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Wealth Wish-List: A diversified investment portfolio can help you get rich faster

In Asia, Africa and the Middle East, many economies are experiencing rapid growth, allowing people to benefit from new found wealth and, as a result, new opportunities.

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How riders add value to your life insurance plan

The basic objective of buying life insurance is to provide maximum financial security to the dependants in case of untimely death of the policyholder.

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No tax on NRE FD interest if account holder is a resident outside India

As per Section 10(4)(ii), interest income earned on NRE account is exempt from tax if account holder is treated as a person resident outside India under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

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Havells India rating ‘hold’: Stable growth even as earnings slipped

Headline revenue growth of 23% y-o-y (7th consecutive quarter of 20%+ growth) with ex-Lloyd growth of 28% y-o-y was commendable.

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Insurance H1: Why growth is slowing and margins are peaking

Our assessment of H1 results indicates (i) Moderating new business growth, (ii) Product mix shifting towards protection & away from par-savings, (iii) Margins peaking out, as delta from protection mix

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Why you should have an accident insurance cover

Payout after an accident depends upon the kind of injury one suffers: If an accident causes death, the claim payout would be 100% of the sum insured, and for permanent partial disability, it could be

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SC verdict on Aadhaar: Consumer finance firms to see a slowdown in customer acquisition

For retail lenders with credit verification processes built around technology, the order would raise operating cost, turnaround time in loan disbursement as well as fraud risk

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Decisions based on short-term movement of stocks cause pain: Jiju Vidyadharan, Crisil Research

Investors in equity-oriented mutual funds should not get flustered by volatility in the asset class over the short term, and remain invested over the long term (7-10 years) to derive optimum returns,

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Know the five factors that make up your credit score

A credit score is the three-digit number, from 300 – 900 where 300 is considered as the lowest score and 900 is considered as highest. Transunion CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and CRIF Highmark are the c

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How to earn higher long-term returns with Equity Linked Savings Scheme

At a time when assets under management of mutual funds declined 12.5% to Rs 22 lakh crore at September-end due to massive outflows from liquid funds and income schemes, equity and equity-linked saving

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Your Queries: Can apply to settlement commission after paying additional tax and interest

The application to settlement commission for settlement under Section 245C can be made at any stage of the case if the proceedings for assessment is for previous six assessment years and additional am

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Rental income taxed in hands of legal heir on death of owner

For transfer of lease in case of death, the rental income will be taxed in the hands of the legal heir to whom the property has been transferred.

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Investment Planning: How gold can help balance equity risks in portfolio

While negative correlation is rare to find, gold is the perfect candidate for diversification as it has close to zero and sometimes negative correlation with the equity

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Going for pre-approved credit cards? Here’s what you need to know

Buy a pre-approved credit card only after scrutinising its details, terms and conditions, and only when you truly require one.

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RBI likely to keep rates on hold in rest of FY2019

Expect average IIP growth to moderate to around 4.1% in H2FY19 as against 5.1% in H1FYF19

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Good news for investors! Stocks likely to rise over next 60 days

A host of upcoming catalysts behind the good outlook; recent fall makes short-term valuations compelling; ‘OW’ retained.

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How to track your Mutual fund expense ratio in the wake of new Sebi decision

After the Sebi board meeting, expenses of your fund will come down only if it is higher than the permissible limit.

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HDFC Life, SBI Life and other large private life insurance players grow stronger

HDFC Life saw 20% y-o-y growth in individual APE and similar growth in overall APE in Sept 2018

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Market volatility: No need to worry for sustainable business models with good marco-economic factors

Mean reversal is a popular theory in investment science which states that asset prices and returns eventually return back to the long-run mean or average.Accordingly, the Indian stock market could pro

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Why creditors cannot lay claim on proceeds from term policy under MWPA

Take a term policy on your life such that in case of any unfortunate occurrence, your daughter does not have to struggle financially.

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Auto Insurance: Disruptive technology brings changes in the sector

To reduce claim settlement time, automotive insurance customers now are empowered to self-settle the claims by documenting the damage and filing for claims through smart devices

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Equity investments: Why investing in quality large-cap stocks a better choice than low-cost ETF

If you are simply interested in earning equity returns without taking too much risk, investing in a quality basket of large-cap stocks or a low-cost ETF tracking large-cap indices is always a better c

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Selling jointly owned flat? Both have to pay tax

Income from joint ownership property is taxed in the hands of both the owners in the ratio of their share in the property.

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Lessons from NBFC crisis: Securitisation market essential for sustainable funding

NBFCs will see some relief on the perception of inadequate liquidity over 3QFY19 and the securitisation push would be conducive for matching assets with liabilities.

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Planning to invest this festive season? Here’s why gold bonds are a good option

The price of the Sovereign Gold Bond is fixed on the basis of simple average of closing price of gold for the last three working days of the week preceding the subscription period.

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Tax talk: Buying property worth more than Rs 50 lakh? Deduct TDS

From June 1, 2013, purchasers of immovable property (other than rural agricultural land) are required to deduct tax at source as per provisions of section 194IA of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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Festival shopping: Here is how you can avoid post-festival financial stress

With festivities comes the risk of over-spending. So avoid impulse buying and put your festive bonus to good use even as you enjoy the festivities

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