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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

It’s time to prepare for GST

It would be prudent for businesses to open themselves for a possible rework of their pricing strategies by factoring in the tax changes

Will Payments Banks provide the missing link?

Payments Banks should reduce the cost of serving customers through an efficient tech platform, bundling of other services & economies of scale

Column: Towards a friendly tax regime?

While the taxman recognising assessment excesses on its part is welcome, this must reflect in actions

Data Drive: G20 – Must walk the talk

As the leaders of the G20 nations meet in Brisbane, there’s a lot of hope that some traction...

Record cafe: The focus must shift to getting growth going, says David Lipton

The IMF is encouraging the US to act on Quota and Governance Reforms by December-end. These reforms are very important to our institution and to our membership

Editorial: After the victory

Move to DBT, incomes policy instead of MSP

Editorial: Emission Goals

The US-China emission reduction deal is a good start but faces daunting challenges

Letters to the editor

The full remittance story

Editorial: Some respite in sugar

HC does well to strike down UP U-turn

Editorial: Positive momentum

Both IIP and CPI augur well for future

Editorial: Top dogs

An engineering or management education is behind the success of most top honchos worldwide

Column: Could China surprise?

Chinese authorities are pulling all punches to stabilise growth as investor opinion turns sceptic

Handling the Berlin Wall collapse

The EMEs have broken a metaphorical wall to edge closer to the advanced economies in the last couple of decades

G20 summit: India must push for lower remittance costs

Continued attention from G20 members is needed for further improving remittance flows

The G20 must find a growth strategy

If growth does not pick up, the countries may become more inward-looking and resort to protectionist measures

Verdict corner: In search of a clean landing

There are conflicting high court verdicts on the applicability of the provisions of the now-repealed Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act

Editorial: Losing GST gains

The more the exclusions, the higher the tax rate

Editorial: E-nabling India Post

Amazon’s Alibaba idea needs to be pursued

Editorial: Bet on Safety

There is no reason why cars shouldn’t be equipped with safety features at the entry level itself

Column: Don’t politicise black money

A public disclosure won’t help address the issue at hand, besides risking a botched up investigation

Column: India’s opportunity for growth

India is a big enough domestic market to allow economies of scale and profit opportunities at all levels

Letters to the editor

No value for human life

New pathways for pathogens

Thanks to urbanisation, viruses are jumping species barriers

Column: Powering India’s smart cities

Renewables must be made a part of the energy mix for these cities

Letters to the editor

Apropos of your recent edit “Welcome new PSU plan...

Column: No point hoarding dead wheat stocks

Sell the new crop to Indian consumers while the old one can be disposed of abroad

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