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PHI Commerce: Winning over the fence-sitters

The PayPhi eCOD interface sends SMS and email notifications to consumers to make digital payments on delivery.

In the long term, fundamentals still rule the market

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) index has witnessed uninterrupted rally from the lows of 9,950 till 10,700.

Mutual Fund scheme changes – What should the investor do?

Go through the new fund positioning and understand it. If the basic investment strategy is significantly different and you do not relate to the new positioning you may like to exit.

How to get a credit card? Check these 6 steps

Credit cards are life savers. Not only do you get attractive rewards, cash back, and air miles on your cards, they also provide instant credit with an interest-free period.

Income Tax: You do not have to pay tax on gift received on marriage or by will

You do not have to pay tax on gift received on marriage or by will.

Data analytics: The survival tool for insurers

Insurance companies have been slow to respond to changed market realities though they are sitting on mountains of data that can direct them to the needs of customers.

NeST EGG: Three small steps towards building a retirement corpus

Post retirement, you can start systematic withdrawals from your mutual fund investment accounts. This is among the more convenient and tax efficient ways to provide regular income in retirement.

Your queries: Above 50 and want a home loan? Get a young co-applicant

You can avail a joint home loan with a younger family member that will help increase eligibility, tenure, tax benefits and lower the Equated Monthly Instalments.

Your money: Gold will be a useful portfolio diversification tool in the current times

Should there be a “deep trade war,” with complications for global growth, industrial commodities such as base metals, energy will be negatively affected, but that scenario would benefit gold.

Health Insurance: Debunked! Top 5 myths about health plans

First, there is a mandatory minimum 30 days waiting period in all health policies, and two to four years waiting period for pre-existing diseases.

Why you can continue SIPs but must refrain from taking large fresh positions

For the calendar year 2018, S&P BSE Sensex has risen by 3.43% while the BSE Midcap Index has declined by 4.38% and the S&P BSE SmallCap Index has declined by 4.22%.

ELSS vs PPF: Why Equity Linked Savings Scheme is the winner? Explained here

ELSS gives much higher returns due to the power of compounding despite the market volatility it entails.

Income Tax: Know how you can save tax through various deductions under Section 80

There are various deductions available through which you can save your tax. Utilise the investment process properly for your tax planning.

Income Tax: For purchase of property of above Rs 50 lakh, 1% tax has to be deducted on payment

Income tax returns already filed for financial year 2016-17 (i.e., assessment year 2017-18) can be revised till March 31, 2019.

Income Tax: Standard deduction is allowed only once from total of all salary incomes

Under Section 9 of Income-tax Act, 1961, income could be subject to tax in India if the institution has some business connection in India or if the fee paid qualifies as royalty or fees for technical

Income Tax department turns heat on salaried taxpayers; warns against false claims – Details here

As financial year 2017-18 has come to an end, it is now time for individual taxpayers to start working on filing their income tax return by July 31, 2018 (except certain individual taxpayers who deriv

Good news for senior citizens: Here’s how PMVVY can ensure fixed income in old age

Senior citizens can now invest up to `15 lakh in the pension scheme to get Rs 10,000 a month for 10 years and protect against any fall in the interest rate

If you have any ailment, you may need medical test to buy policy

It is not always the case that a policy is rejected on grounds of hypertension as it depends on the severity of the ailment.

Succession planning: Why you need to appoint a nominee for your assets

Your estate is the sum of everything you own—your home and other real estate, current and savings accounts, investments, life insurance, car, furniture, personal possessions and so on.

Why focus will remain on how govt manages fiscal deficit situation

Any shortfall in estimated GST collections or higher inflation is likely to keep yields elevated, thereby adversely impact market valuations.

RevStart: Hand-holding in the age of innovation

RevStart’s incubation progamme will pick up promising start-ups from Ed-tech, AI, consumer Internet sectors.

Money matters: Finding funds for your new venture

Today’s generation is felicitated for its ambitious, go-getter attitude and its courage at not letting financial constraints stand in the way of career goals.

Here is how balance transfer can reduce your credit card woes

A credit card holder can avoid paying high interest on outstanding credit card balance by using the balance transfer facility of another card of a different bank.

Income Tax: Only co-owner who repays loan can get tax benefit

Ordinarily, the benefit of housing loan for repayment of interest and principal is allowed to the person who owns the property and is actually repaying the loan.

Portfolio forward returns will be driven by sectoral allocation and stock selection

Insights from comparing the Nifty 50 with the CNX 500 excluding the Nifty 50 show that while the Nifty 50 has grown profits at 9.7% CAGR over the past three years, the CNX 500 excluding the Nifty 50 h

Identify India’s current stage of economic cycle and invest accordingly

The economy goes through cycles. It expands for a few years, then contracts and again expands. If we look historically, different sectors tend to perform during different stages of an economic cycle.

Give landlord’s PAN to employer if year’s rent above Rs 1 lakh

There is no requirement to quote PAN of landlord while filing ITR. Considering you are a salaried assessee, PAN of landlord must be furnished to the employer as aggregate rent paid for the year is abo

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