Poor evidence against North Korea in Sony hacking

A number of private security researchers are increasingly voicing doubts that the hack of Sony‘s computer systems was the work of North Korea.

Driver wanted for Barack Obama motorcade. Novice welcome

Shortly after US President Barack Obama landed here one fall day for fund-raisers...

MBA programmes follow Silicon Valley into data age

Many US colleges have begun offering programmes that include digital components and not just finance and corporate strategy...

Oil’s swift fall raises fortunes of US abroad

Anti-US oil exporters Russia, Iran, Venezula pushed towards financial crisis; talks rife that US, Saudi delibrately drove down prices

Bribe charges may kill $13-bn merger of Biomet, Zimmer

From the skyscrapers of Wall Street to the factories of northern Indiana, cheers rang out for one of the biggest mergers of the year. For $13.35 billion, Goldman Sachs and a group of giant private equ

US Fed says it’ll be ‘patient’ on interest rate timing

Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve chairwoman, said on Wednesday the Fed still expected to start raising interest rates next year...

Steep rate hike in Russia fails to stem rouble rout

The rouble’s value continued to slide on Tuesday despite the Russian central bank’s extraordinary effort to defend it...

Sony Pictures asks news outlets to delete ‘stolen’ data

Sony Pictures Entertainment warned media outlets on Sunday against using the mountains of corporate data revealed by hackers...

Zuckerberg says secret of his current success is making lots of mistakes

Now we know why Facebook is so unafraid to make mistakes, whether it is the company’s privacy...

US narrowly passes $1.1-trillion spending Bill, averts shutdown

The legislation now heads to the Senate, which is expected to pass it soon

Detroit is out of bankruptcy, but not out of the woods yet

This city formally emerged from court protection on Wednesday, bringing to a close the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history after about 17 months. Yet the end of the bankruptcy was also th

Cheap ECB loans fail to cheer banks

Banks drew 130 billion euros in loans from the central bank, which offered a fixed interest rate of 0.15%

A global accord to fight climate change is in sight

Diplomats from 196 nations working on a draft settlement that would aid the United Nations forge a treaty to fight green concerns

Uber cab’s driver checks under global scrutiny, not just Delhi after rape

The Delhi rape case by an Uber driver reveals the difference between the vow and the delivery.

Alibaba must deploy cash to challenge Android

E-commerce giant eyes handset-makers as it plans forays into entertainment and healthcare

Barack Obama’s bid to regulate internet access divides civil rights groups

When US President Obama laid out his vision for strict regulation of internet access last month, he was voicing views thought to be held by...

IPO-ready Uber amasses $1.2 bn, valued at $40 bn

Car-ride start-up may raise more as it records frenetic growth

’12 smartphone brands violate privacy rules’

Taiwan has identified 12 smartphone brands that do not conform with privacy standards, and the handset makers could face...

Vladimir Putin stresses foreign policy, economic goals after ‘difficult year’

Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia had endured a “difficult year” but he pledged the country would pursue its independent foreign policy...

Apple’s antitrust trial recalls iPod-era business practices

The opening arguments here on Tuesday in the latest antitrust trial involving Apple...

In ’15, technology shifts accelerate & China rules: IDC

For the last several years, IDC has published prediction reports that generally avoid the pitfalls of the genre...

Barack Obama threatens to veto $440-billion tax deal

Liberal package pushed by rival Republicans favours corporations

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, CSR India, CSR youngsters

Arizona sues GM for $3 billion over recalls

The attorney general of Arizona said on Wednesday that the state had filed suit against General Motors...

Bulgari re-enters Indian market

Opens boutique in Delhi, sees potential for 10 stores in future...

With new app, Bezos makes his mark on Washington Post

It is the first formal collaboration between the two companies since Mr Bezos bought The Post for $250 million last year.

Vote on US pipeline defeated by one vote

By a single vote, Senate Democrats stopped a legislation that would have approved construction of the Keystone XL pipeline...

Faulty airbags now grow into a global worry for Japan’s Takata

Eleven carmakers, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Chrysler and BMW, have recalled more than 14 million cars worldwide...

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