New IITs: What are they doing differently?

The second-generation IITs are galloping, and in the next few years a few of these may outperform some older IITs.

Amity University’s RICS SBE offers novel internship

In normal times, RICS usually arranges these internships by approaching industry organisations. The corporates give their requirements for interns, along with the location,profiles and stipend offered

IIT-Hyderabad incubated start-up develops IoT-enabled, low-cost ventilator

This would provide enough isolation to the patient and protection to health workers and family. The ventilator can be controlled using the app and provides real-time display of the waveforms.

COVID-19: What should students from class 12, who might soon be taking board exams, do?

College admissions, after all, may start in the next 30-40 days. All this has made research, information and choice limited for students.

Interview | Edtech will strengthen traditional players, says Saurabh Kumar, director academics, Vidyamandirmandir Classes

Edtech players can supplement brick-and-mortar companies, but it’s difficult to replace them as students from classes 8th to 12th are young enough to be self-motivated to study themselves.

Starting-up in high schools

Entrepreneurial training at the high school level can give women a head start in the tough start-up arena.

Why B-schools must rethink research

Have to encourage both academic research and practice-oriented research.

IFIM B-school starts Indo-Europa BBA

The new programme was announced last week at the International Conclave on Learning Ecosystems in Bengaluru, held to celebrate IFIM’s 25-year journey, and inaugurated by Eric Cornuel, CEO & director

We’ll strengthen hands of institutions: Anil Sahasrabudhe

There were times when AICTE was a bed of corruption, but from that perspective we are today clean and more transparent.

Budget 2020: Thrust is on employment generation, but are we doing enough for education?

Budget 2020-21: But are we doing enough for education and skill development—the key enablers for employment?

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Budget 2020: Focus is on furthering employability of Indians

Budget 2020-21: The focus is on furthering the employability of Indians.

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What will change in the workplace in 2020? Find out here

The trends are hyper-social, hyper-productive and intimately-personalised.

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The role of a teacher will have to change: Anantha Duraiappah

The rise of the use of artificial intelligence in education sector implies the need for regulations over the use of student data and, in particular, to protect students from misuse of their data by ex

Anantha Duraiappah, education

Budget 2020: Let’s grow both edtech and skill-tech

Union Budget 2020 India: What do B-Schools expect from this year’s Budget?

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Year 2020: How student housing will transform

Leading players in the student housing sector will leverage innovative technology to boost the convenience quotient for their customers.

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Year 2020: The year to reskill yourself

A McKinsey survey reveals data-driven organisations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable.

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National Mathematics Day: Avoiding numbers is seldom an option

A strong mathematical foundation is the key to an individual being able to upskill or reskill.

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What holds the key to the future of e-learning

Owing to investor interest in the sector, e-learning has a promising future in India.

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Edtech 2020: Out with the old school

With edtech continuing to evolve, let’s take a look at the trends that will make a significant impact on the sector.

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Bombay rose: A tribute to Priyanka Chopra at the Marrakesh International Film Festival

The Marrakech film festival, which was held from November 29 to December 7, had Gitanjali Rao’s hand-painted animated film Bombay Rose vying for the festival's top prize, the Golden Star.

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New job roles: The Future of cybersecurity jobs in India

The rate at which developments are happening means a cybersecurity experts need to constantly update with not only the latest tools and gadgets to hit the market, but also with the latest trends and h

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Why institutions must focus on organisational behaviour

A better understanding of the relation between an organisation and its employees helps create better human resource strategies aimed at creating a better working atmosphere, employee commitment, and s

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Future of learning: Focus on cooperation, not competition

Critical thinking and creativity must be at the core of the curriculum, along with problem-solving. For example, by introducing ‘coding’ and ‘AI’ as a structured curriculum in Adani Schools, w

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Millenials on an offbeat track?

How millennials Apoorva, Sujai and Dhananjai moved from the known, conventional path to embrace the risks and challenges of the unknown and the offbeat.

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