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Here is why it’s time to take advantage of fall in stock markets

There has been a good correction in stock prices and the same has been continuing. Many stocks which looked highly valued now seem to have come within reach.

How to leverage election year market crash and gain on averaging opportunities

Lok Sabha elections due next year, it is more important to hold on to stocks, buy more on dips and continue with SIPs.

What is the difference between salary on Form 16 and 26AS

Short-term capital loss is allowed to be set off against both long-term and short-term capital gains.

Falling Rupee & surging crude: Remain invested in debt funds which prioritise safety

If the rupee continues to depreciate on falling equity markets and higher oil prices, we expect market interest rates to move higher from the current levels.

Know how you can save tax on capital gains

Independent capital gains rules are applicable for each asset class. However, there are numerous sections under which if you reinvest your long-term capital gains you can save on tax

Only funds got on retirement can be invested in Senior Citizens Savings Scheme

Rule 4 of Senior Citizens Saving Scheme Rules states that any individual cannot deposit any amount more than what he/she has received on retirement.

Policyholders, your insurance company will be better regulated, here’s what IRDAI has planned

The benefit of adopting a risk-based supervisory framework will be a structured approach to help assess various risks, both internal and external.

Late tax refunds: Don’t feel helpless, you can go to the tax ombudsman; Here’s what to do

Taxpayers need to make known their acceptance of the ombudsman’s decision within 15 days of receiving the letter stating the decision.

Here’s why switching to a senior citizen savings account makes more sense

If you happen to be over 55 years and are still using your old regular savings account, you may be missing out on special features and benefits that can only be availed with senior citizen savings ban

Currency devaluation: Know how the falling rupee impacts your finances

The rupee has depreciated over 15% against the US dollar since January this year because of rising crude prices, slowing flow of funds from foreign institutional investors and increase in the US Dolla

Mutual Funds: LTCG tax on equity MFs to be paid only if holdings are redeemed & gains above Rs 1 lakh a year

LTCG tax on equity MFs to be paid only if holdings are redeemed & gains above Rs 1lakh a year.

Bad news for families using HUFs to save tax, this effective tool may be gone soon

Under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 also, HUF has been identified distinctly from the family members as a ‘person’ and its income is taxed as a separate legal entity.

Wait! Don’t sell your debt mutual fund investments. You might get better returns next year

For some time now, returns from bond funds have been muted, particularly long duration funds. On top of it, due to incidents of the recent past, there are concerns on the credit risk aspect of debt fu

Income Tax: Get interest on gratuity if payment delayed by more than 30 days

As per Section 56(2)(x) of Income Tax Act, if the purchase price of a property is less than the stamp duty value and the difference is more than 5% of the purchase price or Rs 50,000 (whichever is hig

Aadhaar linkage mandatory for PAN & filing ITR, not for bank accounts

Aadhaar was introduced by the government with the primary objective of providing unique identity to its residents so as to discourage the emergence of any duplicate or bogus identity.

Beware of these risks! 5 pitfalls to avoid while using mobile banking services

The use of mobile phones is at an all-time high and mobile banking is one of the fastest growing segments in banking.

Why you need to look at large-cap stocks

Practically, it is very difficult to identify and one needs patience, too, to hold such a stock.

Aadhar verdict: eKYC curbed; instant loan approvals, MF and insurance sales online take a hit

With the Supreme Court scrapping the mandatory linking of Aadhaar with bank accounts and ruling that private companies can no longer insist on Aadhaar-based authentication, fintech companies find them

Currency Movements: Here are three ways to forecast value of rupee

Market-based forecasts, fundamental and technical analysis help forecast exchange rate.

Your money: Gap between outstanding & fresh loan rates remains

Difference in loan growth between public and private banks may result in the latter looking to revisit their deposit rates.

Income Tax: These three tax deductions that can be reversed

There are tax deductions for long-term investments. If, however, you invest only for the short-term, your tax liability increases.

Mutual Funds: No tax required to be paid on gift deed

A residential open plot was self acquired by my elder brother in 1979. Ground floor was constructed in 1982 and first floor in 1998.

Invest in long-term plans to build retirement corpus

Nowadays, science and technologies are proving that humans can live longer than expected.

Motor insurance: Here is how you can get Rs 15 lakh personal accident cover on buying car insurance

Buyers of new cars and two-wheelers will also now have to mandatorily purchase third-party insurance cover upfront for at least three and five years.

Mutual Funds: Index funds are also subject to equity market-related volatility

Equity index funds invest in stocks by typically replicating a benchmark equity index such as the S&P BSE Sensex, Nifty, etc. They buy all the stocks which are in the benchmark index in the same propo

Good news! You don’t need to be present now to get your KYC done

Fintech is also experimenting with video KYC, wherein via a video app, you complete a liveness check (proof that you’re a living person) through a series of tasks, such as moving your eyes before th

Interest rate bonanza! New, latest rates for PPF, FDs, small savings; here’s what risk-averse investors should do

Risk-averse investors can look at investing in these instruments with the government raising interest rates for small savings schemes.

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