The shoddy state of start-up incubators in India

On January 16, 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded the Start-up India conference in New Delhi, with an action plan for how to promote entrepreneurship and young enterprises in the country.

One million jobs would be created in the sports sector in 7-10 years

KOOH Sports delivers sports education and training to schoolchildren. Since it was founded in 2010, it has reached out to over 2 lakh kids and plans to tap more than 5 lakh children over next three ye

Why private participation in higher education must be incentivised

Private sector participation in higher education must not only be encouraged, but rather be incentivised

Here’s why it is easy to retain millennials at workplace

Studies prove that a large proportion of millennial generation values ownership at work, detests micro-management

Banking on skill development

The Indian banking sector is expected to create about 20 lakh jobs over the next few years. Therefore banks, on their part, need to focus on creating a sustainable talent pipeline

Building a country of world’s best programmers

We can’t even fathom the possibilities of the programming culture in India if every IIT boasted of at least one student who is there purely based on programming skills

Infosys, Godrej, Future Group and Marico share one thing in common – Design

Corporate India increasingly needs professionals trained in design thinking, yet there are no structured courses in this discipline from recognised institutes

To train 40 cr youth by 2022, India needs 10 lakh teachers per year; here’s how to get them

For training 40 crore youth by 2022, we will require over 10 lakh skilled and certified teachers year on year

Teachers’ Day: Classroom is where foundation stone of future society is laid

The 2014 UNESCO Global Monitoring Report—Education For All highlighted the need for “trained, motivated (teachers who) enjoy teaching” in India to make sure learners are meeting basic standards.

Digital transformation: Techies with advanced skills can power enterprises

Techies, with advanced skills, can power digital transformation for enterprises

Why Big Data Analytics is a good career move

To become a data scientist, aspirants need to have expertise in data science and analytics-related tools such as R, SAS, Python, SPSS, along with a sound understanding of statistics

Smart manufacturing in India

Staying connected has never been easier. The internet has changed the way we lead our lives. Manufacturing is no exception.

What management students can learn from Brexit

The verdict given by the people of the United Kingdom in favour of leaving the European Union (EU)—popularly known as Brexit—has brought to surface a number of questions. Is it the financially-sus

Accelerating the impact of digital learning in India

We have to develop an overarching regulatory mechanism to facilitate the growth of digital learning. The industry also needs to play an active role—it should have a say in curriculum, evaluations, a

Here’s what creating big impact in energising Skill India

STS can be defined as an intensive training in a particular field to provide professional knowledge with practical training and hands-on experience.

How Internet can be a game-changer for education, training

The internet of things (IoT) is a network of physical objects that are connected to the internet and, by extension, each other.

How IoT can change the game for education and learning

The implementation of the IoT in the education industry with outright accountability can lead to improvement in learning processes

Is UGC recognition mandatory for online legal courses?

Some universities such as NLSIU Bangalore have been successfully running a Master’s in business law course for about a decade and managed to get approval only a couple of years earlier

How Swayam will liberalise the education landscape

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are taking the academic world by storm. With MOOCs being touted as the most interesting and challenging transformation in the education sector, the government belie

Liberating a new India through skill development

The skill development challenge is also an opportunity to create a new free India, where acquiring professional skills will give Indians the freedom to choose a life they aspire for

Womentreneurship: Why the country needs more women entrepreneurs

Even though the gender gap in the start-up arena is reducing, the pace at which it is happening is very slow. According to Nasscom, there are only 9% women in entrepreneurship

Why India needs culture of entrepreneurship in classrooms

While there are successful examples of young innovators like PC Musthafa (iD Fresh), Sampriti Bhattacharyya (Hydroswarm) and Vijay Sharma (One97), the harsh reality is that an inordinately large numbe

Education Technology: How smartphones make learning easy

Technology integrations like video lectures, online problem-solving features, graphic representations—and all of these on a smartphone—have made online learning interesting, accessible and far

How education-technology is filling industry’s learning gap

How ed-tech is filling industry’s learning gaps

In a globalised workforce, why cultural integration is as crucial as digital integration

Cultural integration must be dealt with the same seriousness as technological or digital integration

Why start-ups are still a big draw for MBA students

At the beginning of a management career, it is important to get as much exposure as possible. It is easily possible in a start-up.

No-detention policy: What can we do to make it a success?

The policy is path-breaking but, unfortunately, it has ended up being completely opposite to its original objective. What can we do to make it a success?

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