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Mutual Funds: Are arbitrage funds a substitute for debt funds?

In the debt fund allocation, you may allocate some component to arbitrage funds, particularly in volatile periods. Otherwise, taxation per se should not be the investment criterion as tax laws are sub

Hurry to pack off with your gains? Know the ideal time frame for a mutual fund investment

Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) recently revealed that in equity investment, a whopping 51% of the assets get withdrawn in under one year, and only 29% remain invested for longer than two

Home loans: 6 types of fees charged by your lender that may escape your attention

While we all know about interest rate on home loan, there are several associated charges that may escape our attention.

Mutual Fund Investment: Why expense ratio of your mutual fund is important

Invest in a mutual fund scheme that has lower expense ratio, prudent investment philosophy and steady performance.

Life insurance: Ulips, online distribution to drive growth

Relative tax advantage of Ulips and rationalisation in its costs make it an attractive investment proposition for investors to meet their life goals, along with insurance cover.

Taking a home loan? 5 tips to keep in mind

Lack of information regarding the home loan application process is a major reason why many end up miscalculating their finances

Mutual Funds: How to use your MFs SIP to help finance your dream home

From building up the initial corpus to finance the down payment, to helping close the loan sooner by pre-payment or foreclosure, your SIPs can come handy

Income Tax: Rs 50,000 tax rebate to senior citizens on interest from bank deposits

Rebate under Section 87A is allowed only when total income does not exceed Rs 3,50,000.

Should you go for a personal loan? Answer is here

Although personal loans are meant to help individuals who don’t have any other option for meeting their urgent financial requirements, they are not the only one to benefit from them.

Capture ratios: What they reveal about the performance of mutual funds

Capture ratios are helpful to evaluate a fund's historical performance and the intrinsic strength to face market turbulence

Life insurance: Buy term plan based on your protection needs, not chances of claim rejection

If the customer has declared everything truthfully and the insurer has issued the policy, then the chances of rejection is mostly nil.

Kerala floods: Donations to Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund to get 100% tax exemption

Payment receipt and Section 80G(2) certificate will be issued for every successful payment through portal

Filing an insurance claim? Keep these tips in mind

Irdai has instructed all insurers to settle claims of those affected by the recent Kerala floods as soon as possible.

Have you verified your Income Tax return? Filing process is incomplete till you submit ITR-V

The tax return filing process is incomplete till you submit ITR-V

Stock markets: How long-term investors can navigate volatile markets

Investors should not react too much to price movements when the markets are volatile as it will harm their portfolios in the long-run.

Your money: Household savings rate fell 16.3% in FY12-FY17

Strong impact of GST, demonetisation on household sector .

National Pension System: NPS goes subscriber-friendly with new PoP norms

In order to expand the reach of National Pension System (NPS) and encourage independent and effective distribution channels, the pension fund regulator has notified new norms for Point of Presence.

Survey findings: Despite higher returns, most investors unaware of direct Mutual Funds plans

While mutual fund houses have launched direct plans for investors since January 2013, many people are still not aware of such plans.

Income Tax: No provisions in I-T Act for revision in Form 15H, 15G

The different types of ITR forms released are based on various sources of income earned.

Financial planning: How budgeting helps keep finances in order

For any individual or a family, budgeting is the base for financial planning and is very crucial for financial strength. Most of us hesitate to make a budget as we think it is about cutting out all th

Your queries: Rs 20 lakh revised gratuity limit for retirements after March 29, 2018

The revised gratuity limit is applicable for retirement after March 29, 2018 and not before this date. Since you retired on September 30, 2017, the limit of Rs 10 lakh for gratuity exemption shall be

Opting for presumptive tax scheme? Here’s what to look out for

It is suggested that assessees be given choice to either offer income under presumptive scheme or to offer less income with the support of audited accounts without any restriction.

With deposit rates broadly stable, further rise in MCLR at a swift pace is less likely

Reserve Bank of India’s data for system-wide average lending and deposit rates for June continued to indicate a flattish trend for the sector (slack period), the outcomes similar for private and pub

Your medical insurance plan will now cover mental illness, similar to those offered for treatment of physical illness

The insurance regulator has directed insurance companies offering health insurance to cover treatment for mental illness.

Borrowings: Should you fund an investment with a loan?

Investments are made in the market, where future returns are a matter of expectation, i.e., the return on investment is not a ‘given’. One may expect the market to yield high returns, but that is

Tax talk: Know how rent-free accommodation is taxed

Given an option to choose between RFA and house rent allowance (HRA), an employee should do a back-of-the-envelope calculation to see which one is more beneficial, keeping in mind his requirements, sa

Stock markets: Investing in a cash-rich firm? Check the source of cash

As an investor, you should know why a firm’s cash pile has goes up. Look at the cash flow statement and not the balance sheet to know the source of such funds.

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