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Embedded value: Know the risks inherent in unit-linked insurance plans

Unit-linked insurance plans are stock market investments. Policyholders should understand when to switch funds to get good returns & highest safety
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Mutual fund investors should review equity investments; Here is why

Given the current market volatility, mutual fund investors should review the performance of a scheme against returns for the benchmark or category that the scheme belongs to.

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How to build a portfolio that matches your risk appetite

Spread your investments across asset classes so that the overall risk of your portfolio matches your risk appetite

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Gains from sale of gold ETFs or gold mutual funds are taxed similarly as that of physical gold

Short-term capital gains on units held for up to three years are added to investor’s income and taxed according to the applicable slab rate.

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Life insurance: Private sector individual APE growth slows down in Sept

Private sector players reported 3% y-o-y growth in overall APE in September 2019, with 3% growth in individual APE.

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Five steps to feel good about your investment portfolio

It is important for investors to practice good investing habits as volatility is sky-high, the economy is uncertain and market sentiment is unreliable.

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Equity investing: Four tips for investing during volatile times

The probability of negative returns declines as the investment horizon increases.

The equity market is generally volatile over the short term. News

Time to hike bank deposit insurance cover

There should be insurance cover of at least Rs 1 lakh for savings bank account and Rs 2 lakh for term deposits.

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Investment planning: Four steps in reviewing investment portfolio

Measuring performance of the selected portfolio against set benchmarks at least once in a quarter is a practice that every investor must adopt, to avail optimum returns from the investment.

From Warren Buffett to Bill Ackman, all the great investors in the financial world have a common trait, i.e., in-depth observation skills. News

Income Tax Return 2019: Missed the ITR filing deadline? You can still file tax return for FY 18-19 by this date

Late filing of income tax return shall attract a fee of Rs 5,000 if it is furnished on or before December 31, 2019. Post this date, Rs 10,000 shall be charged.

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Hybrid multi-asset mutual funds: Enjoy returns while minimising risks

For a horizon of seven years or more, the probability of making a negative return is zero. Volatility of returns reduces significantly and 92% of the times your equity investments would have earned mo

Data show that 68% of equity mutual fund investors in India exit even before completing two years. News

Equity investments: Need to check corporate governance norms

Indices such as BSE’s CG Scorecard are helpful for small investors who find it difficult to comprehend and gauge corporate governance practices of firms whose shares they want to purchase.

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Gift from NRI dad not taxable, but you have to pay tax on income from it

Q. I am an NRI. If I gift Rs 20 lakh to my major daughter in India and if she invests it in a bank fixed deposit, will either of us be liable to pay income tax? – Wilson Furtado According to Section

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Know who is eligible for presumptive taxation scheme

In case of a person adopting the provisions of Section 44AD, income will be computed on presumptive basis, i.e., @ 8% of the turnover or gross receipts of the eligible business for the year.

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Income tax: CBDT circular comes as relief for minor offences

The CBDT circular comes as a relief to taxpayers who were worried that they may become part of collateral damage as the government ramps up its efforts to take tax offenders to task

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How individual investors succumb to performance chasing behaviour

The return earned by an average investor is lower than return earned by the underlying investment

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How investing in consumer sector gives you exposure to evergrowing segment of economy

Investing in a consumer-focused fund gives you exposure to the ever-growing segment of the economy, the fundamental attributes of which are high cash flows and healthy balance sheets

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Probability of negative returns declines in long run: Crisil’s Bhushan Kedar

Analysis of data shows that individual investors continued to invest largely through the regular plan route (distributors) at 83% of their AUM compared with just 31% for institutional route.

Bhushan Kedar, director, Funds & Fixed Income, Crisil (Portrait: Shyam Kumar Prasad) News

Indian banks set for solid growth in credit card business

HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and ICICI Bank along with RBL Bank have strong business propositions in the credit cards business

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Tweak in health insurance policy norms to benefit customers

Irdai has allowed insurance companies to do minor modifications such as changes in frequency of premium payments, change in policy wordings on certification basis without waiting for its approval

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Can you claim tax benefit on HRA for rent paid for dependent parents?

Any HRA allowance granted to meet the expense incurred on payment of rent in respect of residential accommodation “occupied” by the individual is exempt from tax, subject to the prescribed limit.

Any sum of money received from relatives is fully exempt from tax in the hands of the beneficiary. News

Taking an education loan? Know your tax benefits

Deduction under Section 80E is available for the year in which the individual begins to pay interest on the educational loan and continues till seventh succeeding year. Only individuals can claim dedu

The educational loan should be taken from any financial institution or any approved charitable institution. (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

Stock market: Here are 4 steps that may help you to select a brokerage firm

Sometimes, fees and other costs of brokerage firms can quickly erode your returns and even eat into your principal funds. So read the fine print before signing up for an account with the firm

The broking industry is moving towards replacing the human intervention with chatbots, which is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. However, elimination of human touch in financial services segment is relatively difficult (Illustration: SHYAM Kumar Prasad) News

NBFCs/HFCs may probably continue linking home loans to their PLRs

Usually, the bank will factor in credit-worthiness of the borrower while quoting the interest rate. So I doubt this would be a leverage for you to ask for a better interest rate.

So you may get a loan of Rs 38 lakh with an approximate EMI of Rs 85,000 for 60 months. News
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