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Rahul Gandhi’s Nyay recognises the right of the poorest on country’s resources: P Chidambaram

In 72 years, all indicators have improved. Millions have moved out of agriculture and hold jobs in the organised sector.

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Why ICC must ban the word Mankading

Making a U-turn on Buttler’s run-out, the Marylebone Cricket Club has now said they didn’t think that it was ‘within the spirit of the game’

ICC, Mankading, Polly Umrigar, Vinoo Mankad, Ravi Ashwin, Kapil Dev,IPL 2019,  Ian Botham, Jos Buttler, Kings XI Punjab,Rajasthan Royals  News

Balakot air strike will not impact election results: Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Bhagel

Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel says Balakot aerial strikes will not impact election results, asserts that change of candidates by BJP shows that it’s afraid in the state and explains why no one anti

Balakot air strike, Bhupesh Bhagel, Chhattisgarh CM, BJP, Congress,  Madhya Pradesh, Ajit Jogi, Raman Singh,  Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi, rahul gandhi, main bhi chowkidaar News

Data drive: Fuelling growth and emissions

China, the United States, and India together accounted for nearly 70% of the rise in energy demand.

economic growth, global energy consumption, United States, china, primary energy demand, Coal energy News

Dilemma of modern retail in India, generally targets the urban youth

Modern retail is generally targeted towards the urban youth (age group 15-45 years). This segment also typically includes the most affluent section of the society. But successfully entering the rural

Indian economy, Indian retail market, FDI, IBEF, Flipkart, Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Google assistant News

Time for India to relook the agricultural sector

Small landholdings have constrained mechanisation, technology adoption, and economies of scale do not accrue at such levels of landholding

agricultural sector, india, agricultural systems, agriculture productivity, NITI Aayog, APMC Acts News

No middle-income trap for China, shift in output from quantity to quality

Productivity growth is far more important than GDP growth in determining a country’s development prospects

Chinese economic growth, china, china economy, china gdp, China Development Forum, beijing, china middle-income trap News

Nasa cancels first all-women spacewalk; shows disregard for women at workplace

Nasa cancelling the first-ever all-women space walk has at its root an institutionalised disregard for women at the work place

Nasa, Nasa first all women spacewalk, International Space Station, gender justice, right sized spacesuits on the ISS, male astronaut, space exploration News

Curbing academic freedom: Limiting pool of research topics is a bad idea

Limiting the pool of research topics is a bad idea

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Battling fake news online won’t be easy for Election Commission

As the New Zealand attack shows, an absolute curb on spread of misinformation and bigotry online is difficult to achieve

fake news online, Election Commission of India, lok sabha elections 2019, WhatsApp election,  New Zealand terrorist attack, Lok Sabha election, facebook, fact checkers News

Armed forces generally not effective in combating terrorism; regional cooperation initiatives work better

Armed forces are generally not effective in combating terrorism; regional cooperation initiatives work better. The challenge is to form regional partnership forums, with support of donors and national

Armed forces, combating terrorism, global economic activity, Youth unemployment, Regional Partnership Forums, internal conflict, poverty reduction News

Delayed Brexit: The UK still on a cliff’s edge?

The most likely scenario could be the UK seeking a longer extension on the Brexit deadline from the EU

UK Parliament, theresa may, EU, brexit, Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, Brexit options, world GDP News

Newest winners of the Turing award pioneered development of technology that is already integral

The newest winners of the Turing award pioneered development of technology that is already so integral to our daily lives

Opinion News

Growth targeting: Should the monetary policy framework be reviewed?

Creating a new price index that aligns with the GDP composition is the only way to make monetary policy effective as it can curb excess demand forces across the economy

MPC framework, CPI inflation, MPC, inflation index, monetary policy, monetary policy framework News

Cars will be the first victims of US-China tech cold war

Smaller US companies that can’t afford the rigmarole of export compliance may give up on the Chinese market. China has reason to worry, too: deepening tensions will indicate a breakdown of the world

Detroit, driverless cars, america, china, US Treasury Secretary, White House, General Motors Co, Didi Chuxing Inc, Uber Technologies Inc News

Hot emerging market may be in for a shock

The widely held view that lower global interest rates are positive for emerging markets (EMs) applies only in the short-term. Beyond that, the impact of easier monetary conditions will be offset by a

US Federal Reserve, monetary policy, MSCI EM Index of equities, emerging markets, economic slowdown, Turkey, US, JPMorgan News

Maharashtra and Haryana have shown the way to implement NOTA

Jagdeep S Chhokar, one of founders of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and the former IIM Ahmedabad professor says that even though there are no real positive changes in the country’s de

NOTA. lok sabha elections 2019, Haryana, Maharashtra, electoral bonds scheme, ADR, implementation of NOTA, NOTA meaning News

Congress confused over NYAY; scheme cutoff nothing but updated Tendulkar formula

Congress consulted extensively with economists to define minimum income for NYAY—-all it did, really, was to update the tendulkar poverty line to today’s prices

Congress, Congress NYAY, NYAY scheme, PAP, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, congress scheme for poor, UPA government,  News

Why India’s A-SAT test is the right trajectory for defence

With the US talking about a Space Force and China working on advanced A-SAT tech, India must build on Mission Shakti’s success

A-SAT, Indias A-SAT test, anti satellite attack, Mission Shakti, elite space club, mission shakti,china, US, russia, DRDO News

Blockchain can change the way we approach IoT

Blockchain can change the way we approach IoT

Blockchain, IoT applications, healthcare industry, National Health Service, IoT systems, Internet-of-Things, blockchain  start-ups  News

IIT-Madras students find the way to clean septic tanks

IIT-Madras students develop robot to clean septic tanks, govt and industry must make such tech scalable

robot for septic tanks, Sanitation, IIT-Madras,, sewer line cleaners, Manual scavenging ,sewage cleaner, Delhi government News

Explained: EVM efficacy and debate around VVPATs

Will the SC factor in missing parameters?

EVM, Lok Sabha elections 2019, VVPAT, VVPAT system,  Election Commission, VVPAT slips, bjp, EVM tampering News

More GST-like Councils needed to iron out political differences on key reforms

These will help iron out political differences on key reforms

GST, Arun Jaitley, GST Council, Kisan Samman Nidhi,  Ayushman Bharat, PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, eNAM,MSP  News

Apple streaming event: Even Oprah can’t paper over flaws

The idea of Apple becoming more than just a device company breaks down when the company introduces digital services that are available only to the minority of the world that owns Apple devices

Apple, Apple streaming event, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Big Bird, Netflix, Apple video share, digital products, non Apple devices, apple news

GST collections: How to ensure a larger haul

Direct correlation between non-filing of returns and non-payment of taxes

budgeted GST collections, GST tax evasions, GST returns, e-Waybill, GST laws, GST collections, gst news

Uttar Pradesh suspendings teachers for criticising govt reeks of intolerance

Uttar Pradesh suspending teachers for criticising govt, ruling party leaders and challenging party versions reeks of intolerance

right to freedom of expression, Uttar Pradesh, BJP, Narendra Modi, Imran Khan, Yogi Adityanath, Balakot, india, IT Act News

UNFCCC@25: Little to show, need new platforms and ideas to combat climate change

UNFCCC doesn’t have the tools to drive global collective action to combat climate change; we need new platforms and ideas to drive transformation

UNFCCC, Climate Change, United Nations, Global Warming, Paris Agreement, industrial sectors, Kyoto Protocol News
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