Rise of large area & flexible microelectronics

Flexible microelectronics, is a section of electronics dealing with miniature components.

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Engagement models for new-generation B-school students: From teacher to manager

The biggest challenge with millennial kids is a short attention span. A plethora of media and technology alternatives has substantially reduced the degree of attention that a management student should

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How foreign students are changing UK economy

This event was organised against the backdrop of the decline in talented students, including Indian students, coming to the UK, concerned by a lack of welcome and post-study work opportunities.

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Why Skill India must be connected with India Inc and near term goals spelled out

The last census indicated that India is set to experience a ‘demographic dividend’ by 2020, where 65% Indians will be under the age of 35, making us the youngest country in the world.

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How to resolve board disputes effectively

Existence of conflict within a company board is not necessarily dysfunctional. Rather, it indicates a vibrant board that has independence and diversity of opinions.

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IT industry layoffs: To escape job cuts, upskilling is a must

According to industry body Nasscom, up to 40% of the estimated four-million workforce need reskilling over the next five years, if they are to keep pace with the changing face and automation of the IT

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Measuring innovation in education

Statistics on how on how Indian educational institutions are faring in academics and R&D vis-à-vis global institutions are a regular news item.

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Free resources boost teachers’ confidence in ability to help pupils

Boosting support for teachers working with pupils on their university applications could significantly increase their chance of attending a leading university, a new analysis of a widening participati

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De-stressing higher education system: Curriculum and assessment have to be more collaborative, skill oriented

The teamwork, the real-world connect, the exploratory nature of activity provides ample opportunities for students coming from different backgrounds to melt into a pot.

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How to get ahead at work: Here are 8 disruptors to know

The world appears to be divided into two camps—the ones who have it all and the ones who don’t seem to get any. The former seem to ride the wave—salary hikes, promotions, appreciation and awards

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Cultural dichotomy facing a development professional

There is immense focus on and respect for standardisation, structure, process and policy definitions, top-down strategy definitions and goal-setting, manager-led performance reviews, tight control on

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Bridging the gender gap in information and communication technology

Statistics on information and communication technology (ICT) adoption by women show very low numbers compared to men.

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Is there a science behind start-ups? Find out

In keeping with the changing times, EDII has taken steps to ensure that it not only retains its relevance as the only institute of its kind in the country, but also morphs into a trailblazer for sever

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MSME careers: How to unshackle small enterprise growth in India

The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) employ more than 80 million people in India and contribute to around 40% of total exports and 37% of total GDP.

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Equality for women helps both men and women

Documentation of success stories can counter the myth that women are not suitable for certain kinds of jobs.

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Programming education system for higher learning outcomes

Experiments in Haryana & Rajasthan show that technology can be used in public schools for enabling transparency & faster decision-making, and establishing accountability in the system.

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Employees’ Enrolment Campaign 2017: The window is closing

The new year brought with it a window of opportunity for employers who had not enrolled employees who were entitled to benefits under schemes administered by the EPFO under the aegis of the EPF Act.

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Why higher educational institutions need greater autonomy

In his recent Union Budget speech, finance minister Arun Jaitley announced his intention to reform the higher education regulator, University Grants Commission (UGC), to give more autonomy to quality

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Speed hatching India Inc 2.0: What we can learn from Israel, the world’s most successful ‘startup countries’

How Israel became one of the world’s most successful ‘start-up countries’, and what can India learn from Israel

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Leadership development: Is India doing enough?

A learning & development (L&D) function in an organisation with mature HR practices spends a lot of time and effort to empower senior leaders with skills to lead the teams to achieve results.

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Education in India: Revamp system to focus on imparting practical knowledge to students

Revamp the existing education system in such a way that the real focus is laid towards dissemination of practical aspects to the students

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With Board exams back, what are the difficulties likely to arise?

The past 2-3 years were eventful for the education sector. From the leaking of the 12th grade chemistry papers to the return of the dreaded Board exams, there were many ‘disturbing’ news headlines

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Fly high with a career in aerospace engineering

The aerospace industry needs engineers with the right technical skills and applicable soft skills. Training in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering or materials, mechatronics and system i

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Rethinking employee stock ownership plans: When India is going cashless, why to stay behind for appraisals

Last year in November, the Prime Minister took a bold step—he banned two highest denomination currency notes.

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Role of research in an academic institution is significant, here’s why

In a globalised world, the role of research in an academic institution is significant for its sustainability and development, and it is imperative to have knowledge-driven growth based on innovation.

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Strengthening skills and education for innovation

Challenges are poor infrastructure and curriculum that lays more emphasis on exam-based results

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HP15-BAO21 AX: Priced at Rs 38,690, this is a value for money laptop

HP15-BA021AX comes with an AMD processor and seems like a value for money laptop

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