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FMP, short or long term debt funds: What’s right for you?

If you are investing in fixed income for the long term as an asset allocation strategy, you may continue to buy long-term funds even in rising rate environment.

Are you eligible for a loan? Here’s what you must know

Asking for a loan without having an idea about your credit worthiness may increase the chances of facing rejection and dent your credit score further.

Explained: How to save income tax through your family members? What you must know

Investing in the name of parents and parents-in-law can not only help save tax but also ensure higher post-tax returns on investment.

Decoded: How your mutual fund investments are taxed

The tax impact is much lower in case of LTCG on debt funds and equity funds. In case of debt funds, there is an indexation benefit available that reduces the taxable gain.

How mutual fund investors can benefit from rising interest rates

When interest rates are looking to go up, choose debt funds with shorter maturity profile like short-term funds or ultra short term funds. Conservative investors may consider liquid funds and fixed m

Income Tax: Only 1 house can be declared as self-occupied by husband and wife as joint owners

Only one property can be declared as self-occupied house property by the joint owners which is occupied by them and all other properties shall be deemed to be let-out for the purpose of computation of

Want to invest in foreign equity? Know these 4 ways to invest and their tax treatment

US stocks like Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon have shown a steep upward growth.

Financial planning: Lifecycle investing strategy – Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Lifecycle investing will deliver a relatively higher return given the elevated allocation to riskier assets until middle age after which a more conservative asset allocation approach is taken. This ma

Mutual funds: Past performance irrelevant if there is major change in fund strategy

Post Sebi’s re-categorisation norms, many MF schemes are undergoing change.

Explained: How limited scrutiny approach can avoid pendency of tax litigation cases, arrears and delays

With the Modi government tightening its noose on tax evaders, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of prosecutions initiated by the income tax department. Taxpayers are receiving notices req

Mutual Funds investment: As interest rates rise, fixed maturity plans get popular

With interest rates moving up, investors can lock in money in fixed maturity plans for at least three years to earn higher, tax-efficient returns compared with bank deposits

How to change name on physical share certificates: Here are Sebi’s new simpler rules

Sebi has simplified the process to notify the name change on securities held in physical form. According to the markets regulator, the move would help in simplifying the “procedure of change of name

Investing in stocks? Invest for the long term – Here is why

The more time you give your investments, the more you can accelerate the income potential of your original income

Stock market: Beware of sure-shot investment tips, trial packs from scamsters

Scamsters take advantage of the greed of clients, whom they have smartly manipulated to become so devoted to their tips that they are ready to part with their money

Low credit score? Check for overdue of payments

If your credit score is less than the recommended 750, the reason could be an outstanding payment or overdue amount reflected on your credit report.

Golden rules you must not miss! Here is why you need to start investing early

Whatever the circumstances, do not let greed guide the decision of asset allocation. At the same time, even fear should not guide the decision making in asset allocation.

Top 4 tips for 1st-time investors in the stock market

Don’t expect magnificent results from day one. Initially, you may also lose some money. Combine investing with sound money management skills. Invest regularly. In any form of investing, discipline a

Smartphones are getting smarter but the PC is a powerful work tool

Smartphones are getting smarter, but the humble PC is a gateway to professional success.

Income Tax: 10% TDS on joint development agreement for property purchase

If one have entered into a joint development agreement with seller, then there is a liability to deduct TDS @10% for the monetary consideration (i.e., other than kind) while making payment.

G-Secs: Fixed income investment for very long-term – Reliance Nivesh Lakshya Fund

By buying units of mutual fund scheme Reliance Nivesh Lakshya Fund, which is available from June 18-July 2 as an NFO, you can invest in G-Secs of very long maturity

Liquid funds or short-term bond funds: Which one is right for you?

Investors who want to keep money for very short periods of time but want a higher interest than offered on savings account may invest in liquid funds.

How to grow insurance industry

There is a need to redefine potential customers and their insurance needs to ensure that the insurance industry grows at an accelerated pace.

Equity Strategy: Prefer large-caps over mid-caps

Bet on banks (private corporate and retail), discretionary consumption, industrials and domestic materials, while avoiding healthcare, staples, utilities & global materials.

Private insurers focus on Ulips for individual business

The product mix is slowly shifting towards Ulips as stringent cap on surrender charges offer better proposition to policyholder than traditional par-savings.

Life Insurance: 3 steps to choosing the right insurer

An insurer’s claims settlement ratio and lapse ratio alongwith average productivity of its insurance agent tells how efficient an insurer is

Income Tax: Professional fees is not salary; use ITR-4 to file return u/s 44ADA

TDS is being deducted under Section 194 J which clearly shows that professional services are being rendered by one to the company and you are not working as an employee of the company.

Cyber fears: Digitally active, but not digitally secure

Digital consumption in India is on a rise with Indian consumers actively engaging on digital platforms—however there is a heightened risk of fraud, with approximately one in four customers falling p

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