Only 54% children complete schooling in India

The net enrolment in secondary education is 48%, only 15% schools offer secondary education, 22 million children (15-18 year old) are child labourers … Union Budget FY17 has to address a lot of chal

The need for results-based technologies in education

Such technologies can create an ecosystem of teachers, educators, researchers who can work towards furthering educational goals

Budget 2016: Effective investments must be made in education and skilling

“India will provide the largest workforce to the world in the decades to come,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech at the World Youth Skills Day.

Budget 2016: Focus on minimal expenditure, maximum effect, says Prof Tripati Rao

D Tripati Rao, professor of Economics, IIM Lucknow, talks to Surbhi Gloria Singh about expectations from the upcoming Union Budget.

Education warrants a substantial allocation of resources, funds & focus: Uday Salunkhe

Last week, Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research bagged two awards at Assocham’s 9th Higher Education Summit in New Delhi.

Honda Foundation announces 9th Young Engineer & Scientist awards; scholarships of $3,000 each to the 14 winners from 8 IITs

Honda Motor India has announced Ninth Young Engineers and Scientists’ (Y-E-S) awards for 2015 in India. The Y-E-S awards—instituted by Honda Foundation in 2008 to encourage and support young India

Who are the creators of Big Data jobs?

The world is finally acknowledging something that my fellow data scientists and I have cheerfully staked our futures on.

The retailing of online education courses in India

Given the uniqueness of the retail sector and its inherent challenges, the ‘retailing’ of online education courses will be a tough nut to crack for companies.

App-roaching government jobs

One thing is increasingly getting common among the youth, that most today carry a smartphone loaded with a number of apps.

Skilling India is akin to evangelising: Sanjeev Duggal, Centum Learning

Sanjeev Duggal, the MD & CEO of Centum Learning, believes that ‘Start-up India’ has to be synergised with ‘Skill India’.

Social entrepreneurship: Creating an ecosystem to build a new India

With a population of over 1.2 billion, every third Indian still bereft of even basic necessities like nutrition, education and healthcare, and millions who are still unemployed and illiterate, the sit

Voicing our intolerance towards unequal access to education

Tow-coloured mornings, a brewing cup of tea, complete with a newspaper is what makes for a perfect January morning. The winter sun and its enigmatic tranquillity make for a perfect setting for reading

New Education Policy: Filling educational gaps using ICT

The evolving landscape of digital learning has the potential to change how education is transacted, and how teachers and learners engage and participate in the pedagogical processes.

Why it is easier to start a business at a business school

B-schools still provide the best ecosystem, know-how, advice and support to start-ups

As much as 82% of our workforce comprises of permanent employees

Uflex, India’s largest flexible packaging company, takes pride in the fact that as much as 82% of its workforce comprises of permanent employees.

Becoming a digital nation

‘Start-up India’, when searched on Google, brings up over 73 million results within 0.54 seconds.

The changing role of human capital managers

The HR profession has evolved from a welfare, administration role to that of a business partner.

Startup India, Stand up India: Educate India, the start-up way

With about 4,500 start-ups at various stages of growth, our country is already the third largest in the global start-up ecosystem.

Designing, creating and innovating in India

Prime Minister’s ‘Start-up India, Stand up India’ initiative can succeed only when the focus in our colleges shifts towards creating and owning intellectual property

‘We’re exploring mutually-beneficial partnerships in India’

Today, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Tata Trusts are holding the “UCLA-Tata Global Forum: Innovating for a Sustainable Energy Future” in New Delhi.

Creating a merit-driven labour market

Standardised assessments, and not yet another certificate, are key to the success of the Skill India mission

HR will set up business communication standards this year

Predictive learning systems, digital assessments, retention analytics and gamification will become a crucial part of HR manager’s arsenal

The skilling ecosystem has been put in place, the real work begins now

We’ve to work towards changing societal attitude, which has traditionally preferred formal higher education over skills training, through targeted awareness campaigns. We also have to attract and re

Blueprint for the New Year

In 2016, we should focus on outcome-based learning models in elementary education and engagement with industry to link education with employability

Managing employees effectively: The skill-will matrix

Placing employees on the four quadrants of ‘high skill-high will’; ‘high skill-low will’; ‘low skill-high will’; and ‘low skill-low will’ can help determine the right management approa

Academic view: Groupthink

Managers must take responsibility for building a more cohesive society

Making employee referrals work

Having the highest interview-to-hire ratio, referrals are the most productive sourcing channel

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