England – 127, India – 202/6, India vs England, 3rd T20, Bengaluru: Yuzvendra Chahal picks 6 wickets, India win the series 2-1

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New Delhi | Updated: February 1, 2017 10:42:28 PM

Live Cricket Score, Ind vs Eng: Here are all the live cricket score and updates from the 3rd T20 between India and England at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.

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Here you will get live cricket score and updates from the 3rd T20I between India and England.

India win the match by 75 runs, win the series 2-1. 

England has been bowled out for 127, the last 8 wickets fell for just 8 runs, this is unbelievable. This is only the 3rd time a spinner has picked 6 wickets in a T20, on both the previous occasions it was Ajantha Mendis from Sri Lanka who did it. He has been awarded with ‘Man of the Match’ and ‘Man of the Series Award’. 

India and Virat Kohli must be proud of this performance. People will talk about MS Dhoni’s half-century, they will talk about Suresh Raina’s knock, Yuzvendra Chahal will make a lot of headlines but it was Yuvraj Singh and Amit Mishra were the ‘Dark Knights’ of India’s win. Yuvraj’s cameo in the end made the difference between a good and strong total and Mishra’s over built pressure which led to a flurry of wrong strokes.

England would be highly disappointed, they were highly competitive throughout the series, in fact till the 12th over of the second innings but lost their way from there.

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10:15 PM: England – 127 all out (Yuzvendra Chahal – 25/6)

OUT! That’s the final wicket, goes to Bumrah, brilliant catch by Kohli.

It’s been an outstanding display of bowling from India.

OUT! Bumrah strikes, India is running a riot.

OUT! Chahal gets his 6th, finishes off an outstanding spell.

OUT! Chahal gets his 5th. What a game he has had! Outstanding stuff from the leg-spinner.

OUT! Another one for India and another one for Chahal.

80 runs needed in 30 balls.

10:03 PM: England – 123/5 (15 overs)

OUT, Jasprit Bumrah strikes! India is all over England now. This is brilliant stuff from the Indian bowlers, it started with Mishra’s over where he conceded just 2 runs.

9:58 PM: England – 119/4 (14 overs)

OUT! Chahal gets two in two, he is delighted. Joe Root departs for 42, both the set batsmen are gone. He has changed the match in two balls.

In the air, caught by Rishabh Pant! Chahal picks the wicket of Eoin Morgan (40), England – 119/3 (13.3)

9:52 PM: England – 117/2 (13 overs)

He finishes off well with just 23 runs from his 4 overs.

Brilliant over from Amit Mishra, just 2 runs from it.

In the air, Dropped! That was the big fish, Joe Root. It was a simple catch but Yuvraj Singh and Rishabh Pant lagged understanding and dropped an easy catch.

9:48 PM: England – 114/2 (12 overs)

Eoin Morgan – 38 (18)

Joe Root – 40 (30)

SIX! That’s 3rd in the over. Gamble to use Raina has backfired for India.

SIX! This time Morgan goes over cover and clears the rope.

SIX! Morgan goes big and clears long on.

Suresh Raina comes into bowling.

9:43 PM: England – 92/2 (11 overs)

Another good over for India, just 6 runs given away by Amit Mishra.

9:38 PM: England – 86/2 (10 overs)

SIX! Joe Root came down the wicket and converted into a length delivery. Magnificent shot by him.

9:33 PM: England – 77/2 (9 overs)

Eoin Morgan – 13 (9)

Joe Root – 29 (21)

Good comeback for Mishra, 4 runs from the last 4 balls.

10 runs from the first 3 balls so far.

Four more! This time he plays a reverse sweep and plays it well.

Four! Morgan gets it past the cover fielder and the ball races to the boundary.

9:29 PM: England – 64/2 (8 overs)

Excellent com back from Pandya after giving away six on the first ball. Finished the over with just 8 runs.

SIX! Root flicked that away. All he had to do was use the pace of the ball.

Hardik Pandya gets the ball, he didn’t bowl in the previous match.

9:23 PM: England – 56/2 (7 overs)

Eoin Morgan – 0 (1)

Joe Root – 21 (17)

Eoin Morgan is the new batsman in.

OUT! Amit Mishra strikes on his second ball, gets the set man, Roy goes for 32, India on top. This will wonders to his confidence, he is a different bowler when he gets a wicket early.

9:19 PM: England – 55/1 (6 overs)

Four! Another boundary for Root. That was a good over for England.

Four! Short from Nehra, pulled away. Fifty comes up for England in the sixth over.

Unlucky for India! Pandya had hit the stumps but bails didn’t come off. That was a close run-out opportunity.

Ashish Nehra to bowl his third over.

After 5 overs, India’s score was 39/1 so England is ahead on terms of the runs scored but can someone do a Yuvraj Singh for them!

9:12 PM: England – 44/1 (5 overs)

FOUR! Top quality shot from Joe Root, brilliant batting, opens the face of the bat and gets the boundary.

Roy welcomes him with a four!

Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack.

9:07 PM: England – 34/1 (4 overs)

He is troubling the batsman, its just the matter of time before the batsmen take the aerial route against him.

Four! Roy sweeps it away, this is test for young Chahal.

9:02 PM: England – 25/1 (3 over)

Jason Roy – 14 (11)

Joe Root – 9 (6)

FOUR! Short and this time Root guides it past the fine leg.


FOUR! Short and wide, all Root had to do was guide it past the point fielder.

Four! Roy gets it’s fine.

Oh dear! That was a clear run-out opportunity but Chahal threw the ball at the wrong end. He needs to control his excitement.

OUT! There was an edge, Kohli took the catch, Chahal strikes.

Huge appeal again! was there an edge? The umpires are going up.

SIX! Roy smashes it over cover.

Yuzvendra Chahal to start from the other end.

8:52 PM: England – 1/0 (1 over)

Jason Roy – 0 (6)

Sam Billings – 0 (0)

Brilliant over, just 1 run from it.

4 dot balls so far, good start by Nehra ji. 

Huge appeal from Nehra on the first ball, he was sure. Replay shows it was missing the off-stump by a decent margin! Umpire got it right this time. 

8:48 PM: We are back live, Jason Roy and Sam Billings are out to open for England. Ashish Nehra with the new ball.

A much improved effort from Indian batsmen. After losing Virat Kohli early, Suresh Raina and KL Rahul took the responsibility and added 61 runs for the second wicket. Rahul looked set for another big knock but got out to a poor stroke. Dhoni walked in ahead of Yuvraj Singh and continued the good work with Raina who raced his way to 63 runs from 45 balls.


Dhoni also reached his maiden T20 half-century but the star of the innings was Yuvraj Singh who smashed 27 runs from just 10 balls. He turned the match in India’s favour by scoring 20 runs in Jordan’s 4 balls. Overall, Anil Kumble would be happy with batsmen’s efforts but he would know that no score is safe in Bengaluru.

Indian bowlers will have to put a good show as well against a strong England batting line-up.

8:40 PM: India – 202/6 (20 overs)

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Run Out! Pandya sacrifices his wicket for an extra run, great stuff by India. This is a strong total.

OH BOY! Roy dropped it the very next ball and took it over the boundary rope, it’s SIX for Pandya, 200 up for India.

Pandya comes in and hits it over the top. Brilliaat save in the deep by Jason Roy!

OUT! Dhoni couldn’t time it, he is out for 56 but played a good knock.

Four! That was cannon from Dhoni, nobody moved.

8:30 PM: India – 186/4 (19 overs)

Four! Pant gets his first boundary in international cricket.

Rishabh Pant is the new batsman and he scores his first international run.

OUT! Yuvraj Singh is gone for 27 but what a cameo it was! He has done his job, the last over was completely a morale breaker for England and Chris Jordan.

200 is on the cards now.

8:25 PM: India – 177/3 (18 overs)

SIX! Over Jordan’s head, he has destroyed the fast bowler.

FOUR! That’s 16 runs in 3 balls, Yuvraj has changed the game here, not the first time though.

SIX! That’s two in a row, last he did it against England, he went to hit 6 consecutive sixes. 

SIX! Yuvi goes big.

MS Dhoni scores his first T20 international half-century. This would be surprising for many, but Dhoni always batted so down the order that didn’t face enough deliveries.

8:19 PM: India – 153/3 (17 overs)

Four! Dhoni smashes it over mid-wicket.

Four! Another one from Dhoni’s blade.

This is getting interesting now, Yuvraj has faced just 4 deliveries but one of them needs to be the aggressor if India want to get past 200. In case a wicket falls, Hardik Pandya should walk in ahead of Rishabh Pant.

8:14PM: India – 142/3 (16 overs)

FOUR! This time guides it past the short fine-leg, Dhoni looks solid.

8:10 PM: India – 132/3 (15 overs)

Yuvraj Singh – 2 (2)

MS Dhoni – 31 (21)

FOUR! Clever from Dhni, third-man was up and he just guided it in that direction.

Dhoni’s strike-rate at this ground in T20s is 182, he has got his eye in and need to make the best of the final 5 overs.

At this run-rate, India will end up at 176 but India would certainly want to reach the 200 run-mark.

8:05 PM: India – 124/3 (14 overs)

Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman.

OUT! Raina departs, wicket for Plunkett. It was an outstanding innings by Raina, he has put India in a very strong position.

SIX! 2nd from Dhoni’s bat.

Sixes are not unusual in Bengaluru:


8:00 PM: India – 113/2 (13 overs)

Suresh Raina – 63 (43)

MS Dhoni – 14 (12)

SIX! Another biggie for Raina. That was his 5th one, he is in aggressive mood tonight. India can certainly eye 200 now.

Six! Half-century for Suresh Raina, great innings.

SIX! This time Dhoni goes big, this is why he should bat up the order, MASSIVE!

Dropped! That was hit hard by Raina, Rashid is the culprit.

In the last match Joe Root was given out LBW even though he had edged the ball in the last over changing the result of the game. Now, KL Rahul has been given out off a ‘NO BALL’. He was looking very dangerous, will it have an impact on the result of the match?

7:48 PM: India – 78/2 (10 overs)

FOUR! Another boundary for Raina.

Another poor standard of umpiring, KL Rahul was dismissed off a No Ball.

7:43 PM: India – 70/2 (9 overs)

Suresh Raina – 36 (28)

MS Dhoni – 2 (4)

The ball is holding up a bit but India has two leg-spinners in the XI. That can be a double sided sword!

7:41 PM: India – 67/1 (8 overs)

MS Dhoni is the new man, it’s the old CSK duo on the crease now.

OUT! bowled, Ben Stokes gets the big wicket of KL Rahul (22). A bad shot at a wrong time, he just blindly went after the ball, missed it and Stokes got the wicket.

7:35 PM: Raina has done it so many times in the IPL


7:34 PM: India – 64/1 (7 overs)

Suresh Raina – 32 (21)

KL Rahul – 22 (17)

SIX! It’s over the roof, HUGE from KL Rahul! Suddenly, India is in charge of the game and the crowd goes RAHUL, RAHUL!

And, that’s 50 run partnership from 35 balls.

Moeen Ali comes in, spin introduced for the first time.

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7:30 PM: India – 53/1 (6 overs)

Fifty comes up for India as well and in good time. 53 runs from the power-play, they would be happy.

SIX! Another biggie, it’s ‘Raina-ing’ sixes in Bengaluru!

HIGH! and SIX! It’s Raina again, for a moment it looked like the fielder might reach there but he had enough bat on it.

Chris Jordan comes back into the attack.

7:23 PM: India – 39/1 (5 overs)

Suresh Raina – 17 (13)

KL Rahul – 13 (13)

FOUR! Good shot by Raina, opened the face of the bat and pierced the gap between the point and cover fielder.

That was in the air but fell in between Chris Jordan and Moeen Ali. Stokes isn’t happy, Raina survives.  None of the fielders called for that, poor cricket. 

7:18 PM: India – 29/1 (4 overs)

It will be interesting to see where Rishabh Pant bats! Ideally, he should have opened the batting as it would have given him more freedom but that didn’t happen. He certainly doesn’t fit at number 6, so will Yuvraj be forced to bat at 5 with Pant at 4?

FOUR! This time through the off-side, second boundary in a row.

Four! First ball from Liam Plunkett and Rahul flicked it over square leg.

7:14 PM: India – 17/1 (3 overs)

Suresh Raina – 9 (6)

KL Rahul – 2 (8)

SIX! First boundary for India comes from Suresh Raina’s bat. Made room for himself and smashed it over cover.

Teams batting second have a 53% win record at this venue. 

Its been a dream start for England, they have Kohli back in the hut, runs have been hard to come and most importantly, they have silenced the crowd. 

7:09 PM: India – 8/1 (2 overs)

Suresh Raina is the new batsman in.

OUT! Heartbreak for India, Kohli is gone. No idea what he was doing there, came down the pitch, there was no run and failed to make his crease. Good work by Chris Jordan! Kohli was furious on KL Rahul but to be honest, Rahul couldn’t have done much there.

7:03 PM: India – 4/0 (1 over)

Virat Kohli – 2 (3)

KL Rahul – 1 (3)

Wide! down the leg-side, first run on the board for India.

7:00 PM: So, we are live, India’s new T20 opening pair of KL Rahul and Virat Kohli is out, local boys would know the conditions well. Tymal Mills with the ball for England.

Manish Pandey scored 30 runs in the last match on a tough wicket but has been dropped here. Virat didn’t give a reason for that but there could be a minor injury. 

6:55 PM: So, Rishabh Pant isn’t padded, that’s a surprise. This means that Virat Kohli may continue to open the batting but isn’t that unfair with the 19-year-old? 

The atmosphere at Chinnaswamy Stadium is electrifying and the Indian playing XI has 3 RCB boys in captain Virat Kohli, KL Rahul and leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal.

6:38 PM: In case you missed the toss:


Pant’s inclusion means that India may have a new opening pair once again in Rahul and Pant with Kohli shifting down to number 3.

6:34 PM: Playing XI:

England: Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Tymal Mills

India: Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Rishabh Pant, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Amit Mishra, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra

One change for England, Liam Dawson is dropped and Virat Kohli confirms that Rishabh Pant makes his debut for Manish Pandey.

That’s 3 in a row for Eoin Morgan and third time in the series India will be batting first.

6:30 PM: Good evening folks! It’s toss time, England win the toss, elect to bowl first.

6:25 PM: Big news coming from the Indian camp, Rishabh Pant will make his international debut today:


The last match played here was the IPL final where 408 runs were scored and, we may be up for another high-scoring thriller. 

6:15 PM: With just 2 days left for the IPL auctions, this match could be crucial for some players to put a strong case for themselves. While Ben Stokes is likely to enter the auction as the hottest property, Chris Jordan and Jason Roy are two other players who have impressed a lot must be on the radar of the franchises.

Tymal Mills another player who showed aspirations for playing in the cash-rich league and will have one more chance to showcase his talent.

6:05 PM: BCCI has presented MS Dhoni with a memento ahead of the 3rd T20. Indeed a legend:


5:30 PM: It is homecoming for the local boy KL Rahul who looks to make it special:


Playing Conditions: Bengaluru is known for its pleasant temperature and even for this match, we are expecting a similar evening with no signs of rain. Chinnaswamy’s wicket is knwon as a graveyard for the bowlers and curator K Sriram has predicted another high scoring match.

Team Combinations: There is not much scope of change in India’s playing XI and Virat Kohli may persist with the winning combination. However, given the history of Chinnaswamy stadium, it won’t be a bad idea to include Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the side in place of a spinner or even in place of Jasprit Bumrah, who didn’t bowl a single ball yesterday.

You may also like to watch this video:

KL Rahul’s return to form was a bright point of the previous match but Indian batsmen have found it difficult to get going so far. Bowlers may have saved them from blushes at Nagpur but at Bengaluru, even a target of 200 plus may not be safe. England has looked a better side in the T20s and the only dissapointment for Morgan so far would be the poor run of form of Jos Buttler. the wicketkeeper batsmen is the only English player who has failed to score and Bengaluru pitch may provide the perfect setting for him.

They may also bring back Liam Plunkett in the playing XI in place of Liam Dawson.


India: Lokesh Rahul, Mandeep Singh, Rishabh Pant, Virat Kohli (captain), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (wk), Suresh Raina, Manish Pandey, Hardik Pandya, Parvez Rasool, Amit Mishra, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

England: Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (captain), Jos Buttler, Jonny Bairstow, Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes, Adil Rashid, Chris Jordan, Liam Dawson, David Willey, Liam Plunkett, Tymal Mills, Jake Ball.

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