Minor planet named after Bengaluru student; here’s how names of planets are decided

A minor planet has been named after a Bengaluru student. What are the rules behind such nomenclature?

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Cloudification will mean upheaval in telecoms

It will allow startups to challenge incumbent operators.

US H1B visa: Donald Trump move not to have immediate impact on India, says Nasscom

The President’s executive order directs the federal bureaucracy to enforce visa law more vigorously, and to study new ways to reform and restrict the H-1B system.

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H-1B visa applications for 2017 drops to 199,000

The number of applicants seeking H-1B visas has dropped significantly with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) receiving only 199,000 petitions for 2017, compared with 236,000 in 2016,

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FIFA gives Africa, Asia a surprise soccer World Cup new year gift

Fifa adding more World Cup berths could mean better representation for Asia and Africa

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UN assembly grants observer status to ICC

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has granted observer status to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC),

US Elections 2016: What the US embassy in Delhi looks like right now

US Elections 2016: The US Embassy in Delhi is all set to welcome the new President. Here are some pics what the US embassy in Delhi looks like right now:

How Swedish start-up Neo Technology helped crack the Panama Papers

Every start-up hopes for a lucky break. Swedish company Neo Technology only found out it was getting one the day the Panama Papers made headlines around the world.

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US presidential hopefuls play middle-class card

Candidates are following a shift in the political debate, from jobs and a fragile economic recovery during the 2012 campaign, to one now centred on income inequality

HSBC to cut 50,000 jobs, shrink investment bank

HSBC pledged a new era of higher dividends on Tuesday, laying out plans to slash nearly one in five jobs...

Apple watch: All eyes on the hands

Will Apple’s newest product—the Watch—be as big as its iPhone?

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Romance in the air

The Courchevel cable car is the latest addition to Airbnb’s ‘A Night At’ series, offering overnight accommodation in money-can’t-buy venues around the world

Top 10 Gold getaways

The US is home to 50% of the world’s golf courses. That also figures why the country has some of the most beautiful and wonderfully...

Volatility draws billions into oil funds

Assets of top oil funds quadruple to $5.4 bn since July, Contango structure trims gains through roll costs

Zuckerberg goes on charm offensive for

In front of a packed audience here, Mark Zuckerberg turned on the charm.

At JPMorgan, business tilts toward consumer side, away from Wall St

A reversal of fortunes within the financial industry is illustrated in few places more vividly than JPMorgan Chase.

Etihad Airways’ rapid ascent frustrates rivals

Emerging from the desert like a giant steel squid, Abu Dhabi’s new airport terminal is starting to take shape.

News Corp likely to rehire Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Rupert Murdoch’s media holdings in Britain, acquitted last year on charges related to the phone hacking...

An uneasy relationship between telecom & technology

For the next four days, a sprawling conference centre here will become the global hub for the telecommunications and technology industries.

FCC approves net neutrality rules, classifies broadband as utility

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to regulate broadband Internet service...

Vivek Wadhwa, voice for women in Silicon Valley, is foiled by his tone

Silicon Valley has lately come to the realisation that it is not the meritocracy it has long pretended to be...

Fed appears to hesitate on raising interest rate

Many officials are concerned that raising rates prematurely ‘might damp the apparent solid recovery’.

David Carr, Times critic and champion of media, dies at 58

David Carr, a writer who wriggled away from the demon of drug addiction to become an unlikely name-brand...

Twitter sees plenty of money in tweet flow

To Dick Costolo, there’s gold in them thar tweets, and Twitter has just begun to mine it.

Greece, euro zone fail to reach bailout deal

Finance ministers to meet on Monday again to find a solution

Jon Stewart will be leaving ‘The Daily Show’ on a career high note

Jon Stewart, who turned Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” into a sharp-edged commentary on current events...

How Japan borrows $9 trn practically for free

Low inflation rate and slow growth help

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