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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Should mobile VoIP services be charged extra?

While the rising usage of Voice over Internet Protocol services erodes telcos’ revenue from voice services, their popularity means increased revenue from data services

Generation project delays affect PowerGrid’s pace

The company is slowing down execution in some projects to avoid NPAs and burdening consumers

The landmark rulings of 2014

From cancelling coal block allocations to jailing Jayalalithaa for corruption, judiciary had a roller-coaster year

Will the real Narendra Modi surface again?

For the dark clouds to lift, the few good decisions taken by Modi are not enough. Here's to a lot more

Not enough of a market, but plenty of market cap

Though top line didn’t rise by much, India Inc soldiered on, paring debt where it could by selling assets, But Not by much. some used the opportunity to buy

The return of optimism

Despite the misses, 2014 saw a tremendous build-up of expectations from the Modi government. Now, it should initiate its reforms agenda, via Budget 2015

Strong administrative structure must precede GST implementation

The increasing use of Aadhaar-based direct benefit transfer and the proposed GST are the key reforms that presage good growth. However, the kinks in GST must be removed

A year to do the hard yards

Most major economies, except the US, are struggling. we must rely on domestic demand to lift growth

Will the real Narendra Modi surface again?

For the dark clouds to lift, the few good decisions taken by Modi are not enough. Here's to a lot more...

Narendra Modi on Ramakrishna mission

Editorial: Jaitley vs Rajan

FM does well to downplay talk of policy differences

Editorial: Ordinance Raj

All Opposition parties supported land Act changes

A fair Innings: MS Dhoni

The timing of Dhoni’s decision to retire from Tests may not accord him much grace, but is pragmatic.

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Column: Don’t fudge the minimum wage

The new national minimum wage will steal power from chief ministers and murder Make-in-India

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Infratweets: A lease of life for PPPs

The government has decided to forge ahead with reforms in the key sectors of coal and insurance.

Time to push wheat exports at better prices

With export duty, Russian wheat shipments off the radar

The highway for job creation and rapid growth

Progress in the manufacturing sector holds the key to leveraging India’s demographic dividend of the world’s largest pool of educated young jobseekers

Editorial: Landing an opportunity

Exclusions for defence & infra, no cheer for industry

Editorial: Financing stuck projects

Blanket RBI forbearance may not be a good idea

Form for function

Bio-mimicry is fast emerging as one of the smartest approaches to contemporary tech design

Column: The right way to Make in India

The govt must retain the present prices for petro products and use the resulting surplus for capital expenditures

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Make in India essentials

Labour taxes, infrastructure and the business environment appear to be binding constraints on the revival of India’s manufacturing sector

Implementing the right to public services

Many states have entered into performance-based contracts or fee-based arrangements with private players to strengthen service delivery

Editorial: Dealing with USITC concerns

Many of them have been flagged by Indian firms also

Smart Cars

Google is looking to integrate its Android platform into cars in the production stage itself

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