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Editorial: Easing doing of business

Govt does a good job in getting states on board

Editorial: States must feel the pain

Extending FRBM alone won’t help discipline SEBs

Google.com turns 18, must confront the pangs of adulthood

Google.com turns 18, must confront the pangs of adulthood as it faces off with specific-search apps


Column: Missing the quality call

The call drop epidemic is symptomatic of a deeper institutional weakness that is manifest in trust deficits

Infratweets: Reforms remain in the air

TRAI cites inadequate tower infra investment by telcos as reason for call drops. 2G base stations grew by only 8%—far lower than usage.

Smart cities are built by smart citizens

India must avoid the mistakes that London and Shanghai made in the execution of their smart city plans

smart city

Is CPI measurement overstating prices?

Measured CPI inflation may be already reflecting declining prices, or close to price stability

cpi inflation

Letters to the editor

A case for rate cuts?

Editorial: Bigger case for RBI rate cut

CPI will undershoot January target by big margin

small bank license rbi

Editorial: Modelling 4G right

Much better to offer content than be a dumb pipe

Unlikely Ace

Martina Hingis could be the best thing that has happened for India’s tennis presence in years

Column: Can a rate cut spur investment?

Banks are unlikely to transmit any cut, given structural rigidities in the sector

Letters to the editor

Has the nation’s political class’s decency been thrown to the wind?

Fault lines in the farm trade

Markets can spring surprises and there is no room for complacency in fixing macro policies before it is too late

global businesses

Regional caFe: Bowling the world over with gaming

The promoters of Nextwave Multimedia—who have developed the hugely popular World Cricket Championship 2—believe that the next big thing in the digital economy is online gaming

The Homo naledi discovery marks start of a new era of research

The story behind the discovery of a hitherto undescribed species of early humans, Homo naledi, also marks a new chapter in academics

Editorial: Getting investments back

India Inc’s spend has collapsed hugely in FY16.

Editorial: Arun Jaitley’s GST

Why not unite central excise and service tax first?

Letters to the editor

Trai must try harder

Column: India’s uneven financial development

In the Asia-Pacific region, the country had been doing quite well—until the last couple of years.

Column: Maharashtra’s monsoon woes

The state must ration irrigation water and reduce area under sugarcane cultivation.

Bridging the gap between promises and results

India is a minefield of vested interests, power centres, and caste and communal groupings. PM Narendra Modi is taking time navigating these.

Managing capital formation in agriculture

Banks have to follow systematic procedures in identifying the requisite borrower and engaging him in proper capacity building.

Banning benami transactions: A tricky terrain

We should think of simpler solutions to tackle the menace of black money in the real estate sector, such as increasing circle rates and reducing stamp duty.

Over the top: Golf in the kingdom

Thailand is poised to topple Spain as the most-visited golf destination in the world.

Inside track

The BJP is proposing to start a national TV channel to be called Kamal TV, the lotus being the party’s election symbol.

Across the aisle: The OROP whodunit

The other mystery story running on our screens is One Rank One Pension (OROP).

orop protest
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