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From plate to plough: Decoding Maharashtra’s never ending water woes

Cost ratios are highly inflated to justify starting several projects and hardly any ex-post analysis is done to see whether what was promised gets delivered at that cost.

RBI vs Government: Quantum of reserves is technical aspect, a referee is needed to resolve the crisis

Since the GOI does not agree with RBI, the only way to answer the question is to consult an outside expert who has done a similar task for another monetary authority.

Sustainable development: SDGs are UN’s breakthrough, achieving them is people’s responsibility

Three years into the breakthrough the UN achieved in 2015 by adopting 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), scientists have begun to find meaning and correlation of these goals with the 7 billion ha

Dairy sector: Indian economy’s milch cow

Milk is the largest crop in India in terms of value—at `6.5 lakh crore, it’s more than the total value of paddy and wheat put together

Across The Aisle: Country’s poor are left behind

The social and political conditions have made poverty worse.

Inside Track: From speculated Gandhi family reunion to CBI war politics – all you need to know

Maneka Gandhi’s frontal and public Twitter attack on Maharashtra forest minister Sudhir Mungantiwar over the killing of man-eater tigress Avni in Yavatmal has angered some high-ups in the BJP.

Lessons in elitism: Virat Kohli’s ‘leave India’ comment shows some stars thrive arrogance, take fans for granted

Some sporting superstars thrive on arrogance, taking fans for granted. But they should remember that fans are the biggest stakeholders in the sporting world.

FM Arun Jaitley right to warn CCI on hyper-competition, but what about Jio tariffs and oil subsidies?

RJio’s tariffs, for instance, wreaked havoc on all telcos; but even an Air India bailout or oil subsidies destroy markets.

Inclusive health policies: Pricing should be updated to cover patients under all types of scenarios

Pricing policies should be updated in order to cover patients under all types of scenarios.

RBI vs Finmin: Do high real interest rates hurt a fast growing economy?

In a modern middle-income fast growing economy high real interest rates hurt the economy—and the people.

Delhi air pollution: NCR’s air is a water crisis in disguise

Weaning Punjab’s farmers off rice is next to impossible, and given the primacy of food security, politicians won’t even seriously try.

Indo-Japan ties are the confluence of the two most deep rooted democracies

India has a long road ahead to derive potential gains from the Japan-India bonhomie. In addition, the two countries have far more to do by way of a liberal exchange of their people through tourism, cu

Data drive: Retail inflation remains benign

Despite rising oil prices, a weaker rupee and higher agricultural minimum support prices (MSP), inflation remains subdued; food prices reported the tenth consecutive month of decline in September.

Wilful defaulters: Here’s why CIC order becomes irrelevant after IBC process

RBI should have revealed the names, but with defaulters being taken to NCLT, and stripped of their firms, this is quite moot

PM Modi’s job promotion scheme gains momentum, lowers costs for employers

Given that regulatory imposts like EPFO and ESI take away a significant part of the salary, and the difference this makes for those with low salaries, most employers have found that employees who draw

Election Blues: Democrats wrestling control of House away from Republicans might count for very little

The US midterm elections on November 6 sprung a few surprises for the country’s incumbent president, Donald Trump.

Assembly election opinion polls: Congress looks set to wrest Rajasthan from BJP, neck in neck fight in MP, Chhattisgarh

Two out of MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan will vote for the BJP in general elections regardless of their respective state election outcomes.

Traffic situation: Why big cities are running out of road space

Take Beijing. If any city should be able to meet the demands of transporting a fast-growing urban population, it is Beijing, but yet, the city is still bursting at the seams, despite road-space ration

Focus on science, not divine powers

Going by the agriculture ministry’s priorities, India will certainly need a yagya for sustainable development

Ease of doing business: Latest rankings result of World Bank parameters, can’t be taken as overall improvement

The enforceability of contracts has long been a pain point for Indian industry; the latest rankings reflect this reality.

India needs to mend ways police arrests citizen. Here’s why

After 72 years of Independence, it’s time Indian citizens are given their due under the Constitution.

NPA in India: RBI needs Basel norms as its defaults are higher

Unless the govt has very good data to show RBI’s estimates on default risk are incorrect, it should just let the regulator do its job.

Income Tax in India: How Taxman runs riot, ignores ruling by higher court

Between 2012-13 and 2017-18, as a result, tax arrears rose 2.3 times, from Rs 4,86,180 crore to Rs 11,22,752 crore, while direct taxes rose a much slower 1.8 times.

Air Pollution menace: Delhi-based start-up designs 40 feet tall purifier; read details

A Delhi-based start-up has designed a 40-feet-tall purifier which it claims could provide clean air to 75,000 people living in the three-kilometre radius around it.

Fiscal Deficit: The path of fiscal consolidation

So far, in April-Sept, the Centre’s fiscal deficit has reached 95.3% of budgeted target of FY19 compared to 91% in corresponding period of last fiscal.

Ola, Uber strike: What is going wrong for cab aggregators

Estimates suggest that there are around 50,000 drivers in Mumbai with the two aggregators, and 80% of them were on strike. Similar strikes have been common across other cities where Uber and Ola opera

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