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Turmoil in debt market: Tread with caution while investing in mutual funds

Analysts say if an individual is planning to invest in debt mutual funds, then he should do in those funds where the fund manager is not just chasing returns by taking higher credit risk.

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Forgot to file income tax returns? Know your options

If you have also missed the deadline for filing a belated return for the year 2016-17 and 2017-18, you cannot file a belated return anymore.

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Smart Investing: Look at the long term for good returns

Investors wonder whether it was a correct decision to invest in equities.

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Five things to consider when taking a home loan

The interest component is higher during the initial tenure of the loan and the principal component is smaller.

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Financial planning: Ways to build personal net worth statement

Keep your personal net worth top of mind at all times, and use it to drive conversations with investors, bankers, and prospective co-founders alike.

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Ignore poll impact on markets, stick to asset allocations with milestones for exits

As an investor, are you looking for trading gains or for creating wealth? Does it really matter what was the Sensex levels and the stock prices before, during and after the elections? It does matter i

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ITR for FY18 cannot be revised now, but you can still pay tax due

I have been investing in mutual funds since 2005 and have a fund value of Rs 20 lakh. If I withdraw all my units what will be the long term capital gains tax on it?

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Financial planning: Have you got a financial wellness check-up done?

No financial stress, living within your means, a manageable loan burden, a strong financial foundation and being on track to meet your long-term financial goals are some of the hallmarks of financia

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Here’s all you wanted to know about loans

For a salaried person, the loan tenure is matched with the retirement age. This is flexible in case a person is engaged in business.

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Smart investing: Reap benefits of year-round tax planning

By investing year-round, you can avoid haphazard investments at the end of the year, and rather look at integrating it with your overall financial planning.

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Your money: Golden rules for a successful entrepreneur

While many of these abilities can be internalised, entrepreneurs may sometimes find it prudent to lean on professional help to string in the missing pieces.

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National Pension System looks to fintech apps for improved services

PFRDA has constituted a group to identify areas under NPS which can utilise fintech through a regulatory sandbox approach

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Life insurance: How much cover do you need?

Your life insurance should be big enough to take care of your present as well as future needs of your dependents

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First year premium of private life insurers grows

The individual annualised new business premium of private life insurance industry grew 12% year-on-year in FY19 as compared to LIC's 5%

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Providing adequate life insurance cover and annuity plans should be vision statement of insurers

The vision statement of a company describes where the organization or the company wants to be by fulfilling its mission.

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Income tax filing: Disclose exemptions, allowances in new Form 16

The new Form 16 demands salary break-up details, specifying the various tax-exempt allowances and deductions availed by an employee.

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Do this before prepaying your home loan

There are no uniform rules in personal loans. Ask for the details before signing on the papers.

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Your money: Taking cues from central banks’ gold buys

Preference for gold after decades of selling is indicative of central bank concerns about financial markets and geopolitics.

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No need to file income tax return if buying property or selling without capital gains

For purchase of property for above Rs 30 lakh, no ITR filing is required,

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How to allocate investment portfolio via the Mutual Fund route

Balanced Funds are more aggressive, as the equity allocation is higher. Balanced Advantage Funds and asset allocator funds are more defensive, as allocation to equity, which is relatively more volatil

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Income tax filing: Know which ITR form is right for you

For salaried employees, exempt allowance has to be shown separately along with the bifurcation for deductions claimed under Section 16 of the I-T Act.

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Six points that determine your credit score and how to boost a low score

If your credit score is low, take immediate steps to boost it as it will play a major role in deciding the future of your credit applications.

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Equity investment: How to separate value stocks from value traps

Cheap stocks with a high composite quality score are more likely to be the true value stocks, while the rest of them are likely to be classic value traps.

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Busting myths about Mutual Fund NAV: Anytime is good for investing in a good fund

Anytime is good for investing in a good fund when the investment is for a long term, subject to your age, risk appetite and asset allocation.

Busting myths about mutual fund NAV (Illustration: Shyam Kumar Prasad) News

In this season of flight cancellations, remember to buy travel insurance

In case of cancelled flights or delay, a valid travel insurance will enable the passenger to get compensation like refunds for flight tickets and accommodation

In case of cancelled flights or delay, a valid travel insurance can help the passenger. (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

SIPs are best-suited for investments in volatile markets

SIPs are best for investments in volatile markets. Hold your investments for at least seven years to eliminate risk of capital erosion. Longer the investment horizon, higher the probability of making

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Why women shy away from taking personal loans

Personal loans can be quite tricky affairs as they carry high interest rates but require no collateral as security. Payment defaults can quickly spiral into an insurmountable debt pile.

Why women shy away from taking personal loans (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News
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