How virtual reality can be the future of education?

A major way virtual reality will prove to be an advantage in the education sector is making field trips more accessible and cost-effective

Scripting success through franchising

By signing up a school franchise, you get a ready-made and proven system, as opposed to creating a system all over again by hit and trial

Learning Kaizen, and the art of vehicle maintenance

The Japanese organisation for HR development, HIDA, is providing two-week intensive training on global best practices in vehicle service and repair at ITI Pusa

Reintroducing class X board exams for CBSE schools will benefit students, here’s why

The recent decision by HRD minister Prakash Javadekar to reintroduce Class X board exams from the 2017-18 sessions in all CBSE-affiliated schools is a move in the right direction.

Can the 500 and 1,000 rupee note demonetisation clean up our education system?

The path-breaking policy initiative of demonetising 500- and 1,000-rupee banknotes will go a long way in changing how India transacts.

Gig economy has arrived in India: On-demand model being adopted by workers across generations

A gig economy, an environment in which temporary positions are common, can be the answer to talent supply challenges faced by professional or technology sectors

Women entrepreneurship: As gender diversity gets priority at India Inc, here’s how business systems can get a big boost

Can a workforce dominated by women benefit the business ecosystem at a holistic level?

Can artificial intelligence create jobs?

Artificial intelligence, a term coined by John McCarthy in 1955, is transforming us into an automated and machine-driven society.

Here’s how internships can aid classroom learning, create career roadmap

Internship in today’s times goes beyond simply supplementing classroom learning

Made-in India photo app Vebbler empowers groups to share pics in real-time

The world is drowning in images these days. People are taking more photos than ever before, mainly due to increase in usage and ownership of mobile phones with cameras.

What are we assessing our students for?

Besides year-end exams, emphasis must be given to classroom assignments, project work, viva and practical. New Education Policy also talks about examination reforms.

How technology makes good teachers better

Augmented classroom learning is as important as increasing participation from students.

The dynamics of testing services in India

Computer-based and multi-day testing window ensures test takers have a chance to recover from personal challenges that could interfere with their career if there is just one test day.

Making online exams credible, trustworthy

What is the future of online assessment? It is ensuring credible online exams anywhere, anytime and on any device.

A huge corporate education technology market is in the making

In the US, companies spend up to 10% of their employee costs on learning & development. In India, they spend just 1-2%. Why this gap?

Building a culture around agility

To build an organisation right, the foundations have to be right and the culture has to reflect what we stand for as an organisation

Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström showed that it is impossible to design a ‘complete contract’

Hart & Holmström belong to a generation of economists who used complex mathematical arguments to predict outcomes. Not only did they have on offer rich insights about mechanics of contractual agreeme

Education in India: We are producing mostly problem-managers, not problem-solvers

We are producing great talent, but they are mostly problem-managers and not problem-solvers

Chandra Edu Links: Make India into global education hub, says Amreesh Chandra

The government should—other than setting up IITs and IIITs—establish National Teacher Training Academies that equip teachers with soft skills. In fact, each state must set up one such academy

Start-ups: Indian entrepreneurs’ focus on short-term gains turns them into laggards

Indian entrepreneurs’ focus on short-term gains has led to a rise in the number of start-ups that simply mirror the technology of mature, established companies

Students, want to excel in Data Science? Here’s what you must do

If you want to excel in Data Science, before venturing into distance learning, you must pursue graduation or PG in maths, operation research, statistics, economics

Problem of IT skills in workers: How India inc has emerged a solution spear head

Digital learning can relieve the Indian youth of that age-old dilemma—whether to continue studying or quit to focus on landing a job

Corporate training market: from slow growth to opportunities ahead, all you want to know

Breakthroughs in technology have enabled digitisation and globalisation at an unprecedented scale in almost every industry.

Digital learning: Here’s what can lead to better employability of youth

Even though mid-level jobs are at threat, there is a demand for developers with skill-sets in fields of Big Data, Analytics, design, machine learning, mobility, IoT and artificial intelligence

Low salary packages deprive manufacturing sector of top talent, but here’s how to fill skills gap

The manufacturing sector has so far been deprived of top talent because of its inability to pay high salary packages compared to the services sector

Sexiest job of the 21st century: Here’s why ‘data scientist’ is the coolest one

Despite the fact that a data scientist’s job has been listed as one of the hottest jobs, a popular notion doing the rounds is they will not be required once automated programs perform similar functi

Digital classrooms in schools: Is rural India ready?

Solid small steps, if not giant strides, are being taken towards achieving a rural India that uses digital tools to become self-reliant

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