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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Verdict corner: An Act to reduce Delhi High Court’s workload

The Delhi High Court Bill should be passed along with the commercial courts Bill

The proposed Indian Financial Code: Venturing into an unknown territory

It will be challenging to get six financial agencies with criss-crossing functions to meet and talk on a common plane for arriving at a coordinated solution

Editorial: And the lights all went out

Why add power capacity when most of it is at risk?

Infratweets: Revival under construction

The government’s emphasis on kickstarting the economy through public expenditure on infrastructure development has raised hopes of revival among construction and capital goods companies linked to in

People’s president

APJ Abdul Kalam will be best remembered as the visionary who fired the imagination of a nation

Column: An ideal MPC for India

The most desirable Monetary Policy Committee will be one that gives primacy, but not total control, to RBI

Editorial: Fertiliser fix

Even pilot DBT projects make little headway

Editorial: The Electrosteel solution

Will be first takeover by banks under new rules

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Editorial: Early birds aren’t flying

With slow recovery, the market looks over-priced

Editorial: P-Notes versus Sensex

P-Note action will curb black money but hit markets

India Calling

Smartphone makers must be counting on India’s appetite now that China is slowing

Column: The eurozone’s German problem

Merkelism is causing economic stagnation, political polarisation, and nasty nationalism

Column: Skilling India, schooling India

Skilling is irrelevant without basic schooling

The safe distance

Are we overlooking the fact that better phones might also mean more exposure to radiation?

App-roaching India’s digital transformation

India’s unique characteristics and huge service deficits make apps an odds-on favourite

narendra modi, digital india

Unlocking defence land to serve India’s cities

In just 4 cities—Bangalore, Pune, Lucknow and Chennai—it can provide for 29 lakh housing units, 15% of India’s total affordable housing requirement

Letters to the editor

RBI’s independence

Editorial: Rubber-stamp Rajan

Why have an RBI Governor if he can’t even fix rates?

Editorial: Insuring financial savings

IRDAI does well to come down on huge commissions

Trumping Walmart

Amazon shooting past Walmart in market value shows investors are betting big on e-tail

Column: #Giveitup the piped gas way

Since piped natural gas costs less than subsidised gas, why not use more of it and eliminate subsidies also?

Column: Will the bubble burst?

Developed nations have most of the pull forces. If they lose momentum, they could drag the BRICS down with them

Agri export outlook not bright for India

Competing countries’ depreciating currencies put them in an advantageous position even as India refuses to adopt tech advances in agriculture

Provident Fund: No penalty on premature withdrawal

We in EPFO are not greatly concerned about subscribers switching to NPS. We are concerned about better implementation of EPF, EPS and Employee’s Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) schemes

Letters to the editor

The costs of mental illness

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