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Offsetting GST credits: New mechanism can lead to accumulation of CGST credits

New mechanism can lead to accumulation of CGST credits and, in some cases, cash payment towards output SGST liability

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Jobless growth? We are in an era of stagnant productivity and wage growth, not employment

We are in an era of stagnant productivity and wage growth, not jobs. It is imperative that we estimate labour productivity to understand the real story on jobs. In the absence of commensurate producti

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Ex-McKinsey chief Rajat Gupta is unrepentant for his crimes

After a stint in federal prison, the former McKinsey chief and Goldman Sachs director maintains he is innocent—and is trying to repair his reputation

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IBC is a welcome change, will promoters behave this time?

IBC is a welcome change, and RBI has tightened exposure norms but there are ways around this; so eternal vigilance is the key

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Crimes can be reduced by implementing physical infra and social intervention programmes in tandem

People and institutions also change their behaviour to avoid crime—companies hold back their investments and governments shift the allocation of resources, affecting total national production and we

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Is the start-up bubble waiting to be popped?

The start-up disruption is paradoxically positive and the winners will be the ones who can scale up steeply with constant innovation and technology adoption

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Failure of the regulatory system: Need to freshly look at CRA-based risk assessment framework

The job of a CRA is to assess the risk on an issuer’s obligation (say, a loan). The risk, as of today, on a loan means that the issuer can default at a later date. The rating assigned by a CRA is th

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Channeling public and private funding to meet sustainable development goals

The right blending can strengthen financing mechanism for meeting SDGs

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DMK-Congress combine appears to have edge over BJP-AIADMK in Tamil Nadu

The BJP continues to be seen as a party from the North that will impose Hindi on the Tamils and has no sympathy for Tamil aspirations or culture.

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Explained: How India can reduce oil and gas imports

The government ups estimate of oil & gas ‘resources’ by 50%, and BP India head estimates output can double with the right policy

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Google is set to change the whole gaming industry — Here’s how

The company announced that it would soon be rolling out its online gaming system

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Five years of macro-confusion: Credit cycle, NPAs, capacity utilisation point to slowing economy

The credit cycle, the NPAs and capacity utilisation point to a decelerating economy

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Google, Facebook turn powerful editors; Lok Sabha elections will test their readiness

In a polarised political environment characterised by general scepticism of many established institutions, news found via search can acquire an attractive veneer of technological objectivity, and news

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Commodities in investment portfolios: The index way

Investing in index-based products eliminates issues around delivery, lot size, etc, associated with physical commodities, while providing the benefits of price movements of the underlying commodities

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Crumbling: Bridge Collapses in Mumbai too common for comfort

On March 14, a big part of one such overpass collapsed outside Shivaji Terminus, one of the city’s busiest stations, killing six people and injuring 31.

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Six dimensions to understand cultural differences in the world

These dimensions have become a global standard for understanding cultural differences

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Need of the hour is competent economic managers, not just self-appointed watchmen

The shocking story of the National Sample Survey Office is well known despite the media blacking it out.

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Inside Track: PM Modi – the in-house adman of BJP

The PM pulled a rabbit out of the hat by turning around Rahul Gandhi’s accusation “Chowkidar Chor Hai’’ to his advantage with the campaign “Main bhi Chowkidar Hoon”.

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Rory Mc Ilroy triumphs in battle of nerves at Player’s Championship

Rory, who famously had a meltdown at Augusta a few years back, showed ominous signs nerves when he hit an easy putt completely off-line on the 14th hole on the final day.

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Why even Jet Airways shutting down may not save Air India

Jet’s falling market share taken by Indigo & SpiceJet while Air India’s fell again, so be wary of Jet-Air India M&A talk

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Anti-vaccination movement: Why Yale-PennState’ findings need to be probed

The study opens up a new area of scientific enquiry.

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Here’s what a country needs for a happy population

India’s South Asian neighbours ranked higher, with Pakistan pegged at 67, Bhutan at 95, Bangladesh at 125 and Sri Lanka at 130.

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The growth slowdown is spreading — What data tells us

By Sonal Varma & Aurodeep Nandi Consumption indicators continue to show endemic weakness, with auto sales slumping across passenger car, two-wheeler and tractor sales (the latter two being indica

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Govt needs to revisit smart city challenges — Here’s why

Most of the action plans are just replications of successful projects in large cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc, which may not be appropriate for small and/or developing cities of the coun

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Explained: How India’s war on undernutrition fails to address the root causes

India is still grappling with the institutional causes of stunting, wasting and underweight. Therefore, attempting to engineer a reduction in undernutrition in India without confronting the root cause

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Explained: India’s exports and challenges ahead

Trade deficit is expected to rise as exports could slow further owing to weak global demand.

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Why India can’t fix water scarcity without fixing agriculture

India must grow crops based on water-productivity and rethink exports if this means trading away water security

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