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Gifts received from specific relatives are not taxable – check details

As per Section 10(4)(ii), interest income earned on NRE account is tax exempt if account holder is treated as a person resident outside India under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

Prepayment of home loan does not entail any specific benefits whereas benefit on repayment of the home loan is provided by I-T Act. News

Investment tips: How portfolio choice can help you make money in volatile times

During market volatility, an investment portfolio constructed by optimising expected returns based on the level of market risk would be effective

According to Markowitz, the process of selecting a portfolio is an important activity. One must carefully chose the shares or assets in the portfolio. The shares must be selected on the basis of how each asset will impact others as the overall value of the portfolio changes (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Car insurance: Know which modification can lead to an increase in premium

Before making any critical changes in your car like upgrading the breaks and suspension of your car to improvise the car performance, it is important that you inform the insurer.

Also, while making modifications to the car’s interior like steering, pedals and sound system, you need to inform the insurer (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Investing in debt funds? Go for high credit quality portfolios

Equity funds are inherently more risky than debt funds, as is evident from the volatility that they have historically subjected investors to.

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Mutual Funds: Now invest in CPSE ETF to save tax under Section 80C

Experts say with tax benefits like ELSS, CPSE ETFs will be attractive for individual investors for creating long-term wealth.

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Budget 2019: Finance minister does a fine balance for individuals

Budget 2019 India: An additional Rs 1.5 lakh tax deduction on interest paid on purchase of a house costing up to Rs 45 lakh will benefit the middle-class

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Budget 2019: Central govt employees to get tax benefit on NPS Tier II account deposits

Budget 2019 India: Deposits by government employees in Tier-II account will get Section 80C tax exemption.

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Banks likely to show stable operating performance, earnings recovery in Q1

Positive outlook on ICICI Bank, SBI. Yes Bank to have the most challenging quarter while there will be focus on asset quality for IndusInd Bank and RBL Bank

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Get income tax deduction on life insurance premium paid for adult children

While filing the Income Tax Return, in case the total tax payable is less than the total amount of TDS deducted, the difference can be claimed as refund.

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How riders can make your life insurance cover more beneficial

These riders are nothing but additional covers such as term rider, accidental death and disability rider, waiver of premium rider, critical illness rider, etc., offering benefits beyond the convention

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Mutual Funds: Six steps to reduce your investment risk

Higher risk does not necessarily mean higher potential reward, unless you know the tricks to mitigate the risk. Here are some strategies that can help you manage your mutual fund investment risk.

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Budget 2019: Modi government must take these steps to check ‘growing medical expenses’

Budget 2019-20: In the next 10 years we would spend $372 billion for our healthcare according to an IBEF report published recently.

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Want to invest for short term? These tips will help you

Typically, fixed income funds are not as volatile as equity funds, and the NAVs of such fixed-income funds (short duration funds) tend to move upwards steadily (except for longer duration funds which

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Index funds: A good bet for risk-averse mutual fund investors

These funds are affordable and well-diversified, and they generate good returns over a period and sometimes outperform actively managed funds.

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Budget 2019: Centre should raise limit for Children Education Allowance to benefit middle class income tax payers

Budget 2019-20: The limit should be raised from 100 per month to at least Rs 1,000 per child for maximum two children.

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Why life insurers must focus on training agents

Rapid growth in new business requires agents to be trained and made productive irrespective of growth in the online or digital marketing.

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Gold loan vs personal loan: Which one to opt for?

While gold loans are becoming a viable alternative to raise funds, look at the pluses and minuses before taking the plunge

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Estate Planning: Ensure that your Will is registered

A petition needs to be filed through a lawyer before the District Judge or High Court for the grant of Probate.

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Income Tax queries answered: Pay tax on income from shares held abroad

The maximum loss that one can claim under the head of House Property is limited to Rs 2 lakh only.

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Want to invest? Look at value averaging investment plans

Investors can turn volatility into their favor by investing higher amounts when the market is falling and lower when the market is rising.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Liquid fund yields set to come off

Liquid funds have long been a popular avenue for investors, especially institutional, with a very short-term horizon.

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From mutual funds to bonds, your income tax queries answered here

The amalgamation of schemes is not regarded as transfer as per Section 47(xix) of the I-T Act

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Budget 2019 agenda: Incentivise homebuyers and boost investor confidence

The Union Budget 2019 needs to solve practical challenges faced by homebuyers due to factors like uncertainty over project approvals, construction delays and completion hassles.

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Stock Market Investment: How to gain in a bear market

It’s the bear market which makes you wealthy in the long term as you get to buy stocks at low prices.

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Budget 2019: FM Nirmala Sitharaman should focus on uniform tax structure for retirement products

Budget 2019 India: The need of the hour is to establish parity in retirement products and NPS by including all retirement products under Section 80CCC, and exempt annuities from income tax.

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Tax talk: You can get tax benefits on personal loans too

If you use the personal loan to buy or construct a house or for any business purpose, you can get tax deduction.

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Budget 2019 needs to introduce provisions to deal with splitting of MF portfolio

Union Budget 2019 India: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) allows a mutual fund to segregate the downgraded or bad debt securities from the investment grade securities into a separate

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