Ind vs NZ Live Cricket Score: Kiwis have Virat Kohli and co on the ropes; India score 239/7 in 86 overs

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New Delhi | Updated: September 30, 2016 5:03:35 PM

Live Cricket Score India vs New Zealand: After a sensational turnaround from first day's setbacks, the Virat Kohli led Team India powered to a sensational win against New Zealand at the Kanpur Green Park in the historic 500th Test that it played and this triumph has put it within striking distance of regaining the

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Live cricket score India vs New Zealand: After a sensational turnaround from first day’s setbacks, the Virat Kohli led Team India powered to a sensational win against New Zealand at the Kanpur Green Park in the historic 500th Test that it played and this triumph has put it within striking distance of regaining the World No. 1 rank again. At No. 1 spot is Pakistan, India is at No. 2, and dethroning them must be the top priority for India. This, in essence, is all that is at stake in the second Test between India and New Zealand to be played in Kolkata’s Eden Park. from Friday. India have played aggressive cricket and they have battled back all that the Kiwis could throw at them – India is on a 12 Test unbeaten streak at home, which indicates it is almost impossible to beat it in domestic conditions. Considering that Kohli is driven by the desire to win, surely India will be making a big charge to beat the Kane Williamson led side that is down and out after the first Test humiliation. However, India is a team that goes off the boil and its killer instinct has been questioned many times, but under Kohli, this is expected to be consigned to history.

Also playing in front of the Kolkata crowds, which is truly unforgiving when it comes to poor performances by the Indian cricket team, there would be more than enough reason for the players, from Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja to R Ashwin to put in a stellar performance that will give another morale boosting triumph. Considering that India will be playing a number of Tests this year, getting off to a rollicking start at the beginning of the season will surely provide the necessary momentum to win and also acquire a winning mindset. Can Team India do this? Check out the play as it happens, blow by blow.

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PHOTOS: Ind vs NZ Kolkata Test Day 1

4:41 pm: STUMPS! India score 239 runs at the cost of 7 wickets. The day clearly belongs to New Zealand. If you remember, then in the last Test at Kanpur, the Kiwis had won the first day’s honours, but lost still lost the Test. So, hope floats for India!

Do log on in the morning. It will be a fantastic day of cricket!

4:36 pm: Ravindra Jadeja is more circumspect in the next Matt Henry over. plays out a maiden over! Strange cricket. Perhaps, he should go and explain the situation to Saha too! Or can Saha not defend? If that is the case, what is he doing in a Test side?

4:30 pm: Trent Boult’s 85th over. Saha slams 2 boundaries! Is that what Kohli and Kumble ordered him to do, score quick runs through boundaries, at this stage in the match. He is on 14 off 22 deliveries.

4:25 pm: OUT! India 231/7 – Matt Henry gets the new ball to do its magic. The ball does come in and that is what gets Ashwin. Hits him on the pad. LBW! He scored 26 (33)! Amazingly fast scoring rate. What was the hurry? 3 wickets for Matt Henry in the Indian innings. Well bowled!

4:15 pm: Trent Boult has been brought into the attack now and the second new ball has been taken after the 80th over. India 227/6 in 83.3 overs. No effect on the Indian batsmen at the moment.

4:07 pm: SIX! The first of the innings. Wriddhiman Saha is the new batsman in and he has started flailing about! This was against Jeetan Patel. In the previous over, Ashwin, also a new batsman at the crease, had smashed as many as 3 fours from 4 deliveries! That was off Mitchell Santner over.

4:00 pm: OUT! Another one bites the dust! Ajinkya Rahane lbw b Jeetan Patel 77. Patel bowls a faster delivery and by the time Rahane brings his bat down, the ball has raced past to crash onto the pads. Umpire agrees with the bowler’s screamed appeal. India 200/6. Pujara’s dismissal must have been playing on Rahane’s mind. He lost focus and his wicket.

3.45 pm: India 195/5: India suffers huge setback at the start of 74th over. Jeetan Patel bowls to Rohit and gives it air, pitches on middle stump and spins in, the batsman defends, but gets an inside edge on to his leg, the ball bobs up to short leg. New Zealand get breakthrough they needed! They deserve it, they worked harder than the Indians at their respective jobs! And with more imagination too!

3.30 pm: Indian batsmen now totally in their shells. They are looking to bat out the day without risky play. Defending away to glory. The Kiwis ensuring they pitch the ball in the right places. The bowlers are very disciplined and this is making up for their inability to get anything out of the pitch.

3.20 pm: India 191/4 – The 70th over has cost Cheteshwar Pujara plenty. He was batting steadily but threw it all away and failed to get his century. So close and yet so far! Neil Wagner was the bowler. No devil in the delivery, Pujara could have done anything with it, yet he chose to get out! He went to drive the ball but hits it down the throat of short cover fielder. Pujara-Rahane partnership was worth 141. Maiden over by Wagner as Rohit Sharma defends.

3:15 pm: India seem to have changed their strategy. The batsmen have scored a number of boundaries in the last few overs. Jeetan Patel coning in for some stick in particular. Orders from Kohli at fag end of day? Did they leave it till too late?

3:05 pm: Trent Boult, Micth Santner, Jeetan Patel, Neil Wagner and Matt henry have done a lot of hard work today and got a bit of success. That they have managed to restrict the  scoring rate is their biggest achievement today. However, India can punish them as they still have lots of wickets in hand. Capt Taylor has been rotating his bowling well and is not allowing Indians to get familiar with any one particular bowler.

2:45 pm: India score 147/3 runs in 62 overs with Cheteshwar Pujara batting on 68 (200) and Ajinkya Rahane 54 (105). Matt Henry bowls a steady over. He is really putting in a big effort with bouncers. Keeping the batsmen quiet.

2:35 pm: The Indian innings is marked by either boundaries or an entire dry spell. They are unable or unwilling to take singles and twos and you can surely forget about threes. Can be a costly tactic. The heat and humidity are there but as a sportsman, you should be able to deal with it. The Kiwis are doing that, the Indians should be revelling in the conditions, but they are huffing and puffing. Not scoring singles and twos will restrict the score considerably. However, they have brought up their 100-run stand.

2:25 pm: Ajinkya Rahane gets his 50. Good batting, steady, did not give any chance to the bowlers. On Indian wickets he is the perfect batsman to have as he ensures that he does not easily give up his wicket once he gets a start.

2:18 pm: India score 136/3 in 58 overs with Pujara batting on 64 (189), and A Rahane 47 (92): TEA. Will the Team India strategy change after tea, or will it be more of the same to grind out a positive result without any theatrics? The batsmen are doing their job in a professional manner. They have been there a long time and need to raise the tempo a little. They have tried to do that over the last 30 minutes or so, but the tight Kiwi bowling is keeping them in shackles.

2:00 pm: The strategy for Kiwi captain is straightforward. He is telling his bowlers to keep a check on the runs and to let the Indian batsmen take all the risk by trying to hit out. The bowlers are keeping their line and length impeccable. In the last Test at Kanpur they had failed to do so.

1:45 pm: The Kiwis are not getting any help from the pitch at the moment. There was bite in the early morning , but this has faded as the Sun came out. Pacers and spinners are working hard in the heat and humidity, but nothing working for them. However, they are holding the Indian run rate at just over 2 runs per over. At one time Pujara had gone scoreless for as long as 30 balls.

1:28 pm: Pujara hits his 50. This is his third straight 50 and 10th overall in Tests.

1:22 pm: India score 87/3 with Pujara batting on 46, and Rahane 30: The duo bring up 50-run partnership off 142 deliveries.

1:10 pm: India 76/3 with Pujara batting on 40, and A Rahane 11: Rahane makes Jeetan Patel pay dearly in this over. A half-volley is driven through covers for a four and the another boundary is taken with a straight drive.

12:45 am: Team India is playing defensive cricket. Both Rahane and Pujara have gone into their shells. But they are doing so effectively, denying the Kiwis any further breakthroughs. Both these batsmen have a great defensive game. They can stay on the wicket and play out the overs easily. Kohli must be targetting a long innings and then try and get the runs on the board to deter the Kiwis.

12:26 pm: 30th over by Matt Henry is a maiden as Ajinkya Rahane defends solidly. It may be early days, but it seems Kohli has ordered both these batsmen to drop anchor and not play risky shots. However, India needs quick runs as India will be batting last on this pitch. If it becomes a rank turner India are in trouble. However,  a big first innings score can put India in the driver’s seat for the Test. So, let us wait and see how long this slow scoring rate will continue. It should also be remembered that in the first Test in Kanpur, India was hell-bent on scoring fast and lost its way in the first innings. So, they need to be very careful and measured in their approach.

12:20 pm: Jeetan Patel bowls next over. Ajinkya Rahane takes 1 run. Pujara defends rest of the over.

12:15 pm: First over after lunch bowled by Matt Henry to Ajinkya Rahane. Blasts 4! Pujara leans back and blasts it through covers

11:34 am: India are 57/3 with Pujara batting on 31, and A Rahane 2 in 27 overs: LUNCH! Trent Boult and Jeetan Patel are bowling well as partners. They are keeping the batsmen on the backfoot and not giving away easy runs. Having said that, both Pujara and Rahane are not looking to score as the situation demands they occupy the crease as the team has lost 3 wickets early.

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11:20 am: India are 51/3 in 24.1 overs as the batsmen play out the following 2 overs carefully. India have not scored 50 yet and not 3 wickets. The crowd at the stadium is not pleased, to say the least. Tough place to be in, Eden Gardens.

* Ajinkya Rahane walks in now as Team India skipper walks out dejectedly.

11:10 am: Now Ross Tailor brings back Boult. Four. Virat Kohli drives through covers majestically. Defends next 2 balls. OUT! Kohli is OUT! Kohli drives at a wide ball – same old Indian failing outside off stump. Snick flies to gully fielder Latham who pockets it smartly. India 46/3 in 21.4 overs.

10:45 am: Indian-origin Jeetan Patel walks in to bowl now. First ball is pitched up. Second strays on leg and Kohli takes a single. FOUR! Pujara blasts one to boundary, but lucky he did not get caught. Plays out rest of over safely.

10:40 am: Cheteshwar Pujara is equally careful in playing out the dangerous Mitchell Santner’s over which is the 16th over.

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10:35 am: India are 33/2 with Cheteshwar Pujara batting on 21 (44), and Virat Kohli on 1 (13) Kohli plays out Neil Wagner over carefully. No theatrical shots. He is getting his eye in. Indian skipper needs big score.

10:30 am: Virat Kohli walks in to tremendous applause from the gathered crowds in the historic Eden Gardens stadium.

10:28 am: India 28/2 with Cheteshwar Pujara batting 17 (29): OUT! Matt Henry get breakthrough for Kiwis. Vijay snicks one to wicketkeeper. The ball moves away and Murali follows it. Old failing of Indian batting. Murali Vijay c Watling b Matt Henry 9 (29)

10:22 am: Murali Vijay batting 9 (27), and Cheteshwar Pujara 13 (23): Good batting by Pujara and Murali as both slam 4s in the over. But, what is the hurry? There is all to play for yet. Nothing has been won, the Test has just started.

10:12 am: In the 9th over Trent Boult is taken to the cleaners by Pujara who smashes a delivery outside off through covers to the boundary. But this happens only after Boult  bowls a fine inswinger that hits the pad. He went up in loud appeal but to no avail!

10:00 am: India 15/1 with Murali Vijay batting on 5 (13), and Cheteshwar Pujara 8 (13). Vijay smashes a beautiful, smooth shot to boundary. Pujara got in on the act too as he flicked an over-pitched delivery for a 4!. He next smashed a straight drive to the boundary!

9:50 am: Cheteshwar Pujara walks in to partner Murali Vijay Vijay. They still must have pleasant thoughts about their 100-plus run stand in the Kanpur Test.

9.45 am: OUT! Dhawan is dismissed. Matt Henry the bowler. Pace too much for Dhawan. Brings down bat late. Inside edge crashes in to stumps. India lose first wicket very early. Dhawan experiment of Kohli fails. Shikhar Dhawan b Matt Henry 1 (10) – 1/1 in 1.4 Over

9:40 am: Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay open the innings for India. Much rides on Dhawan’s comeback, at least for him. he has to perform. Trent Boult bowls a fiery over. Dhawan opts to leave almost every ball alone.

9.20 am: Former Team India captain Kapil Dev rings the bell at Eden Gardens.

9.20 am: Gautam Gambhir not in playing XI; Shikhar Dhawan to open. Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes in for Umesh Yadav.

9.10 am: Kane Williamson is not playing, Ross Taylor will captain the side

9.00 am: Virat Kohli wins toss, elects to bat first

8.45 am: Playing XI:
INDIA: Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rohit Sharma, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami

NEW ZEALAND: Martin Guptill, Tom Latham, Ross Taylor(c), Henry Nicholls, Luke Ronchi, Mitchell Santner, BJ Watling (wk), Jeetan Patel, Matt Henry, Trent Boult, Neil Wagner

* Injured KL Rahul likely to be replaced by Gautam Gambhir as opener

* Question on everyone’s mind is whether Kohli will stick to his aggressive approach and play four bowlers.

* Eden track has been relaid and will be used for the first time.

* R Ashwin has a corn in his hands and this could turn into a very big worry Virat Kohli. He did not bowl at the nets

*Virat Kohli,’s batting is a worry though as he has scored just 78 from five innings. He scored just 9 and 18 in Kanpur.

* For the Kiwis Jeetan Patel will replace injured off-spinner Mark Craig.

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Teams (from):
New Zealand: Kane Williamson (capt), Trent Boult, Doug Bracewell, Jeetan Patel, Martin Guptill, Matt Henry, Tom Latham, James Neesham, Henry Nicholls, Luke Ronchi, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Ross Taylor, Neil Wagner and BJ Watling.

India: Virat Kohli (capt), Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay, Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Cheteshwar Pujara, Wriddhiman Saha, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvneshvar Kumar, Amit Mishra, R Ashwin, Umesh Yadav and Jayant Yadav.

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