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Public sector banks: Falling bad loan levels show IBC is key

RBI has made general announcements to address three broad issues. (1) RBI has relaxed complying with CAR (Capital Adequacy Ratios) requirements by one year by relaxing the final 0.625% CET-1 requireme

Twitter CEO’s infamous placard row: What the episode reflects

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sparked a social media outcry in India after a picture of him holding a placard with the words ‘smash Brahminical patriarchy’ went viral. Twitter has since denied the charg

World-class varsities: India must emulate China’s R&D spending

While India aspires to build top-class universities—world-class institutions or institutes of eminence, what have you—China, where higher education wasn’t faring any better than India’s as rec

Don’t use EPFO data as a proxy for jobs-creation – Here is why

In itself, the data coming out from the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is quite impressive in terms of what it says about creation of employment in the country.

Strengthening the practice of audit: Govt has to provide a level-playing field

Govt has to provide a level-playing field by laying down clear guidelines on how firms with global affiliations should operate in India.

Decoded: India’s role in a multipolar world

On November 1, it was reported that the US has granted India waiver from sanctions imposed on Iran.

Education as a tool for managing J&K crisis

Connecting each school in sensitive areas of Jammu and Kashmir to a “sister” school in another part of the country can go a long way in contributing towards normalcy in the valley.

Breaking Nissan-Renault would be bloody – Here is why

The costly challenges of electric cars and autonomous vehicles—not to mention the general weakness in the automotive market in 2018—mean that carmakers should be looking to spread their capex and

Child labour: High growth and a focus on education alone offer a lasting solution

In a country in which 10.1 million children (aged 5-14 years) are forced to work, a government-backed service like Childline is no small succour—reports of child labourers being rescued via Childlin

Explained: Why GST Council needs to rationalise various AAR rulings

A recent ruling by the Maharashtra Authority of Advance Rulings (AAR) could upset a large part of India’s back office business, and highlights the importance of tax authorities—in this case, the G

RBI-govt back from brink, time to remove Sec 7 threat

From all appearances, the RBI board meeting was a cordial affair, with both the central bank and the government displaying a great deal of maturity in bringing relations between the two back from the

From inventory to capital asset – Will amendments to key sections of the Income Tax act impact real estate sector?

The Finance Act 2018 has made crucial amendments to key sections of the Income-tax Act, which are expected to have a far-reaching impact on taxpayers.

What ails Gujarat’s nutrition? The state needs to conduct public expenditure review

In the Global Hunger Index 2018, India ranks 103rd (with an alarming score of 31.1) among the 119 qualifying countries, which clarifies the persistent inequality in access to quality food.

Is the aam aadmi riding the NaMo wave? Modi government gets quite a good amount of our attention span

People decide based on their perceptions of gains and losses, rather than actual final outcomes. During next year’s elections, it’s likely that a major chunk of the population will decide whom to

Brexit challenge facing the UK – No deal meant no movement of goods across the EU

No deal meant no movement of goods across the EU. Delays would be endemic. Fruits, vegetables, vital medicines and fuel deliveries would all be delayed as checks would be required.

Ailing NBFCs, fiscal gaps offset oil, tame inflation gains

In the last three years, NBFCs (here we also include the housing finance companies) accounted for nearly a third of incremental credit.

Brexit blues! A ‘no-deal’ Brexit would leave the UK nowhere – Here is why

A ‘no-deal Brexit’ would leave UK nowhere; May’s proposal at least allows them some time for further deliberation.

Marathas now backward! Makes a mockery of reservations, will it breach 51% limit

Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has reason to be happy that the Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission (MSBC) has concluded that the Maratha community is socio-economically backward.

Capex depends on more than Ease of Doing Business – That’s why India’s highest capital formation was in the 2000s

That is why India’s highest capital formation was in the 2000s when India was ranked very low in the Index.

Privacy policy: Draft data protection law has many gaps

It has to be fine-tuned to clarify ambiguous provisions and address concerns related to localisation of personal data.

Is purchasing a mortgaged property directly from bank or financial institution a practical move?

Is purchasing a mortgaged property directly from a bank or a financial institution is a practical move?

Conundrum! India Inc’s RCEP fear is not unwarranted

With Make-in-India on a slippery slope, policymakers need to be mindful of domestic industry’s concerns and not get into a raw deal with respect to the RCEP.

Here’s why relaxing PCA or capital norms is a bad idea

While a committee will examine issue of ‘excess’ reserves, govt would do well to not push on relaxing prudential norms.

Buying time at Essar Steel

Hopefully NCLT and other courts will quickly decide the case

Current clean energy efforts seem incomplete as carbon emissions are only going to increase till 2040

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook not only envisages a future where coal, oil and gas continue to play leading roles in all of its scenarios, it also, at the same time, fi

RBI vs Government: Central bank’s reserves are excessive, let a panel examine this

RBI board empowered to opine on policy matters under section 7(2) of RBI Act although it seldom does so.

Tata won’t secure Jet Airways

There is such a strong downward pressure on ticket prices that even a rate of passenger growth that is outstripping the capacity of India’s domestic aircraft hasn’t been enough to drive up average

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