing touches.

The bowlers were economical as well. Leaving Ashwin proved to be a good decision in the end. In fact, it’s hard to recall when was the last time that India played four fast bowlers. Going into the tournament, this could be the strategy. However, one area that needs a lot of improvement is the fielding.

Here is India vs Pakistan match highlights:

11:30 PM: That’s it! India wins the match by 124 runs. It was all too easy for Virat Kohli’s team in the end. Yuvraj Singh is Man of the Match.

11:20 PM: It’s turning out to be too easy for India:

11:18 PM: Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack. Just bowled 4 overs so far which means the captain was saving him for the end.

11:12 PM: Umesh Yadav is back into the attack. DROPPED! Jadhav drops a dolly! Should be very disappointed with that effort.

11:05 PM: So, 150 is up for Pakistan and right after that Pandya strikes again. Sarfraz Ahmed goes too. India is heading towards a big win.

10:57 PM: OUT! Golden duck for Imad Wasim. Kedar Jadhav takes a good catch, Hardik Pandya gets the wicket.

10:54 PM: Another one down for Pakistan. The score is now 134/5. Mohammad Hafeez departs as well.

10:51 PM: Singles won’t do for Pakistan from here. They need 158 runs from 90 balls. Somebody will have to play an absolute blinder.

10:45 PM: Sarfraz Ahmed is the new man in and he is off with a boundary. He is such a busy player and is likely to keep the Indian fielders moving for a while.

10:40 PM: OUT! Brilliant! from Ravindra Jadeja! That cannot be described in words, simply outstanding in the field. He picked up and threw ball in one motion. Malik was way out of his crease, he departs.

10:35 PM: SIX! Monstrous from Shoaib Malik! That went a long way back. He is taking on Jadeja here.

10:33 PM: FOUR! This is the intent that was lacking so far. Shoaib Malik is getting a move on here.

10:30 PM: FOUR! Beautifully timed by Shoaib Malik. Back to back boundaries for him. 100 up for Pakistan.

10:27 PM: OUT! Azhar Ali is gone after scoring 50. Big blow for Pakistan, he was the set man in. Ravindra Jadeja picked the big wicket.

10:23 PM: Excellent over from Hardik Pandya. Didn’t give Hafeez anything to work with. Just one run off it. Pak – 88/2 (20 overs)

10:19 PM: Another decent over from Ravindra Jadeja despite giving away a boundary on the first ball. The required run-rate is climbing.

10:15 PM: The bowlers are doing a very good job for India. Mohammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali have added 19 runs from 31 balls, not an ideal partnership when you are chasing such a massive total.

10:11 PM: Ravindra Jadeja is into the attack. India has introduced spin for the first time. 210 runs are needed from 144 balls now.

10:09 PM: The score at the end of 16th over is 76/2. Pakistan needs 213 runs from 150 balls. It’s getting difficult with each passing over.

10:05 PM: Azhar Ali is into the 40s and is looking solid. He will have to bat till the end but needs more support from the other end.

9:58 PM: Hardik Pandya with the ball now. He would be full of confidence after his heroics with the bat.

9:53 PM: OUT! Jadeja takes a beauty! Brilliant catch, Pak – 61/2. Azam goes for 8, India is on top of the match now.

9:52 PM: FOUR! Another misfield, this time it’s Kedar Jadhav. The standards of fielding have been very poor in this game so far.

9:50 PM: Pakistan – 57/1 (12 overs)

Azhar Ali – 37 (40)

Babar Azam – 4 (10)

9:44 PM: The new man in is Babar Azam. He is going through a purple patch and will have to play an anchor role here.

9:38 PM: OUT! First wicket down. Bhuvi strikes, Ahmed Shehzad has to go. He departed for just 12, India has an opening now.

9:35 PM: This partnership is looking very good for Pakistan. They haven’t given too many chances and the ball isn’t moving either. Kohli might be forced to turn to Ravindra Jadeja.

9:32 PM: An interesting stat there, Pakistan has chased down a run rate of over 7 just twice in ODIs:

8.69 (142/98) vs Neth, Colombo (SSC), 2002

8.32 (219/26.2) vs Ind, Lahore, 1997

9:30 PM: Pakistan – 32/0 (7 overs)

Azhar Ali – 19 (26)

Ahmed Shehzad – 10 (16)

9:25 PM: Azhar Ali finishes the fifth over with a FOUR! Takes the score to 27/0.

9:22 PM: Bhuvi starts with a dot ball, end of 5th over. The conditions are looking much better for a cricket match now. If it remains like this, we may not lose overs now but again, it’s England!

9:18 PM: The covers are off and the sun is out. Welcome to England. So, the target will be 289 runs from 41 overs. So Pakistan now needs 267 runs from 36.1 overs.

9:14 PM: The rain has stopped and the game will start shortly.

9:08 PM: GOOD NEWS! The rain has stopped and the game might start soon but we have already lost 3 overs and may lose more.

9:00 PM: The rain is slowing down but we have already started to lose overs. As things have gone so far, D/L might play an important role in deciding the result of the match.

8:48 PM: A huge shout by Bhuvneshwar Kumar but the umpire says no. Maybe it was the angle but it did look close. Virat Kohli says no for DRS.

8:43 PM: A good start for India but Pakistan won’t be too disappointed either. The batsmen haven’t panicked despite a big total.

8:37 PM: Pakistan – 10/0 (2 overs)

Azhar Ali – 3 (8)

Ahmed Shehzad – 5 (4)

8:33 PM: A good first over for Bhuvi, just 4 runs off it and a little bit of swing as well. Umesh Yadav starts from the other end.

8:29 PM: Azhar Ali and Ahmed Shehzad will open the batting and Buvneshwar Kumar will start the bowling for India.

8:25 PM: The players are out in the middle. Indian cricket team is in the huddle and Pakistan openers are out in the middle.

8:15 PM: The target for Pakistan will be 324 runs after the D/L rule. If the rain stays away, we might up for a thrilling run chase.

7:55 PM: Three sixes in a row for Pandya. But, misses out on the 4th ball.

7:54 PM: SIX! A powerful blow from Hardik Pandya. Sends Imad Wasim into the stands. 5 balls to go. India goes past 300.

7:52 PM: Four! Stand and deliver! Brilliant stuff from Virat Kohli. He is joined by Hardik Pandya. The Indian captain follows it with a six.

7:48 PM: OUT! Yuvraj Singh is gone. He departs for 53 from 31 balls. So final 10 balls of the inning and India is certainly going past 300 here but how much more can they add!

7:45 PM: Wahab Riaz is down now. Things are not looking good for Pakistan. Meanwhile, Yuvraj Singh has scored his half-century from just 29 balls.

7:40 PM: Back to Back boundaries for Virat Kohli. He found his touch at the right time. Follows it with another SIX!

7:39 PM: FOUR! Boundary for Yuvraj. He moves onto 48, another half-century on the cards?

7:38 PM: SIX! FIFTY for Virat Kohli. It took him 58 balls to reach there.

7:36 PM: FOUR! Another good shot from Yuvraj Singh. That was some real power from the southpaw. He is playing a very important knock.

7:34 PM: Dropped! This time Virat Kohli escapes. India moves to 247/2 after 44 overs.

7:31 PM: Mohammad Amir looks in some discomfort. He is leaving the field and it will be a big blow for Pakistan if Amir misses rest of the tournament.

7:27 PM: SIX! Yuvraj Singh sends Wahab Riaz into the stands, takes India to 242/2 after 43 overs.

7:24 PM: Virat Kohli is finding it tough to middle the ball. He has taken 52 balls for his 42 runs. Yuvraj Singh might have to do bulk of scoring.

7:17 PM: FOUR! Another one from Yuvi’s blade. This, a lucky one though. But, the runs should come in whatever way possible.

7:13 PM: This partnership is building up nicely for India. The projected score is 294 from here but Kohli would want to take it past 300.

7:09 PM: DROPPED! A lifeline for Yuvraj Singh so early in his inning. Hasan Ali is the culprit, dropped an easy one on long off.

7:05 PM: FOUR! First boundary for Yuvraj Singh and 200 is up for India. He needs to play a good hand as well.

7:03 PM: Virat Kohli is still in there. He needs to bat till the last over if India wants to go past 300.

6:58 PM: HUGE shout from Pakistan! Rohit Sharma is OUT! Gone for 91, he ran himself out. Yuvraj Singh is the man in, 11 overs left.

6:55 PM: SIX! Rohit Sharma finds his touch back. Two back to back boundaries for him. India needs more of that. He is into the 90s now, looking set for a hundred.

6:51 PM: A slow start for India after the interruption. Virat Kohli would know that there isn’t much time. Only 13 overs are left and India will have to go hard for the runs.

6:47 PM: So, it will be a 48 overs a side match. Two bowlers will be allowed to bowl 9 overs each. A tentative start for Rohit Sharma, might take some time to get his focus back.

6:43 PM: The covers are off and the good news is that forecast for rest of the day is good and we may not have too many delays after this.

6:37 PM: The lights are on and so are the covers. We will have another delay and more overs are likely to be reduced. Such a heartbreak for the fans.

6:34 PM: BAD NEWS! It’s raining in Birmingham again! As the players were about to take the field, it started raining and they might have to go back now.

6:33 PM: “If India cannot bat 50 overs, score will be projected to set Pakistan’s target. Wickets in hand will count for a while in that projection,” writes Harsha Bhogle on Twitter.

6:28 PM: The match will start in next 10 minutes. It will be a 49 over-a-side game from here on and overs will be reduced if the match is interrupted again.

6:21 PM: The great man is in the park:

6:18 PM: So the rain has stopped but the covers are still on. Umpires are out in the middle and are inspecting the field. We may still have a game in our hands.

6:04 PM: The players are off the field one again. Rain has interrupted once again and this time we may lose a few overs as well.

5:58 PM: Another good over by Hasan Ali. Just 21 runs off his first six overs so far. India moves to 173/1 after 33 overs.

5:55 PM: It’s time for a drinks break. India is in full command of the match so far. Virat Kohli has settled in fast and is looking set for a big one. Rohit Sharma is closing in on a very good century as well.

5:48 PM: A good over for Pakistan, Hasan Ali gave away just one run. He has been pick of the Pakistani bowlers, very economical so far.

5:46 PM: Given India’s lower order, they should score at least 330 runs from here. Anything less than that and Anil Kumble might not be a happy man.

5:40 PM: Mohammad Amir is back in the attack. He gave away just 14 runs from his first 4 overs but is Pakistan’s best hope for getting a wicket.

5:36 PM: India – 157/1 (28 overs)

Rohit Sharma – 72 (91)

Virat Kohli – 13 (13)

5:35 PM: So, the spinners are operating from both ends now. An easy phase for India as both the batsmen would actually like that.

5:25 PM: Virat Kohli is the new man in. The Indian captain starts with a single.

5:24 PM: OUT! Shikhar Dhawan is gone. Straight into the hands of the fielder. He scored 68 runs from 65 balls and gave India a good platform.

5:20 PM: FOUR! Another one from Dhawan. He was silent in the first half of the innings but is now outscoring Rohit Sharma.

5:16 PM: Shadab Khan continues from one end. He has been expensive from one end. Gave away 24 runs from 3 overs.

5:09 PM: SIX! A couple of big ones from Shikhar Dhawan. He has scored a half-century as well. The runs are coming at a good rate now. India 121/0 after 21 overs.

5;05 PM: FOUR! This time for Dhawan’s bat. He is moving swiftly as well. Follows it with another one, 100 up for India

5:02 PM: In the AIR! Dropped! Follows it with a six, reaches his fifty! It took him 71 balls to reach there. A quality inning.

5:00 PM: India – 87/0 (18 overs)

Rohit Sharma – 47 (66)

Shikhar Dhawan – 36 (43)

4:56 PM: Nothing has changed after the break. The runs are coming easy for India. Meanwhile, Sachin Tendulkar is in the ground.

4:50 PM: Rohit Sharma didn’t have a very good IPL with the bat. It’s good for him to spend some time in the middle.

4:38 PM: India – 59/0 (13 overs)

Rohit Sharma – 31 (45)

Shikhar Dhawan – 25 (34)

4:33 PM: FIFTY! for India! It has come in a really good time given the conditions. Both the batsmen are now looking good in the middle.

4:29 PM: NO BALL! Free Hit for Rohit Sharma. FOUR! Hasan Ali dispatched over his head.

4:24 PM: So, the players out in the middle and the match is about to start. We hope there are no more stoppages.

4:19 PM: The umpires are out in the field for inspection:

4:12 PM: Good news for the fans! The covers are coming off, the game might start soon. The covers are unlikely to be reduced.

3:43 PM: The play has been stopped because of rain. This is one of the reasons why Pakistan decided to bowl first. The fans won’t be very happy with this though.

3:38 PM: India – 46/0 (9.5 overs)

Rohit Sharma – 25 (34)

Shikhar Dhawan – 20 (25)

3:33 PM: Another four for Rohit Sharma! He moves on to 24, takes India to 37/0.

3:28 PM: FOUR! This time from Shikhar Dhawan’s blade. He is looking solid as well, the old partnership is back for India.

3:27 PM: Maybe Pakistan should have started with fast bowlers from both the ends. A trick missed by Sarfraz, he didn’t use the conditions well.

3:23 PM: Another boundary for Rohit Sharma. He is starting to feel confident. One slip is already out, so Pakistan is clearly on the backfoot.

3:19 PM: India – 15 /0 (5 overs)

Rohit Sharma – 9 (20)

Shikhar Dhawan – 5 (10)

3:16 PM: FOUR! First boundary of the inning comes from  Rohit Sharma’s bat. He pulled that over the short fine-leg fielder.

3:12 PM: A slow start for India as both the batsmen have been very calculative so far.

3:07 PM: Another good over, this time from Imad Wasim. The score moves on to 3/0. The conditions are looking good for fast bowling.

3:04 PM: Spin from the other end. Shikhar Dhawan pierces the gap and first runs on the board.

3:02 PM: India – 0 /0 (1 over)

Rohit Sharma – 0 (6)

Shikhar Dhawan – 0 (0)

2:57 PM: The Indian openers are out in the middle. Shikhar Dhawan will open the batting with Rohit Sharma. Mohammad Amir will start with the new ball.

2:40 PM: Good news for India is that Yuvraj Singh is fit and he is playing.

2:33 PM: Big news is that R Ashwin has been dropped from the side. Here are the squads:

India – Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah

Pakistan – Azhar Ali, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed(w/c), Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Amir, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali

2:30 PM: Good afternoon folks! It’s toss time! Virat Kohli and Sarfraz Ahmed are out in the middle along with the match referee. Sarfraz Ahmed wins toss, opts to bowl first.

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