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Your money: Why bank deposits are no longer a favourite with investors

Banks are incrementally becoming more of a transactional avenue and less of savings destination given the low differential between savings rates and term deposits

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Investing in NCDs? Here are some tips for better returns

In NCDs, the investor's exposure is to a single company and any default may wipe out the entire capital invested. As NCDs are not liquid, is not easy to sell the bonds even in the secondary market as

Non-convertible debentures: Are you looking at NCDs to earn higher returns? (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

By reducing SIP, you can’t buy units at lower prices, says Dhaval Kapadia

The main benefit of SIP is rupee cost averaging, an investment technique applied to regular fixed instalments. As the amount is fixed and regular, more units are bought when the market price of shares

By reducing SIP, you can’t buy units at lower prices News

Why you should look to exit stocks/sectors with weak fundamentals

We find limited pockets of value in the Indian market with only a few ‘corporate’ banks and NBFCs and most PSU stocks offering meaningful value. We expect potential further re-rating of the ‘cor

Market rally: Look to exit stocks/ sectors with weak fundamentals (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Attention insurers! Spread awareness about insurance benefits first

The advertisement campaigns often launched by insurers focus on promoting particular insurance plans and not the concept of insurance.

Embedded Value: Spread awareness about insurance benefits first (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

No prepayment charges on home loans with floating rate of interest

You can make balloon payments to reduce your liability or pay off the entire loan outstanding in one go. Some banks have a clause in the sanction letter on an upper limit for repayment every year. Go

No prepayment charges on home loans with floating rate of interest News

Personal loans: Four tips to get funds at low interest rate

A personal loan with a low interest rate is ideal, but it only makes sense when the loan doesn’t carry a range of hidden charges

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Discontinuing your insurance policy? Here are some tips

It is always better to convert your endowment policy to paid-up instead of surrendering it in case you want to close it for some reason

Life insurance: Discontinuing your insurance policy? (Illustration: Shyam Kumar Prasad) News

Explained: How Sensex fared under single party governments, coalitions

Both highest and lowest returns are under coalition governments. But under three of the four single party governments, rate of return has grown more than the 39-year average of 19.3%.

BSE-30 Index returns are independent of which government is in power (Illustration: Shyam Kumar Prasad) News

Don’t exit equity investments in a tough year: Sanctum Wealth Management CIO INTERVIEW

The macro-economic scenario has improved considerably since last year, he said.

equity investment, retail investment, retail investors News

Life insurance: Private insurance firms’s premium collections up

Private sector players reported 16% year-on-year (y-o-y) growth in individual annual premium equivalent (APE) in February 2019, higher than in the past few months.

hdfc life, life insurance News

Income from NSC transferred to wife is clubbed in income of husband

Amount invested in purchase of National Savings Certificates (NSC) is eligible to deduction under Section 80C up to a maximum of Rs 1,50,000.

income tax, income tax returns News

Mutual Funds: Choose large-cap funds wisely, some now generate lower returns than BSE 100 index

Since most investors are usually busy pursuing their professional commitments, mutual funds have emerged as a favourite investment vehicle in India.

mutual funs, equity mutual funds News

In the investing journey, risk management framework is a must

An illustration can help us understand the concept of risk management in a more effective manner.

investment, risk management News

Income Tax: Claim capital gains tax benefit on sale of house judiciously

The one-time exemption on investing capital gains in two properties should be used only when the need arises to distribute the property amongst your children.

Money News

Banking Trends: Private Banks’ deposit share rise at the expense of PSU banks

Private banks perform better in southern and western parts of India compared to others.

Banking & Finance News

Investing in mutual funds? Look at index funds, ETFs; Here’s why

As large-cap mutual funds have failed to generate alpha, it makes sense to move towards low-cost alternatives such as index funds and ETFs .

Money News

Why women in India need to buy health insurance

It would be ideal to get a health plan that offers a cover of at least Rs 5 lakh. You can take a top-up plan also if required.

Insurance News

How to revive dormant PPF, Sukanya Samriddhi accounts

Here are the various rules investors should follow if any of their small savings accounts like PPF and Sukanya Samriddhi accounts become dormant.

Money News

Taking an education loan? You have to furnish name of guarantor

Then decide to go for a longer term loan with the flexibility to pay off earlier, as and when you have extra funds. This way your monthly obligation of EMI will be lower.

Money News

Higher gold prices in India are more a function of exchange rate

Further, trade negotiations over tariffs between the US and China are underway and any movement therein will impact the currencies, which will have an effect on gold.

Money News

Smart investing: Four ways to ride out volatility in the market

While most investment options have lock-ins and limits on withdrawals, barring ELSS, there is no such bar in mutual funds. One can invest, switch, transfer and liquidated funds at any moment.

Money News

Investing your money? Four avenues to multiply your corpus

These four sources of investment will help you expedite your decision-making process and figure out the best course of action that can be taken to maximise your return on investment.

Money News

Debt funds: Here are five factors you need to consider

The degree of increases or decreases in their NAV would also depend on the maturity of their constituent securities.

Money News

Smart Investing: Four tips to withstand market volatility

Market volatility, no matter how undesirable it seems, is a reality every investor needs to get acclimatised to.

Markets News

On a wing and a prayer: No insurance yet for majority of Indians

41% with child’s education as their major worry have not invested in any child insurance plan, 51% have not purchased any term plan.

Insurance News

Returns posted by fund houses are subject to audit

Equity index funds invest in stocks by typically replicating a benchmark equity index such as the S&P BSE Sensex, Nifty, etc.

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