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Rushing to buy insurance now? Don’t end up with a wrong policy

Understand the terms and conditions of each life insurance policy before you sign on the dotted line
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Critical illness cover: Super top-up plans of Rs 1 crore and above

Individuals who have a history of critical illnesses in the family—illnesses that require expensive and prolonged hospitalisations—may also opt for a big cover.

A health insurance cover provides you with a much needed financial backup at times of medical emergencies. News

Your queries: Equity MF proceeds credited on T+3 days basis

An SIP is a mode of investment enabling an investor to average out the cost of his investments across his investment horizon.

A few mutual funds offer half-yearly as well as annual SIP option to investors. News

Deconstructing Return on Equity: Why RoE is considered among most relevant ratios in stock selection

Return on equity (RoE) needs to be seen in terms of net profit margin, asset turnover, and the equity multiplier to measure the risks associated with the business model of each company in a sector

Return on Equity, roe News

Know the insurance cover you need for your two-wheeler

Zero or nil depreciation cover is a must have for your bike, given that expenses for even small part repairs can be very high.

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Your Queries: Mix of equity, debt assets must to optimise portfolio performance

An asset allocation-based approach is one of the key determinants of a portfolio’s performance

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Budget 2020: Tweak Chapter VI-A deductions to give relief to taxpayers

Budget 2020-21: The tax break of Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C needs to be increased, even as the scope of Section 80D should be widened.

Budget 2020, Union Budget 2020 India News

Delinquency rates in housing loans and credit cards rise in September quarter

Overall balance-level serious delinquencies showed an increase of 10 bps y-o-y in Q2FY20. The categories of auto loans and personal loans, however, saw an improvement in delinquency rates.

Credit cards and personal loans also showed an improvement of 78 bps and 55 bps, respectively. News

Mutual Funds: Don’t stop or switch SIPs during volatility

By stopping SIPs influenced by the market movements or looking at only the short-term under-performance, the investor will hamper long-term financial goals.

Only 35% of the equity assets have been held for a period greater than 24 months. News

Income Tax: Sold gold? Pay short-term capital gains tax at slab rate

The legal heir/ representative of the deceased shall be liable to file the return on his behalf for the income earned till the date of death.

Long term gains shall be taxed at the rate of 20% and short term gains shall be taxed at applicable slab rates. News

Here’s why Irdai needs to mandate outpatient cover in health insurance

Out of pocket expenditure for healthcare in India stands at 62% of the entire expenditure and out of which only 27% of the population is insured.

The IRDAI needs to mandate the private insurers to provide outpatient insurance. News

Private insurers report 16% APE growth in December

Individual business for LIC was modest at 13%, following 103% growth in previous month due to sunset period of a couple of its products

Ticket size in individual non-single segment was up by 20% y-o-y. (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Are liquid funds safe for investment? Find out

SIPs involve investing the same amount of money at regular intervals (usually on the same date every month), over several months.

In general, though, 'safety' depends on the quality of the constituents within a scheme's portfolio. News

From NPS to gold, 5 smart investment choices for 2020

Look at your financial goal, the risk you are willing to take, your investment horizon and never make rash decisions, such as stopping mutual fund SIPs due to under-performance

Investors are advised not to hurry and make rash decisions, such as stopping mutual fund SIPs due to under-performance. (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

New ITR-1 form: Know the eligibility norms

The CBDT has notified these forms even before beginning of relevant assessment year, which will give sufficient time to taxpayers to gather necessary information.

These two types of ITR forms are supposedly most simple forms, requiring minimal details from individuals having limited total income or carrying out small business/ profession. (Illustration: Shyam Kumar Prasad) News

How free investment advice can ruin you

Sebi has recently mandated registered investment advisors to offer advice only after they undertake complete personalised risk profiling of the clients

It has mandated RIAs to offer advice only after they undertake complete personalised risk profiling of the clients. (Illustration: Shyam Kumar Prasad) News

Retirement Planning Calculation: Know how to use Systematic Withdrawal Plan to meet expenses

You can draw a fixed amount from your mutual funds via SWP, even as the invested corpus, net of withdrawals, continues to earn from the market

Systematic Withdrawal Plan, Taxation rules, FIFO, LTCG tax rate, mutual funds, post-tax return News

Why taking OPD health cover is a smart idea

OPD cover allows you to claim expenses on doctor’s fees, cost of medicines along with diagnostics or minor procedure fees

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Financial planning: Five money tips for smarter decision-making

Having clarity in your decision-making will help you divert money to the right investment instruments to achieve your personal finance goals

And in the future, the rates may pick up again, forcing you to change track again. News

Income Tax queries: Rental income taxable in hands of each co-owner

Rental income earned from jointly owned property is taxable in the hands of each co-owner, in proportion of the share in property.

As per Section 205, if tax has already been deduct-ed on the income under issue, the taxpayer cannot be called upon for payment of tax to the extent to which tax has been deducted from that income. News

Here’s how three-bucket strategy can lead to wealth creation in the long term

Even in 2008-09, when the mid-and small-cap returns went south by more than 40%, had you stayed true to the investment process, the point-to-point returns would have delivered a double digit return in

Investors must look at the three-bucket strategy to create wealth in the long run in a disciplined way. News

Insurance policy queries: Only nominee can get death benefit money on policy

In case there is no nominee you will need to get in touch with the insurer to understand the process for settlement in favour of the legal heirs.

Insurance policy, Insurance policy query,  nominee, death benefit money, policy News

Health Insurance: More wellness products, use digital solutions in year 2020

There is a wide gap in healthcare delivery for the insured and for the total population. Health insurance is majorly dominated by government schemes. The private health insurers have expanded rapidly

Health Insurance, wellness product, digital solution, healthcare, Medical diagnostics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data , Internet of Things  News

Mutual Funds: Use core-and-satellite investment strategy to build a good portfolio

Core assets are the foundation of a portfolio and require passive management, which means occasional and not frequent readjustment is required in response to the market dynamics. Generally, core mutua

Mutual Funds, core and satellite investment, investment strategy , investment portfolio News
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