Creating better cross-channel experiences

What just-out-of-business-school entrepreneurs must keep in mind

Teacher education and development: The British Council launches ‘Teaching for Success’, aims to create sustainable teacher development solutions in India

The speakers at the session included Alison Barrett, global head, English in Education Systems, British Council; Subir Shukla, principal coordinator of Ignus-ERG India; and David Weston, chief executi

Today’s learners, tomorrow’s leaders

Schools should educate children in their own culture and also help them turn into ‘global citizens’

Employees for ‘rent’: Tackling the issue of unemployment

Contractual employment helps augment the workforce when the need is short term

Fresh MBAs lack teamwork skills

Harish, a fresh MBA, was recently hired by a large family-run organisation. Being enthusiastic about his job, Harish worked hard and delivered on his targets.

Bridging the skills gap in automation technology

Automation technology, if used wisely, can work in favour of humans by allowing them to substitute repetitive, hazardous and unpleasant labour with more rewarding tasks

Sculpting India’s engineering-industry ecosystem

Reaching the Make-in-India mark by moulding the academia

Big jobs in Big Data

How Big Data is emerging as one of the most lucrative career opportunities for IT professionals

MOOCs are not the answer to our education challenges

Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) provide much better learning outcomes

World Health Day : ‘Dressing up’ for a healthier India Inc

Today, India offers the world the 3 Ds for business to thrive—democracy, demography and demand. Local manufacturing companies are targeting global markets, and global companies are eyeing India to s

Brain-controlled wheelchair: Moving the motionless

The invention can be beneficial for thousands of Indians who are not able to move on their own due to complete paralysis or locked-in syndrome (LIS)

How Indian SMBs are leading the way on mobile

There has never been a simpler time for small businesses to connect with consumers online

Advancing research, innovation, ranking

The recent Union Budget, by and large, can be termed as the one that will enable India to continue on the growth journey and become the preferred knowledge economy of the world.

School dropouts, skills gap major concerns for industry

Despite the government running several programmes like the Mid Day Meal Scheme and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, around 40 million children in India have still not been to schools.

Can 2016 be the inflection year for MOOCs in India?

Considering the increasing need of the youth to pursue quality education at affordable prices and the importance being given to e-learning and digital literacy by educational institutions and governme

The role of Ed-techs in bridging educational gap

It is unfortunate that the Indian higher education system, by and large, has been stagnant for a while.

Can technology reshape the future of education?

This is the age of technology disruption, where digital is the way to go. The world, as we have known, has transformed in just under a decade, growing and evolving on the wings of revolutionary digita

Skill Exchange: A digital marketplace to link jobs to skills

Modelled like a digital marketplace, the skill exchange would bring businesses which need to hire skilled resources and training providers who skill “these” resources on one platform

Helping make PwDs more employable

How Digital India, Accessible India, Make-in-India can be game-changers for the disabled

How can India become the skill capital of the world?

While the government is leaving no stone unturned, what we now need is specific initiatives from the private sector

Is Rs 1,000 crore enough?

Can the system fight the deficiency of trained teachers and high drop-out rate with just Rs 1,000 crore allocated in the Budget?

‘Research cannot happen in isolation; universities must partner industrial houses’

Prof Hariharan Krishnan, the head of Creative Sciences at Mahindra Ecole Centrale, Hyderabad, in an interaction with Akash Sinha, talks about research and unemployment issues facing the country. Excer

Union Budget 2016-17: From education to employability to employment

There is a clear effort to strengthen the economy through substantial investments in infrastructural development, healthcare, job creation, skill development and MSMEs

The Budget paves the path towards a knowledge-based, productive society

Education, skill development and job creation is one of the nine pillars of Union Budget FY17, aimed at transforming India.

Publishers play a key role in developing profession-specific language skills

The Union Budget FY17 had important announcements for improving the quality of education and skill development in the country. Sivaramakrishnan V, Managing Director, Oxford University Press India, sha

Budgeting for education and skills

There is considerable hype about the 4.9% increase in education budget as well as additional allocation of Rs 1,800 crore for skill development, Rs 1,700 crore for 1,500 multi-skill development centre

Education sector needs more public spending and private investment

Union Budget FY17 is an opportunity for using the Centre’s spend as a strategic tool to shift our system’s focus from being inputs-driven to learning-outcomes driven

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