Khan Academy unveils LearnStorm India

Khan Academy has launched LearnStorm India, a free, six-week online learning challenge for grades 3-12.

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How digital toxification resulting from tech advances has dehumanised human interaction

Technology has revolutionised our lives. It has made transactions faster, easier and more effective. It has improved the scope and depth of communication between individuals and organisations.

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Operation Digital Board: Platforms like CLIx can help change school learning from teacher-led to a student-led one

At the 65th Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) meet held earlier this year, the Union HRD minister Prakash Javadekar declared the launch of ‘Operation Digital Board’ in all schools within

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Why there is a need to introduce digital curriculum in schools

In a non-digital world, time is fixed, learning is variable. In a digital world, learning is fixed and time is variable.

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Low cost warning system: IIT Mandi incubator creates a device to sense landslides before they happen

The Indian Institute of Technology Mandi has said it has developed a low-cost monitoring and warning system against landslides—a common occurrence in the Himalayan mountain belt. Claimed to sense la


Coal, iron ore bump up port numbers in June

Led by a rise in thermal coal (16% share) and coking coal (7% share) volumes and a rebound in iron ore (6% share) shipments, cargo traffic across major ports grew ~8% YoY in June. Container (21% share

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Ashoka University, Harvard to teach how to manage nonprofits

Ashoka University’s Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy—in partnership with the Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education and Dasra—will host the second cohort of its executive pro

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IIT Roorkee extends TIDES Business Incubator to NCR

IIT Roorkee has launched an extension centre of its TIDES Business Incubator in Greater Noida to ensure start-ups incubated by the institute at its Roorkee campus benefit from the start-up ecosystem o

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are primary domains for reskilling

Simplilearn survey finds AI and ML (25%) are the most widely chosen domains for reskilling, followed by Big Data and data science (20%).

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‘When I interned as a CEO for a month at an MNC’

When we evaluate the best-known business enterprises, we usually reference leading tech firms of the Silicon Valley or Europe-based fashion/retail brands.

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New Institutions of Importance: A doubtful beginning in the pursuit of global excellence

Much is being hoped by the government of the new IIMs, IITs, AIIMS, NITs, which are expected to be differentiators globally. The reality check, however, unfolds a different story, which creates despai

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The need for reskilling is constant in digital economy

In 2009, when Krishna Kumar started a blog called Simplilearn—which, in his words, was born out of his passion for teaching—he perhaps didn’t have an idea it will turn into one of India’s larg

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Chennai will host the Shell Eco-marathon

Shell has announced it is bringing its marquee event, the Shell Eco-marathon (SEM), to India for the first time. The SEM Challenger will be part of ‘Make the Future India’ to be held in Chennai du

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Does your child suffer from a maths phobia?

A survey by CueMath, the beyond-school mathematics learning programme, has found that children in school tend to face the highest amount of pressure to perform well in maths over any other subject.

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How to build top universities in India

A detailed plan of action that will help India build truly world-class universities within the next two decades

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IIT Madras, BSE Institute to offer joint course in business analytics

BSE Institute has signed a MoU with IIT Madras to offer a joint course in business analytics.

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How to create future-ready work force: Corporates need to focus on these four pillars

A future-ready workforce will ensure the relevance of industries, companies and individuals

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Employee engagement: How behavioural economics can help

Improving employee productivity, performance, morale and retention using behavioural economics.

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Want to study abroad? Here’s what you need to do first

While there are arguments for and against studying outside the country, one thing is clear—the appeal of studying in a new culture attracts many. But for this, several financial elements need to be


How regulatory excess is decaying education

Too many regulations with little governance is a faulty strategy to overhaul India’s educational landscape.

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Chikungunya: IIT Roorkee researchers identify molecule with antiviral activity against the virus

IIT Roorkee researchers identify molecule with antiviral activity against Chikungunya virus.

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Have a degree, not a job? Here’s why including entrepreneurship development in academic curriculum is important

Unemployment is on the rise in India. One reason is the lack of understanding about market requirements among young people on the threshold of a new career. Education cannot prevent unemployment.

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Why it is important to fast-track higher education reform

The drive to attain the label of ‘world-class institution’ is becoming stronger by the day, particularly as a credibility measure, considering the relatively poor image of Indian institutions in t

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Boosting workplace: Here’s how to improve diversity and foster climate of inclusion in companies

Despite the growing interest and commitment from both practitioners and scholars in ‘diversity’ and ‘diversity management’ over the last three decades, inequality and discrimination persist at

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CBSE paper leaks: Why it’s time to get rid of board exam system

If we are to reform our education, we must bust some myths. One of the biggest myths in the minds of the population is the sanctity of board exams, textbooks and the affiliation process

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Why Make In India, Skill India will help millennials get more secure jobs

Job creation has always been a major challenge in developing countries, and India is no different.

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