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Financial Planning: Decide on your savings goal at the year’s start

To conclude, by adopting the above, you are positioning yourself in the best possible place for achieving financial success, but it takes extreme discipline, dedication and repeated sacrifice.

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Take up this 30-day money challenge to save more

Wait no more and take up the 30-day money challenge. As you refrain from impulse purchases, saying no to frivolous spending in the future only becomes easier.

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What are debt mutual funds and what is the credit risk involved

Investors should, however, understand that these are MTM products and, thus, exposed to market risk. Further, investors should avoid concentration of the risks identified.

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From data protection to cloud: Cybersecurity forecast for 2019

TIP: To succeed, enterprises must have the processes, technology and – most importantly – people in place to keep systems adequately secured. Reducing cyber risk requires having integrated, automa

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For NSC interest, pay quarterly advance tax or pay when filing ITR

The payout is not subject to TDS, hence you will need to pay the tax either by paying quarterly advance tax installments, if applicable to you or at the time of filing your income tax return.

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Financial Planning: Six tips towards building wealth in 2019

In the world of personal finance, 12 months is a long enough time to create an impact depending on how you spend, save and invest.

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In a volatile market, continue SIP with a long-term horizon

Over the short to medium term, their performance can fluctuate significantly even resulting in negative / low returns over various time periods.

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Have you chosen your tax-saving instruments? If not, do some advance tax planning

Avoid the last-minute rush, and don’t take on a large tax-saving burden for March. Start now in December.

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Stock Markets: Investing lessons learnt in 2018

Due weightage must be given to asset allocation and time horizon to tide over volatility in the stock markets.

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Precious metal: Investing in gold lowers portfolio risk

Gold prices will move up gradually and prove to be a useful portfolio diversification tool.

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Stock markets: Seven trends to watch out for in 2019

Inflation, global oil prices, GDP growth and trade deficit will be some of the key parameters to watch out for next year.

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SIP: Invest in equities to build long-term wealth

While one-year SIP returns are negative for multi-cap funds, investing over longer time frames will create wealth.

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Income Tax: Income of a minor child is clubbed in hands of parents

In case of a minor child, any income accruing to such minor child is clubbed in the hands of the parent whose total income is higher.

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Loans: Ways to take a short-term business loan

Short-term business loans are short-term funds you can borrow from a bank or a financial institution to finance your temporary cash crunch.

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Life insurance: Looking back, looking ahead – Regulatory support leading to new possibilities

Product guidelines like similar minimum death benefit across all ages and differentiated pricing of protection products for those who use wearables are good steps.

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Investment planning: Diversify portfolio to minimise political risk

As investors cannot avoid geopolitical risks, they must keep their eyes and ears wide open on political matters, both national and international.

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Tax talk: Holding shares in physical form? You need to change them to demat form before April

Investors holding shares of listed companies in physical form, starting April 1, 2019, will be only allowed to transfer or sell them if they have been converted to dematerialised form (Demat Form).

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Home loans: Flats not delivered? Go to consumer redressal forum

The bank verifies the authenticity of the sale agreement as well as the title deeds. A sale agreement is a contract between the builder and the purchaser.

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New Year cheer: You don’t have to pay tax while gifting house to your child; here is how

While you or your child do not have to pay any tax on transfer of property, you have to pay stamp duty and register the gift deed.

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Corporate bonds: You can pick up bonds from primary market

The rally in corporate bonds has not been as much as it takes time for movement in government bonds to percolate to other segments of the market. If you buy now, you will be availing of relatively att

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Insurer, insured need to be major contributors to the economy

There is hardly any distinct initiative on the part of any company for making insurance a part of the day-to-day life of an individual.

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Nest Egg: Tips to plan your finances in your 40s

At 40, your responsibilities are much more than they were in your 20s and 30s. You need some prudent investments that can help you balance your life goals and your responsibilities.

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Income Tax: You do not have to pay any tax on scholarships

Any kind of scholarship granted to a person to meet the cost of education is exempted from tax under Section 10(16) of Income Tax Act. If your daughter gets scholarship for the purpose of meeting cost

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Unclaimed insurance payout: Know how you can claim it

The information regarding unclaimed amounts needs to be updated by the insurers on their respective websites on a half-yearly basis.

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Government Securities: Are G-Secs better than fixed deposits for retail investors?

Investing in government securities is one of the safer investment options available to individual investors because these are risk-free instruments and provide portfolio diversification and are availa

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Income Tax: You have to invest in Section 54EC bonds within 6 months of sale of property

The investment period in Section 54EC bonds for saving capital gains tax is within a period of six months from the date of transfer of land or building or both.

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Don’t let these four mistakes derail your retirement plans

Do you know what will be the value of today's Rs 1 crore 30 years later? It will be Rs 23 lakh if you consider inflation at 5%. So, in three decades a neat sum of today can become less than one-fourth

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