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Retire smart: From discipline to your time, seven tips to plan retirement

Remember, planning for your retirement is a continuing process. It needs a lot of introspection, discipline and your time.

Samsung evolving Bixby virtual assistant into a scalable intelligence platform to support diverse products

Samsung is evolving its Bixby virtual assistant into a scalable intelligence platform to support the diverse products and services in a consumer’s life.

The Teradata (ad)Vantage: Advanced analytics capabilities from multiple sources seamlessly on a single platform

Meant for big enterprises, Teradata Vantage brings advanced analytics capabilities from multiple sources seamlessly on a single platform.

Paid TDS? Now don’t forget to file your income tax return

With the amendments in the law, it is advisable for taxpayers earning income from India to file their tax returns. Not filing a return will leave taxpayer in an incredibly vulnerable position.

Negative returns from liquid funds? Here’s what you should do

The USP of liquid funds is that these give stable returns even when the market is volatile. Individual investors use liquid funds for temporary parking of funds, and corporate treasuries use it for it

Children’s Day 2018: Six mistakes to avoid while planning for your child’s financial needs

Children’s Day is a good day to take stock of your child’s long-term money requirements. However, plans must be carefully thought through and made in order to ensure the best possible life for you

Health Insurance may become more consumer friendly: IRDAI panel calls for removing these exclusions

The working group has recommended that waiting period for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac should not be for more than 30 days.

Your Money: Five mistakes to avoid in investment journey

When you deal with your investments, you should be diligent enough in not making the same mistakes again and again.

Your Money: Why volatility is a friend in goal-based investing

The movement in the market value and also the recovery as noticed in the portfolio on November 2, 2018 reflects that ‘timing’ the market is an unpredictable task.

Financial self-reliance is the crux of all investment goals

Start your journey of investments today to ensure a free and independent future.

Investment planning: How dynamic asset allocation strategy ensures superior returns

NSE has launched two dynamic asset allocation indices: NIFTY 50 & Short Duration Debt-Dynamic P/B index and NIFTY 50 & Short Duration Debt-Dynamic P/E index

How to revive lapsed Ulip?

Ulips and mutual funds are two different financial instruments and can cater to different financial goals of an individual.

Stock market: A decade of Diwali returns

What would have been the Sensex return if investment was in the Diwali of 2008? For this time period, the Sensex delivered a return of 14.54%, much above the 10% return noticed for time horizons of th

You can get home insurance for unoccupied home

At the inception you must clarify to the insurers that your house remains unoccupied for most part of the year.

How a personal loan can help you pay your credit card bills and improve your CIBIL score

Since personal loans are cheaper than most credit cards, you would save on interest charged on various credit cards and can replace it with a personal loan and single equated monthly installment (EMI)

Dhanteras investment: Go for Gold ETFs and SGBs

Investment in gold is a useful diversification tool and a good hedge against inflation. For many investors, the metal is an essential store of value for financial emergencies.

Your Money: Financial sector top wealth creator during 2013-18

HDFC Bank, Indiabulls Ventures and Titan are the biggest, fastest and most consistent wealth creators

Don’t miss out on these benefits while repaying your home loan

The tax benefits available on the home loan principal and interest repayment under Sections 80C and 24, respectively, are known to most home buyers.

Domestic investors to drive incremental equity demand, India will remain in the midst of a domestic liquidity supercycle

On various valuation models we use, the long-term growth that seems priced into Indian equities is tolerable.

Investment planning: Why you need to look at recurring deposits

The interest rate offered by banks on different term periods varies from bank to bank owing to intense competition among them.

Health insurance: Bringing mental illness under health insurance cover will help customers

The Mental Healthcare Bill 2017 was a progressive reform in the midst of growing awareness. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India’s (Irdai) directive that followed, now include

How VCs offer entrepreneurs much more than just capital

For the start-up economy, venture capital funding is more than just the equivalent of fuel for a car. VCs also perform other critical roles that include advice on key business decisions, leveraging ne

Gift of capital asset to spouse is not chargeable to tax

Accordingly, if the purpose is to transfer the ownership of the flat to your wife such that she becomes the 100% owner of the said flat, you can consider gifting her your share without any considerati

Wealth Wish-List: A diversified investment portfolio can help you get rich faster

In Asia, Africa and the Middle East, many economies are experiencing rapid growth, allowing people to benefit from new found wealth and, as a result, new opportunities.

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