1. England – 148/3, India – 147/7, India vs England, 1st T20 Kanpur: England win the match by 7 wickets, lead the series 1-0

England – 148/3, India – 147/7, India vs England, 1st T20 Kanpur: England win the match by 7 wickets, lead the series 1-0

Live Cricket Score, Ind vs Eng, 1st T20: Here are all the live cricket score and updates from the 1st T20 between India and England at the Green Park Stadium, Kanpur.

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Here you will get live cricket score and updates from the 1st T20I between India and England. England win the match by 7 wickets, lead the series 1-0

8:37 PM: Harsha Bhogle thinks he was a good choice, so do we:


England dominated the match except for the first six overs when Virat Kohli was batting. The target was never going to be tough for the visitors and the openers made the task easier by providing a flying start.

Eoin Morgan came to his own then and guided England to a comfortable victory. It was reality check for Men in Blue’ who were high in confidence after their batting performances in the ODI series. Moeen Ali was named ‘Man of the Match’ for his superb bowling.

Virat Kohli needs to rework his strategy. He was too defensive with his bowling options and waited for things to happen instead of attacking for wickets.

India’s opening trouble continues. Maybe, its time to give chance to Rishabh Pant instead of a struggling KL Rahul or Manish Pandey.

He can also consider playing with two leg-spinners as they are the attacking options.

7:40 PM: England: 143/3 (18.1 overs)

That’s it! Root does it with a single.

1 run needed from 12 balls. 

Four! In the same direction and same result.

Four! This time Joe Root goes over mid on and finds the boundary.

10 runs needed from 16 balls now.

7:33 PM: Michael Vaughan is impressed by his side:


7:32 PM: England: 134/3 (17 overs)

Bowled! Bumrah does it again but this time it’s a free-hit!

It’s a No Ball! Heart-break for the fans, Joe Root survives.

Wait a minute! Umpire has gone to the third umpire, Bumrah did this in the ODI series, has he done it here again?

OUT! Bowled by Jasprit Bumrah.

The visitors are doing it easily here, they are dealing in singles.

7:24 PM: England: 129/3 (16 overs)

Ben Stokes:  1 (2)

Joe Root: 31 (35)

OUT! He is gone on the very next ball but is it too late for India?

SIX! Half-century for England captain.

Rasool into his last over.

28 runs needed form 30 balls. It’s less than run-a-ball now.

7:15 PM: England: 120/2 (15 overs)

Superb effort from Suresh Raina. He caught that one off Chahal but was going over the rope so threw it back in the field. Saved some runs for the side.

7:15 PM: England: 114/2 (14 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 41 (32)

Joe Root: 27 (31)

SIX! Another huge from Morgan! He is running away with the match.

Parvez Rasool is back into the attack, probably Kohli’s last weapon.

7:11 PM: England: 103/2 (13 overs)

100 comes up for England! Its getting away from  India now.

The partnership is now 53 runs from 51 balls.

7:07 PM: England: 94/2 (12 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 31 (27)

Joe Root: 19 (24)

SIX! Poor ball from Suresh Raina, begging to be hit and the sound from Morgan’s bat said it all. As clean as it could be.

Former England captain is full of praises for the young Sam Billings:


7:04 PM: England: 82/2 (11 overs)

England is doing it in singles here. They know that the target is in reach and there is no need to take risks.

Hardik Pandya gets his first over of the match. India need wickets and need them fast.

6:55 PM: England: 76/2 (10 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 21 (21)

Joe Root: 13 (18)

In the air and SIX! Eoin Morgan goes big.

Chahal comes back and root welcomes him with a four. Nicely picked his spot there.

Excellent over, just 2 runs from it. 84 runs needed in 66 balls. 

Good comeback over from Bumrah, just 1 run off the first five balls.

85 runs needed from 69 balls. 

Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack. His first over went for 20, a chance to make up for that!

6:50 PM: England: 62/2 (8 overs)

There you go, Suresh Raina with the ball. He has a knack of picking captains.

6:47 PM: England: 57/2 (7 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 10 (12)

Joe Root: 5 (9)

Soon, we might see Raina and Yuvraj rolling their arms as well.

FOUR! Inside out, excellent shot from Morgan!

Spinners have slowed the scoring rate at Kanpur. Only, 12 runs have come off last 3 overs and two wickets have gone.

6:44 PM: England: 48/2 (6 overs)

Virat Kohli understands Chahal well. Kohli has led him at RCB and he is proving to be Kohli’s secret weapon here against England. India need wickets and Chahal is the man who can get them. Brave from the leggie!

6:40 PM: England: 46/2 (5 overs)

Eoin Morgan: 1 (3)

Joe Root: 3 (6)

Parvez Rasool comes into bowling. Kohli is trying to slow it here and the good news is that there is no sign of dew yet.

OUT! Another wicket for Chahal, Billings is gone for 22. India is back in the game!

Joe Root is the new batsman in.

OUT! Bowled by Chahal, what a comeback by the little man. This man has a lot of heart, he has shown it in the IPL and he is showing it here. Jason Roy is gone for 19.

SIX! Roy welcomes the leggie in style.

Chahal comes into the attack so early, this is a huge risk!

6:31 PM: England: 36/0 (3 overs)

Jason Roy: 13 (9)

Sam Billings: 22 (9)

Huge appeal for caught behind, turned down by the umpire. It’s a wide.

While the ball is being changed, India is having a big meeting. Virat Kohli is joined by MS Dhoni and Ashish Nehra. This is slipping fast!

SIX! This time Roy goes big.

6:23 PM: England: 24/0 (2 overs)

Four! That’s 20 runs from the over, expensive start for Bumrah.

SIX! Adventurous from Sam Billings. There was no fine-leg, Billings goes on his knee and clears the rope.

Four This time goes through the mid-wicket, good start for Billings.

Four! Goes over the cover fielder, first boundary for England and Billings.

Master Blaster has a special message for the Republic Day:


6:18 PM: England: 4/0 (1 over)

Jason Roy: 3 (4)

Sam Billings: 1 (2)

Mis-field, through the legs of Virat Kohli, two runs for Roy.

Ashish Nehra with the new ball. Hint of swing for the old man on the first ball.

6:15 PM: We are live again, England to start their run chase. Jason Roy will open the innings with Sam Billings.

Virat Kohli would be disappointed. He got the side to a good start but got out to an excellent catch by Morgan. After that, it was all England.

Raina looked good but got out at the wrong time. Dhoni came good in the final over but only time will tell if it was good enough?

There is bounce in the wicket but can Indian bowlers extract it the way English bowlers did? They need to make the best use of the new ball and pick early wickets.

This was a major problem for India in the ODI series but the return of experienced Ashish Nehra will boost their confidence. He has done it in the past, he needs to do it again, tonight.

6:05 PM: India: 147/7 (20 overs)

MS Dhoni: 36 (27)

Jasprit Bumrah: 0 (0)

That’s it! The target for England is 148 runs, certainly their game to lose from here.

OUT! England gets a run-out, Rasool sacrifices his wicket to keep Dhoni on strike.

FOUR! Hit hard by Dhoni, it raced to the boundary.

FOUR! Jordan misses his length by an inch, smashed by Dhoni.

India haven’t hit a boundary in last 22 balls.

5:57 PM: India: 135/6 (19 overs)

MS Dhoni: 24 (21)

Hardik Pandya: 5 (6)

Great stuff from Mills, 4 singles from the first 4 balls of the over.

Singles and doubles won’t do it for India, they need boundaries here.

Tymal Mills to bowl the second last over, he has lived up to the hype so far.

5:53 PM: India: 128/6 (18 overs)

Another dot ball! Chris Jordan is known for that, he is doing a good job for the visitors.

MS Dhoni needs to play most of the remaining 18 deliveries if India wants to reach a fighting total.

5:48 PM: India: 122/6 (17 overs)

Parvez Rasool is the new batsman, he can hit some out of the park!

OUT! Mills gets his first wicket, Pandya is gone for 9, India: 118/6.

5:37 PM: India: 117/5 (16 overs)

MS Dhoni: 12 (9)

Hardik Pandya: 9 (11)

India does need a Dhoni special here:


FOUR! Smashed by MS Dhoni through the covers, India need more of that!

5:37 PM: India: 106/5 (15 overs)

MS Dhoni: 7 (7)

Hardik Pandya: 7 (8)


That one kept low! This is the second time it happened in this match.

Moeen Ali’s spell could come back to haunt India. He just gave away 21 runs from his 4 overs and picked up two crucial wickets.

5:33 PM: India: 103/5 (14 overs)

Hardik Pandya is the new batsman.

OUT! Pandey is gone for 3. that hit him on the middle-stump and umpire raised his finger. Moeen Ali is doing a terrific job for England.

5:30 PM: India: 98/4 (13 overs)

MS Dhoni: 6 (5)

Manish Pandey: 3 (3)

Manish Pandey is the new man in!

England has struck at right times and haven’t allowed India to build partnerships.

OUT! Superb comeback by Stokes, get Raina’s leg stump with that Yorker. He was looking good at 34, big blow for India.

SIX! Huge from Raina, he is back at the international level.

Moeen Ali has given away just 16 runs from his 3 overs so far, India have definitely missed a trick here.

5:23 PM: India: 88/3 (12 overs)

Helmet comes off for MS Dhoni!

5:20 PM: India: 82/3 (11 overs)

Another nostalgic moment, MS Dhoni and Raina batting together.

FOUR! Good shoot by Raina, clears the cover fielder.

MS Dhoni walks in!

OUT! Yuvraj Singh departs for 12. Brilliant catch by Adil Rashid, it was in the air for ages but the legs-spinner caught it beautifully.

5:13 PM: India: 75/2 (10 overs)

FOUR! As straight as it could, Yuvraj comes into the groove.

5:10 PM: India: 68/2 (9 overs)

Yuvraj Singh: 6 (8)

Suresh Raina: 19 (12)

Four! Raina hits it over point.

Poor! sloppy from Liam Plunkett, gives away three easy runs.

These two are very experienced and England must be aware about it. They have been in such situations before and if India needs to get past 175, one of them needs to play it big here.

5:06 PM: India: 58/2 (8 overs)

Good first over from Moeen, just 3 runs from it.

Yuvraj Singh comes in.

OUT! Virat Kohli is gone, beautifully caught by Morgan. Moeen Ali gets the big wicket from his first ball. It went like a rocket at an awkward height and Eoin Morgan pounced on it.

5:02 PM: India: 55/1 (7 overs)

Virat Kohli: 29 (25)

Suresh Raina: 13 (9)

Fifty for India! Good start so far, Kohli should be happy.

Ben Stokes comes into the attack.

4:58 PM: India: 47/1 (6 overs)

FOUR! Another one for Raina, he is an attacking mood.

With Raina batting 3, it allows India to be more flexible with the batting order and also provides the depth with Yuvraj, Dhoni, Manish Pandey and Pandya to follow.

FOUR! Raina goes over the top and finds the boundary.

Indeed, Mills have been impressive so far:


4:53 PM: India: 36/1 (5 overs)

Virat Kohli: 24 (20)

Suresh Raina: 1 (2)

Suresh Raina is the new man in. Big opportunity for him to prove his worth.

OUT! caught by Adil Rashid, Rahul departs for 8. That ball bounced more than Rahul expected and he was in no position to pull that. Chris Jordan rewarded for his good bowling.

4:47 PM: India: 33/0 (4 overs)

The ball is coming onto the bat nicely here. Anything less than 175 could be easily chased.

Four! Better from the Indian captain, back to back boundaries.

FOUR! Kohli Didn’t time it well but enough to get it to the boundary.

4:43 PM: India: 22/0 (3 overs)

Virat Kohli: 12 (13)

KL Rahul: 7 (6)

Wishes from Alan Wilkins:


Direct hit from Morgan, allows Kohli to take an extra run, Mills is not happy!

4:38 PM: India: 16/0 (2 overs)

FOUR! One bounce and over the rope. Smoked by Kohli!

NO BALL! Free hit for Kohli and it’s a dot ball.

Chris Jordan starts from the other end.

4:32 PM: India: 9/0 (1 over)

Virat Kohli: 5 (4)

KL Rahul: 4(2)

FOUR! Another short delivery, this time Rahul makes the best out it. +

FOUR! Short, fast and cut hard by Kohli past the point fielder. He is off the mark.

Tymal Mills with the new ball.

4:30 PM: So, Kohli it is. Indian captain will open the innings with his RCB teammate KL Rahul.

4:25 PM: England have a good bowling attack. Chris Jordan comes in to the playing XI and is a very good death bowler while Tymal Mills also comes in. He is known for his fast pace.

4:20 PM: Indian captain Virat Kohli has a special message for the Indian fans:


4:10 PM: This gives a clear pass to Suresh Raina to bat at number 3 and express himself. The local boy needs to find his spark back and prove the critics wrong.

India is going in to the match with just one specialist opener in KL Rahul, signs are clear, Virat Kohli may open the innings today for men in blue.

4:05 PM: In case you missed the toss:


Playing XI:

England: Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root(c), Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Tymal Mills

India: Lokesh Rahul, Manish Pandey, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Yuzvendra Chahal, Parvez Rasool, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra

4:00 PM: Parvez Rasool makes his debut while Yuzvendra Chahal and Ashish Nehra comes in the playing XI for India. Jon

England wins the toss, elect to bowl first!

4:00 PM: Good afternoon folks! It’s toss time at Kanpur, Ravi Shastri is out with the two captains, Eoin Morgan and Virat Kohli.

Parvez Rasool gets his India cap from former Indian player Sarandeep Singh. What a proud moment for the Jammu and Kashmir player:


3:52 PM: Sunil Gavaskar and Nasser Hussain are out of the pitch report. It’s a tricky wicket, there is a hint of grass with some cracks. It will be interesting to see how it behaves. The message is simple for the captains, win the toss and chase the target. 

3:45 PM: Good news for the fans! Even though it has poured in Delhi, chances are we will get a full game of cricket at Kanpur. However, it’s little cloudy over there and the wind might assist the fast bowlers.

The focus in Uttar Pradesh shifts from the political corridors to the cricket field. After the musical chair that happened between Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav, people get some respite from as men in blue take field in Kanpur.

3:40 PM: Virat Kohli lost his 1st Test and ODI match as captain and this will be his first T20I as captain. It will be interesting to see if he could correct his record.

3:20 PM: Amit Mishra was seen working on his bowling with coach Anil Kumble:


3:05 PM: Veteran Ashish Nehra practicing death bowling against Manish Pandey:


2:30 PM: Happy Republic Day to all the Indians:


1:52 PM: MS Dhoni gave Jasprit Bumrah ‘the Yorker challenge’ ahead of the 1st T20I against England:


Playing Conditions:

There is a hint of grass on the pitch and bowlers might get extra bounce and movement from the wicket. Since, it’s an early start at 4:30 PM due to fog at night, teams may hesitate batting under lights.

However, dew will again play a crucial part as the match progresses and captain’s decision after winning the toss may depend on that.

Team Combinations:

With no major ICC t20 tournament coming up, this series may not be of much relevance but it is crucial for individuals. Suresh Raina and Ashish Nehra are making a comeback into the Indian side after last year’s ICC T20 World Cup and will have a point to prove to the critics.

Rishabh Pant, Parvez Rasool and Yuzvendra Chahal would look at this as an opportunity to take a step closer to a permanent spot in the side while KL Rahul’s task would be to find his lost form.

On the other hand, England has a similar side that played in the ODI series with T20 specialist Tymal MIlls joining the unit.

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India: Lokesh Rahul, Mandeep Singh, Rishabh Pant, Virat Kohli (captain), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (wk), Suresh Raina, Manish Pandey, Hardik Pandya, Parvez Rasool, Amit Mishra, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

England: Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (captain), Jos Buttler, Jonny Bairstow, Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes, Adil Rashid, Chris Jordan, Liam Dawson, David Willey, Liam Plunkett, Tymal Mills, Jake Ball.

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