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Don’t go for life insurance products if you want returns in 2-3 years: RM Vishakha

Life insurance can be a good investment instrument over the long term — at least eight years. But one should not invest in it with a horizon...

Your money: United we stand, dividend we flourish: Company to investor

A Dividend is what a company pays its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profit, based on the number of shares...

Your money: Early investor gets the wealth worm

Compounding works in the favour of early investors.

Your ride just got costlier

Premium rates for the mandatory third-party motor insurance have risen between 20% and 30% for private cars.

Taxation: Wider ambit of TDS likely to raise your outgo

The Budget has proposed that if the amount of premature withdrawal from the Employees’ Provident Fund exceeds Rs 30,000, tax at 10% will be deducted. If PAN details are not furnished, tax at 30% wil

Investing: Calling their bluff

With accounting frauds by companies on the rise, investors would do well to heed early warning signs...

Small savings: Girl, uninterrupted

Why the Sukanya Samriddhi account can come in handy if you want to build a corpus for your daughter

Haven’t submitted investment proofs? Make a strong return

Most of us would have submitted the details of our tax-saving investments for the year, along with relevant proofs...

It’s an overvalued property market

While half of India’s household savings are invested in physical assets such as real estate, rental yields in the country’s property...

Choosing a larger than life cover, step by step

Most PROSPECTIVE buyers of insurance are not sure as to which policy would be appropriate for them...

House renovation expenses can be deducted under ‘capital gain’

In 2009, I had spent R7.5 lakh on renovating my house. Due to some reasons, I need to sell it...

Income Tax Return: Better late than never

March 31 is the last opportunity to file I-T return for FY14 if you missed previous deadline. Conditions apply

Gold: Changes in price-fix methodology at London bullion market to bring transparency

London is the centre of the world’s physical bullion trading. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) sets and maintains...

Ulips back in vogue

With equity markets moving up, the share of unit-linked insurance products (Ulips) in the private insurers' product mix is rising...

Investing is a rough-terrain ride, brace for ups & downs

Volatility is the variation of price over time for a particular instrument and, in equity investments, the instrument can be Sensex, or Nifty, or individual stocks. However, volatility is not risk and

Amendments to insurance law seek to reduce litigation over claims

The Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill has now been cleared by both Houses of Parliament.

Premium on safety

Irdai has proposed a steep hike in third-party motor insurance premium for private cars from April

Long- & short-term capital gains tax decoded

A capital gain is a profit that results from disposing of a capital asset, such as stock, bond or real estate, where the amount realised...

Private sector life insurers race ahead in FY15

In the nine months to December 2014, private life insurers reported a 16.7% y-o-y growth in first-year premium even as the industry’s growth...

Choosing between strategic & tactical asset allocation

A basic decision that every investor needs to make is how to distribute one’s investable funds across various asset classes.

Insurance: Clean bill of health

The Insurance Bill not only provides for higher FDI, but also adds layers of protective cover for policyholders

Sort out MAT, DDT issues to make REIT a potent tool

World over, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) have become a successful instrument for pooling investments...

It’s on the house

Households contribute around 60% of the total deposits of scheduled commercial banks...

Abolition of wealth tax opens up plethora of opportunities

The finance minister has indicated that information regarding assets that are currently required to be furnished in the wealth-tax return form will be captured in the income-tax return form itself

Income tax: Gold seller to collect tax @ 1% on cash transaction above Rs 5 lakh

A seller is required to collect tax @ 1% from a buyer of bullion and jewellery if the sale consideration exceeds...

National Pension Scheme: Does NPS merit your money after the Budget fillip?

When it comes to investing, Indians are a conventional lot that prefers traditional instruments offering security...

Bank RD: Persistence pays

Bank RDs will come under TDS ambit from June, but they remain a handy investment tool for the risk-averse

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