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Over the top: Phil Mickelson wins bragging rights for life, valued infinitely more than $9 million

Phil Mickelson wins bragging rights for life, valued infinitely more than $9 million

Across The Aisle: PM Modi has lost the plot, writes P Chidambaram

Mr Narendra Modi has come a long way since 2013-14. Candidate Modi was all about vikas (development).

Inside Track: Will LK Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi contest 2019 Lok Sobha?

Following Sushma Swaraj’s announcement that she would not contest from Vidisha in the next Lok Sabha polls, there is speculation whether the BJP Margdarshak Mandal members, LK Advani, 91, Murli Mano

CEC OP Rawat Interview: ‘Note ban had absolutely no impact on black money. During polls we seized a record amount’

Outgoing CEC OP Rawat explains what led to Mizoram CEO’s removal, admits social media a threat and that they are testing it in current polls, says EC will call for polls in J&K after assessing the c

Pound doesn’t show the full Brexit picture

Leaving the European Union seems to present the U.K. with an unappealing choice of either a lot of economic harm via crashing out without a deal, or slightly less damage via Theresa May’s withdrawal

Slowing growth: What states should learn from Bihar

In a country like India, where a chunk of the population is still dependent on agriculture, producer organisations are becoming increasingly key to agri-growth.

Explained: How telecom companies will gain benefit by moving up-market

With over 60 million JioPhones sold so far, and the company on track to reach its 100-million target by the end of March, and with over 250 million subscribers already, it is clear RJio has won Round

Superpowers and technology – Chip wars: China, America and silicon supremacy

The trade disputes the American President Donald Trump relishes have an old-fashioned feel. Tariffs are the principal weapons.

Explained: How successful joint entrepreneurship can lead to higher employment generation

Successful joint entrepreneurship can lead to higher employment generation

New economics: GDP growth uncouples from investment rates

Difficult to reconcile today’s higher GDP growth with lower investment levels as compared to those in the UPA years

Gaps in green governance: NGT order exposes what ails environment monitoring

NGT’s order exposes what ails environmental monitoring in India

Facing heat: A new Lancer study on the health costs of climate change should jolt the world into action

A new Lancet study on the health costs of climate change should jolt the world into action

Trouble ahead: Rural demand set to shrink

The post-harvest cum festival season in October and November has been associated with both lower price realisation and slower flow of credit

Year-end compliance under GST: Filing the annual GST return is a tedious task

Filing the annual GST return is a tedious task as businesses will have to match every transaction with their suppliers’ returns and incur significant amounts of time and effort

A bureaucrat’s dilemma: To work in the shadows, or in the public glare?

The quintessential bureaucrat, if there is one, is changing. The invisible civil servant is now attempting to come out of the cocoon. Civil services can’t afford to remain just the foundation. It ha

Can basmati exports meet new EU norms? What export stakeholders need to ensure

Basmati export stakeholders need to ensure the produce doesn’t have traces of pesticides and retains its world-class quality

World War: No let up in trade war at G-20 Summit

There is a glimmer of hope that a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit at Buenos Aires between president Donald Trump of the United States and president Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of

Wall Street may regret China’s opening

Nisha Gopalan Wall Street, be careful what you wish for. Getting that level playing field you want in China might backfire—and not just because its stock market is in the dumps. Shortly after presi

Home truth! Women are most unsafe at home – Correcting this needs a system

The most dangerous place for women in the world is their home—often, with their partner—according to a UN report on gender-related killings of women and girls.

Start-ups learn the hard way, that parts of government still don’t get it

Given India has added around 1,200 start-ups so far this year, and around 7,500 in the last five, you would think every arm of the government would be engaged in trying to nurture the start-ups as muc

BJP’s Rajasthan manifesto signals rethink in welfare-spend

The BJP manifesto for the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly poll seems to have got it right in terms of how welfare spending must be shaped going ahead, to address changing realities.

The rise of flexible employment – Can automation-governed IT flexi staffing industry boost the economy?

The ‘Future of Jobs Report 2018’ by the WEF has yet again brought to the fore the discussion around impact of automation and newer technologies on jobs.

A roadMAP for solving tax disputes – There has been greater traction in mutual agreement procedure (MAP) resolution

The Indian tax department has traditionally been aggressive on tax audits. Transfer pricing regulations, introduced in 2001, witnessed large tax adjustments almost since inception, which till date hav

Britain and the EU: The truth about a no-deal Brexit

The British body politic is again convulsing. Theresa May has appointed new ministers, including her third Brexit secretary and counting, following another round of cabinet resignations.

Promises galore with elections in the air: What Election Commission should ask political parties

At some point, the Election Commission should ask parties to explain how they are going to fund the largesse

Stunted stents: Why India must tighten regulation of medical devices

India must tighten regulation of medical devices

Safe Houses: Roping in AI for sustainable housing could pay off

Roping in AI for sustainable housing could pay off big for mitigating the risks of natural disasters

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