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No will? Legal heirs under Hindu Succession Act to inherit property

When a person dies without leaving a will, then The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 applies for division of wealth. This law applies to Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs.

TCS Buyback: Should you go for it?

Last week, the board of directors of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest information technology services provider, approved a proposal to buy back up to 76 million equity shares to the

Bank Fixed Deposit (FD): Why the cons outweigh the pros

Traditionally, most Indians are comfortable parking their savings in bank fixed deposits (FD) or small savings schemes of India Post. In the 80s, people did not have easy access to equity market and t

Credit Score: You need to have taken a loan to have a CIBIL score – Here is why

If you have never had a loan account or credit card, you do not have a credit history and hence a CIBIL score. While you could always go ahead and apply for a home loan, this would probably not be the

Explained: How setting financial goals helps motivate us to fulfil these goals

When we have a desire or a dream which is not yet fulfilled or we have not taken any step to fulfil it, then it becomes an incomplete cycle. Every incomplete cycle, in some way or the other, keeps tro

Life Insurance: Why Indians are living dangerously

How many Indians are covered by life insurance? According to Irdai’s Handbook 2016-17 (Table 9A), 32.81 crore of policies are in force in the books of life insurance firms in India.

Investment goals: Tips from FIFA Football World Cup 2018 you can take

As 32 teams are set to do battle to hold the World Cup gold trophy, the team that plays the best across the grueling tournament and has a judicious mix of attack and defence will be the one that will

Going abroad? Here’s why you should use your credit cards wisely

One must remember that the implications of using your credit card abroad is different from that while transacting in India. There are particular charges that are levied on all international transactio

Life insurance: Expect inflows into Ulips to be moderate in FY19

Private life insurance companies reported 4% growth in individual annual premium equivalent (APE) (16% excluding ICICI Prudential Life and SBI Life Insurance) during May 2018 on a high base – 46% ye

Motor Insurance: Look beyond your car dealer to buy insurance

Check if the premium that you are shelling out on buying car insurance from your dealer is much more than what you would be paying if you bought it online.

Received gift from relative? Check if you have to pay tax on it

Any sum of money received without consideration—monetary gift may be received in cash or in kind; i.e., cheque, draft, etc.,—by an individual/ HUF will be charged to tax if the aggregate value of

Income Tax: Standard deduction on LIC Jeevan Suraksha annuity if started by former employer

If an employee receives pension from former employer then such amount is eligible for standard deduction.

Investing in stock market? Know the difference among volatility, risk and uncertainty

Unlike the last two years, the markets are not really on a roll this year. Crude oil prices are inching up, there’s a looming US-China trade war and the US Fed is reducing its balance sheet.

Home Finance: Spouse can’t get Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana subsidy if you have taken the subsidy earlier

PMAY subsidy is applicable for first-time home buyers, who will be the end users.

Stock Market: Should you take up an offer for buyback of shares?

For any buyback, retail investors should look at the size of the buyback offer, the buyback price and the duration of the offer. The higher the percentage of the buyback, the greater the potential for

Systematic Transfer Plan: Know how STP works

Under Systematic Transfer Plan (STP), an investor gives consent to the mutual fund house to transfer certain amount/ units from one scheme to another, of the same mutual fund house at regular time int

RBI repo rate hike: Bond spreads remain high; here’s why

If the RBI indeed acts on the liquidity front in an assertive manner, we would see short-term market interest rates falling sharply from its current levels.

Income Tax Return filing: Pick right ITR form based on your performance; here’s how

For individuals and HUFs, ITR 1 to 4 are applicable, depending upon the source/nature of income. Understand the changes in ITR and their impact, so as to prepare better for the tax filing season.

Life Insurance: Ulips, term protection plan to lead life insurance market

India’s life insurance sector has been on a roller-coaster ride. While the structural growth opportunity is large and promising (favourable demographics, increasing financialisation and a large prot

Employee Stock Option Plan: Know how ESOPs are taxed

ESOPs are taxed twice in the hands of an employee. First, when the employee buys the shares of the company and next when she sells the shares.

Fixed income: Top ways to invest in volatile debt markets

In summary, one needs to realise that every now and then bond markets suddenly wake up to remind the world of its existence.

Why you need to be financially literate to make the right investment decision

You are investing your money in financial products, and for that you have to look at the marketing literature.

Home Loan and Finance: If you keep 30-year period, PMAY subsidy will be only for 20 years

PMAY-Gramin is applicable for benefi-ciaries in rural areas for self-construction of pucca houses.

Travel Insurance: Travelling overseas? Don’t forget insurance – Here is why

Insurance companies offer a wide range of specialised travel insurance plans such as family floater, senior citizens, students and multiple trips plans for business travelers.

Why you need to save 2 times your annual salary by age 35

Trying to save 2x by 35 is an excellent target. It creates the solid platform upon which your wealth creation will accelerate with compounded growth.

Income Tax: No tax payable on inheriting property

Dividend received from a domestic company is exempt u/s 10(34) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Motor Insurance: Long-term third-party cover for new private cars and two-wheelers

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) note underlines that third-party insurance should be five years for two-wheelers and three years for four-wheelers.

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