India vs England, IND vs ENG 3rd ODI: England need 259 to win

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Updated:Jul 17, 2018 10:36:03 pm

India vs England 3rd ODI: Eoin Morgan won the toss and opted to field first against Virat Kohli & Co at Headingley Leeds in the 3rd ODI.

India vs England: It is do-or-die for Virat Kohli and Co.

India vs England 3rd ODI: Eoin Morgan won the toss and opted to field first against Virat Kohli & Co at Headingley Leeds in the 3rd ODI. Both the teams have made changes to the playing eleven. England rested Jason Roy who suffered a finger injury in the 2nd ODI and have included James Vince. As for India, they have made three changes and have brought in the death-over specialists Dinesh Karthik and Bhuveneshwar Kumar.

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Virat Kohli after the toss said: “Not much grass on it, so we expect the spinners to come into play in the second half. Rahul misses out for Karthik. Dinesh was a tactical change and the other two because they haven’t got a game yet. If you’re playing against the No. 1 ODI side in the world, you expect them to bounce back. Today is another opportunity for us to go and prove ourselves. We just have to come out and express ourselves.”

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Financial Express Commentary

India in England, 3 ODI Series, 2018Trent Bridge, Nottingham 27 February 2020

England 268 (49.5)


India 269/2 (40.1)

Match Ended ( Day - 1st ODI ) India beat England by 8 wickets

Live Blog


    19:08 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    WICKET! Kohli b Rashid 71 (India 156-4)

    Have a look! Magic Ball from Aadil Rashid pitches on leg grips, turns, and takes out off! Kohli has a face on! How Dare You! Do You know who I am!

    18:49 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    Karthik b Rashid 21 (India 125-3)

    Rashid tosses up outside off and Karthik’s eyes light up. He goes to pound through the covers but gets lazy with his footwork so when he edges there’s a wide open gate through which the ball scuttles.

    18:39 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    23rd over: India 113-2 (Kohli 47, Karthik 16)

    This is a good over from Rashid despite the inclusion of a wide - two singles are the only other runs - and Karthik almost pulls one onto his stumps, miscuing a drive.

    18:37 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    22nd over: India 110-2 (Kohli 46, Karthik 15)

    Karthik fancies this, up on his tippy-toes and rocking back to crack two to deep point. Next comes a single to third man, and Kohli then waits to dab four through the same area; beautifully done. He’s in such perfect control here, one of very few batsmen who intimidate with their presence

    18:34 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    21st over: India 103-2 (Kohli 42, Karthik 12)

    Jos Buttler is kicking out a leg every time someone plays a cut, either to stop the ball or flick up an edge to catch - innovation meets reaction. Another quiet over, three singles coming from it, and England will be happier with this little passage. Kohli, though, is looking in fair touch.

    18:30 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    20th over: India 100-2 (Kohli 41, Karthik 10)

    And Eoin Morgan agrees, replacing Moeen with Plunkett who, we’re told, might find it easier to generate pace running up the hill instead of coasting down it. And this is a better over for England, yielding just two singles.

    18:27 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    19th over: India 98-2 (Kohli 40, Karthik 9)

    Rashid into the attack as, in commentary, they ponder how batting with Kohli makes a person anticipate crazy-quick singles. But Dhawan was slow to react there, taking an extra stride after being told no, so there you go. Anyway, this is a good over for India, three singles, a two, and then Karthik stretches out to the pitch of the final delivery, cracking four through extra cover. There was just a little bit of width there, and Harbhajan advises that England bowl straight and bring on a quick from one end.

    18:22 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    Dhawan run out (Stokes) 44 (India 84-2)

    Ben Expletive Stokes! Kohli twizzles to midwicket but signals to Dhawan that he should stay. Problem being, Yerman is already halfway down the track, so Stokes collects, leaps turns, and flings down middle stump! He is ridiculous! The umpires go upstairs, and the replay reveals Dhawan was just short.

    18:16 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    17th over: India 82-1 (Dhawan 43, Kohli 34)

    Punishment is a dish best served immediately. Kohli reaches for one outside off to clump through midwicket, then ramps four more. A single follows, then Vince dives brilliantly at point to save three when Dhawan clambers into a drive; Stokes isn’t doing much here. England’s decent start is no longer a decent start, and that’s drinks.

    18:11 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    16th over: India 71-1 (Dhawan 42, Kohli 24)

    It’s all very well playing an opponent with a dodgy middle-order, but you’ve got to get at it first. Dhawan and Kohli look in no trouble here ... though what’s this! Kohli might have edged one that Buttler can’t hold ... or was it bat into the ground? It’s the former! Never mind, it’s just the greatest one-day batsman in history - take the positives.

    18:05 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    15th over: India 67-1 (Dhawan 40, Kohli 22)

    Eoin Morgan wants a wicket - on comes Ben Stokes. Kohli forces a single to deep point, then Dhawan raises the fifty partnership by flipping four off his pads over midwicket. He looks in decent touch here, but the over yields just a wide and a single more.

    18:02 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    14th over: India 60-1 (Dhawan 35, Kohli 21)

    On comes Moeen and Kohli takes one to third man, then Dhawan imparts a leading edge - there’s a bit of turn there, so the ball isn’t coming right onto the bat; England will enjoy facing Kuldeep, in other words. The over yields five singles, and India are, ever so gently - gentlily - turning it up.

    17:58 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    13th over: India 55-1 (Dhawan 33, Kohli 18)

    In fairness to India, they’re getting bat to ball some of the time but picking out the fielders, and here they come ... a single and two wides come from the first four balls of the over, then Plunkett serves Dhawan a leg-side half-volley which is flicks for four to midwicket. So Plunkett pitches it up to bring him forward ... and forward he comes, stretching and reaching to drive four through extra cover, then again! Excellent from yerman, less so from yer other man.

    17:55 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    12th over: India 40-1 (Dhawan 21, Kohli 17)

    Willey hangs on for his sixth over and after two dots, Dhawan shoves to off and fancies a single; Kohli does not. Guess what they decide to do? Two from the over, and India will be having a little think to their little selves - this is excellent from England.

    17:49 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    11th over: India 38-1 (Dhawan 20, Kohli 16)

    Plunkett comes on for the second powerplay and Dhawan opens the face to drive hard, Vince diving well at extra cover. But after a dot there’s nothing Vince can do when Dhawan waits and opens the face a little more to powerglide four a little squarer.

    17:41 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    9th over: India 25-1 (Dhawan 14, Kohli 9)

    This’ll be Wood’s last over, I reckon, and he’s doing much the same as before, cramping room and chucking into the pitch every now and then. I think the time has come with him: he’s never going to be the Test player we hoped he’d be, but is more than useful at this. That said, what’s holding back this England side is the absence of a gun bowler or two to get them out of trouble when the batters don’t quite get enough. Two singles from the over.

    17:39 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    8th over: India 23-1 (Dhawan 13, Kohli 8)

    Kohli is calm, so won’t be fazed by this start, but India will soon have a problem, all the more so if they lose a wicket because they’re getting nothing at the moment. With just one scored from the first five balls of the over, Dhawan starts running when Kohli inside-edges one - he’s sent back and forced to dive, making it, just, though a direct hit would’ve seen him away.

    17:25 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    WICKET! Sharma c Wood b Willey 2 (India 13-1)

    This is now a great start for England! They’ve strangled India in the early stages, forcing Rohit to try something, but like the joker he can’t get no release. His flick to square leg goes straight to the man, and the catch is as easy as you’re getting. That’s the good news for the hosts; the bad news is that Kohli is now in the middle.

    17:22 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    5th over: India 12-0 (Sharma 2, Dhawan 10)

    Rohit tries forcing one away through cover point but it’s stopped easily enough and it’s the most attacking shot of another maiden over. India have struggled so far after five overs. England on the other hand, have adapted an aggressive style of play. Can a wicket be far from reach for the Three Lions?

    17:18 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    4th over: India 12-0 (Rohit 2, Dhawan 10)

    Rohit takes one to midwicket but then is diddled by a belter, seaming away as he presses forward. Four dots follow, and this is now a pretty useful start from England, though without a wicket to cement it as such.

    17:14 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    3rd over: India 11-0 (Rohit 1, Dhawan 10)

    Wood tempts Dhawan with a smidge of width but on a perfect length for him, so he waits, leans, and creams it through extra cover for four. Delicious. And three balls later, four more, a short delivery helped around the corner and rightly so.

    17:11 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    2nd over: India 3-0 (Rohit 1, Dhawan 2)

    Willey bustles in down the hill and Dhawan plays at his first delivery, the ball rolling back and just past the stumps. Then, Dhawan plays forward and Willey shies for no reason, the ensuing overthrow getting India off the mark. 

    17:07 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    1st over: India 0-0 (Rohit 0, Dhawan 0)

    Swing first up for Wood, and also some movement off the seam which takes his fifth ball past the outside edge. The sixth does same too, making for a decent start for England. Maiden.

    16:39 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    16:39 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    India vs England Playing XI announced

    India playing XI: Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma Shikhar Dhawan, Dinesh Karthik, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal

    England playing XI: Jonny Bairstow, James Vince, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, David Willey, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood

    16:33 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    England win toss; one change for them

    Eoin Morgan won the toss and opted to field first in the last match of the series. Jason Roy has been injured due to injury and he has been replaced by James Vince.

    16:31 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    Minutes away from toss

    Minutes away from the toss. The news is that Jason Roy is out, James Vince is in. Roy injured his finger while going for Raina's catch at extra cover the other night. Presume this is a precautionary measure.

    16:27 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    How do u think will the wicket play today?
    16:24 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    Rohit Sharma - A bowler?

    In his early days, Rohit Sharma used to bowl a few overs of spin. He even has a hat-trick to his name in IPL. Why doesn't the Indian think tank ask him to keep practising bowling in nets? Another alternative for 6th bowler can be Karthik taking gloves and MSD bowling?

    16:21 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    Middle order conundrum for India

    Raina has struggled to build up the tempo in the middle overs, but he is still a powerful hitter. On the other hand, Dhoni has been pushing his case to rise up the batting order. Its high time that KL, Virat and MS form the 3, 4, 5 and Raina, Pandya take up finishing chorus. No point having MS at the back end.

    15:39 (IST)17 Jul 2018
    Headingley Leeds Pitch report:

    Headingley is usually a result wicket and it generally pays to bat first with neither side likely to buck that trend should the coin fall in their favour. We still wait for the official report but that is how the pitch has been generally. 

    Squads: India: Virat Kohli (Captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, MS Dhoni (Wicket-keeper), Dinesh Karthik, Suresh Raina, Hardik Pandya, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Shreyas Iyer, Siddarth Kaul, Axar Patel, Umesh Yadav, Shardul Thakur, Bhuvneshwar Kumar England: Eoin Morgan (Captain), Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (Wicket-keeper), Moeen Ali, Joe Root, Jake Ball, Tom Curran, Alex Hales, Liam Plunkett, Ben Stokes, Adil Rashid, David Willey, Mark Wood.
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