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Financial planning: Steps to take when your baby comes home

Creating a secured financial future for the newborn is one of the most important things young parents should do, but very often many of them do not know what to do and where to begin.

When the baby completes 90 days, she becomes eligible for health insurance. Adding the child to the health policy of your existing family floater health insurance policy is a must. Also, have a detailed discussion with your life insurance agent to get a new policy or update an existing policy News

Have to pay income tax on capital gains from shares held abroad

Any income arising to a resident of India from any source shall be taxable in India. Hence, income earned from the transfer of shares held by a resident of India in a foreign country will be taxable u

You have to pay income tax on capital gains from shares held abroad News

Private sector life insurers see 18% growth in premium collections

Almost all large players, except ICICI Prudential Life (up 2% y-o-y), reported over 15% yoy growth. HDFC Life, SBI Life and Max Life reported strong growth at 39%, 50% and 28% y-o-y, respectively .

Private sector life insurers see 18% growth in premium collections (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

SIP holds steady, arbitrage funds gain in volatile equity markets

While net equity inflows in MFs have hit a 31-month low in April, retail investors have stayed steady with SIPs and risk-taking investors are preferring arbitrage funds.

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By reinvesting capital gains in new flat, you can claim tax deducted on sale of old flat

If capital gains reinvested in new flat, you can claim tax deducted on sale of old flat.

Income Tax News

Should you close your old salary account after a job switch? Find out

While it is better to close your old salary account after a job switch, there may be situations where carrying on with your existing salary account would make more sense.

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Life insurance firms must take inputs from youngsters for customised products, here’s why

As the country's demography is changing fast, life insurance companies must take inputs from young people in designing customised products for them.

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Five things that shouldn’t need a second chance – check details

Invest in the right financial instruments and be careful with your money.

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This Mother’s Day, gift your mom a health insurance policy

A health protection cover will not only empower your mother to go for regular health check-ups, but will also provide financial help for medical emergencies.

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Post Lok Sabha elections, focus would shift to earnings growth

Elections impact returns in the short term, whereas earnings drive returns over the longer term.

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Check price of product before taking interest-free loans from banks

"Most loans from banks these days do not require guarantors. Only in specific situations, usually in education loans, they will require a guarantor, whose net worth is at least good for the loan being

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Long-term investors must not worry about Lok Sabha election results

Stock markets are generally seen as an indicator or predictor of the economy. How the economy in a growing country like India will pan out in the future depends a lot on government policies and reform

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How to pick up the right home insurance policy

Even a Lloyd’s Underinsurance Report last year had estimated that India has the second-largest global underinsurance. In the last two decades, India suffered losses of $80 billion, according to a re

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Stock corner: ‘Neutral on Kotak Mahindra Bank, stable showing across businesses in Q4

SA deposits continued growing strongly by 22% y-o-y (SA cost of 5.66%). Core deposit mix (CASA + TD < Rs 50 m) stood at 81% of total deposits. CASA mix improved to 52.5% (+180bp q-o-q) . 

Kotak Mahindra bank, कोटक महिंद्रा बैंक, Kotak Bank Q4, Kotak Mahindra Bank Profit, Kotak Bank NPA, Provisioning News

No TDS on bank FD interest income up to Rs 40,000

ITR may be required in order to claim refund of TDS deducted, if any, if income is below the basic exemption limit.

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Economic growth revival will be priority of the next govt

The next government may have its task cut out to revive flagging economic growth. We believe a combination of monetary stimulus and structural reforms may help revive growth over time.

Economy News

Turmoil in debt market: Tread with caution while investing in mutual funds

Analysts say if an individual is planning to invest in debt mutual funds, then he should do in those funds where the fund manager is not just chasing returns by taking higher credit risk.

debt mutual funds, risk,investor, IL&FS, debt, Credit risk,Interest rate risk News

Forgot to file income tax returns? Know your options

If you have also missed the deadline for filing a belated return for the year 2016-17 and 2017-18, you cannot file a belated return anymore.

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Smart Investing: Look at the long term for good returns

Investors wonder whether it was a correct decision to invest in equities.

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Five things to consider when taking a home loan

The interest component is higher during the initial tenure of the loan and the principal component is smaller.

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Financial planning: Ways to build personal net worth statement

Keep your personal net worth top of mind at all times, and use it to drive conversations with investors, bankers, and prospective co-founders alike.

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Ignore poll impact on markets, stick to asset allocations with milestones for exits

As an investor, are you looking for trading gains or for creating wealth? Does it really matter what was the Sensex levels and the stock prices before, during and after the elections? It does matter i

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ITR for FY18 cannot be revised now, but you can still pay tax due

I have been investing in mutual funds since 2005 and have a fund value of Rs 20 lakh. If I withdraw all my units what will be the long term capital gains tax on it?

Income Tax News

Financial planning: Have you got a financial wellness check-up done?

No financial stress, living within your means, a manageable loan burden, a strong financial foundation and being on track to meet your long-term financial goals are some of the hallmarks of financia

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Here’s all you wanted to know about loans

For a salaried person, the loan tenure is matched with the retirement age. This is flexible in case a person is engaged in business.

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Smart investing: Reap benefits of year-round tax planning

By investing year-round, you can avoid haphazard investments at the end of the year, and rather look at integrating it with your overall financial planning.

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Your money: Golden rules for a successful entrepreneur

While many of these abilities can be internalised, entrepreneurs may sometimes find it prudent to lean on professional help to string in the missing pieces.

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