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Why women shy away from taking personal loans

Personal loans can be quite tricky affairs as they carry high interest rates but require no collateral as security. Payment defaults can quickly spiral into an insurmountable debt pile.

Why women shy away from taking personal loans (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Income tax: New ITR forms seek more details from taxpayers

Additional information sought may be used for better profiling of taxpayers, tracking cases of potential tax evasion and expanding the tax base using data analytics.

New ITR forms seek more details from taxpayers (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Can you take a loan against bank fixed deposits?

The bank which has issued the FD will be in a position to offer you a loan. The loan amount will be less than the principal and the interest on the loan will be an incremental amount on the rate which

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Your money: Room for another 25 bps rate cut in first half of FY20

Our trajectory for inflation, however, is slightly higher than that of MPC’s as we expect inflation to inch above 4% from November as against MPC’s projection of 3.5-3.8% for H2, FY20

Room for another 25 bps rate cut in first half of FY20 (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Steps that will make your insurance claim hassle-free

Policyholders can track the status of their claims at various stages of processing and may even receive claims payout in installments for personal accident and benefit-based health insurance covers.

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Your money: Know the risks in fixed maturity plans

Investors should look at various risks of investing in debt funds as Kotak AMC was unable to pay the entire redemption amount in some of its FMPs.

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Should you go for an NCD? Check the pros & cons

NCDs are an ideal alternative to bank fixed deposits and debt funds provided they are issued by reputed companies and have higher credit rating.

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Equity outlook: Markets not appear less risky than earlier

Investors should put in more money given that valuations appear more reasonable. They can expect good returns from equities over a long period.

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No need to file ITR if annual income within exemption limit even if payment is in dollars

As per Finance Act 2018, exemption for LTCG on equity-oriented mutual funds (including ELSS) has been withdrawn, therefore no exemption will be available in respect of LTCG from ELSS on or after April

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Why arbitrage funds are popular with high risk-taking mutual fund investors

Before the new norms came into place from April 1 this year, only securities beyond 60 days were subjected to MTM and most liquid fund portfolios were immune to small yield changes.

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Life insurance: 5 ways to raise growth momentum of insurance industry

Such tax related alignment is likely to create whitespace for offering protection solutions for aged customers who are otherwise unable to find affordable insurance solutions.

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Taking a loan against property? Keep these six factors in mind

Lenders generally offer longer repayment tenure for loan against property, stretching up to 15-20 years, which is comparatively longer than other options such as personal loans that usually extend up

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Your money: Six reasons why outlook for corporate profits is better now

The leakage of earnings to oil is still a concern and should be monitored for near-term earnings performance. If the rupee gains in real effective terms, it could prove to be a headwind for earnings.

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Here’s what you need to do in a volatile market

Funds within each category have a similar investment mandate which determine their risk and return characteristics. Small/ mid cap funds are suited for a horizon of at least 7-10 years, whereas large

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Repo rate cut: End-consumers will get smaller cuts with a time tag

Since the last monetary policy announcement, conditions had become more favourable for an easy monetary stance as GDP growth projection has been revised downwards; central banks in advanced countries

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Income tax evaders beware; govt to keep tabs on your social media profiles

As a part of the project, data mining and Big Data analytics will be used to catch tax evaders by accessing the information on their Facebook and Instagram accounts to identify mismatches between spen

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How to choose a credit card that maximises your benefits

A smart credit card choice, based on benefits that align with your lifestyle requirements and affordability, is crucial to ensure savvy and responsible usage.

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Tax Talk: Smart tax-saving tips for a freelancer

There could be a number of ways to save tax as a freelancer. Here are the most important and common things you must consider if you are working as a freelancer in India.

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Mutual Funds: SIP or lump sum investment, which one is better?

Lump sum investors expose their portfolios to the caprices of the market while SIPs reduce the risk of being wrong as an investment is spread out.

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Want to be a smart borrower? Follow these 6 rules

Although these benefits come in handy to reduce the overall cost of the loan, it does not make sense to keep the loan running just for tax benefits. Compare the effective cost of loan with the returns

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Trend Micro sees big opportunity in India’s hybrid cloud security needs

New local customer acquisitions from 2017 to 2018 include State Bank of India, BHEL, Syndicate Bank, Lupin Pharma, Bandhan Bank, PolicyBazaar, and Capillary Technologies, to name a few.

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Leveraging data innovations: Rolls Royce to work with Indian tech startups

Its data innovation catalyst R2 Data Labs will be focusing on startups working on AI and advanced analytics.

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If your income is less than threshold limit, no need to file ITR; check details

Gifts to relatives are not taxable in the hands of recipient. It is presumed that you have included this money in your income and paid the due taxes on it.

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Post office deposits still offer higher returns than other small savings schemes

The tenure of the deposit is 21 years from the date of opening of the account. Maximum period up to which deposits can be made is 15 years from the date of opening of the account.

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Why you need a personal accident insurance cover

A personal accident policy plugs a burning hole in the overall insurance portfolio to provide the policyholder with financial support in the aftermath of an accident.

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Stock corner: Buy Jubilant Foodworks, venture has promise

Maintain Buy on JUBI with DCF-based TP of `1,650. At our TP, the stock will trade at 46x P/E multiple Sep-20e. Key downside risk includes pressure on margins from aggressive new store expansion.

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EMI of your loan is decided by these 3 factors

In some cases, the bank issues a ‘no dues’ certificate along with advice for return of original papers.

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