England – 366/8, India – 381/7, Live Cricket Score, India vs England, 2nd ODI Cuttack: India beats England in Cuttack ODI to clinch the series 2-0

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New Delhi | Updated: January 19, 2017 9:46:25 PM

Live Cricket Score, Ind vs Eng: Here you will get live cricket score and updates from the second ODI between India and England.

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Here you will get live cricket score and updates from the second ODI between India and England. What a game we had tonight, the scorenoard differentiates both the sides by 15 runs but it was much closer than that.

Terrfic effort by the Indian bowlers to restrict the England batsmen, Ashwin finished with three wickets. Credit to Eoin Morgan and team for putting up a close fight.

India wins by 15 runs, take an unbeaten lead of 2-0.

9:40 PM: England: 366/8 (50 overs)

20 runs needed from 4 balls.

In the air, well fielded by Yuvraj Singh. Saved a certain boundary there.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the last over, MS Dhoni is setting the field.

England: 360/8 (49 overs)

OUT! unfortunate for Morgan, he was backing too far out at the non-striker’s end. Bumrah runs him out. Is this the final twist in the game? England: 354/8 (48.3)

Four! Century for Eoin Morgan. Brilliant knock from the England captain. Hats off!

England: 349/7 (48 overs)

Its getting tense in Cuttack.

Four! Morgan moves to 95, 36 runs needed from 15 balls.

Four! Morgan beats the square leg. Game On!

England: 336/7 (47 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 85 (74)

Liam Plunkett: 18 (10)

Hawk-eye shows that the ball pitched outside off-stump. Umpire changes his decision, Plunkett survives.

OUT! Wait, Plunkett has asked for a review.

SIX! Morgan is not giving up so easy. He moves to 84, the crowd goes silent.

63 runs needed from 27 balls.

9:15 PM: England: 319/7 (46 overs)

Four! Plunkett finds the gap this time.

Four! Morgan is still fighting for his side.

73 runs needed from 30 balls.

9:10 PM: England: 309/7 (45 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 71 (69)

Liam Plunkett: 5 (3)

Four! edged by Plunkett, unfortunate for Bumrah.

Bowled! Jasprit Bumrah gets that Yorker right, the crowd is back on its feet. Woakes depart for 5, England: 304/7

9:05 PM: England: 300/6 (44 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 71 (68)

300 up for England.

Chris Woakes is the new batsman. He is a big hitter of the ball too.

Bowled! Moeen Ali misses and Bhuvi hits, India back in the command. Moeen Ali: 55 (43)

83 runs needed from 40 balls. It’s England’s match to lose from here.

8:55 PM: England: 297/5 (43 overs)

Four! Another blow by Moeen Ali. Fifty for him, dressing room acknowledges the effort.

Four! This time Moeen Ali picks the same spot, 10 runs from the over with 2 balls remaining.

Four! Morgan smashes it past mid-wicket. Will using Jadhav back fire here?

Virat Kohli is having a long chat with Kedar Jadhav. The part-timer will bowl the 43rd over.

100 runs needed from 48 balls. 

8:50 PM: England: 282/5 (42 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 65 (63)

Moeen Ali:  45 (38)

Everything depends on Morgan now, he has to play till the end if the visitors want to win the game.

Dropped! Ravindra Jadeja has dropped a catch. Let that sink in! That was in the air for a long time and slips through Jaddu’s hands. Moeen Ali survives. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has 5 overs left while Jasprit Bumrah has 4. Those two should share the ball for the remaining overs.

108 runs needed from 54 balls.

8:44 PM: England: 274/5 (41 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 65 (63)

Moeen Ali: 37 (32)

116 needed from 66 balls. 

8:37 PM: England: 266/5 (39 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 62 (57)

Moeen Ali: 31 (26)

Four! Consecutive boundaries for England captain. Can he do a Virat Kohli here?

SIX! Morgan clears the rope. This match isn’t over yet folks!

8:33 PM: England: 252/5 (38 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 50 (53)

Moeen Ali: 30 (24)

Fifty! Half-century for England captain, he needed it after a disappointing 2016 with the bat.

250 up for England, still 132 needed from 76 balls.

Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack. He needs to get his Yorker right.

145 runs needed in 84 balls.

8:20 PM: England: 237/5 (36 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 46 (48)

Moeen Ali: 19 (17)

Piers Morgan trolls his team:


‘chal de, maar de cheeku,’ shouts Dhoni from behind the wicket as Moeen Ali takes a quick single.

OHH! That should have been gone, Moeen Ali was way out of his crease but Dhoni failed to gather the ball cleanly.

8:11 PM: England: 222/5 (33 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 43 (42)

Moeen Ali: 7 (5)

Four! Smashed away through the covers by Moeen Ali!

Bollywood is full of praises for Yuvraj Singh:


SIX! Huge hit from Morgan. Is he fighting a lost battle here?

Moeen Ali is the next batsmen in. This is the last specialist batting pair for England.

8:05 PM: England: 206/5 (31.2 overs)

OUT! Brilliant work by Ashwin and MS Dhoni. Saw Buttler stepping down the wicket, bowled in outside leg-stump, Dhoni does the rest by taking the bails off.

SIX! Morgan clears the long-off. 200 up for England, Game on in Cuttack!

189 runs needed from 120 balls now.

7:56 PM: England: 193/4 (30 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 22 (30)

Jos Buttler: 8 (8)

SIX! Ashwin tossed that one up, Morgan slogs it over long-on.

7:54 PM: England: 179/4 (28 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 13 (23)

Jos Buttler: 5 (3)

OUT! Ashwin strikes! Ben Stokes (1) departs without doing much.

7:45 PM: England: 171/3 (27 overs)

The required run rate has gone over 9 now. Somebody has to get a move on.

Ben Stokes is the next batsman in. Another interesting move, he comes in ahead of Jos Buttler. 

OUT! Jadeja gets the breakthrough, Roy departs for 82. That’s a big blow to England’s chances.

7:40 PM: England: 170/2 (26 overs)

Jason Roy: 82 (72)

Eoin Morgan: 10 (18)

Morgan is dealing in singles right now. He is trying to get himself in. This could be the right time to get a few overs done from Kedar Jadhav or Yuvraj Singh. 

7:36 PM: England: 158/2 (24 overs)

Jason Roy: 74 (67)

Eoin Morgan: 6 (11)

SIX! what a shot from Jason Roy! Pure class.


7:30 PM: England: 139/2 (22 overs)

Jason Roy: 60 (60)

Eoin Morgan: 2 (6)

Four! Roy continues to entertain.

England captain, Eoin Morgan is the new man in.

7:22 PM: England: 128/2 (20 overs)

OUT! Ashwin gets the wicket in his first over. Root departs for 54.

Four! Fifty for Joe Root as well. He has scored a half century in every single match on this tour.

Fifty for Jason Roy. Well built innings.

7:17 PM: England: 121/1 (19 overs)

7:12 PM: England: 119/1 (18 overs)

11 runs from that Pandya over, expensive for India. He has conceded 35 from his 4 overs till now.

Dropped! That goes through the hands of Jasprit Bumrah who couldn’t time his jump at mid-wicket. Another four!

Four! Another short ball outside off stump, that’s a gift for Joe Root. Pandya needs to get his length right.

7:05 PM: England: 105/1 (16 overs)

Jason Roy: 41 (43)

Joe Root: 43 (43)

Another Four! 100 up for England. It’s not over yet, we have a game in our hands here.

Four! extar-ordinary stroke from Joe Root.

Hardik Pandya into his 3rd over.

6:56 PM: England: 89/1 (14 overs)

Jason Roy: 37 (38)

Joe Root: 30 (35)

SIX! That’s a monster hit, first of England’s innings.

When you have comeback from the dead, coming back to form isn’t a big deal.


Lights are out, Cuttack is shining with those flash lights. It’s a sky full of stars. Great scenes, especially what happened here the last time.

6:48 PM: England: 75/1 (12 overs)

Jason Roy: 28 (32)

Joe Root: 25 (29)

Short, pulled away for four by Jason Roy.

On screen Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput joins the party:


Hardik Pandya into the attack.

6:45 PM: England: 70/1 (11)

That was a tidy start. Just 4 runs from that over.

First bowling change for India, Jadeja comes into the attack.

This is going to be interesting. As the dew will settle in, he might face it difficult to grip the ball.

6:41 PM: 66/1 (10 overs)

Four! Roy just angled the bat to guide it past the third man.

Now the ‘God’ speaks:


6:36 PM: England: 59/1(9 overs)

Jason Roy: 13 (20)

Joe Root: 24 (23)

Four! Good shot from Root, shows it the full face of the bat.

Another six for Viru PA:

FOUR! That brings 50 for England.

Outside the park, Virender Sehwag strikes again:


6:25 PM: England: 44/1 (6 overs)

Jason Roy: 11 (17)

Joe Root: 10 (7)

Four! Root cuts it past the point fielder. He is the big wicket India needs.

6:18 PM: England: 32/1 (4 overs)

Jason Roy: 6 (12)

Joe Root: 1 (4)

OUT! caught by MS Dhoni. Jasprit Bumrah strikes. Alex Hales: 14 (12) out.

Four! inside edge, that was close. England: 27/0.

Four! Outside edge flies past the third man.

Brilliant fielding! You can’t keep Virat Kohli out of the game. Saves a boundary there.

6:06 PM: England: 9/0 (2 overs)

Alex Hales: 4 (7)

Jason Roy: 0 (6)

Follows it with an excellent yorker, brings Hales down but it rolls down for a four.

No Ball! Bumrah oversteps.

Jasprit Bumrah to start from the other end, that’s surprising.

6:02 PM: England: 0/0 (1 overs)

Good start for Kumar, maiden over. The bowl is moving in the air. India would be hoping for early breakthroughs.

6:00 PM: So the players are out in the field.

Alex Hales and Jason Roy will open the batting, Bhuveshwar Kumar with the new ball. This is going to be an exciting run chase.

This tour is just getting worse for England. Every time they feel like they have the match in their hands, someone steps up for India and takes it away. In the Test series it was Ravichandran Ashwin, KL Rahul and Karun Nair who did it, in the first ODI it was Kedar Jadhav and Virat Kohli and today the old horses, Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni stepped up.

India’s inning had nostalgia written all over it. Now, the onus is on the bowlers to make sure that men in blue do not commit the same mistake that England did in the previous match.

5:30 PM: India: 381/6 (50 overs)

Ravindra Jadeja: 16 (8)

Hardik Pandya: 19 (9)

SIX! It just gets better.

Four! Jadeja smashes that for four.

Woakes to bowl the last over, Jadeja is on strike.

5:22 PM: India – 366/6 (48.5 overs)

Ouch! Now Jake Ball is down. Pandya’s shot hits him hard. India – 366/6 (48.5 overs)

This looked impossible 2 hours ago. What MS Dhoni and Yuvraj did is exceptional!

5:15 PM: India: 358/6 (48 overs)

Hardik Pandya: 12 (5)

OUT! Caught in the deep by Jake Ball. MS Dhoni – 134 (122)

SIX! wow! You don’t see that from Dhoni often. Dances down the wicket and smashes it over cover.

Already 14 runs of the over, two balls to go.

350 is up for India too.

SIX! ‘we have seen the best of Yuvraj, now we are watching the best of MS Dhoni,’ says Sanjay Manjrekar.

SIX! Fourth of the innings for MS Dhoni.

5:10 PM: India – 337/5 (47 overs)

MS Dhoni: 115 (117)

Hardik Pandya: 11 (4)

SIX! Pandya is on 10 from just 2 balls. India – 334/5 (46.3)

Four! Pandya gets off the mark.

Hardik Pandya walks in!

OUT! Kedar Jadhav is gone. But, he did his job, 22 from 10 balls.

SIX! superb shot by Kedar Jadhav. He continues from where he left in the previous game.

5:00 PM: India: 308/4 (45 overs)

Four! Jadhav joins the party.

Four! Smoked! Dhoni nearly took the umpire with that one.

4:55 PM: India: 296/4 (44 overs)

Kedar Jadhav: 5 (3)

MS Dhoni: 104 (110)

Four! Jadhav guides it past third man.

Kedar Jadhav is the next man in.

4:50 PM: India: 281/4 (43 overs)

Century for Dhoni! 10th in ODIs and first since giving away the captaincy.

SIX! Dhoni moves on to 99. That’s a big one!

4:42 PM: India: 273/3 (41.5 overs)

150 for Yuvraj Singh from just 125 balls. Eight overs still remaining. Can he score 200?

Oouch! Dhoni’s straight drive hits Ben Stokes on the chest. He is smiling.

He looks confident! The replay shows that it touched the ground. The decisions is changed, crowd goes up! YUVRAJ survives. 

OUT! Yuvraj has asked for a review, more drama!

10 overs to go. Its show time!

4:28 PM: India: 261/3 (40 overs)

Yuvraj Singh: 145 (119)

MS Dhoni: 85 (96)

SIX! That’s Yuvraj’s highest score in ODI cricket. 143 not out, superb knock. His previous best was 139 against Australia in 2004.

Four! All Yuvraj had to do was guide it past the short fine-leg.

Kevin Pietersen has some words for Yuvraj Singh.

Trivia: Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni have scored 3000 runs in ODI partnerships. 7th Indian pair to do so.

Yuvraj is now just 13 runs away from his highest ODI score. Will the record be broken today!

4:20 PM: India: 237/3 (38 overs)

Four! Two consecutive boundaries for Yuvraj. He is now fire. Batsmanship at its best.

The partnership is now of 202 runs off 200 balls. 

SIX! Dhoni goes big now. He didn’t middle it and it still went over the ropes. That’s the power of Dhoni.

At the current run rate, India will easily reach 300 run-mark but it may not be enough on this track.

4:10 PM: 217/3 (36 overs)

Yuvraj Singh: 116 (107)

MS Dhoni: 71 (84)

Yuvraj Singh is just 19 runs behind to be the highest run-scorer for India against England. Sachin Tendulkar holds that spot currently. Guess who’s at number 3? MS Dhoni.

200 up for India in the 35th over. How many can they score in the final 15

Shah Rukh has his take on the exciting partnership.


4:00 PM: 197/3 (34 overs)

Yuvraj Singh: 103 (101)

MS Dhoni: 65 (78)

This is 14th ODI hundred, but the last come years ago. Good to see Kohli smiling. 

His teammates are applauding.

Century for Yuvraj Singh. What a proud moment for the Punjab boy. Terrific knock under pressure.

Four! What a reply by Yuvraj. He is on 99.

In the air! falls short. Yuvraj survives.

3:52 PM: India: 183/3 (32 overs)

Four! That one just raced to the boundary. Yuvraj Singh you beauty! Move into the ninties. 

Four! Yuvraj plays it over backward point.

We are back live after the drinks break, Ben Stokes starts.

If Harsha Bhogle is right, then  the pain for England has just started.


3:43 PM: India: 172/3 (31 overs)

MS Dhoni: 83 (87)

Yuvraj Singh: 61 (74)

Now that both the batsmen have reached the personal milestone, they might shift gears soon.

Excellent running between the wickets. This reminds me of the old days.

FIFTY! edged and goes for a four. Another half-century for former Indian captain.

Crowd goes Dhoni, Dhoni once again as he nears his half-century.

3:33 PM: India: 156/3 (29 overs)

Partnership: 131 (146)

That was a tough chance for the fielder. Dhoni was lucky there. The ball was in the air for a long time and could have gone anywhere.

In the air! dropped!

10 runs from Moeen Ali’s previous over.

SIX! Dhoni dances down the wicket and clears the long on. He is in the 40s now.

3:25 PM: India: 141/3 (27)

MS Dhoni: 34 (56)

Yuvraj Singh: 81 (81)

The way Dhoni and Yuvraj handled the situation is simply remarkable. They have been very calculative so far and with Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja to follow, last 10 overs are going to be exciting.

3:16 PM: India: 132/3 (25 overs)

MS Dhoni: 31 (53)

Yuvraj Singh: 75 (72)

Four! Boundary for Dhoni. It was length ball and Dhoni plays it past the bowler.

That brings up the 100-run partnership off 118 balls.

Four! its Yuvraj again. Gavaskar says, ‘its very difficult to keep him quiet.’

3:10 PM: India – 117/3 (23 overs)

Four! Pulled away by Yuvraj Singh.

The crowd is going Dhoni, Dhoni! And, that’s just a single.

SIX! Yuvraj Singh lofts it over long-off.

3:05 PM: India: 104/3 (22 overs)

MS Dhoni: 25 (48)

Yuvraj Singh: 55 (59)

Four! Dhoni takes the charges. Drives Moeen Ali for a four.

That’s it! 100 up for India in the 22nd over.

Fifty! Brilliant knock by Yuvraj Singh. He is back!

2:52 PM: India: 86/3 (18 overs)

Yuvraj Singh: 45 (48)

MS Dhoni: 17 (35)

Moeen Ali into the attack. Spin introduced for the first time. This is a crucial phase.

Four! clean strike by Yuvraj Singh, moves into the 40s.

Ben Stokes into the attack.

2:36 PM: India – (15 overs)

MS Dhoni – 15 (31)

Yuvraj Singh – 30 (34)

Four! smartly played by MS Dhoni. There was no slip and he guides his past the wicket-keeper. India – 69/3 (14.3 overs)

He also completes 4000 ODI runs in India, at an average of 57.99. Incredible!

Four! short-outside off, Dhoni smashes it over cover. Typically Dhoni short-arm jab.

2:30 PM: India: 58/3 (13 overs)

Maiden over! good comeback by Liam Plunkett.

Both Yuvraj and Dhoni have looked solid till now. They need to bat till the 35th over if India wants to put more than 300 runs on the board.

2:20 PM: 55/3(11 overs)

Yuvraj Singh: 27 (24)

MS Dhoni: 4 (17)

Four! Vintage! straight drive by Yuvraj Singh. This inning is full of nostalgia.

Four! Beautifully driven away by Yuvraj Singh, fifty up for India.

2:10 PM: India: 39/3 (8)

England’s short-pitch plan against Yuvraj isn’t working. He smashed Ball for three fours in his first over.

2:05 PM: India: 27/3 (7 overs)

MS Dhoni: 1 (9)

Yuvraj Singh: 2 (8)

Bowled! Woakes strikes again! Picks Shikhar Dhawan as his third wicket.

Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman.

That’s a big wicket, England is delighted. Added responsibility on Shikhar Dhawan now, he needs to make it big today.

Out! Kohli is gone, pin drop silence in the stadium.

1:45 PM: India: 22/2 (3 overs)

Shikhar Dhawan: 9 (8)

Four! Another straight drive by Kohli. He is in great touch.

Four! Kohli is off the mark. Starts with a boundary.

Virat Kohli walks in to bat. Huge cheer for the Indian captain.

OUT! England strikes early. KL Rahul departs for 5. India – 14/1 (2.1)

Four! Another cracking drive Dhawan. He is off to a good start here.

Four! Pitched up, Dhawan drives through covers, beautiful timing. India needs more of that today.

David Willey will start from the other end.

1:35 PM: India: 6/0 (1 overs)

KL Rahul: 5 (4)

Shikhar Dhawan: 1(2)

Four! what a way to start the innings. KL Rahul just reminded of Virender Sehwag.

1:30 PM: It’s match time! KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan are out for India, Chris Woakes will start with the new ball.



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