FIFA World Cup 2018, Brazil vs Mexico Highlights: Selecaos advance to quarters, El Tri’s ‘quinto partido’ curse prevails

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Updated:Jul 02, 2018 11:38:32 pm

Brazil vs Mexico, FIFA World Cup 2018: Mexico and Brazil kicked off the round of 16 with high-intensity at the Samara Stadium.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil and Mexico will lock horns against each other at Samara Stadium.

Brazil vs Mexico, FIFA World Cup 2018: Mexico and Brazil kicked off the round of 16 with high-intensity at the Samara Stadium. El Tri dominated the first quarter of the knockout match. Brazil who took the pitch as the favourites struggled in keeping up with Mexico in terms of possession and speed. Neymar their star player struggled in the first 20 minutes of the match. The Canarinho played the same team but rested injured Marcelo. The Real Madrid left-back was replaced by Atletico Madrid’s Felipe Luis. It is the first match of the tournament for Luis.

It has turned out to be a nerve-wracking World Cup in Russia. Defending champions Germany make a shocking group stage exit, 2010 champions Spain lose to the host country in the round of 16 and the two world’s best players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi fail to bring the holy grail back home for their respective countries.

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Mexico has advanced beyond the group stage of the tournament for the seventh consecutive time which is the same number of times as that of the Canarinha. The important caveat, however, is that Mexico has won zero of the six games after qualifying.


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21:27 (IST)02 Jul 2018
FULL TIME: Brazil 2, Mexico 0

Brazil looks to be the World Cup favorite after a dominating performance against Mexico. Neymar was all over the field, and his defense appears to be more than up to the task.

21:19 (IST)02 Jul 2018
21:17 (IST)02 Jul 2018
88’ GOAL! Brazil Puts Mexico Away

Neymar bursts down the left and pokes a shot past Ochoa with his right foot. Ochoa gets a toe on it — just enough to keep it off line — but Firmino is the first man to it in the goalmouth and he buries it. Brazil 2, Mexico 0. And that’ll be that in this one.

20:50 (IST)02 Jul 2018
63’: Neymar Goes Down

Neymar, down again, appears to be asking why the superstar treatment is not in effect today. “Do you know who I am? I’m Neymar!”

20:44 (IST)02 Jul 2018
20:40 (IST)02 Jul 2018

That was pretty. Neymar walked the ball across the top of the area and then, just when it looked like he’d gone to far, backheeled it to Willian. Willian pushed it through into space just to the left of the goal, and his cutback is met by ... Neymar, who never stopped running.

20:26 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Halftime: Brazil 0, Mexico 0

Mexico will be far more pleased with that half than Brazil, which was the more dangerous team but still had to fight off a couple nervous moments. Brazil is the favorite today though, by a wide margin, so every minute they’re not winning is a minute wasted for them, and a minute of hope for Mexico.

20:25 (IST)02 Jul 2018
20:17 (IST)02 Jul 2018
43’: Yellow for Filipe Luis

Brazil’s Filipe Luis joins Alvarez in the referee’s notebook with a lunging toe stab at Vela. Stopped the attack, however, so maybe it was worth it.

20:16 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Fun Fact
20:09 (IST)02 Jul 2018
38’: Both Sides Getting Physical

And the ticky-tack ankle-clipping portion of the game has begun. The referee Gianliuca Rocchi gives a warning: yellow cards to come.

20:07 (IST)02 Jul 2018
33’: Two Saves for Ochoa as Brazil Attacks

Double save for Guillermo Ochoa and Mexico! Brazil’s ball feints work again, and result in a pair of shots for Gabriel Jesus and Coutinho. Mexico blocks both, though, and breathes a sigh of relief.

20:05 (IST)02 Jul 2018
20:04 (IST)02 Jul 2018
31’: Mexico Takes a Breath

After another foiled attack from Brazil, Alvarez, stalling on a throw at midfield, makes the universal “just chill a sec” signal. Maybe he’s right. He could have been talking to both teams.

19:57 (IST)02 Jul 2018
19:52 (IST)02 Jul 2018
18’: Herrera Blocked

Crazy attacking sequence by Mexico there: Vela bad header, Chicharito overhead kick from the sideline to Guardado in the center, one-touch to Vela, cross to Herrera for a shot. Which is blocked.

Feels like we deserved better after all that.

19:50 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Fun Fact
19:48 (IST)02 Jul 2018
16’: Mexico’s Midfield Scrambling

In the “frantically scrambling back to help out at the first sign of danger” statistics, I’m giving Mexico’s midfield the early edge.

19:43 (IST)02 Jul 2018
11’: Mexico Aggressive

The danger for Brazil there, as they lost Chicharito down the left. But they scramble back and Miranda, losing his footing in the area, pokes the ball off his feet just long enough for a teammate to clear.

19:41 (IST)02 Jul 2018
19:39 (IST)02 Jul 2018
7’: Marquez Solid in the Middle

Marquez has parked himself in front of the center backs, Ayala and Salcedo, as a deep-lying midfielder/forward-covering center back. He’ll be there all day, providing cover and guidance as Brazil charges in.

19:34 (IST)02 Jul 2018
1’: Mexico Pushes Early

Mexico gets us going and tries to spring Guardado down the left. But he’s got no option, and ran a bit deep, and then kicks the ball out himself for a goal kick. Mexico will want to be direct again, though. But loner runs like that are easy for Brazil to handle.

19:32 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Expect Mexico to Counterattack

Mexico Manager Juan Carlos Osorio, while praising Brazil, hinted his team would approach today’s game much as it did its win over Germany: by acknowledging the opponent’s technical skill, but also running right at them on the counter. “Our footballing style has more to do with creating defensive problems in the opposition line,” he said. “We never throw in the towel and give up on attacking.”

19:25 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Mexico’s Starting Lineup

13 Guillermo Ochoa (Standard Liege)

2 Hugo Ayala (Tigres)

3 Carlos Salcedo (Eintracht Frankfurt)

4 Rafael Marquez (Atlas)

11 Carlos Vela (Los Angeles FC)

14 Javier Hernandez (West Ham)

16 Hector Herrera (Porto)

18 Andres Guardado (Real Betis)

21 Edson Alvarez (America)

22 Hirving Lozano (PSV Eindhoven)

23 Jesus Gallardo (Monterrey)

19:24 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Brazil’s Starting Lineup

There’s confirmation that Brazil makes only one change, sending out Filipe Luis for the injured Marcelo.

1 Alisson (Roma)

2 Thiago Silva (Paris St Germain)

3 Miranda (Inter Milan)

5 Casemiro (Real Madrid)

6 Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid)

9 Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

10 Neymar (Paris St Germain)

11 Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona)

15 Paulinho (Barcelona)

19 Willian (Chelsea)

22 Fagner (Corinthians)

19:18 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Brazil vs. Mexico: The History

Brazil and Mexico have played four previous matches at the World Cup. Brazil is 3-0-1 in them, and has outscored Mexico by 11-0.

18:41 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Brazil vs. Mexico Top Story Lines

• Brazil and Mexico surely have seen the papers and the highlights from the weekend’s matches by now. For Brazil, which thinks it can win the tournament, that will mean that contenders keep going out, and they had the best show up ready to be Brazil. For Mexico, it means anything can happen, and that legacy teams (Argentina, Spain, maybe even, oh, I don’t know, Brazil) aren’t owed anything.

• The winner of today’s match gets the Belgium-Japan winner on Saturday in Samara. France or Uruguay looms after that.

• Mexico did everything right for two games to avoid Brazil. Then it got crushed by Sweden in its third game, finished second in its group, and stumbled right into the matchup it had hoped to avoid. Oops.

• Mexico, for all its success against Germany on the opening weekend, has only three goals in three games — one fewer than it has allowed. Hirving Lozano, Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez each have one.

• Philippe Coutinho leads Brazil with two goals. Neymar only has one.

• Brazil will be without Douglas Costa and maybe Marcelo as well.  Brazil’s coach, Tite, said Filipe Luis, who replaced Marcelo after 10 minutes against Serbia, will start in his place against Brazil.

18:39 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Mexico’s Momentum

Mexico is looking to avoid its seventh straight second-round exit from the World Cup. But it has to wonder if it lost its momentum in its collapse against Sweden. This is the fourth game in two weeks for each team, and the weekend games showed the heavy legs starting to show up — especially in the two games that went to extra time.

18:36 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Round of 16: Brazil v Mexico

Samara is the venue for this meeting between Brazil and Mexico, with a place in the quarter-finals against Belgium of Japan up for grabs. Having made it through their group by the skin of their teeth despite a strong and impressive start to the tournament, Mexico will be hoping to record their first-ever victory over Brazil in six encounters between the sides and in a World Cup full of surprises, El Tri will fancy their chances. 

18:35 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Teams have arrived at Samara Stadium
18:31 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Playing XI: Brazil and Mexico

Marcelo has been rested and Felipe Luis is in.

18:07 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Reliving the past
18:07 (IST)02 Jul 2018
Fun Fact

Did you know that Brazil are the reigning Olympic champions (2016, Rio) while Mexico won the Olympics gold medal beating the Canarinhos in the final (2012, London).

17:48 (IST)02 Jul 2018
It is Neymar vs Hernandez at Samara Stadium

Both the strikers have managed to find the net just once in this tournament for their respective country so far. However, Neymar is leading with the number of shots on target and passes completed. Both Neymar and Hernandez will play a pivotal role today to help their team advance to the quarters.

El Tri has won only one knockout game ever at a World Cup and none outside Mexico. The fact that centre-back Hector Moreno is suspended is a big blow to the underdog. The tag of "underdog" is very much Mexico's to wear against Brazil although that has an upside. Maybe, the fact Brazil is such a heavy favourite means Mexico has very little to lose, in comparison to the South American side. The world expects Brazil to advance, although Mexico's players see the game as the ideal setting to break the "quinto partido" (fifth game) curse against a side El Tri has never beaten in the World Cup.
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