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Mafia in education sector: Can’t let corruption kill the future of India

We have to rein-in the mafias that operate in B.Ed and elementary education colleges, in examination centres, in publishing, and even in the private school sector

Why is govt avoiding money markets? Govt can’t ask corporate borrowers to increase their borrowings from bond markets

The second issue is why is the government displaying an almost desperate attempt to appropriate the reserves?

Modi Mantra: Expanding road, railway and river networks to help boost GDP growth via increased productivity

Along with Piyush Goyal, the work on expanding road, railway and river networks will help boost GDP growth via increased productivity

Pro-BJP twitter handles amplify fake news

BBC report says pro-BJP amplifiers of fake news are very closely interconnected and the @narendramodi twitter handle follows many of them.

Artificial Intelligence can impact 70 million farmers in 2020, adding $9 billion to farmer incomes: Report

An Accenture study reveals that digital farming and connected farm services can impact 70 million Indian farmers in 2020, adding $9 billion to farmer incomes.

Demonetisation: Is data being cherry-picked to show note ban delivered?

Has demonetisation led to a big increase in the number of people filing taxes and in tax revenue collected?

The future of tobacco control

How to turn tobacco, a public health catastrophe, into a business opportunity.

Building economic resilience for India: Reduce regulatory barriers and provide transparent digital platform

Reduce regulatory barriers and provide a transparent digital platform to ensure easy movement of goods

Factors that can enable inflation to decline below 3% in the coming months

A number of factors may enable inflation to decline below 3% in the coming months. Oil prices are unlikely to gain on the back of muted global demand. Food prices are unlikely to recover significantly

Agriculture needs govt boost: Both PMFBY and PMKSY are flagging, revive them

While the government has reason to be pleased about the fact that the claims paid to farmers under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) have risen by around 50%, to Rs 15,181 crore in Kharif 2

RBI vs Govt: Forcing RBI to part with reserves could set a bad precedent

When the rbi governor and so many former ones are arguing against a lowering of reserves, surely this should count for something?

Tug of war of markets: Global downward forces slowing activity in China and Europe

The downward forces acting on worldwide markets are the slowing of activity in China and Europe and the divergent beliefs of the Fed and markets when it comes to the Reserve’s rate hikes

Chhattisgarh turns 18: The state is fiscally responsible, but GDP growth has been indifferent

It is fiscally responsible, but GDP growth has been indifferent

IRCTC’s cybersecurity breach: It is time govt bodies recognise and incentivise ethical hacking

IRCTC’s security flaw is the latest cybersecurity breache and it is time govt bodies recognise and incentivise ethical hacking

Face recognition: The technology is becoming standard on devices, and this is just the beginning

Face recognition has finally started to become standard on devices, and this is just the beginning.

Banks’ NPA and RBI: Are regulators responsible for the (non) performance of the regulated?

It cannot be argued that the regulator should dictate the activities of the regulated. If that happens, then the regulator becomes responsible for the performance of the regulated, which should not be

Don’t write off ATMs: Their use for everything from DBT to bill payments could become the norm

Just as assisted e-commerce has become widespread, assisted ATM use for everything from DBT to bill payments through ATMs could become the norm

RBI and SEBI should help rating agencies make better evaluation. Here’s what needs to be done

Raters can rate better if RBI/Sebi make default data public 24x7, and if boards ensured firms are run honestly and efficiently.

Objective differential: Choosing investment in right policy at right time is crucial for any government. Here’s why

Should a government spend an additional Rs 50 lakh on grants and training programmes that support 25,000 micro firms at Rs 200 each or use it to give 100 grants of Rs 50,000 each to 100 high-growth po

From plate to plough: Decoding Maharashtra’s never ending water woes

Cost ratios are highly inflated to justify starting several projects and hardly any ex-post analysis is done to see whether what was promised gets delivered at that cost.

RBI vs Government: Quantum of reserves is technical aspect, a referee is needed to resolve the crisis

Since the GOI does not agree with RBI, the only way to answer the question is to consult an outside expert who has done a similar task for another monetary authority.

Sustainable development: SDGs are UN’s breakthrough, achieving them is people’s responsibility

Three years into the breakthrough the UN achieved in 2015 by adopting 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), scientists have begun to find meaning and correlation of these goals with the 7 billion ha

Dairy sector: Indian economy’s milch cow

Milk is the largest crop in India in terms of value—at `6.5 lakh crore, it’s more than the total value of paddy and wheat put together

Across The Aisle: Country’s poor are left behind

The social and political conditions have made poverty worse.

Inside Track: From speculated Gandhi family reunion to CBI war politics – all you need to know

Maneka Gandhi’s frontal and public Twitter attack on Maharashtra forest minister Sudhir Mungantiwar over the killing of man-eater tigress Avni in Yavatmal has angered some high-ups in the BJP.

Lessons in elitism: Virat Kohli’s ‘leave India’ comment shows some stars thrive arrogance, take fans for granted

Some sporting superstars thrive on arrogance, taking fans for granted. But they should remember that fans are the biggest stakeholders in the sporting world.

FM Arun Jaitley right to warn CCI on hyper-competition, but what about Jio tariffs and oil subsidies?

RJio’s tariffs, for instance, wreaked havoc on all telcos; but even an Air India bailout or oil subsidies destroy markets.

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