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General Insurance: You have to submit PUC certificate to renew car insurance

As per the recent Supreme Court order and subsequent circular from Irdai, car owners have to submit PUC certificate while renewing car insurance.

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Investment planning: Know how to set ‘SMART’ financial goals

SMART where S=Specific, M=Measurable, A=Achievable, R=Relevant and T=Timely, is the simple logic that helps in setting your financial goal.

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Tax planning: Four tips for selecting tax-savings investments

For tax-savings related investments, look at the tenure, returns offered and the taxability of the returns.

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Income up to Rs 1500 per minor child is exempt from income tax

The income earned in the name of minor is taxable in the hands of the parents whose income is greater, before adding such income of minor.

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Improper asset allocation is biggest impediment in wealth creation

If you have invested money recently, it is not the time to pull out or exit. Try to understand, why are you investing and what is the expectation you have from the investment. And then re-jig, if requ

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Investing for the long term? Here are five tips to follow

For long-term wealth creation, patience is the biggest virtue. Short-term market movements shouldn’t be the driving force behind your investment decisions or related actions.

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Continue to invest in equities via SIP, investors can expect decent return from equities over a long period

During the month of July, S&P BSE Sensex rose 6.36% on total return basis and the index touched new all-time high in the month.

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Retirement planning: Know the risks that can crack your nest egg

It is important to let your regular income continue after retirement, but it is also equally important to not let that income erode due to inflation, interest rates or unexpected healthcare costs

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ITR filing: Did you get a defective income tax return notice? Here’s what you need to do

Revise the defective ITR within 15 days of notice addressing the defects

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Explained: How technology can help make buying insurance easier

From purchasing a policy to raising a claim to assessing risks more accurately, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and wearables can make it easier for both customers and

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Home Finance: Need to change your lender? Opt for home loan balance transfer

Home loan repayment is categorised into repayment of principal amount and the interest on the home loan.

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SIP investments in ELSS more volatile than NPS in long term

National Pension Scheme (NPS) as a retirement planning tool has been gaining traction since it was thrown open to all classes of investors in July 2009.

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Income Tax: You have to pay 20% tax on capital gains made from property sale

Whenever a property is sold in India, the seller makes a capital gain.

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Bond market rates to remain neutral over the medium term

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) raised repo rate by 25 basis points (bps) for the second time in two meetings. Given rising inflation and various upside risks to fut

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Five steps to build a solid child education plan

Check out the five steps to building a solid child education plan.

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Know how your pension can be taxed

Taxability of commuted pension depends on the status of the employee and whether she has received gratuity.

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Two months, two rate hikes: FDs, small savings to become attractive post RBI rate hike

Given the hike in repo rate, if you are looking at locking money in bank deposits for a longer tenure, it makes sense to do it now.

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Private banks rely more on financial sector for funds

The CASA share shift continues towards private banks with a gain of 220 bps y-o-y led by current accounts.

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Understand the power of compounding – Why starting early is the key to building wealth

Early investors always gain from the power of compounding. Investing in a systematic investment plan in equity mutual fund, PPF or NPS at an early stage can help the investor to accumulate a large cor

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Mutual Funds: Here is why you must not stop SIP when markets are down

By stopping SIP when markets are down, you lose opportunity for rupee cost averaging.

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Explained – How to save tax on mutual fund investments

One of the best ways to invest your money is investing in mutual funds (MF). Here’s how MF returns are taxed and possible ways to save tax on such returns.

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Borrowings: How to get a loan against property

Public and private sector banks and even housing finance companies offer loans against property, usually providing around 60% of the value of the property as loan.

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Investment in NPS less volatile than mutual funds – Here is why

NPS accumulates savings into a subscriber’s personal retirement accounts (PRA) while he is working. On retirement, 60% of the accumulated corpus is paid out as lump sum to the subscriber.

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Income Tax: NRIs to fill up FSI & TR in ITR2 if claiming tax credit on foreign income

Know how NRIs will fill up FSI & TR in ITR2 if claiming tax credit on foreign income..

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How banks decide whom to give a credit card

Those who fail to get a credit card due to eligibility issues can opt for secured credit cards, with fixed deposit in the bank offered as collateral.

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Income Tax paid abroad? Know how to claim its credit

Foreign tax credit is available to Indian residents in respect of tax paid on foreign income which is included in their taxable income in India.

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Income Tax return: Know who can opt for presumptive taxation scheme

Besides presumptive business income, ITR4 or Sugam allows declaration of income from salary/ pension, income from one house property and income from other sources.

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