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Flipkart’s Independence Day sale sees 54% rise in number of sellers

The Walmart-backed e-commerce firm has claimed to have onboarded nearly 8,000 new sellers on its marketplace since the lockdown, over 450 of whom earned in lakhs during the sale that ended on August 10.
Flipkart added sellers from smaller towns and cities during the sale, spreading its footprint to places like Dharuhera, Datia, Dholpur, Purnia and Motihari, the company said in a statement.

Work-from-home solutions: How Accops delivering business continuity amid Covid

Workspace virtualisation firm Accops has empowered over 100 enterprises to get their critical functions up and running in the pandemic-hit environment

Vijender Yadav, CEO & co-founder, Accops

How tech will shape the future workplace, explains NTT India Director

The mobile app is replete with a host of analytics capabilities and executive insights to provide a real-time overview to designated supervisors for tracing violations and initiating corrective measur

LUX RAO, senior director—Solutions & Consulting, NTT India

Forecasting models: Mapping Covid spread with epidemic simulator

The SAP Labs India supported City-Scale Epidemic Simulator can help local authorities improve preparation for health, logistics, demand and supply situations

Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD, SAP Labs India

Bada Business eyes over 200% revenue growth

Set up in 2019, Bada Business offers digital business learning courses ranging from two months to two years, especially for those who are unable to access formal management education.

Bada Business, Bada Business revenue growth, digital business learning courses

NEP 2020: Bold attempt to reimagine education in India

The NEP, while being modern in outlook, also amply borrows from India’s rich heritage and aims to nurture and enhance it further.

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Risk-proofing education: ‘Educational institutions just as exposed to risk as companies’

“We rarely hear of educational institutions incorporating risk-management processes into their framework. However, this pandemic has taught us that risk assessment, risk mitigation, risk management

Risk-proofing education, Educational institutions,  risk management processes, NEP 2020,education sector, skills training, job market

Aviation sector slump: Govt support needed to arrest downward spiral

Reduction of excise duty on ATF, relaxation of route dispersal guidelines and greater role in Vande Bharat Mission would offer relief to bleeding private carriers.

Quantum plan will be ready in a few months; we aren’t irreversibly behind others: Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, DST

"Our investment is comparable to what Europeans and Americans are doing. We are not going sub-critical. China, for instance, started a year or two ago. But we are not irreversibly behind."

Google’s AI-powered platform Keen aims to be an alternative to ‘mindlessly’ browsing online feeds

Google’s AI-powered platform Keen, being pitched as a rival to Pinterest, aims to be an alternative to ‘mindlessly’ browsing online feeds

Keen is being pitched as a rival to Pinterest, but unlike the latter, it works through Google's AI and search engine technology.

The post-pandemic: Here are the top-ranked hotels from across the world 

Here are the top-ranked hotels from across the world, as per Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best rankings, which represent the most highly-rated properties based on authentic reviews and ratings on T

However, it’s important to choose a safe place to stay.

A case for alcohol amid Covid restriction 

At a time when liquor stores are not allowed to deliver alcohol and restaurants can’t serve it, here’s what can be done to improve the general state of things

I have found no reason that can be considered rational or sensible and yet we remain subservient to the word of the law.

A Song of India: Ruskin Bond’s latest memoir takes readers on a nostalgic trip to the Doon his adolescent years 

Ruskin Bond’s latest memoir takes readers on a nostalgic trip to the Doon of his adolescent years

A file photo of author Ruskin Bond in Landour near Dehradun, which he calls his paradise (Express photo)

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes: The prequel to The Hunger Games connects many dots for die-hard fans of the trilogy

The prequel to The Hunger Games connects many dots for die-hard fans of the trilogy

The book delves into the mind of a young President Snow

Out Of This World: Mystery, culture and humour combine for a rollicking read

The story follows the detective thriller genre, as the reader flips through pages to find an unexpected end to the journey through Ladakh.

The story engages the reader until the very end, and the graphics and pictures in the comic add to the mystery factor, expressing a sense of urgency.

The hidden crisis: Beneath the surface of Covid lurks a human rights crisis for women

Beneath the surface of the pandemic lurks a human rights crisis for women. From domestic abuse to lack of access to healthcare, they have been dealt a severe blow by the virus

The truth, however, remains that beneath the surface of the current pandemic lurks a global human rights crisis for women.

Behind the mask: Ubiquitous mask is leading to a lot of mental distress and anxiety in people

Shopping streets have a new fashion accessory and brands have built creative campaigns around it, but the truth is that the ubiquitous mask is leading to a lot of mental distress and anxiety in people

For a vast majority of people, though, masks help filter out fear of the virus.

Washing hands or wearing gloves, which is the more effective way to prevent Covid? Experts offer some insights

We touch a variety of things—from the mobile phone to the bathroom door—in a span of a few minutes and if done wearing the same pair of gloves, the germs can get carried to different surfaces.

Hand washing is easier and more recommended than wearing gloves.

Realme Narzo 10: Looks slick, has high-quality design, great battery life with price that won’t break the bank

The design for Narzo 10 has been inspired by the earlier much loved Naoto Fukasawa design of the realme X. The back of the phone has been coated multiple times to ensure a smooth and easy-to- hold tex

The design for Narzo 10 has been inspired by the earlier much loved Naoto Fukasawa design of the realme X.

Wireless earbuds: From Samsung to Vivo to OnePlus, a look at who’s selling what and at what price

The idea is to seamlessly enable natural extension of smartphone capabilities (sound in this case) in a completely wireless mode.

The TWS space is getting hot with most handset makers coming out with their own offerings.

Intuit: Made in India cloud, for the world

While this is not a completely open source system, Intuit believes that it will help create opportunity for developers to create meaningful products.

Sanket Atal, Managing Director, Intuit, India

Challenges of cloud adoption: Moving to the cloud does not mean all risks are eliminated

According to a study conducted by Trend Micro, on an average 165 million misconfigurations take place on the cloud every day. The same study also pointed that four out of ten— 40%—of cloud related

Cloud environments face security vulnerabilities on several counts, from the failure to maintain proper security hygiene to system vulnerabilities at the end-user level.

Data-driven cities: IT capital Bengaluru ideally-placed to be a model of digitisation, says Siemens report

Bengaluru, the IT capital of India, is ideally placed to be a model of digitalisation, says a Siemens report

Data driven cities, IT capital, Bengaluru, Siemens, Sunil Mathur,  employability rate, model of digitisation

Cornavirus cases: India overtakes US! Records highest single-day cases in the world

This, however, is just a one-time event since the US usually adds around 65,000-70,000 per day, with the figure dipping every 5-7 days.

India crossed Brazil four days ago, taking the second slot, in terms of fresh daily infections.
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