Aspirin lowers risk of cancer in overweight people: Study

Being overweight more than doubled the risk of bowel cancer in people with Lynch Syndrome, an inherited genetic disorder which affects genes responsible for detecting and repairing damage in the DNA

Molecular tinkering doubles cancer drug’s efficacy

By surrounding molecules of paclitaxel with self-assembling spheres composed of amino acids, the Duke team doubled tumour exposure to the drug compared to Abraxane while simultaneously reducing its ef

MERS vaccine shows promise in animals

An experimental vaccine for the deadly MERS virus has shown positive results in animal testing, bringing researchers a step closer to a human vaccine regimen

Merck receives EU-approval to extend Kuvan use to children with PKU below age four

European Commission decision confirms earlier CHMP recommendation for change to product information

BI’s afatinib LUX-Lung 8 trial data released at ASCO 2015

Patients from 23 countries, including India, participated in the trial, which is reportedly the first prospective trial to directly compare two different TKIs, afatinib and erlotinib By Viveka Roychow

Boehringer Ingelheim announces OS results from LUX-Lung 8 trial at ASCO 2015

The results of LUX-Lung 8 are very encouraging because they illustrate the clinical relevance of targeting ErbB receptors in this disease

Holy basil decoded

Holy basil or tulsi is for long known to be a wonder herb. In a first of sorts, a scientist decodes its genome to lend more credence to its medicinal value. He shares more insights with Shalini Gupta

Choppy waters

A new report reveals that 741 antibiotic candidates are in development, however, new antibiotic development is beset with problems. Shalini Gupta reviews recent reports and milestones on this front

Researchers discover new ways to shut down signals involved in brain diseases

The researchers now reveal NOS1AP binds to NOS-1 in a surprisingly complex manner

Obesity and weight loss change splicing pattern of obesity and type II diabetes genes

Alternative splicing of obesity and type II diabetes related genes may contribute to the pathophysiology of obesity, according to research from the University of Eastern Finland

Scientists crack memory code for flu-killing ‘assassin’ cells

The virus was infecting more people rapidly and nobody had immunity

Drug target for Ebola-like viruses identified

Effective treatments such as vaccines and drug therapies are not available for many of these infections

Scientists develop new drug to reverse resistance to immunotherapy

The new drug will now be tested in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in an early stage clinical trial

Duke University researchers finds new metric for antibiotic dosing

A regimen based on a pathogen’s recovery time could eliminate an otherwise resistant strain of bacteria

On parallel lines

PCR might have been the big discovery of 1983, and now a researcher has developed a new technique, a step ahead of it. Shalini Gupta reports

Study shows liposuction by product could lead to ED Cure

The study, conducted in rats, compares the effectiveness of using a byproduct of liposuction — uncultured stromal vascular fraction with adipose-derived stem cells cultured in the lab to treat ED ca

Stem cell clones could yield new drug treatment for deadly blood disease

FA is a hereditary blood disorder that leads to bone marrow failure (FA-BMF) and cancer

BIOTRONIK BIOLUX P-I clinical study results published

Results demonstrate advantage of BIOTRONIK's Passeo-18 lux drug-coated balloon catheter for the treatment of superficial femoral and popliteal artery disease

New streamlined system for research ethics review launched in Ontario

System provides nimble, efficient review of multi-centre clinical trials, while maintaining highest ethical standards

Neuropsychological, neuropsychiatric help follow course of Alzheimer’s disease

Difficulties in cognitive performance were not linked to behavioural and psychological problems

Strong link found between adolescent obesity and high blood pressure

The association of BMI to blood pressure was more pronounced in females than males

Micro-nutrient beauty therapy helps prevent ageing on skin: Study

The double blind placebo controlled study conducted involved 80 healthy women aged 35-55 years

‘India has no dearth of talent in biologics’

Dr Surendra Chavan, Founder and CTO, Accutest Biologics, shares his views with Sachin Jagdale on India’s strength in the field of biologics

Levels of the amino acid more strongly associated with increased diabetes risk in South Asian men

Tyrosine was a particularly, and significantly, stronger predictor of incident diabetes in South Asians than in Europeans

High energy breakfast with low energy dinner helps control blood sugar with type II diabetes

Adjusting diet could help optimise metabolic control and prevent complications of type II diabetes

Lupin receives FDA nod for generic vancocin capsules

Vancocin capsules had annual US sales of $ 164.2 million

US FDA expands uses of Vyvanse to treat binge-eating disorder

The drug is the first FDA-approved medication to treat this condition

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