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GST will boost e-commerce

Tax rules should not make a distinction between the real and the digital economy

Will cheap gas last?

The answer and nine other predictions for 2015...

Cash benefits or basic income—the next phase

Social policy reform in India is at a crucial and potentially wonderful point.

Editorial: Oil at $65

Important for India to seize the LPG moment

Editorial: The ethanol solution

Link price to sugarcane FRP, not petrol costs

Little from Lima

Despite the wider acceptability of the proposed climate accord, progress is likely to be difficult

Rational Expectations: Just acchhe sitare, or more?

The Budget will be the acid test of whether the Modi government is just UPA-3 with better luck

Column: Good life possible without growth?

Valuing the good life, for the sake of itself, over economic growth doesn’t work


Before he began his address at the Bharat Ram Memorial Lecture on Friday, RBI governor Raghuram Rajan...

Making the most of the renewable opportunity

In India, a decentralised model where abundantly available renewable energy sources could be used more efficiently is expected to benefit economic and social growth in a much better way

CAG report on SEZs: Lessons from the SEZ fiasco

The lack of vision in policy implementation, weak commitment, and lack of spirit of experimentation have jeopardised India’s efforts to industrialise through SEZs...

Regional cafe: City of aroma

Now, sandalwood cultivation is also taking place in attar heartland Kannauj

Challenge to exit mediocrity

Why luxury is so hard to pin down

The second wind

Circa 2013 saw a considerable decline for Roger Federer. This year, there was a burning desire to succeed again. The greatest player ever to play the game was not ready to go out with a whimper

‘One can get together with the lesser evil to fight the enemy’

In this Idea Exchange moderated by Santosh Singh of The Indian Express, Bihar chief minister Jitan Ram Manjhi...

All eyes on the Finance Commission

The 14th Finance Commission is slated to submit its report on Monday.

Make in India, largely for India, says Raghuram Rajan

Slow industrial country growth has made more difficult a traditional development path for emerging markets (EMs), of export-led growth...

RBI rate cut, Raghuram Rajan, interest rate

Column: A year of divergence

In the coming year, “divergence” will be a major global economic theme...

Editorial: A Cautionary Tale

While we all try and figure out whether Uber ...

Editorial: Tech-ing it forward

In France, agriculturists are flying drones over their fields for a number of uses...

Chhattisgarh, food security, food security law, public distribution system, food security scheme, PDS

Letters to the editor: Dollar gains strength

Apropos of the report “Indian rupee may weather US dollar rise” (December 12), look...

Column: Restructuring FCI realistically

The disappearance of FCI rice stock worth R10,000 crore...

Editorial: Pressure on RBI

Even if one attributes a part of the fall in the factory output in October...

Reserve bank of India, RBI, RBI banks, RBI banks attrition rates

Editorial: Don’t have a flawed GST

If entry taxes out of GST, no unified market possible

Column: Not enough to build on

Unless the tax issues are ironed out in Budget 2015, REITs will remain a mirage

Column: Do not reform NREGA, junk it

Cash transfers are the best way to help the poor. To implement this, the govt has to junk corrupt schemes like NREGA

Dear foreign investor, we love your money, not you!

The caveats of the policy on increasing the FDI cap for the insurance sector make this apparent

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