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Can you claim income tax refund if you fail to file revised return within time limit?

The Income Tax Act, 1961 has explicitly laid down the time limits for filing of original and revised tax returns which need to be adhered to strictly.

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Market, stop loss or stop limit? Know when to use which order for stocks

To mitigate such type of risks, you could put a stop-loss order, wherein you ask your broker to sell the stock once the price falls to a certain level, known as the stop price, say Rs 255, in this cas

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Car Insurance: When you should avoid filing a motor insurance claim

There are numerous factors that one must consider before making a motor insurance claim in order to enjoy maximum benefits.

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Equity investing: Creating wealth with discipline and patience

Every year when he invested money it turned out to be the lowest Sensex level for that year and he got the best buy-price every time. Star-crossed faced the opposite fate.

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Equity investment: Market has little interest in several large-cap stocks

The cheap valuations of several large-cap. private and PSU stocks underscore the market’s disinterest in certain ‘value’ stocks even as the same market is prepared to pay super-rich multiples fo

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Few key factors to keep in mind for retirement planning

By 2040, it is assumed that among individuals who reach age 65, average life expectancy is projected to rise from 82 to 85 for men and from 85 to 88 for women.

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Looking at Ulips? Check out the pros and cons

Unit-linked insurance plans are market-linked investment products with a thin crust of life insurance. Market volatility can affect the fund's net asset value daily.

Ideally, an individual should opt for a pure term insurance plan to cover the life risk. For investments, he should look at equity mutual funds for higher long-term returns News

Rental income from jointly-held property taxable in hands of each co-owner

Rental income earned from jointly-owned property is taxable in the hands of each co-owner, in proportion to the share owned.

When income in Form 16 is reported in excess, a revised Form 16 can be obtained from the employer News

Gold to gain as global currency war intensifies

Make a strategic allocation to gold because it is the counterweight to paper money which is continuing to lose credibility as a store of value.

To analyse gold over the long term, it needs to be seen as a monetary asset rather than a commodity News

Motor Insurance: Your tariff challans may soon impact the insurance premium you pay

The insurance regulator is looking into linking traffic violations committed by the registered owner or driver of the vehicle with the motor insurance premiums to be paid.

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Refinance your loan to take benefit of linkage to repo rate

All loans linked to a benchmark have a spread. This spread would not be reset until there is change in borrower credit assessment.

The linking of your loan to repo rate will be a transparent way to ensure faster transmission of policy rate changes by RBI News

Mutual Funds Vs Real Estate: Which is better investment avenue?

Recent data shows mutual funds give a better return than real estate but again it depends on individual preferences as many diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate.

One should not have any second thoughts about buying the first house or a property for self-occupancy, whether it is with or without tax benefits News

Will external benchmark bring down loan rates?

In spite of a bank's margin, external benchmarking such as repo rate for lending would be benefi-cial for a borrower because the rate resets will be fair.

The whole idea is, if bank loans are benchmarked or linked to an external parameter, changes in interest rates have to be passed on quickly to customers News

Does your spouse’s credit score impact your loan eligibility?

The only time your spouse’s credit score impacts your loan eligibility is when you take a joint home loan.

One of the first things on the to-do list for most newlyweds is merging financial accounts News

Have you got insurance cover for your home?

A home insurance policy with a sum assured of more than `50 lakh would require physical inspection of property, depending on the insurer.

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Tier-1,2 or 3 stocks: An investor’s quandary

The ongoing global and domestic economic slowdown raises concerns about the market’s valuations in general

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Vision 2019: Chip industry leads in AI adoption, says Accenture

Nearly nine in 10 semiconductor executives (88%) say that 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, will revolutionise their industry by offering new ways to provide products and services.

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Digital printing is the next big thing: Kuldeep Mahotra, vice president, sales, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India

In order to achieve a revenue target of `1,000 crore by 2022-23, we are also augmenting our operations across the board – right from our channel strategy to product innovation, says Kuldeep Malhotr

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Husband, wife can’t claim to self-occupy different properties for tax purposes

Assuming both would be residing in the same house, each of you cannot claim to be occupying a different property for tax purposes.

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Benefits of starting your tax planning early in the year

For a smooth tax filing process, all your tax-related documents ought to be kept securely.

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Explained: Why you need to wait to reap the benefits of insurance

While there is scope to bring in more exciting features in traditional products, insurers need to build a committed band of agents who can make customers understand the need to remain loyal to a produ

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Negative yield on bonds globally pushing up gold prices to new highs

If growth worries persist due to trade war, gold prices would go even higher driven by large ETF gold holdings

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Under DTAA, you can claim credit for taxes already paid in Nepal

For unlisted shares, if capital gain is long term, it is calculated by deducting indexed cost of acquisition from sales considerati-on.

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Financial planning: Why you need to rebalance your investment portfolio

Rebalancing works as a risk minimisation strategy, allowing the investor to periodically line up investments in alignment with their goals

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Rising gold prices: Should you buy now?

While the value of gold has increased 8.5 times in the last 25 years, the BSE Sensex in the same period has gone up by 9.5 times

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Your money: Delay in investment could cost you a fortune

We do not truly understand the power of compounding until we experience it and by then it is too late to capture lost time

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Financial planning: Here are four tips that may help in long-term investments

To tide over tough times, investors must set aside a fixed income corpus with tax free bonds and high quality debt instruments

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