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Our placements have beaten Covid-19’s ripple effect: Debashis Chatterjee, Director, IIM Kozhikode

IIMK has organised many ‘women in leadership programmes’ since 2012-13 to encourage gender diversity.
Debashis Chatterjee, Director, IIM Kozhikode

App Review: Now, order your drink on this app

Living Liquidz is a fast-growing alcohol delivery platform that offers a convenient way to purchase beer, wine and other spirits

The brand will be entering Pune as by March 2021 and aims to be available pan-India by next year.

Infinix HOT 10: A decent performer, this Infinix phone is impressive

HOT 10 is a good mid-range phone that stands out with its respectable performance, sturdy build and great battery stamina

The HOT 10 is backed by a heavy duty 5,200 mAh battery that can easily sustain two days of moderate use.

The way we work and do business has changed dramatically: Sameer Garde, President, Cisco-India & Saarc

While there were some initial challenges, a lot of our customers adapted well and are looking at permanently moving to a hybrid work model.

Sameer Garde, President, Cisco-India & Saarc

Different places, cultures and ways of brewing – a cuppa still unites people around the world

Tea can be made in a number of ways and as one likes—with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black or green. We bring to you the most exotic ways of brewing tea from around the world to help you experiment

Spotlight: Young soldiers on the climate front

As the fight against climate change is being led by young activists around the globe, their challenge becomes two-fold: getting elders to change damaging policy decisions, and being taken seriously en

As misinformation grows, more and more online platforms are bursting the fake news bubble

These platforms and initiative are trying their best to combat the mainstream flow of wrong information, fake news, abuse and giving social media and social sharing a new lease of life with a tinge of

Between Sips: This winter, keep yourself warm with these flavourful brews

Chai for many is the official drink of winters. After all, what is a cold day without a hot drink?

FE Lines: The pursuit of happiness

Why are some societies happier than others? Do emotions motivate and inspire us to be productive and take control of our lives?

‘The Next Fifty Things that Made the Modern Economy’: Interesting back stories on everyday mundane objects keep the reader hooked, and wanting more

This book is not just interesting and educative, but could also be used in schools where children must navigate inventions in a rather mundane way. Clearly there are better ways of conveying these sto

A technician monitors cryptocurrency mining rigs in Quebec, Canada. The author discusses blockchain, which has become quite revolutionary thanks to bitcoin Bloomberg

Everything is a meme: In a world run down by the pandemic, content creators are providing comic relief through memes

In short, memes are a digital update to jokes. They are both worlds apart but have strands of similarities-they make you laugh and are born out of the simplest things in life and, sometimes, the most

‘Future of the Indian Education System’: A comprehensive picture of the sector and a roadmap for the future

This book contains the relevant statistics and facts, intelligent analyses of our achievements and failures, and suggests a roadmap for the future, thus providing a comprehensive picture of the troubl

EPF subscribers base records highest rise in current fiscal, up 15 lakh in September: Govt

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) arrives at the net addition to its subscribers’ base deducting from those who exited the scheme during a particular month from the total of those who

EPFO’s payroll data, which comes with a lag, showed 1.33 lakh net addition to the subscribers’ base in April when it was first released in June.

In 10 years, India moves up 8 spots in global employability ranking: Survey

The presence of Indian universities in the top-250 universities has risen from four to six with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, getting an overall rank of 27, up from 149 in 2014.

retail sector, employment, jobs in retail sector, agriculture

Cybersecurity: Why you shouldn’t ignore email security

A significant percentage of employees working from home are not necessarily in a secure environment

Cyber security, cyber attacks, digital safety, hacking, ransomware, malware, digital world, password security, mobile safety

Gadgets for Kids: Make learning fun with these devices

Two innovative solutions for parents worrying about their children’s increasing screen time

Logitech G733 Gaming Headset: Wireless and designed for comfort

A full-featured, lightweight wireless gaming headset with great sound and battery life

Always At Your Service: Bringing cloud agility to all parts of a business across locations

Dell Technologies launches Project APEX for a consistent experience across all clouds

Smart diagnostics: Enabling safer and healthier workplaces

Arvi Healthcare Techno-logies’ unmanned, facial recognition-enabled kiosks can screen for temperature and blood oxygen levels as well as face mask detection

Cybersecurity: Readying the Indian consumer

Since there is no central cybercrime coordinating or responding agency in India, resources with the states police departments are also limited.

Autonomous IT, cyber crime

Eavesdropper: Getting two-factor authentication right

As smartphone adoption picks up, banks need to look for other methods for multi-factor authentication

There is little doubt that given the increasing bouts of attacks, companies need to spend more on cybersecurity, and this cannot be achieved until they are asked to commit a certain percentage of expenditure.

ASKSID.AI: Shopping gets a tech push

AskSid.AI is a conversational AI full-stack solution for the retail and consumer goods industry

Sanjoy Roy, co-founder, AskSid AI

We want a long-term strategic partnership with startups we fund: Ishpreet Singh Gandhi, Founder & Managing Partner, Stride Ventures

It is an exciting time for venture debt, as an asset class. Its growth is set to see an acceleration, as valuations and equity cheques slide across the venture ecosystem due to the ripple effects of t

Ishpreet Singh Gandhi, Founder & Managing Partner, Stride Ventures

Remote Diagnosis: Why telehealth matters

Companies should seriously consider providing greater access to mental health services and more flexible working hours.

Companies outside the healthcare domain are also adapting to the crisis by revamping their organisational workflow and operation models.
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