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Property valuation needed for loan to buy flat on re-sale, advises Chaitali Dutta

Property valuation is needed for loan to buy flat on re-sale.

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Impactify: The startup leveraging tech to amplify the impact of social-spend

Impactify is currently piloting with more than 10 corporates with over Rs 50 crore of CSR funding monitored through Impactify.

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Era of digital innovation: How 5G and Mega Cloud will change infrastructure and operations

Whilst 5G is still broadly in proof-of-concept stage today, its network capabilities have the potential to effect unprecedented change.

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Debt outlook: Markets are entering an uncertain election cycle

Debt fund investors are advised to choose safety (over credit) and liquidity (over spreads and returns) while investing in bond funds.

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Investing in stock markets? Be cautious if promoters are pledging shares

The risk for investors arises when the promoters have pledged either all or a significant percentage of their holding as it could trigger a volatile price movement in a falling market.

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Oil imports: Opportunity for India as sanctions-hit Venezuela seeks to double exports

Caracas, which buys medicines and other products from India, is looking for alternative payment methods after the United States imposed stringent sanctions on Venezuela’s state oil firm PDVSA in a

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Probability of negative returns reduces long holding period, says Dhaval Kapadia

The probability of negative returns is the highest for a one year holding period and over a seven year holding period the probability of a negative return from Indian equities (Sensex) is negligible.

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Income tax hack: Four tax-saving deductions beyond 80C

Section 80C offers a tax deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh for investment in five-year bank/post office deposits, contribution to PPP, EPF, life insurance premiums, investment in ELSS and ULIPs and tuition fee

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Liquid funds are good alternatives to savings accounts

Reserve Bank of India in 2011 brought changes and deregulated interest rate on saving deposits. Before that, every bank would offer 4% per annum but now banks can offer interest whatever they deemed f

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Five important things for getting right life insurance cover: Read policy documents carefully

Go through your policy document carefully to understand all the terms and conditions.

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Budget 2019: Govt makes income tax compliance easy by processing refund in 24 hours

The Interim Budget announced the I-T department's upcoming project wherein ITRs would be processed within 24 hours and refunds, if any, issued simultaneously.

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Future proofing: How to design an investment blueprint for your child

Break up the goals into short, medium and long-term, and make your investment accordingly

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All glitters: Gold can help you to reduce overall portfolio risk – here’s how

The world continues to remain in a state of great disequilibrium, both with respect to the global economy and geopolitics

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Integrity risk: A new danger that faces investors in stock markets

Every business has its own associated risks but vanishing companies pose integrity risk

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Mutual funds: Shift towards non-debt asset classes

The share of equity and balanced schemes have increased over the years, which were earlier dominated by debt schemes.

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Do not reduce/stop SIP due to market volatility: Dhaval Kapadia

Mutual fund units can be transferred only after the demise of the unit holder.

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Bharti Airtel Rating: (Hold) Q3 was in line with expectations

While Bharti’s better placed than peers, recovery is still some time away; ‘Hold’ retained

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Why we need additional disclosures on promoter entities

Current disclosures on pledged shares of promoters and related-party transactions of listed entities are helpful but fall short of providing a complete picture to minority shareholders.

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Taxation of gratuity is different for govt and non-govt employees

Taxation of gratuity differs for govern-ment and non-government employees. Gratuity received by government emplo-yees is fully exempt from tax.

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Money matters: Use systematic transfer plans to ride out market volatility

Systematic transfer plans are a smart way to stagger equity investments, reduce short-term risks and gain high returns in the long run

Mutual funds, stock markets, STP, equity scheme, bank fixed deposits News

Budget 2019-20: Bank depositors to gain from rise in TDS threshold

Banks will not deduct TDS from fixed deposits interest income for up to `40,000. However, the interest income will still be taxable as per the slab rate

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Painless taxation: How to reduce your income tax outgo with Budget 2019 provisions

Utilising tax deductions such as investments under Section 80C, NPS contribution, medical insurance, housing loan, taxpayers with gross income up to `9.25 lakh will not have to pay any tax

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Good news! Income Tax rebate limit up at Rs 5 lakh, standard deduction at Rs 50,000

The change in the limit will save middle-class individual assessees Rs 10,000 a year each

Budget 2019, Notional Rent on Your Second House, Tax Rebate Up To Rs 5 lakh,Standard Tax Deduction Limit, Capital Gain Investment News

Budget 2019: Govt borrowing trend may lead to hardening of interest rates

The widening gap between deposit and credit growth requires banks to manage liquidity by focusing on deposit growth. Thus, bank deposits need to be tax free to make them attractive

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Four steps to finding a personal loan that’s right for you

There are many tools such as eligibility evaluator and EMI calculators that can help you compare a bunch of personal loans options within an hour

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Stable deposit rate trend over the near term

The gradual rise in yields has led to a situation where spread between bank funding and bond rates have gradually started to converge.

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Interest income on maturity of NSC is taxable as income from other sources

Where no intima-tion is issued within a year, acknowledg-ment of the ITR shall be deemed to be the intimation.

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