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National Pension System: PFRDA caps equity mutual funds investment by NPS

The PFRDA guideline on 5% cap on equity mutual fund investment by pension funds will be applicable to all NPS schemes—central and state governments, private sector, NPS Lite and Atal Pension Yojana.

Income Tax: Deduction on tuition fee allowed only if the institute is located in India

Kumar Deduction for tuition fees paid is allowed under Section 80C only if tuition fees is paid to university, college or institution situated within India.

Home insurance scheme on lines of Ayushman Bharat, PMSBY needed to mitigate damage from natural catastrophe

An index-based policy can be announced which will compensate for the damage caused by the natural catastrophe where the triggers of the Nat-Cat event will be predefined.

Fixed income: Know how downgrades impact debt funds

If the downgrade is for short-term instruments, you need not worry too much as maturity of these instruments is one or two months away. If it is for long-term bonds, then check the percentage of your

Income Tax: Rental income taxed in hands of that co-owner who paid for property

Exemption from LTCG tax is provided to the taxpayer if he uses the LTCG to buy a property within two years from the date of transfer or construct a property within three years from the date of transfe

Asset allocation key to handling market risks and volatility

Having a combination of liquid, multi-cap and large-cap portfolio over the investing horizon should be the approach to reap long-term returns.

Why most people still do not feel the need to buy insurance

Low density and penetration indicates that nothing significant has happened for Indians in insurance.

Six tips to reduce your two-wheeler insurance premium

You can go for a three-year policy and save on the insurance premium.

Debt outlook: Crude prices, rupee movements will determine bond yields

Investors need to have a longer time-frame as bond fund returns are not like fixed deposit returns and can remain highly volatile or even negative in a shorter time-frame

Art, wine & classic cars: Bet on these luxury assets

Art works top the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index in 2018 followed by wine and classic cars

Mutual funds: Stick to SIPs even if market remains volatile

While market volatility remains the most important risk in equity investment either directly or through mutual funds, one should look at equity investments for the long term

Life insurance: You can buy reducing term insurance to cover your home loan

A life insurance policy is considered as a contract and all the terms and conditions at the time of purchase are considered sacrosanct.

Equity outlook: Rising crude prices, rupee depreciation are concerns in the near term

During the month of August, S&P BSE Sensex rose by 2.88% on total return basis. Mid-cap and small-cap indices which were under pressure for the past six months recovered well. S&P BSE Midcap index inc

Stock markets: Should you invest in a debt-free company? Here is the answer

Investors should not only look at whether a company is debt-free or debt-heavy but also other factors such as nature of the industry, business model and its potential to survive in the long run, finan

Income tax: You can buy second flat to get LTCG exemption on sale of old house

Form 31 is for withdrawal of PF upto a certain limit from contributions made in present job.

Three essential steps to ensure success of a well-written financial plan

It is an illusion that a well-written financial plan will automatically bring financial success. Investors, at times, underestimate the challenges they need to overcome when executing their plan.

Claiming insurance after Kerala floods? Here’s how to do it

It’s always better to register the claim immediately with whatever documentary evidence that can be provided to the insurers.

Incentivising ‘quality orders’ of CIT(A): Is it fair?

Quality orders as per CBDT Action Plan include cases where enhancement has been made by the CIT(A) or where the order under appeal has been strength-ened by the CIT(A) or penalty u/s 271(1) has been l

IRDAI recommends that individuals be allowed to shift from being insurance agents to insurance service providers

An Irdai panel has suggested that list of products to be sold via an insurance marketing firm should include group insurance products and combi-products

From opting for systematic withdrawal plan to buying health insurance; know how you can help your parents financially

From opting for systematic withdrawal plan to buying health insurance for your parents, work out a plan to help them.

Stock markets: Four simple steps to assess a company’s future performance

Assess the company’s goal and strategy, sales outlook, product-market strategy and investments, and future profitability to determine its long-term sustainability.

Your Queries: 1% TDS if sale value of property after excluding GST is Rs 50 lakh

TDS shall be calculated on complete sale value and not just carpet area and car parking. Further, Central Board of Direct Taxes issued Circular No. 23/2017 dated July 19, 2017 wherein it clarified tha

Rise in benchmark indices does not tell the entire story; here’s why

The focus should be on delivering steady returns over a long period of time that is unlinked to artificial benchmarks and more with the state of the economy, debt market (risk-free) returns and relate

Claim motor insurance only for major loss

NCB is a discount given on renewal premium at the end of a claim-free year. Even if a single claim is made, the NCB goes back to zero.

Mutual Funds: Are arbitrage funds a substitute for debt funds?

In the debt fund allocation, you may allocate some component to arbitrage funds, particularly in volatile periods. Otherwise, taxation per se should not be the investment criterion as tax laws are sub

Hurry to pack off with your gains? Know the ideal time frame for a mutual fund investment

Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) recently revealed that in equity investment, a whopping 51% of the assets get withdrawn in under one year, and only 29% remain invested for longer than two

Home loans: 6 types of fees charged by your lender that may escape your attention

While we all know about interest rate on home loan, there are several associated charges that may escape our attention.

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