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Income Tax queries answered: Pay tax on income from shares held abroad

The maximum loss that one can claim under the head of House Property is limited to Rs 2 lakh only.

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Want to invest? Look at value averaging investment plans

Investors can turn volatility into their favor by investing higher amounts when the market is falling and lower when the market is rising.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Liquid fund yields set to come off

Liquid funds have long been a popular avenue for investors, especially institutional, with a very short-term horizon.

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From mutual funds to bonds, your income tax queries answered here

The amalgamation of schemes is not regarded as transfer as per Section 47(xix) of the I-T Act

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Budget 2019 agenda: Incentivise homebuyers and boost investor confidence

The Union Budget 2019 needs to solve practical challenges faced by homebuyers due to factors like uncertainty over project approvals, construction delays and completion hassles.

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Stock Market Investment: How to gain in a bear market

It’s the bear market which makes you wealthy in the long term as you get to buy stocks at low prices.

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Budget 2019: FM Nirmala Sitharaman should focus on uniform tax structure for retirement products

Budget 2019 India: The need of the hour is to establish parity in retirement products and NPS by including all retirement products under Section 80CCC, and exempt annuities from income tax.

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Tax talk: You can get tax benefits on personal loans too

If you use the personal loan to buy or construct a house or for any business purpose, you can get tax deduction.

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Budget 2019 needs to introduce provisions to deal with splitting of MF portfolio

Union Budget 2019 India: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) allows a mutual fund to segregate the downgraded or bad debt securities from the investment grade securities into a separate


Investment tips: Why you need to go in for a goal-based plan

To start with, make a list of your financial goals. Quantify them based on time; short-term goals for 0-2 years, mid-term goals for 2-5 years and long-term goals for 5-25+ years.

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Have a question on loans? This may help you

An education loan the EMI essentially starts after completion of the course. In the interim period, you may clear the interest component, every month.

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NRIs need to file income tax return to get TDS refund

Income from shifting from one scheme to another scheme of mutual funds is considered transfer and is subject to long term capital gains or short term capital gains depending upon the holding period.

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Life insurance: Premium collections of private life insurers up 27 pct

Overall inflows to equity mutual funds were better month-on-month (m-o-m) but broadly still muted. Against this backdrop, the sustenance of such high growth is crucial.

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Investment planning: How to make your portfolio work in troubled times

In 2019, till date, the BSE Sensex has delivered an absolute return of close to 10%. But the individual portfolio is not reflecting the same.

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Fixed income: Know how to pick the right credit risk fund

With the recent credit downgrades/ defaults by several companies adversely hitting the returns from credit risk funds, it is important to take informed decision before investing in these funds.

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Your money: The advantages of being ESG-compliant

With India getting more serious about climate change and pollution control, a company that has the best practices when it comes to the conservation of the environment is less likely to be impacted wit

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Stock Market: Do you sell winners and hold on to losers?

Loss-aversion tendency leads investors to avoid realising losses whereas risk-aversion makes them book gains too soon

According to this theory, people are loss-averse and evaluate gains and losses with respect to a specific reference point. (Illustration: Rohnit Phore) News

Learning the basics of forex trading

You need to invest through a Sebi authorised broker to ensure that your forex trading actions are legal

Currency pairs, such as US Dollar and INR, UK Pounds and INR or Euro and INR are the type of Forex trades allowed. News

Confused over investment plan? Follow these 5 solid tips

Investments have three characteristics: safety, income and growth. The first thing you need to decide is which of these three characteristics is most important

Make a list of all investment choices that meet your stated goal. Then take the time to understand the pros and cons of each instrument. Then, narrow down your final investment choices to a few that you feel confident about (Illustration: Rohnit Phore) News

ITR-2 Form queries answered: NRIs to report capital gains income

As per Section 145, the taxpayer has the option to declare income either on accrual basis or cash basis at his/her choice but the same method should be used every year.

The capital gain on the sale of your ancestral property shall be calculated by deducting the indexed cost of acquisition from the sale proceeds. News

Investing in debt funds? Know your risks

The most important factor to be considered about the issuer of debt, is the ability to repay the capital, and also the interest payouts.

As an investor, it is important that we know what exactly constitutes risk and what is uncertainty (Illustration: Rohnit Phore) News

Investor alert! Some lessons from current crisis in debt funds

The spate of defaults and rating downgrades has made it clear about credit risk in debt mutual funds. Investors should not invest in funds that have high exposure to companies having a large leverage.

Around 160 debt mutual fund schemes had exposure to the debt papers of DHFL worth Rs 5,236 crore as on April 30, 2019. (Illustration: Rohnit Phore) News

Home loans: All that you wanted to ask — rules and rates

Usually, there is no limit on prepayment amount. However, some banks have particular restrictions where it has clauses in the arrangement letter.

Check if your bank has any restrictions on pre-payments News

How to use Net Present Value to determine your investments

Discounting Factor allows us to compare all future cash flows—both positive and negative—generated by an investment decision and arrive at one consolidated value in the present, which is the Net P

NPV can be a powerful tool in your investment strategy. (Illustration: Rohnit Phore) News

Attention depositors! Bank FD interest rates may be cut

Following the repo rate cut, depositors may be hit with falling FD rates. Individuals should lock-in at current fixed deposit rates before banks start reducing the rates

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Taking a car loan? Follow these steps

Lenders can investigate the financial condition and loan obligations of an applicant

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RBI may cut policy rate by 25 bps again in August

The MPC’s acknowledgement of the need to address the slowing growth strengthens the case for another cut

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