For sports, schools must embrace structured curriculum-based approach: KOOH Sports’ CEO

Chirag Patel, CEO, KOOH Sports, believes that companies such as his are contributing towards making India a sporting nation.

‘If you complete our programme successfully, you’ll have an assured job’

HCL TalentCare, which is the newest business venture of HCL Corporation, aims to be a global talent-solutions company offering integrated products and services to meet the growing demand for quality t

The GATEway to PSU recruitment

The percentage of large PSUs using GATE as the screening method has gone up from 4% in 2012 to 29% in 2015. Next year it might touch 35%

The policy of sabbaticals for millennial employees

In a recent research by the Human Resource Management Center, 92% of the millennials surveyed said they would like the freedom to work from anywhere. Another 62% said they would like to travel while w

Making the disabled economically-abled

Sustained policy interventions can ensure a level-playing field

Indian universities should invest far more in research

While some universities should focus on skills and training people for the jobs, others should focus on research and competing at the global level

Embracing IT for sustainable HR models

While human resource management (HRM) has been a crucial component of any organisation’s functioning, of late its importance has been rising, especially with the confluence of disruptive technologie

Skilling development for a better quality of life

India’s demographic advantage—with over 50% of the population expected to be under the age of 25 years by 2020—is a well-known fact across the globe today.

Private participation key to bridging the skills gap

The government’s ambitious programme to skill the unemployed youth of the country should be supported by similar efforts from corporate entities. Some companies have already taken the lead

What role are mobile learning apps playing in the ed-tech revolution

E-education is commonplace now. A new trend we notice is edutainment, where companies have started blending education with entertainment to ensure that the process of learning doesn’t become boring

Addressing the unique talent needs of start-ups

Of the several difficulties that start-ups face, perhaps the trickiest one can be finding the right talent

Understanding the millennial employee

Over the past few years, workplaces are constantly seeing a new generation of workforce joining the offices. Each time this happens...

Filling chasms of health and education: Bridging the digital divide

Technology is a strange enabler for people with access. It’s a powerful tool that makes life simpler, faster and cost-efficient.

Giving skilled India an early start

Early exposure to real crafts and vocations will provide effective skill building and application opportunities from a young age

Creating eureka moments for young students

What if the main purpose of a school is redefined to create a eureka moment for every child?

We’ve emerged as a credible option for post-schooling-hour tuitions: Vamsi Krishna

We are trying to bring a holistic solution to the problems associated with traditional home tutoring, such as long-distance commutes and safety issues

Can edu-tech start-ups support the sector?

The Indian education ecosystem is one of the largest in the world. Our country has over 1.4 million schools and 35,000-plus higher education institutes.

Why skills education has to be part of school curriculum

Like learning music, introducing skills training in schools can help students learn about a trade progressively, over a few years of study

Let industry embrace apprenticeship reforms

If driven well, apprenticeship can become the most powerful vehicle under the Skill India Mission umbrella

In the age of start-ups, HR policies are taking a turn for the contemporary

Achieving competitive and sustainable returns on workforce investment is becoming a key strategic lever for an organisation’s long-term success

From a student’s perspective…

What do we all learn from Angus Deaton’s work in consumption and poverty?

Online education has grown beyond mere assimilation of digital assets: Shantanu Rooj, Schoolguru CEO

Schoolguru is a technology-led academic services firm. It partners universities to provide online courses for their students.

Letter to a student: Let’s talk

Lack of communication is the primary factor responsible for drifting the two supporting pillars of the education system—students and teachers—apart

HR Analytics: Rise of the machines in HR

HR analytics is defined as an approach to utilise human resource data maintained by the organisation to measure the direct or indirect impact of HR campaigns on important business outcomes.

De-stressing employees

Long working hours can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and associated illnesses such as obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. A few minutes of physical activity can not only enhance employe

Real-time communication in education is as important as pedagogy

Most discussions concerning the state of our education system tend to centre on the main actors involved—students, teachers, parents, the school management and the government—but neglect the linka

Skilling India at scale, with MOOCs

Of late, there has been much excitement about leveraging India’s demographic dividend to become the workshop of the world, powered by its young population.

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